Motley Crue

Universal Music is going to release a Japan exclusive boxed set of Motley Crue. This contains the band's 8 original mega - hit albums with bonus tracks for each, and a bonus CD filled with 14 live tracks.
Moreover, this set includes a special DVD of their video clips!
The set includes 9 CDs and a DVD in total.
This is a huge set of songs. The Bonus CD contains:
Ten Seconds To Love . Piece Of Your Action . Too Young To Fall In Love . Looks That Kill . Live Wire . Girls, Girls, Girls . Red Hot . In The Name Of Rock N Roll . Dr. Feelgood . Song To Slit Your Wrists By . Glitter . Bittersweet . Planet Boom . Father
The video clips DVD contains:
Same Ol' Situation . Don't Go Away . Kick Start My Heart . Dr. Feelgood . Without You . Wild Side . Home Sweet Home . Home Sweet Home (New Version) . Girls, Girls, Girls . Looks That Kill . You're All I Need . Too Young To Fall In Love . Primal Scream . Anarchy In The UK . Hooligan's Holiday . Smoke The Sky . Misunderstood
The remaining albums are all the 1999 remaster versions, with additional bonus tracks, plus an extra exclusive to Japan bonus track for each studio release!

The release in Japan of Motley Crue's Wild Motley Box has apparently again been delayed! Updates when I have them.

Tommy Lee's new CD will be released under the Methods Of Mayhem moniker after all. The new CD Never A Dull Moment is due in late May, with a Japanese first release set for May 15 (including one bonus track).

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