Hey Jon, how you doing?

Great, so what's happening mate? G'Day mate - that's it isn't it?
Yeah, that's it!!

It's a great record.
You like it? I am very happy that you like it.
Can we sign it to an Australian label or something?

Well, it is pretty much like the States here. Very closed off and not many indie labels, and certainly not any doing anything original. What seems to happen in the States happens here, only 6 months later!

Are you happy with the response from the record?

So far, yeah. I think it has only been out a couple of weeks. so far the response seems to be pretty good. there hasn't been anything negative, apart from the fact it is not long enough!
I am waiting to see ho wit goes in Japan, it's coming out there at the end of the month.
It's on a different label there though.

Who did you sign with for Japan?
Zero Corporation. They are pretty excited about it, I have just done some station ID's for it.
I did an interview for Burrn Magazine.

Very cool.
Yeah, I am pretty happy that people that have heard the record like it. I was on the net the other day and posted my name there on the Hot Spot to see if anyone liked the record, and I got a few responses which was great.

How did you enjoy working with Harem Scarem?
Oh, it was great. I Loved Harry. He was wonderful. I was really lucky to be hooked up with him. we hit it off and it was a nice project. I have had a couple of bad ones, and it was really refreshing to start a project and get it down in a relatively short time, and get it out.
Just that alone is a major hurdle.
I don't know if you heard, but I had a deal with Atlantic a couple of years ago, about 4 or 5 years ago. I worked on it for three years or so, and the whole thing took so long to finish, and it just never came out. very frustrating.
they were so hyped, it going to be like the biggest record and they were all excited blah blah blah.
Then the head of the label goes, someone else leaves and it's over.

Did that record get finished?
We recorded a bunch of tracks. It was a different record. It was more of a popier middle of the road record.

Like a Mr. Mister sound?
More like a Bryan Adams sort of thing. Maybe some pop/R&B.

Will you work with Harry again?
Yeah, I hope this is the start of a long lasting relationship.
I talk to him all the time, and we hope to do another record. If so, Harry and I will do some writing.

Harry wrote most of the material on this album?
It was more or less, that we didn't have a lot of time so therefore Harry had all these great songs, and it was easy to just work on those.
On the Japanese version, there is a bonus track that I wrote with a buddy of mine Ged Leaver.
We had a band together with Simon Phillips that we were trying to get signed in the early 90's.
So I am looking forward to hopefully doing another record with Harry, it should be a little more of myself involved in it.

This debut Fiore album is very reminiscent of the early Harem Scarem sound.
Yeah, that's the vibe that I am getting. It's funny that I am getting that response.

I am hearing people say that they wish Harem Scarem still sounded like this!
That's what I heard! ha ha.

What did you do for a living in the 'down' years?
Well, I have been doing music my whole life. So I was playing locally with people making money, I was in a band called Preview in the 80's with Geffen.
It was supposed to be a big record. We were signed by John Kalodner, and we had Keith Olsen work on the record.
What happened though, was that a lot of the guys didn't play on the record. Keith didn't like the way they played, so he wanted to use his studio musicians.
Once you start doing that, you loose the flavor of the band.
It became a little too slick. It wasn't has heavy as it should have been.
If we had of made this record back then, this would have been huge!
I was singing sessions for a number of years. I did some soundtrack work.
It has only been these past couple of years that I have got back into live work.
The ultimate would be to tour with this record.

It would be great to see a double bill with Harem Scarem!
Yeah, I guess anything is possible. That would be great.

Well okay Jon, thanks for your time.
No problem mate, we'll do it again soon.