Atenzia Records
Produced by: Roger Scott Craig

Released: June / Website
Relatives: Harlan Cage, John Parr, Foreigner

  1. What's Your Game
  2. Don't You Stop Believing
  3. Dark Cloud On The Horizon
  4. Borderline
  5. Standing In The Spotlight
  6. Roll Of The Dice
  7. Ride Out The Storm
  8. Dance Through The Night
  9. I'll Never Forget You Baby
  10. Black Isn't Black
  11. Get Up And Go

It's a real treat for fans of pure and organic AOR that both Harlan Cage and 101 South have new albums due for release. Both of course feature keyboard player and song writer Roger Scott Craig.
101 South features vocalist Gregory Lynn Hall - he has a deeper, rougher and possibly tougher vocal style than Harlan Cage's Larry Greene. In fact, Hall is a hybrid of Lou Gramm and John Parr, with a lot of 101 South's material comparing with late era Foreigner.
101 South is a little tougher musically than the very smooth Harlan Cage. The band is rounded out now with a bassist and rummer and guitar duties for 10 of the albums 11 tracks are handled by none other than Billy Liesgang. The other guitarist Mike Scott, who performed most of the guitars on the new HC record.
The fact a full band is at work here makes for a more rounded sound and the songs benefit from this. As I said, this is musically a little more guitar driven, but the keyboards are still prominent throughout.
This is classic melancholy, melodic, hook laden AOR. Tracks like Black Isn't Black, Borderline, Don't You Stop Believing and Roll Of The Dice are quite simply first rate examples of the genre in it's softer form.
I found the songs of this, the second 101 South album to be every bit as good as the debut, with an improved production quality.
I also rate this album even better than the great Harlan Cage record, There's not a lot between them and generally if you like one, you really should own both, but I enjoyed the extra level of energy that seems to be evident on this collection of songs.
Previous comparisons from the review of the debut album to James Christian's solo record and ex-Foreigner Johnny Edwards are still just as prevalent here.
BOTTOM LINE: Another pomp-AOR classic from the hand of Roger Scott Craig. As good or better than the debut 101 South and also better than the very good new Harlan Cage album.
Pure and simple - an essential purchase for lovers of pomp and grandiose keyboard laden AOR.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of Harlan Cage and 101 South and most fans of pomp-AOR.
DISCOGRAPHY:101 South . Roll Of The Dice

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