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21/09/04: sebastian -
theoutfield dvd please concier

13/03/04: Smiley -
Fear factory "Archetype", thats the best thing in 2004!

19/02/04: Joey Demoulette -
1.. Def Leppard will release what maybe a double live cd with 2 -3 new songs and since their record label sucks and dont know what a hit song as - hence - Long Long way to go -- they will leave that lame ass label and create their own .
2. Lillian Axe will have a new cd out in 2004 -- 2 new songs will be Waters Rising and Thrist .
3. Mtv will finally realize they play no music and change the M from Music to Moron tv .
4. Carson Daly admits I really know nothing about good music and everyone bought it .
5. Tesla's new cd will rock I have heard it , best they have done since Py. Supper .
6. Cinderella may tour with Vince Neil and Seb . Bach in 2004
7. That so called nu-metal dies off for good , wasnt that suppose to be another era of the Beatles .Thank God thats gone.
8 . Great bands like Harem Scarem,Iced Earth,Jaded Heart,Lillian Axe,etc - will continue to make great cds with lil or no airplay or videoplay and continue to sell out clubs .
9.Guns N Roses - Van Halen -- who cares tired of hearin of it .
10 Vh1's 2nd season of Bands Reunited will feature either Mr Big or Saigon Kick .
11.And i will continue to listen to my hairbands,aor bands and rock bands and hate rap/nu-metal and r and b . Ok some Top 40 grows on me .
12. Motley Crue finally announce reunion tour for 2005
13. Poison says farewell tour in 2005
14. Dokken rumors of a original member reunion tour is talked about
15. Steve Perry rejoins Journey for a 1 nite only show .
16. Bon Jovi please go back to the Slippery When Wet sound man that new stuff is the worst . This Left feels like puke should be the title .

05/02/04: Lance Rushing -
**** BIG IN 2004****** (or so I hope)

Rick Springfield (SHock denial ANGER accepTANCE)
EUROPE - new album plus live & DVD
House Of Lords - The Power & The Myth
Lillian AXE - new studio album plus best of cd
TNT - My Religion
Jack Blades (but what we really want is a new Night Ranger cd but at least a live DVD is scheduled)
Danger Danger - Live & Nude plus best of cd
Johnie Degiueli- Songs in Dee
Diving for Pearls
Tesla - Into the Now
Butch Walker - Letters
Bon Jovi - Box set
Mike Reno -Renovation
Mickey Ratt (w/ George Lynch)
Pete Lesperance
Meat Loaf - Bat ouf of hell 3
Fluid Sol
Jean Beauvoir- Chameleon
White Lion

Hopefully the record companies will clean out the vaults & release complete career spanning music video dvds from Dokken, Ratt, Night Ranger, Stryper, Danger Danger, Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Rick Springfield, Skid Row, the Cars, Honeymoon Suite, KISS, Loverboy, Foreigner, White Lion, Survivor, Warrant, TNT, John Waite & Y&T......
(...hey if Lita Ford has one available, why don't these guys.....)

28/01/04: jake -
I hope a return from a few Band Like : Return, Atlantic, Metallica ( old style hardcore please ) ,

Please stop making my ears hurt predictions : Bon Jovi realise that they made a fault and making a next cover album of the covers already released and GO GO Go MEtal, or just please leave the scene and go earn some real crafted money!!

The darkness please go back into the hole you came from, a cover like the current albumbah, my daughter can draw an even better cover!!

I think TEN will come up with an album than will shock us all ( in a good way )
Dare's new album Will glow like a river when the sun shines on a summers day!!! HOPE HOPE
Toto will release an album of the likes TAMBU!!!

28/01/04: Jonny B -
Here's my list of best and worst predictions for 2004:

Shiva's new album has already been released. When it's said and done, the new sound will draw mixed feelings from fans. Although the new stuff has really grown on me.

Def Leppard will see the error of their ways and release a brilliant Pyromania/Hysteria-style album (similar to Euphoria).

Bon Jovi will go back to the studio to work on an album, and thank god it won't be like the one they released this year.

The best reissues will come from Wounded Bird Records. They will reissue the Fiona cds.

TNT will have the best comeback album of the year. The soundclip did not disappoint.

House of Lords will draw mixed feelings with their comeback album. In the end, James Christian will wish he had just refurbished some of his old demos.

After a long absence, Danny Danzi's second album will be a smash hit. I'm predicting it will be Andrew's first perfect score of the year.

No second album from Evanescence. They will either be on the tail end of their extensive tour, or they will be in the studio by the end of the year.

Avril Lavigne's new album will disappoint. When people expect her to use more guitars, she will become more pop-ish.

Van Halen will not release a new studio album. Enough of the rumors! Wake me up when something actually happens.

Boston will announce their new studio album, due out in 2010.

Jeff Scott Soto's last studio album had too many ballads. After his work with Talisman, I think his next solo album will have more rock tracks.

27/01/04: JJ - webdesign@punchlinepromotions,
2004 will be an exciting year for Kick and their fans, with the recent announcement of the release of their long awaited third record. Thanks to the success of The Darkness I'm sure that many of the public will be waiting for the next British act to make it big - hopefully Kick will be that band!

2004 is going to be great for Melodic Rock!!!

27/01/04: Jose -
My 2004 Predictions or better said "wishlist" are:

Someone finally will make that Jim Peterik get hooked with Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain and colaborate together for songwriting anthems for the next Journey Cd.

Dennis Deyoung gets back to Styx.

Survivor releases a DVD with their G.H. in video or concert and also a new studio Cd where they colaborate with Jim Peterik.

Foreigner releases a new studio Cd

Def Leppard releases Hysteria II

Whitesnake releases a DVD with its best Videos or G.H in concert (Electric format)

Some bright mind with great business sense compiles a series of DVDs with the best AOR, melodic rock & hard rock hits of all time that he could find or get his hands on. (Specially the hard to finds classics)

Celine Dion or someone of that stature sings a ballad penned by Gary Hughes, becomes a world wide hit and finally Gary gets the praise he deserves.

And last but not least: Journey, Toto, Styx, Dare, Hugo, Seventh Key, Europe, Rick Springfield, Harem Scarem, Von Groove, Greg Giuffria, Ten, HOL and hopefully many others will keep reminding us why in the 21st Century we still care,love, support and feel so proud about this great music style they stand for.

27/01/04: Jadir Oliveira - Brazil -
Hugo - Fire in the Night (Release it alread!!! But if you want to include even more great stuff, I can wait) - Journey Fan Brazil

24/01/04: Mika -
BON JOVI is gonna make my 2004 worth living!
All new releases from bands like THE SIGN, SEVENTH KEY, HOUSE OF LORDS, AXXIS, EUROPE, PINK CREAM 69, JADED HEART, FINAL FRONTIER, RICK SPRINGFIELD, AXEL RUDI PELL, JEAN BEAUVOIR, SHYLOCK, HUGO, DARE, VON GROOVE, DANGER DANGER, DEF LEPPARD, GREGG GIUFFRIA, HARDLINE and many more will rock the world to become a better place to live...........................

24/01/04: Vikki Love -
1) New Def Leppard album - it WILL be released 'til late summer :)
2) New Tesla album - that will rock the shit out of y'all!
3) If I find a label in Poland, I will maybe release my AOR/blues-rock/psychedelic stuff ;)
4) and the last..... errrr...... hmmmmm...... the great return of Sic Vikki and their 3rd album that's gonna be worldwide no #1 ? I dont thinks so ;)

24/01/04: walter80spirit66 - zoccoletto66@cheapnet.itohhh
ohhh this is my year:
seven wishes-code of honour
seventh key-raging fire
spin gallery-
edge of forever
last autumn dream
judas priest

24/01/04: Max -
Teslaaaaaaaaa!!! - Into the Now. (Can't wait as I have been waiting since I read about their reunion a couple of eyars ago and saw them rocking the place down in Boston on their reunion tour).

Danny Danzi - Danziland (Hands down, that is the best album cover ever.I am sure it will rock big time too, just like the debut did)

Hugo - Fire in the Night (Release it alread!!! But if you want to include even more great stuff, I can wait)

TNT - My Religion (Tony Harnell is amazing and LeTekkro rocks. The whole band is fantastic)

Heartland - .......? For Oussey and Morris it is impossible to release something that is not some of the best AOR/melodic rock this side of the universe; so this one is highly anticipated. Oussey's vocals are just killer.

Thunderstone - The Burning (their debut was better than some of the new material form Stratovarius)

Tantric - After we Go (acoustic rock well done)

Stranded - second album ............ (Hope this one is released at last cause their debut was the best Cd I have in my 1200+ CD, I am not gloating)

Seventh Key - The Raging Fire (Another strong release approaching)

Y&T - Unearthed Vol 1......Sorry, had to put it here as I hope it is released in the States. The samples I heard here on the site were amazing; even better than some of their past stuff)

Firehouse - Prime Time (Release it here in the States so it is easy to get; although I guess I could go to your official site)

Vanden Plas - .....? (Their last Cd was the best one of 2002, so I can't wait for the next one)

24/01/04: Justin Perry -
Sammy Hagar will record a couple of tunes with Van Halen and then be kicked out or will leave on his own while rumours will continue of a Roth reunion...then Gary Cherone will return only to get kicked out so Sammy can return until Dave is back in the band.

Fred Durst will continue to talk shit.

Lars from Metallica will still be an a#@hole,as the band will sue everyone on earth to make up for the money lost from their latest album.

Jaded Heart will continue to kick ass with a rockin album for fans of cruisin with the top down music.

After realizing how bad Bon Jovi has gotten,Heather Locklear will leave Sambora and go to where she belongs...with'm a big dreamer.

24/01/04: Jere -
My predictions of 2003:

A new Huey Lewis and the News album.

Richie Sambora starting work on and releasing a new solo album hopefully sometime in a year or so.

Cinderella releasing their highly anticipated new studio album.

A new Meniketti and Y&T album.

A new Joe Satriani album.

Slaughter starting work on a new studio album.

Firehouse doing a live DVD in a year or two (I am hoping this becomes a reality one of these years)

Bon Jovi start work on a new studio album that contains more rockers and less ballads. They need a serious wake up call after This Left Feels Right hopefully they learned their lesson.
Hopefully the box set will have some good stuff on it.

Journey unveil some new material at some of their 2004 shows (I can only hope)

Steve Perry doing something musically, solo album would be nice Steve.

Eddie Money releases a new studio album and DVD sometime this year, please! That would be nice Eddie.

The Outfield finally get a record contract and release their latest album Any Time Now... Please any time now guys.

Diamond Dave aka Hairplugs will continue to throw his career away. Where as Sammy Hagar will continue to rock.

A return of Damn Yankees - Its a long shot but they need to get together one of these years and put out a new studio album.

24/01/04: Mats -
TNT will make it "big" as a band out of this world.
Over the Edge will be a cracker as an album.
Europe will make a record that will be highly debatted.
Andrew will get his second child. ;-)))

24/01/04: Sam -
These are general predictions that involve more guitar rumors.

Peavey will dump the Cirrus line by the year's end, eliminating quality basses. They will continue the EVH line for a few more years, until people forget about EVH all together.

Gibson has claimed to be manufacturing the treasured Steinberger Trans Trem and claims that there will be Steinbergers available around May. My prediction? They will sell out by mid-June and not make any for another year or 2. Samo will buy one this time around and stop complaining on how I don't have one!

Kramer will still only make mediocre guitars and will never go full force.

Jackson guitars will continue to get more expensive year after year until nobody can afford to buy them and find other alternatives.

Ed Roman will continue to be a dork. He will have awesome stuff on his website, but it will still be too expensive. Since very few people actually trust him or buy stuff, the guitars he has had on the web since '96 will still be there by the end of the year.

GMW Guitars will continue to do awesome paintjobs and great work. Check them out at

Here are a few music predictions.
There will be decent tours with decent bands here and there. Vito Bratta has changed his name and has had plastic surgery. He works at a record store and runs away if anyone ever buys a White Lion CD.
Steve Perry will start a rumor about a reunion. He will use it to fuel a new album that he won't complete for a big tour that won't happen.
Axl will still be a prick. If he ever releases the album, there will be a tour that will have many dates cancelled. The few that aren't cancelled will be mediocre at best.

This website will still be the first thing I check in the morning. Thanks for good info. I actually purchased that House of Lords doubleneck. Thanks for posting, and to those who bid against me, may lightning strike you down! Just kidding. I promise not to bid on the next one, mainly because I'm broke.

24/01/04: Shawn -
1. The Heart project, if anything like thier summer tour will be the best thing they have done since they sunk into 80's pop rock. The new material they were playing was incredible.

2. The new Glen Burtnik project will be one of the best releases of the year . . . and also the hardest to find in record stores as Best Buy and thier ilk continue to bring in 200 copies of the latest American Idol record and only 1 or 2 copies of anything with an edge.

23/01/04: Marco Da Silva -
You forgot to mention the BIGGEST news that wil make 2004 a great year. RUSH touring the U.K. & Europe for the first time since 1991!

23/01/04: Steve Price -
Power Quest - NeverWorld
Jack Blades - S/t
Seventh Key - Raging Fire
Various - Stars N Bars (Nu Southern Compilation)