Derry Grehan Interview.

Ok Derry, first up, how'd you guys enjoy The Gods experience? Have fun?
It was great to be back overseas after so long even if it was only for a
few days. It was cool to see so many fans there from all over Europe.

Great live set, I know the fans were talking highly of it afterwards.
How different a dynamic is it on stage in 2002 with this line up, compared with the original line up that changed several years ago now?
I think we've got a great live band at the moment and I want to keep it
together. In some ways it's a better band than the original but of course there
are those elements from the original lineup that were magical to and I miss
that sometimes.

Let's first talk about the new European release Dreamland.
The album is obviously different to that of Lemon Tongue. Was it yours or the label's decision to change the track listing?
It was the labels decision to put a different album out in Europe.

The addition of the tracks with the more traditional HMS sound creates a different overall feel for the album. Do you think some of Lemon Tongue was too far from that sound?
I think that although Frontiers liked Lemon Tongue a lot, they wanted a
slightly more traditional sound to this release to cater more to the European market and to the sound of HMS that people remember us for.

I really like tracks like What I Know and So Hard that seem to combine the old with the new, while staying melodic. Have you any feelings on that subject?
Your question says it all. I wanted to have songs that sounded new but at
the same time keep that melodic rock sound that people know us for.

How should HMS sound in 2002? In your opinion?
We don't sit down to write songs based on what is going on in music at the
moment. When me and Johnnie write we just take the best ideas and finish them but you still can't help but be influenced in some way by what is going on around
you at the time.

Why did the band include the previously released "Still Loving You" in this album?
Again this was a track that the label really wanted to see on this CD as it
had never been released in Europe.

Where did the other new additional tracks come from? I heard 2 of them before when you had some demo's floating around (1996-2000 era).
Two of the tracks were from the Lemon Tongue sessions which we re-mixed and
the other 3 were demos from 1993. I hesitate to call them demos however as they
were recorded in a large studio and produced as album tracks.

I heard you are going to release it again in Canada a little changed around again. In what way?
The Canadian version of Lemon Tongue will have 2 more tracks on it as well
as a different running order and expanded artwork with lyrics. When we
re-mixed Radiant and Even Now for Dreamland, they sounded so good that I had
to get them included in the Canadian release. Its funny because we now have
3 versions of this album when you include the original US indie release on
Wildfire Records.
Do you think North American fans are more or less appreciative of change over other fans in the world?
Music is a fickle business no matter where you are but a bands biggest
asset is their loyal fans. I think a bands true fans will be open to change
and appreciate the fact that a bands music will change and develop over time.

What next for HMS? When might we expect some more new recordings and do you have an idea of what direction they will be in?
We plan to just tour wherever we can for the next year and then we will
start thinking about the next album.

I loved your 'flat' guitar solo - how long have you been doing that for?
I've been doing that for several years now. I've always been hesitant about
doing a guitar solo in the first place cause I think its so pretentious. But
people seem to enjoy it and if your gonna do one, then make it entertaining.

Have you ever started or finished a solo project? Might we see a Derry Grehan solo album at any point?
I've always shied away from the "solo album" thing because its usually a
pale imitation of the group effort. In many ways HMS is my solo project as I
have written almost everything the band has ever released. Having said that
however, I am actually thinking about doing my own record soon as I have had
such a creative writing spurt in the last while and I am dying to record again.

You have always had a hand in producing the records you release - do you enjoy that side of things - the studio and the technical?
I love producing and I'm always looking for a young artist or band to work
with. (You can track me down through Honeymoonsuite.com and send me a demo!)

Anything else you would like to add Derry?
That's it, take care!