UPDATES: MR, MelodicRockFest & MelodicRock Records

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Hi folks,
I've spent most of this week without a computer - hence the lack of updates. 
I've also been forced to re-do a lot of work due to both my main and backup drives getting corrupted in my failing PC a few weeks back. So it really put me under a lot of stress and fitter behind than ever. 
Right now I won't be back in business until sometime over this Easter weekend, so with most people busy, I'll take the next few days as an opportunity to get new system up and running and take stock of what has been a frantic start to the year.
Lots of problems unfortunately - some of which come from rushing to meet deadlines and attempting to catch up on too many things (reviews for one...). 
With a clearer focus on things, I'll be back to deliver what everyone wants from MR and more. 
One last small issue with Arti Tisi release - being a bonehead, I forgot completely about the Easter break, so I have to push the shipping date back one week (April 26). 
Jimmy Davis should be fine to remain on target for May 19. 
The MelodicRock Records title for June is one more from the vault which I'll announce after the break. It's a monster and it's been one of those releases that just seems to have been too hard to get a result from. But the wait is almost over!
And to confuse those guessing, we've managed to turn a 10 track album into a double CD!
There hasn't been much said about MelodicRockFest 5 - mainly due to a delay in detailed responses from a couple of artists and also the USA venue. But I'm confident that will also be resolved fully over the next week, so we can move that into full forward!
For those eager to book vacation time, the USA event is May 4-5-6 and Sweden will be 25-26-27.  
Some truly great artists lining up to take part. I just need to make sure the budget works and we can fit into both weekends, the best possible artists that you may not otherwise see elsewhere. 
I've signed 3 new artists this week for albums on MelodicRock Records which will come out over the coming months. Lots of great music there and a couple of seriously heavy albums alongside some melodic rock gold. 
Plus I have a list of vault titles a page long that I'm determined to continue chasing. Lots of music to come. 
Thanks to all for your patience and my apologies for a haphazard start to the year.
Finally - because of these PC problems, I haven't been able to cover the sad passing of some more notable rock n rollers. 
I'd like to pay tribute to J Geils and former Autograph drummer Keni Richards as well as Eric Cook (Demolition Records). May they all rest in peace. 

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