7 Months - Interview with Shawn "The Dude" Richkind.

Congratulations on the debut album. It's a most original set of songs, while remaining a traditional sounding melodic hard rock record!
Thank You...We're really glad you re enjoying it!! We hope that EVERYONE else who hears the album will feel the same way as you do!!! We put a lot into it and we're really happy that it is being so well received.

You guys are LA based - how long have you been together?
4 Years

There's 5 of you in the band - what are your influences?
We re inspired by the Late 60 s, Early 70 s Progressive bands such as Yes, Kansas, & Rush and also some of the modern contemporary bands... Dream Theater, Rush, Queensryche, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Liquid Tension Experiment, Sting, The Police, Al Di Meola, Fates Warning, Triumph, Yes, Steve Morse, The Dixie Dregs, Tool, Parallax

7 Months have a distinctly progressive sound, but seemingly without the over indulgence of full blown progressive acts. How to you keep yourselves in check?
We adhere to the philosophy that Less is More - We re not trying to impress people with extravagant solos and individual performances. We re trying to write Good Songs!! We do what the songs call for...

I noticed that aIl tracks are credited to the band as a whole. I really love the melodic edge given to tracks that still rock and still have that original sound. How does the songwriting process work within the band?
We do a lot of improvisational writing. It s a five way tug-of-war. We all throw ideas into the room to see which ones will survive. If the song or certain parts of the song are remembered at the next practice....then they get to stay...Especially when we've been drinking if the parts actually stick then we KNOW it is a good song!!

The album took a few listens to get to know - to unearth the melodies and to get a feel for your sound - how would you describe the sound and the songs to those that have not yet heard the band?
Well...hopefully what it s NOT is trendy!! We really like the bands that have stood the test of time. We've tried to learn from older AOR bands whose albums are still listened to today....In answering your question, Our music is energetic, melodic, progressive, mature, melody-familiar, and interesting......Tastes Great, Less Filling!!!

Have you guys played in any other bands previous to 7 Months?
Oh yeah...but that was another time, another place & another world!!??!!??

I think the sound very contemporary, has there been any interest shown in the band by US labels?
We've focused more on Europe...There has been quite a bit of positive interest in the US, but we re testing the waters overseas more actively. We have American distribution of the CD with Metal Mayhem records at the moment. We are also pushing the CD with Dogma Records in South Africa which seem to be going VERY well!!

Will you start work immediately on a second album, or do you have other plans at this early stage?
The second album is close to finished on the writing stage. We will begin recording soon....so STAY TUNED!!

Chris produced the album - which has a tight sound - what previous experience has he had producing?
Chris is an extremely talented individual not only is he an excellent guitarist and accomplished musician, he has worked as a sound engineer and sound editor for the last 5+ years on music & film soundtrack productions. He has also produced various projects over the years.

Between Chris and Garegin - the backing vocals are credited to Left Side and Right Side - did you really split to two between speakers?!!
Well...sort of....They are panned with each person having a dominant side as stated, but there is still some spread for equalizing and production purposes.

You have every chance of making a name for yourselves - are there any touring plans - either within the USA or Europe?
We are actively planning and pursuing just that!! ANY and ALL opportunities are welcome!! The band is available for touring and actively seeking tour support in support of this CD release.

I could see you opening for Dream Theater or such without any trouble at all!
Yeah Baby, we could see that too...Get them on the phone someone!! We think that would be a great match if they needed a competent opening act!!

Would you mind describing each of the album's songs briefly?
New Age - Heavy Aggressive Opener....Listen to the Lyrics!!

Change - A modern Alt-progressive, driving, Groove-a-licious tune!!

Stay - It is our progressive tune In the key of D minor, the saddest key of all...

Start Over - 7 Months version of a Power ballad!!

Say Goodbye - A straight ahead Bluesy, Funky, Rocky Little Ditty Kinda thingy.......We think!!

You & Me - Just an Old-Fashioned Love song...

The Night - Our Dark, Watch-Your-Neck Song

Sometimes Goodbye - Well folks....The Jury s still out on this one!! WE still haven t quite figured it out ourselves!!

Senoritas Serenade - Our most Defining song. A Progressive epic of a 7 Months journey to Cuba.

Thanks for your time Dude , is there anything you or any of the guys would like to add?
Yes there is...SPREAD THE WORD, we wanna come to your backyard and Rock!! If enough people want it....it'll happen!!!
Thanks Andrew…

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