There have been several rumors circulating regarding the possible demise of Aerosmith.
I thought I would try and get to the bottom of it and who better to ask, but one of my most reliable contacts in Los Angeles, who came back with the following details...
Apparently the very latest tension stems from Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer not wanting to "sell out" and perform with rappers, Britney, NSync, Mary J Blige and whoever else and just stick to rock and roll.
Steven Tyler is the one, along with some backing from Joe Perry, that keeps the band in the "pop" scene.
It seems the recent MTV Icons show - which lets be honest, was a total farce - was the icing on the cake, with one band member stating the absolute obvious, claiming the band has nothing in common with the people they did the Icons show with...and that he hated every minute of that.
It's no secret that there is a great deal of tension within the band.
But the one thing they all agree on is that they need each other to remain successful and to continue to make money. This is the single common factor that will hold the band together for a little longer yet. They know this and are smart enough to deal with the other issues behind the scenes.


European label SPV are putting together their own Aerosmith tribute album. That'd be about tribute #4 for the band.


An interesting Aerosmith 2CD Limited Edition - Just Plush Play + Live & Rare (due January 23). The Live & Rare CD is a bonus disc including rare live materials from California Jam '78 & Texas Jam '78.
Interesting, but would have made more sense to have recent era rarities attached to this, their current studio album.

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