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The song writing credits have been released for Def Leppard's new X album. They are as follows:
Now - Marti Frederiksen / Phil Collen / Joe Elliott / Vivian Campbell / Rick Savage / Rick Allen
Unbelievable - Per Aldeheim / Andreas Carlsson / Max Martin
You're So Beautiful - Frederiksen / Collen / Elliott / Campbell / Savage / Allen
Everyday - Frederiksen / Collen / Elliott / Campbell / Savage / Allen
Long, Long Way To Go - Wayne Hector / Steve Robson
Four Letter Word - Collen / Elliott / Campbell / Savage / Allen
Torn To Shreds - Collen / Savage / Elliott / Campbell / Allen
Love Don't Lie - Elliott / Collen / Campbell / Savage / Allen
Gravity - Collen / Elliott / Pete Woodroffe / Campbell / Savage / Allen
Cry - Collen / Elliott / Campbell / Savage / Allen
Girl Like You - Campbell / Collen / Elliott / Savage / Allen
Let Me Be The One - Elliott / Campbell / Collen / Savage / Allen
Scar - Collen / Elliott / Campbell / Savage / Woodroffe / Allen
Kiss The Day - Collen / Elliott / Campbell / Savage / Allen
A few notes: Marti Frederiksen is a LA based singer/songwriter, who is best known for his work with Aerosmith. He also wrote music for the rock n roll comedy Still Crazy.
The trio of Aldeheim, Carlsson & Martin are best known for their songwriting work with Britny Spears, N'Sync and Backstreet Boys. Martin was also involved in Bon Jovi's Y2K breakout hit It's My Life.
Wayne Hector and Steve Robson are UK songwriters that have previously been behind several songs for UK boy-band Westlife.
Also interesting to see that Cry does not feature the writing skills of Frederiksen. That I thought, was the most obvious song in his style on the whole album!
And excellent to see Rick Allen get amongst it. This looks like a true band collaboration.
And for the record - the title of the album is pronounced 10. X represents the Roman numeral. Just making that clear!


A few details are available on the release of Def Leppard's Now single.
Via different releases, B-Sides set to appear include Let Me Be The One (acoustic), Snippets (Possible album preview?), Stay With Me (Faces cover), Rebel Rebel (Bowie cover) and a Now video track.


Well, I have been away, but I should jump in right now and mention that Def Leppard's website features some short MP3 song previews from the new album X to download - all fading out just before the chorus kicks in - thanks guys.
But the samples do sound very promising.
The first single from the album X is the opening track Now. Rumour suggests that it will hit radio July 16th.
Here's the first Official Press Release regarding the album's release:
Twenty-five years since Rick Allen, Steve Clark, Joe Elliott, Rick Savage and Pete Willis first got together in a small flat in Sheffield to form Def Leppard, the band is now set to release their tenth album, X, July 30 on Island Records.
With 45 million albums sold worldwide to date, Def Leppard teamed up with various producers to add a range of perspectives to their winning formula. First up the band recorded with long time cohort Pete Woodroffe in Joe Elliott's home studio in Dublin, Ireland. The band then spent time recording in Los Angeles with Marti Frederiksen (Aerosmith) before making a stop in Sweden to record with Andreas Carlsson and Per Aldeheim (Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, 'N Sync). Now one short year after the recording process began in Dublin, Def Leppard have created an infusion of metal, rock, pop and everything in between to be known to the world as X.
X is the follow up to the 1999 release of Euphoria, also produced by Pete Woodroffe. Only a few short months prior to the release of Euphoria, Def Leppard was honored in the U.S. by the RIAA with the prestigious Diamond Award for their album Hysteria. The Diamond Award recognizes sales of over 10 million. Hysteria to date has sold over 17 million albums worldwide, bringing Def Leppard's total career sales to an astounding 45 million, a feat not many bands and only a handful of British artists have been able to achieve (The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Eric Clapton).
Def Leppard continue to prove their international rock status. Nothing can re-affirm this more than the fact that their greatest hits collection, Vault has remained in the Top 20 of the Billboard Top 200/Top Catalogue Albums Chart since it's release almost 7 years ago. Still going strong, Vault continues to sell over 5,000 copies weekly. Def Leppard was also one of the first bands to be featured on VH1's popular TV series Behind the Music. In July 2001, VH1 featured the tragedies and triumphs of Def Leppard in movie form entitled Hysteria The Def Leppard Story, which scored the highest ratings for VH1 among its 25-34 year old viewers.
Def Leppard is now more than ever ready to leave the past behind and focus on the future, ready to focus on Def Leppard 2002!

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