It isn't confirmed, but rumours suggest that the new Rush album will be titled Vapour Trail and the first single will be called Little Victory. The album is out worldwide in may.


Rush have officially pushed back the Japanese advanced release date for their new album from March 27 to May 15, in line with the release dates for the rest of the world.
Unfortunate for die-hards like me looking for a copy, but it seemed pretty unlikely that Japan would be given a 6 week head start on the US. Does anyone recall the Journey fiasco with the release of Arrival?


Geddy Lee and Rush band mates Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart are recording in Toronto with Paul Northfield co-producing.
Northfield previously engineered such Rush classics as Signals, Exit Stage Left, Moving Pictures and Permanent Waves, and co-produced Different Stages.
Geddy Lee addresses the Twin Towers tragedy at length and notes that "any talk relating to the workings of a rock band seems incredibly trivial," but adds that he's responding to the intense fan interest in Rush news with the hope that it will be a "welcome diversion".
Lee stated that the band is approaching the end of their "rather long and intensive" writing sessions and has started the actual production.
The sessions, he says, have been "a little experimental," combining some of the more spontaneous moments that occurred during the writing process with the more typical production.
"It took a while for us to get to the point where we felt what we were producing was fresh enough and of the quality that we demand of ourselves," concluded Lee, noting that it had been over five years since the band last wrote together. He alludes to personal and professional events being problematic and confesses that the members had to "relearn how best to communicate musically with each other."
Lee says that the group is "starting to feel pretty darn good" about their eight month-long writing spree, and that they hope the process will continue to go well and result in a finished collection of songs "before too long."
The group's last effort was 1996's Test For Echo.
Meanwhile, a new book geared for serious Rush fans is being readied for a pre-Christmas release, although delays are still possible according to the author.
The encyclopaedia-like Merely Players by Robert Telleria will be close to 400 pages and include detailed (but generally dirt-free) bios of the band members, a deep discography, a chronology, tour dates, set lists, songs lyrics and correlating interview quotes, equipment lists and quotes, side projects, a collectibles section and multitudes of photos. The book is being published internationally by Omnibus, and by Quarry Books in Canada.
In related news, the famous Chronicles video collection is being issued on DVD under the title Chronicles The DVD Collection. The set is digitally mastered in your choice of Dolby Digital 2.0 or PCM (for Laptop DVD players). The set also contains two previously unreleased videos Afterimage and The Enemy Within. The 70 minute DVD features this full video listing 'Closer To The Heart', 'The Trees', 'Limelight', 'Tom Sawyer', 'Red Barchetta', 'Subdivisions', 'Distant Early Warning', 'Red Sector A', 'The Big Money', 'Mystic Rhythms', 'Time Stand Still', 'Lock And Key', 'The Enemy Within' and 'Afterimage'.

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