Release Dates & Events



Angeline Shadowlands 2018-09-03 BYFO
Hank Erix Nothing But Trouble 2018-09-05 Cargo
Alter Bridge Live At The Royal Albert Hall 2018-09-07 Napalm
Treat Tunguska 2018-09-14 Frontiers
Outloud Virtual Hero Society 2018-09-14 Roar
The Unity Rise 2018-09-14 SPV
Dream Child Until Death Do We Meet Again 2018-09-14 Frontiers
Ann Wilson Immortal 2018-09-14 BMG
Tony Mitchell Beggars Gold 2018-09-14 MRR
Groundbreaker Groundbreaker 2018-09-14 Frontiers
Uriah Heep Living The Dream 2018-09-15 Frontiers
Livesay Chronicles 2018-09-15 RFL
Black Majesty Children Of the Abyss 2018-09-21 Pride & Joy
Dion Bayman Dion Bayman 2018-09-21 Art Of Melody
Newman Decade 2 and Atlas Debut 2018-09-21 AOR Heaven
Hardcore Superstar You Can't Kill My Rock N Roll 2018-09-21 Gain
Dark Sarah The Golden Moth 2018-09-21 Inner Wound
Slash Ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators Living The Dream 2018-09-21 Roadrunner
Jimmy Waldo & Steven Rosen Voices From The Past 2018-09-28 MRR
Dynazty Firesign 2018-09-28 AFM


Prins Svart Prins Svart 2018-10-05
Leah The Quest 2018-10-05 Inner Wound
Steve Perry Traces 2018-10-05 Fantasy
Seventh Wonder Tiara 2018-10-12 Frontiers
Creye Creye 2018-10-12 Frontiers
Ace Frehley Spaceman 2018-10-19 SPV
Arion Life Is Not Beautiful 2018-10-19 AFM
Midnite City Midnite City & White Widdow New Albums 2018-10-19 AOR Heaven
Whitesnake Unzipped 2018-10-19 Rhino
Aldo Nova 2.0 2018-10-19 Megaforce
Hearts On Fire Call Of Destiny 2018-10-19 MRR
Dan Reed Network Origins 2018-10-23 Zero One
Heaven's Trail Lethal Mind 2018-10-26 Escape


Eden's Curse Testament (The Best Of) 2018-11-02 AFM
Holter Vlad The Impaler 2018-11-09 Frontiers
Ten Illuminati 2018-11-09
Vandenberg Moonkings Rugged And Unplugged 2018-11-23 Mascot


Magic Dance New Eyes 2018-12-07 Frontiers
State Of Salazar Superheroes 2018-12-07 Frontiers
Devil's Hand Devil's Hand 2018-12-07 Frontiers
Palace Binary Music 2018-12-07 Frontiers
Steelheart Live In Milan 2018-12-07 Frontiers
Alcatrazz Parole Denied 2018-12-07 Frontiers
Within Temptation Resist 2018-12-14 Universal



Jetboy Born To Fly 2019-01-25 Frontiers