Toto have officially announced their new label deal with EMI Music. The band's new album Through the Looking Glass will be released October 14th 2002 in Europe.
The site's press release adds: "...An exact date for the first single and for the release of the album in the United States and other countries will be announced soon. Through the Looking Glass will be the first Toto album released by EMI.
EMI is the world's largest music publisher in terms of copyrights owned, controlled or administered, with rights to more than one million musical compositions and offices in 30 countries. For more information on EMI, please check their International Website at"
Scroll down for a sneak peak at the artwork!

Toto will release their new album Through The Looking Glass through their new record label EMI. The deal is done and will see the album released in October.
The first single from the album is Could You Be Loved - a cover of the Bob Marley tune.


The albums track details are as follows. Included are track comments (in orange) by guitarist Steve Lukather:
Bodhisattva - An old Steely Dan. We will be giving a paragraph for each song explaining why we did each song. That will come later.
Could You Be Loved Bob Marley..KILLER version and our first single. We got a Jamaican rapper guy (I can't remember his name, Huge in Europe) in there with James Ingram doing background vocals as well.
While My Guitar Gently Weeps Great arrangement, Steve Porcaro Rules on this one.
Can't Get Next To You Al Green. We did horns yesterday. James Ingram is on this as well.
Livin' For The City Stevie Wonder. We have a call into Stevie to guest on this one. He has played with us before, not mention all the sessions we have done together. The middle section is gonna be deep.
Maiden Voyage/Butterfly Herbie Hancock. Our classic instrumental tune. VERY cool.
Burn Down The Mission Elton John. We got Davey Johnstone and Nigel Olsen on backgrounds with Steve Porcaro and Dave doing the FULL orchestrations.
Sunshine Of Your Love Cream. This is done in 7/4 time signature and has been re-arranged totally. Think heavy-be-bop.
Watching The Detectives Yes that's right.. Elvis Costello. hahaha. We did this as a joke and we know how much Elvis hates us so I did an impression of him. Great track with me as "Elvis". It came out so good we put it on the record.
House Of The Rising Sun Eric Burdon. This too is almost un recognizable. Very "Pink Floyd like.
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, And A Train To Cry Dave sings this one, itīs an old Bob Dylan song done a la Leon Russell. Cut all live. Classic Dave!


It's always entertaining to hear from Steve Lukather. This time he wanted to update me on his solo Christmas album, due out (obviously) later this year.
The album features a new guest guitar spot from Eddie Van Halen.
Steve says: "It's all done. Eddie did great as did all my friends. VERY cool record. Fun and humour and also great playing and arrangements. You'll dig it!"
The album Santamental includes guests like Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Edgar Winter, Trevor Lukather, Simon Phillips, Scott Hamilton and Lenny Castro.


Meanwhile, I am very pleased to announce that Bobby Kimball has enlisted the talents of Mecca main man and founder Joe Vana to Co-produce his new solo album along with Joe's partners in Stone Key Productions; Thom Griffin and Jon Smith.
Joe says: "All the parts of the puzzle have been carefully put in place for a truly unbelievable audiophile experience. The hand picked A-List rhythm section is staggering."
The album is due out mid 2003.


Toto's Mike Porcaro this week told of the reason for upcoming "cover tunes" album. It was apparently to get something out quickly before the tour - with everyone's busy schedules it was hard to get everyone to get together to write new material.

Toto have been recording a new studio album, as we all know. What the band didn't tell fans, was that the album, Through the Looking Glass, is all covers.
The band announced details of the album this week, which has taken some fans by surprise.
The apparent reason for the covers album is to get product in stores to help celebrate the band's 25th Anniversary and accompanying tour.
A new studio album of all new material will be recorded following the tour.
The group have said they only had time to record covers, but to throw a spanner in the works, I suggest that if the band had time to record anything, then it could have been new material.
I for one would have preferred to hear a raw, stripped back album of originals over an album of cover versions.
For the record - here are the album's tracks (and original artist in brackets):
Bohidsatva (Steely Dan) . Could You Be Loved (Bob Marley) . While My Guitar Gently Weeps (George Harrison) . Maiden Voyage/Butterfly (Herbie Hancock)(Instrumental) . Burn Down The Mission (Elton John) . Sunshine Of Your Love (Cream) . House Of The Rising Sun (Eric Burdon) . It Takes A Lot To Laugh, And A Train To Cry (Bob Dylan) . Watching The Detectives (Elvis Costello) . Can't Get Next To You (Al Green) . Livin' For The City (Stevie Wonder)
More details are avilable at the band's website -


It looks like the new Toto CD will be titled Through The Looking Glass. A release is expected in May or June.
The CD will be released via the Toto Record Company.
I mailed vocalist Bobby Kimball to say G'Day and to tell him that site regulars were looking forward to the album.
He replied: "Yo, big guy. Glad to know that your "page-dwellers" are still into even asking about the band. You can rest assured that this CD will be no disappointment to the real fans. It has some of my favorite material on it and some "blessed playing and vocalizing". It's Toto at their best......Bobby"
Sounds good to me Bobby! I hope to be able to bring you a preview of the album, but cannot be sure when that might happen.


I mailed Steve Lukather for my usual Toto album update and got another great reply.
Steve said: "Things are great. The new CD is killer....It's all good here and I am very excited about the new CD. I just wish we could agree on a title. That's real hard and then the cover art and then we gotta get this sucker out before the summer so our work is cut out for us!"

Added to Toto's Official Website this week, was this update:
The new Toto album is almost finished. 11 tracks have been recorded but the CD will probably only have 10 tracks with a bonus cut for Japan. Simon and Luke will have done their parts before they leave for Japan with David finishing some vocals or keyboard parts.
David Paich is singing one song so far "in Leon Russell style", as Luke put it.
Bobby and Luke share the lead on the other tracks, with Bobby singing most of the songs.
So far, Luke is singing three songs. To keep the "old" Toto vibe for this album, some special guest musicians have been invited to join them. Next week, Lenny Castro will put some percussion on.
And former Toto member Steve Porcaro will also appear on several tracks. "Steve Porcaro is back helping out with the synths which has added a touch that we haven't had for awhile. It's great to have him back if only for a minute", says Steve Lukather.
Toto hope to be releasing the album in May with possibly a single up front, followed by a world tour, but no dates or venues have been confirmed so far.

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