2004 - Your Best Predictions

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06/06/05: Ricardo (Portugal) -
This is It?
Rock is back and it┤s getting better than ever.
3 yeasr ago i had to go back almost 15 years to listen ostanding music.
Now things are different. 2004 was a fantastic year for rock fans and 2005 is looking to be even better.
Look out for music of Tony Harnell, Jorn Lande, Michael Bormann, Danny Vaughn, Journey boys. Thanks to them and many others, rock is now a full force again. So this year will be possible again to listen great musicians like Tom Keifer (Cinderella), Matijevic (steelheart-remember, Vain (does anyone have "No Respect" albun), and many others making new music.
I would like to thanks thoose bands who never gave up of doing good melodic rock. Joe lynn Turner, Harem Scarem, Jeff Sotto...etc.
Go on with the good work

09/02/05: Figge -
I predict this will be the year of JÍRN & TONY!!!

Masterplan's AERONAUTICS will top most 2005 lists, how can it be it possible? I'm expecting the LANDE/ALLEN release to be nothing less than spectacular too.

The we have Mr. Harnell. Starbreaker is a very interesting project to say the least. I've listened to the soundbyte many times and if the description is correct this album should be a monster...but who knows (Andrew of course)? :-)
TNT is supposed to release another album before the end of the year and I hope we can expect more of that same classic supermelodic hard rock we got with "My Religion". Expecting a masterpiece again from these fabulous guys.

I certainly hope Billy Idol lives up to his reputation (when he's working with wizard Steve Stevens that is) and to the single SCREAM and delivers an album in the same class/vein. Great single and a real teaser for what's to come. Top album expected.

As always it'll be interesting to follow the gentleman Jeff Scott Soto's work this year too....expect at least one or two new albums from this workaholic. :-)

A few other albums I'm looking forward to hear is Kelly Keeling (a supersong, I Believe, on the promo), Liesegang/White, RA...could, or should ,be an interesting year. Looking forward to following it right here on the BEST site in the world. :-)

"Figge" Andersson