Kiss have announced 'officially' that they are not going to retire. What a shock!
Press from - Kiss Takes Back Farewell July 26, 8 p.m. ET, Launch
Kiss is apparently not yet done rocking-and-rolling all night and partying every day, despite previous announcements to the contrary. In a new posting on the band's official website (, singer-guitarist Paul Stanley writes that Kiss has reconsidered its decision to stop touring, which led to a lengthy farewell tour that began in 2000.
"People change their minds," Stanley writes in the "Paul Speaks" section of the site. "Am I doing this for the money or the fans? Both, and let's not forget, I'm doing this for me. That is the reason I originally started playing; because I wanted to, and only I can decide ultimately when to stop. As you know (assuming that you have a job), it is great to have both the appreciation of those around you and to be compensated financially."
Kiss last performed at the closing ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, in February.
No live dates have been announced for Kiss this year, but the group is rumored to be considering a road trek in the fall and winter, including a potential New Year's Eve show in Detroit. The tour would ostensibly promote the forthcoming The Very Best Of Kiss collection, which is due out August 27.
Kiss has also recorded a track to the upcoming Ramones tribute album, We're A Happy Family, covering the song Do You Remember Rock & Roll Radio?

Kiss are the latest addition to the lengthy list of performers set to take part in the closing ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games.

Tommy Thayer has been known to don the makeup in place of regular guitarist Ace Frehley in the still touring Kiss, but could be replace Ace permanently?
Rumour has it that Kiss will sign to Spitfire Records, not only for the release of Alive 4, but also for new studio albums...


File under the 'God Lord, surely not' category - It seems Kiss' Gene Simmons is launching his own magazine!
The first issue of Tongue Magazine is set to find it's way onto newsstands sometime in May. The quarterly mag is described as a "Raygun-meets-Maxim concept with some very cool twists..."


File under 'Are You serious?!', news of Kiss' Gene Simmons own autobiography, due for release next week.
In this tell all book, Gene will apparently detail some of the 4600 one-night stands he has had, plus dish out copious amounts of shit on fellow band mates Peter Criss and Ace Frehley - most of it out of frustration at their continuous drug and alcohol problems. On that subject, Gene says: "The whole James Dean lifestyle had never appealed to me. Because after that guy dies in a car crash, I'm going to sleep with his girlfriend."
That about sums it up I guess...(?)
Read more on the release here.

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