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Here is the track listing for the upcoming Hughes Turner Live album, due out in Japan August 21. Included after track names is the album the track was originally featured on:
Devils Road - (HTP) . Cant Stop Rock and Roll - (HTP) . Death Alley Driver - (Rainbow - Straight Between The Eyes) . I Surrender - (Rainbow - Difficult To Cure) . Stormbringer - (Deep Purple - Stormbringer) . Dark Days - (JLT - Slam) . Mistreated - (Deep Purple - Burn) . No Stranger To Love - (Black Sabbath - Seventh Star) . Cant Stop the Flood - (Glenn Hughes - Building The Machine) . Better Man - (HTP) . Ride the Storm - (HTP) . King of Dreams - (Deep Purple - Slaves and Masters) . Street of Dreams - (Rainbow - Bent Out of Shape) . Spotlight Kid - (Rainbow - Difficult To Cure)

The album will be released in Europe by MTM in October - with one bonus track.


Here are the details for the new Glenn Hughes Best Of CD Different Stages, as released by SPV in Germany.
CD 1: Burn (Live) . You Kill Me . Highball Shooter . Muscle & Blood (Live) . Save Me Tonight (I'll Be Waiting) . Addiction . You Keep On Moving (Live) . Can't Stop The Flood . No Stranger To Love (Live) . From Now On (Live)
CD 2: Death Of Me . I Got Your Number (Live) . The State I'm In . Your Love Is Alright (Live) . Gettin' Tighter (Live) . This Life . Freedom . Lady Double Dealer (Live) . Redline . Stormbringer (Live)
The compilation is out August 26.


MTM Music have confirmed the signing of the superb Glenn Hughes / Joe Lynn Turner album - HTP (Hughes/Turner Project).
The album will now be released in Europe March 18, with the Japanese release (with bonus track) already locked in for February 6.


As most would already know, from past news items, Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner spent the last quarter of 2001 recording an album together that is destined to remain high on many Best Of 2002 lists.
For the last week and a half I have had almost nothing else in the car CD player as I soak up what has to be one of the best vocal performances by either of these seasoned artists.
The details of the album are as follows:
The CD will be released as Hughes Turner Project. A European release is still being negotiated, but the Japanese release has been set for some time now as February 6 thru Pony Canyon.
The full track listing: Devil's Road . You Can't Stop Rock & Roll . Missed Your Name . Mystery Of The Heart . Sister Midnight . Better Man . Heaven's Missing An Angel . Fade Away . Ride The Storm . Run Run Run . Against The Wall . On The Ledge.
Against The Wall is likely to be the Japanese bonus track.
The album was produced by Glenn and Joe with Mike Scott. The album's recording line up consists of: JJ Marsh (Guitars), Vince Di Cola (Keys), Shane Galaas (Drums).
Paul Gilbert plays additional guitar on the upbeat good fun rocker You Can't Stop Rock N Roll and John Sykes is featured on the epic 8 minute power rock ballad Heaven's Missing An Angel. His influence is clearly recognizable within the track and shines during the powerful chorus.
Other favourite tracks at this early stage is the vocally enormous rock anthem Devil's Road and the powerhouse hard rocker Missed Your Name. The album closer On The Ledge is another epic building track that fans of both singers will appreciate.

I asked Glenn this week what his thoughts on the album were. Several times he referred to the huge vocal sound of the album, with material suiting fans of both singers. Glenn said the album was quite nostalgic and was a well focussed record.
This is a definite classic rock record Glenn added.
As for the songs: Glenn said the opening track Devil's Road would fit on just about any Deep Purple album he was involved in; On The Ledge he compared to You Keep On Moving, saying the whole band was outstanding on the track and is one of the best songs he has ever written; and John Sykes helped re-shape Heaven's Missing An Angel. Apparently John loved the verse, but not the chorus. Whatever changes were made, the result is outstanding.
But I don't want to completely leave you hanging for more - how about an exclusive 2 minute sample of the opening track? Just listen to Glenn's vocal acrobatics!


While on the subject of Glenn Hughes, he has teamed with Jeff Scott Soto for a cover version of Sly And The Family Stone's I Wanna Take You Higher. The song was recorded for Jeff's planned solo album.

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