The new Journey EP Red 13 is officially released to all this week, via the band's merchendise website
Four new tracks are showcased: State of Grace, The Time, Walkin' Away From The Edge and I Can Breathe.
Samples are online now at:
MP3 samples will also be featured here shortly, as will a full review of the EP.


With the release of Journey's EP of four new studio tracks due next month, I thought a few words with guitarist Neal Schon would be in order.
So Neal, where did the EP's title come from?
"I simply thought of red because I wanted something that was hot. And Jonathon wanted 13 because it's our thirteenth album. Something to break the mold of what we usually come with."
Great, now I can't resist, I have to ask you about the style of the 4 new tracks. Can you tell us a little about them?
"State of Grace is a very guitar driven up tempo heavy rocker. We are also playing this in the beginning of our show now.
The Time is a very cool guitar driven 6/8 time signature, with some very huge, but different hooks. Cool jammin' solo guitar. Also fun to play live.
Walking Away From the Edge - this a very musical power ballad with some great lyrics, and with a very haunting guitar solo at the end.
I Can Breathe is another cool rocker. Some very cool hooks, cool wah-wah solo......and there you have it!"

Awesome - thanks. What comes next? An self released full length album?
"Ya sure why not!"
And how is your Greatest Hits album coming along?
"It's coming....We are hoping to finalize the tracking list by the end of this month before I go on tour. It looks as though I might be adding something new on it, possibly with John Waite."
Thanks to Neal for taking some time out for me.
The new EP Red 13 can be pre-ordered via the Journey Swag website. Take up a free Journey fan club membership to the site and be kept informed of future projects too.


The Journey EP is done!
Titled Red 13, the EP of four new tracks will be available from the band's merchandise website and at concerts hopefully from July.
Guitarist Neal Schon posted this to the band's website message board:
"Haven't been on here lately so I thought I'd drop you a note....last night we just completed mixing our EP, Red 13. In my opinion it's very cool. Right now the running order is The Time, State of Grace, and a very musical ballad, Walking Away From The Edge, and another rocker, I Can Breathe. I look forward to playing all of this for you in concert. See you out there, Neal"


Journey played their anticipated club show in Minneapolis last night - to a packed house. The night started out with Deen Castronovo and Neal Schon's sons coming out on stage with a bass playing roadie. They called themselves Devil's Litter! The main show ran just over 2 hours and the set list was:
State Of Grace (New Track) . Separate Ways . Ask The Lonely . Star Spangled Banner (Schon,Cain) . Stone in Love . Only The Young . Send Her My Love . Lights . Open Arms . Feeling That Way . Anytime . I'll Be Alright Without You . Trial By Fire . Liberty . Higher Place . The Time (New Track) . Don't Stop Believing . La Raza Del Sol . Faithfully . Escape . Wheel In The Sky . Be Good To Yourself . Encore: Anyway You Want It . Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin
Thanks to John and Rob for the feedback.


Songwriter / producer David Pack has teamed up with vocalist Steve Perry to write a couple of new songs. These sessions were not lined up for a possible Perry solo album, but rather for Pack's in-recording solo release.
From David's website:
"One of DP's favorite singers and writers, Steve Perry (late of Journey), have gotten back in touch with each other and have written 2 new incredible songs, Almost A Brand New Start and For A Woman. DP says "Steve is one of my favorite people on the planet...amazing person, amazing writing intuition, amazing voice...he's the best, and we truly enjoy working together". DP is hoping to add at least one of the songs to his almost finished solo CD for Atlantic."
For those who aren't familiar with David Pack, he is the singer / guitarist / writer for the legendary rock group Ambrosia. More recently, he has established himself as a respected solo artist, Grammy winning record producer, and music director of special events, including both of President Clinton's Inaugurations.
More details at:


Journey has just announced their first concert for 2002. A "Family and Friends" performance will be held on Saturday, April 20th at the Luther Burbank Center For The Arts in Santa Rosa, California.
Journey and their special guests will perform at 8:00 p.m. Tickets will go on sale Monday, March 29th. Tickets are priced at $50 (Main level) & $35 (Balcony) and can be purchased through the LBC box office. More information from

Jonathan Cain's newest solo CD Namaste is now available for shipping outside of the USA. Autographed and Personalized CDs are available. See


Via his long time web contact, Lora @, Steve Perry recently issued a brief statement:
"Hi, this is Steve Perry and I'm giving you this message via the phone to Lora at Fan Asylum. Lora has brought it to my attention that there are many birthday messages being posted on various Web sites and she has relayed several of them to me for I do not surf the Internet. I have also seen a nice birthday message placed in the San Diego Union Tribune. As most of you know, I've yet to launch and I'm not sure that will happen. Nevertheless I truly do appreciate all the wonderful greetings and well wishes you have given me for my birthday. Thanks again! Sincerely, Steve Perry"


Much is being made of the split between Journey and their long time label Sony Music.
Well, for the first time - here are the simple facts:
Guitarist Neal Schon gave me this comment over the weekend:
"Right now, where it's at: Sony had made us an offer to do another record, and we basically said 'Why? You didn't do anything with the first one...' We are researching many different ways of getting our future product out there."

Journey will tour again this year, but not a full scale tour like 2000 and 2001. As yet, there is no recording schedule for the next album.

A little more information is to hand. A solid industry source of mine in Los Angeles says there is already a lot of interest in Journey from several smaller labels.
The band also were working on an album by album deal starting with Trial By Fire, so in all reality they've been without a contract since Arrival was released.


I am late reporting the fact - as I was obviously away on vacation, but Neal Schon has been nominated for a Grammy Award! His recent solo CD Voice was nominated in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category.
Congratulations Neal and best of luck!

In relation to Neal's name being mentioned in the news item for the Steve Walsh fronted Khymera project - I can reveal that the song in question is a cover of the Hardline track Love Leads The Way. The great song was featured as a Japanese bonus track for the band's one and only album.

Meanwhile, Neal's Journey band mate Jonathan Cain has a new solo CD available exclusively through his website
The album's track listing is: When Ever We Say Goodbye . El Matador . I Tell Myself . Namaste . Everytime It Rains . Does It Feel Like Love . In Over My Head . A Walk In The Jungle . Faces of Mardi Gras . In The Rapture.


It had to happen. One of melodic rock's most loved bands has finally joined the (long) list of rock bands with Tribute albums dedicated to their music. A Journey tribute album will hit U.S. stores January 15, 2002.
Behind the CD, A Tribute To Journey is a familiar name in Tribute releases - Cleopatra Records subsidiary Deadline Records.
The label PR reads: "A monster line-up of rock's elite gather to pay tribute to one of the most important rock bands ever, Journey....Powerful new versions of the classic hits....take a musical journey as the featured vocalists on this album offer their unique interpretations of these twelve songs and pay tribute to one of the most influential rock groups of all time...Journey."
The featured track list and vocalist line up is:
Separate Ways - Kelly Hansen of Hurricane . Any Way You Want It - Alex Mitchell of Circus Of Power . Faithfully - Marq Torien of Bullet Boys . Don't Stop Believing - Eric Dover of Slash's Snakepit . Open Arms - Jizzy Pearl of Ratt . Girl Can't Help It - John Corabi of Motley Crue . Only The Young - Mark Knight of Worry Beads . Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' - Chaz West of The Jason Bonham Band . Wheel In The Sky - Kelly Hansen of Hurricane . Be Good To Yourself - Ralph Saenz of The Atomic Punks . Who's Crying Now - Kory Clarke of Warrior Soul . Lights - Stevie Rachelle of Tuff

I really shouldn't comment until I hear this (a promo copy is on it's way now, I'm told!), but this sounds like it will be an interesting release! Dare I say that if you plan on tackling this band and these songs, the result BETTER be good!

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