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  1. TNT - All The Way To The Sun
    xxAnother challenging record from the guys - definitely not a repeat of My Religion. Different again and perhaps an album that will require more time to get to know.
  2. Place Vendome - Place Vendome
    xxYet another classic hard and heavy, but melodic release! A definite surprise package from the Helloween singer and PC69's Dennis Ward.
  3. Alien - Dark Eyes
    xxAn ok album...not classic, but still featuring a few great AOR songs. Overall not entirely as expected. Full review soon!
  4. Jaded Heart - Helluva Time
    xxThe band returns with a new singer and new sound, but enough of the classic style in tact to please fans. My very initial play back suggests some more strong songs on offer here.
  5. Ric Ocasek - Nexterday
    xxUtterly classic Ocasek! Possibly his best solo album since his solo debut and one for Cars fans also.
  6. LA Guns - Tales From The Strip
    xxOk...not great, but pretty much as expected from the band - safe for fans but won't convince anyone else.
  7. Russell Allen / Jorn Lande - The Battle
    xxUtterly fabulous melodic metal and powerful melodic hard rock. Another highlight of 2005, but the star of this album is Jorn by a long way.
  8. The Jones Gang - Any Day Now
    xxSolid melodic rock that mixes classic rock with adult contemporary.
  9. Karo - Heavy Birthday
    xxA great re-issue of a lost classic. Dated, but loveable 80's melodic hard rock.
  10. RocKarma - RocKarma
    xxNice American melodic rock - sweet vocals and powerful musical display from the Firehouse guys.
  11. Stryper - Reborn
    xxIn every sense of the word, Stryper is reborn - new sound, new label, new decade. Very modern and very heavy, but somewhat cool. Won't be for all Stryper fans, but they rock on regardless.
  12. Cornerstone - In Concert
    xxA nice little live show summing up the band's best songs to date.
  13. Vivian Campbell - Two Sides Of If
    xxNice little excursion from the DL sound...a rough and tumble blues album that some will dig, others will not relate to.
  14. Tango Down - Take 1
    xxPhil Naro returns, but sounds different than his usual fare. Rough and raw melodic rock that isn't for everyone.
  15. Nexx - Demos 2005
    xxIs there really no label that could find 5 minutes to sign these super talented guys (and gal)?.
  16. Inxs - Listen Like Thieves
    xxClassic classic classic.
  17. Blue Tears - Mad Bad & Dangerous
    xxVolume 1 of the lost demos! Essential for any fan of Fulkerson and/or Blue Tears. Old tracks, but solid sound and some "new" classic tracks.
  18. Balance II - Advance
    xxPomp/prog AOR at it's finest. A mellow vibe, but music that remains seriously challenging.
  19. Harem Scarem - Rocks
    xxA nice little Japanese best of from a few years back.
  20. Cauterize - Paper Wings
    xxDisappointing new release after the acclaimed debut.