The long anticipated self titled Mecca album is out in Europe and Japan April 25. Here's your first look at the cover art. Click on the image for a full size view.


Further on the news that Mecca have signed to Frontiers Records, label President Serafino Perugino weighed in with some comments of his own.
Serafino e-mailed to say: "I wish to state that this project will mean a lot for me personally.
I personally rate Jim Peterik as possibly the best songwriter in melodic rock nowadays and in this album he was able to achieve some of the biggest heights in his career ever!
Also I have to say that I was stunned to discover the amazing talent of Joe Vana. I am sure we'll hear much more from this guy in the future!
Needless to say the vocal performance of Fergie is one of his best ever and the same goes for all the other musicians involved!
I look forward to working with this new band as I am truly convinced it represents the future with the best of the past for melodic rock music. A real timeless album."

I know the release is a little way off just yet, but just to remind you how good it are those song samples again.

The long awaited classic melodic rock debut from Mecca is due out in Europe and in Japan on April 25. The European release from Frontiers/Now & Then features 10 of the 11 tracks recorded, with Japan adding the last track Miss-Chevious as their required bonus track.

Mecca's full track listing (including writer & vocalist credits) is:
Track 1: Velocitized (Peterik/Sullivan) / Lead Vocals - Fergie Frederiksen
Track 2: Without You (Vana/Peterik) / Lead Vocals - Joe Vana
Track 3: Can't Stop Love (Frederiksen/Peterik/Millas) / Duet Lead Vocals - Joe Vana and Fergie Frederiksen
Track 4: Silence Of The Heart (Vana/Peterik) / Lead Vocals - Joe Vana
Track 5: You Still Shock Me (Peterik/Synar/Unger) / Lead Vocals - Fergie Frederiksen
Track 6: Mecca (Vana/Peterik) / Lead Vocals - Joe Vana

Track 7: Wishing Well (Frederiksen/Peterik/Vana) / Lead Vocals - Fergie Frederiksen
Track 8: Close That Gap (Vana/Peterik/Deroche) / Lead Vocals - Joe Vana
Track 9: Blinded By Emotion (Peterik/Synar/Unger) / Lead Vocals - Fergie Frederiksen
Track 10: Falling Down (Vana/Peterik/Deroche) / Lead Vocals - Joe Vana
Track 11: Miss-Chevious (Aquino/Peterik/Frederickson) / Lead Vocals - Fergie Frederiksen

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