Toto - The 2006 Interviews

Part 2 - David Paich
Keyboardist, composer and central Toto figure David Paich has an expanded presence on the new album - beyond his Mindfields role and back to the old days, where his vocals take center stage. David checks in for a brief interview to discuss the new album.

Hi David, just a few interview questions for you!
So, life after the sex change must be a bit quieter for you?
YOU BET! Not many requests for runway modeling lately.
Actually, I want to take this opportunity to thank all the support from various
organizations that were associated with this type of thing.
Unfortunately Mr. Lukather's attempt at humor was taken to heart by many who actually have to deal with these kind of personal burden.

Spanish Steps Of Rome was a popular track off Mindfields, so it is no surprise that fans are pleased to hear your fine voice gracing this album in a more defining way.
Thanks for the compliment. I try to squeeze one in every so often when my kind of
interpretation allows for it

You and Steve are the principle writers on this album - was this all new fresh ideas conceived over the last year, or were there a few old ideas still floating around?
No, this was all conceived for this album from day one.

Falling In Between is a wonderful record. I have said enough about it though - what are your feelings on the end product?
I am amazed at how it surpassed all my expectations. I was a little nervous at first.
Steve Macmillan and Simon Phillips did a masterful job mixing and engineering.
Pretty good band!

Did you enjoy producing the album yourselves this time?
Producing is usually a chore of patience, baby-sitting and asking “what do you think?)
However this album was fun.

I asked Steve the same question - but how did you enjoy working without a label looking over your shoulders?
Well, we never had any problem with label exec's who were musical. But there is a cool bonding that goes on when it's just us in the room, the lads. Also we tend to free ourselves musically from the current radio trends when we're independent.

Some of the orchestral / instrumental passages within this album are more progressive and certainly some of Toto's finest. Where did the inspiration come to make such a complex record?
Toto realizes at this point each record could be our last so we GO FOR IT when we can.
It's fun having Greg and Steve P working together. It's like a musical kick it the ass, not to mention Luke, SI and Mike, the bullet train boyz!

And stylistically, the album covers a lot of ground. Can you tell us of the thinking behind this?
We like albums that aren't boring and we think that other people feel the same way.
Having such a lineup of complete musicians makes it easier and harder at times to
frame our CDs after running the musical gamut.

I think a lot of fans have adopted Spiritual Man as an album favourite. Where did the inspiration for this song come from?
When I was young my mother (who was southern Baptist) gave me a copy of "The Prophet" by Khalil Ghibran. It opened my eyes to keep studying all the spiritual leaders. Then when Pope John Paul passed he said "Buddhists, Muslims, Catholics, Jews, are all spiritual brothers in the eyes of God.
My band was very supportive of a song that normally would have been on a solo record, had I done one.

This is a lush album for keyboard parts. How did you arrange the album to give all parts an even mix?
It kind of naturally happens when you put several good keyboardists in a room. SI and Luke also did some nice keyboard work. I'm constantly trying to make our music more orchestral.

Speaking of the mix - with so much going on within each track, it must have been a nightmare to get sorted!
Steve Macmillan was a forensics genius in keeping track of the clues. He and his associate Dr. Phillips who engineered the tracks and premixing.

And how are you doing anyway David? You are obviously still not so keen on a huge world tour?
Thanks for asking. I would love to tour, however my sister is getting reading for a double lung transplant and I am on her support team and her only brother. I miss the fans and the band but I had to give touring a break. Plus I'm getting old and it's hard to be a rock star!!!

Will you play with the guys on any upcoming USA dates?
I might do a few surprise appearances if schedules permit.

I know you are a busy session player - anything you are working on right now that you can speak of?
I just finished a National Parks Service commercial with Steve Jordan and Yo Yo Ma.

Anything you would like to add?
Thanks for being so generous with your review. It's nice to know people listen.

c. 2006 / Interview By Andrew McNeice
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