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23/06/06: Steve Stickler -
Prediction: Steve Perry will finally sit down with Andrew, not enjoy the first question and pummel him into oblivion!

21/05/06: Joey -
some of what I'm really looking foward to in 2006 > new studio discs from Ten, Paul Stanley, and the final installment of the Genius triolgy from Daniele Liverani :)

10/02/06: Freddy De Keyzer -
Dear friends : I made an error yesterday by writing that Billy GREER will release a solo album in 2006 !I hope he will of course but in fact it will be mr. SLAMER (STREETS, STEELHOUSE LANE) who will release a solo album !
Don't have to say I'm looking forward to it ! Could be album of the year !
And I also should give some attention to OUTLAND (new CD more than welcome !), VERTIGO, STAN BUSH, DOUBLE CROSS, SHADOWMAN etc. from which a new CD is also more than welcome !

10/02/06: Freddy De Keyzer -
Final words :
can't stop before having said something about JIM PETERIK ! Of course the man will come up with a great new studio album. And let's hope his Pride Of Lions project will be back soon too !
And don't forget, dear rockers, that both BILLY GREER and TERRY BROCK are working on a new CD !
Knowing the sheer class of both, we could be in for something very special, methinks !
I also should mention MSG, which also looks very promising !
And if JOHN WAITE could finally come up with some new work, all would be great ! And why not mr. LOU GRAMM ! Hope his health is stable now !
Rock on !

09/02/06: Freddy De Keyzer -
Some more thoughts on 2006 !
2006 started very promising with the fantastic AMBITION release ! Pure AOR heaven !
Also Bob Catley, Tony O'Hora, Akira Kayiyama with JL Turner and Proto-Kaw + Face Face are very good !
And I shouldn't have forgotten to mention the mighty MECCA ! Their debut is still one of my fave records of the last years !
So, please, give us that second CD in 2006, Joe !
It's also time that Zion will be released ! C'mon !
And why I forgot mr. Mark Mangold is also a mystery ! Hope the AOR genius will return with DRIVE SHE SAID or another project !
Same for the guys from HARLAN CAGE/101 SOUTH !
Also genius and I hope they return to the AOR scene ! We miss 'em !
Another band from whichI want to see a new CD is DAKOTA ! Lordi, is that another very underrated act !
And where are acts like ALLIANCE, AGENT, MESSAGE, FIRST SHOT etc. (all Escape acts !) ?
And will we ever see the return of the mighty RED DAWN ! David, you owe us a new record, mate !
And ARTICA, also sadly missed !
Well, as you see, to many to mention, but we need 'em !
As for the labels : I forgot to mention 'Atenzia' ! Archhhh . . . it's not difficult to see why ! Cause that label is doomed to disappear with their acoustic/nu-breed crap releases and that after they promised us to release CLASSIC AOR !
The sooner that label disappears, the better !
What a bad label that is !
Rock on !

09/02/06: Daymond Cain -
1. Jorn's solo album will be in Andrew's top ten of 2006.
2. Paul Stanley's solo album will tank and be renamed "We Milk this City for Rock and Roll" and feature the bonus track "Didn't I Retire?)
3. Def Leppard will not release "Yeah," cuz we all know it's a bad idea. They will then decide to release the songs as B-sides instead or as a latter editon 2 disc limited edition set along side their new studio album in late 2007. Joe will remain po'd at Andrew cuz he tells us all first.
4. Axl will release Chinese Democracy in December just in time for a G'n'R Christmas. It will be leaked onto the internet 2 months before release. Axl will get in a fight and the tour will be scrapped. The record will sell only a million copies, (because we are all curious what he a has been up to.
5. Queensryche's Mindcrime II will be there best album since "Empire", but it will pale in comparison to the original.

09/02/06: Survivor Fan \'06 -

The highly anticipated Survivor album scheduled to be released for April is going to be a top charter. I have had the opp to hear some of the songs on the album and I must say it's going to be fantastic especially with "Fire Makes Steel" said to be in the new Rocky Balboa movie scheduled for later this year.

The song Give Me The Word litterally blew my mind away and reminded me of "Caught in The Game" (yes it is kinda slow an kinda upbeat)

The strong vocals from JJ on the Seconds Away demo from Dave Bickler was even better than the strong ballads such as "across the miles" and "I cant hold back".

The FMS song is fantasticly done which put all my worries to rest about JJ's vocals not being as strong as Bickler's. This song is sure to make it to the '06 top 10 list. The strong rock presence in the song is enough to rock the guys all night long and melodic enough to make the ladies beg for more.

One More Chance is a very harmonized balled going along the lines of "Tell Me i'm The one"..

The song Rythem of Your Heart is the only true ballad that i have heard on the album.

The tracks recorded include,

Fire Makes Steel,
Seconds Away,
One More Chance,
Gimmie The Word,
The Rhythm Of Your Heart,
I Don't,
Half Of My Heart,
Talkin' Bout Love,
Don't Give Up,

Mastering was handled by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab (he mastered all classic Survivor records) and the release date has been already scheduled for April 21.

I like that name "Reach" for the album, and it is interesting to see 3 songs off of the old FMS album.

My 2006 Preview....9.6 out of 10 Get Ready to hear Survivor back on the radio!

Rock on!

~SV Fan '06

08/02/06: Freddy De Keyzer -
My predictions for 2006 ? !
Very difficult !
But I expect a lot from the DENANDER/FREDERIKSEN project ! Frederiksen is one of the best singers on the planet and Denander is now kind of an AOR genius !
So, how can this go wrong ? !
Another CD I'm looking forward to is the new SUEVIVOR ! Well, I expect nothing less than an AOR monster !
And MONTROSE! Can't wait to hear what he has to offer !
NORWAY is another AOR act from who I expect a classic and bloody great AOR record !
And what about the reformed SHOOTING STAR ? ! Now with Kevin Chalfant ! Well, I'm curious to say the least !
And from the mighty PRESTO BALLET I expect nothing less than a new CLASSIC after their debut last year ! What a fantastic new band that is !
FINAL FRONTIER should get a 'revenge' ! Their previous record was not as strong as I expected, but they can surprise me now once more !
And what about HOUSE OF LORDS ? Finally back to their roots ! ?Let's hope !
Same can be said from one of my all time faves 'STYX' ! They should finally release a CD that can compete with the stuff they did in the late seventies and early eighties ! C'mon, guys !
And my all time number one band, LEGS DIAMOND should come with a better release than that from 2005 ! Not that is was bad, but they also should go back to the 'Stage Fright' days, with epic and bombastic songs, far away from the AC/DC boogie rock !
And boy, when will FOREIGNER finally release another CD ! It's time, mr. Jones ! Even without the mighty voice of Lou, they can come up with something great, I think !
Hope that NIGHT RANGER won't disappoint me !
Other wishes : new stuff from BLUE OYSTER CULT, RUSH, KANSAS and a reformation from Y&T ! These guys are still popular, so a new CD would be welcomed with open arms !
I don't expect a lot from the new Toto. I've heard some samples, and while far from bad, they couldn't convince me ! But wait and see !
And Reo Speedwagon ? Glad they are still in business, but is their still power in that band ? !
Another big wish : hope that a lot of NEW AOR and POMP bands will see the light of day, but I think this will be wishfull thinking !
Anyway, up to the labels now !
Think FRONTIERS will be lead the melodic scene, like they did in 2005 !
Hope that ESCAPE will do better than the last years. I like that label a lot, but they should release more NEW US and CANADIAN AOR and pomp ! But their rereleases are still top notch ! What can we expect in 2006 ?
AOR HEAVEN did fine in 2005 with the mighty Legs on top of their releases, but it's a crying shame that our dear Georg will release more and more metal and nu-breed, and less AOR ! Oh boy !
I will repeat it here again : modern, nu-breed stuff WILL NEVER MAKE IT ! NEVER ! True AOR and melodic fans don't want that rubbish !
MTM ? Well, hope they can recover and I see light at the end of the dark tunnel ! Fingers crossed !
ROCK CANDY ? They did a great job last year, but the future looks a lot less promising !!!
Why on earth release stuff that's already available on CD (sometimes for years !) and why not rerelease the real, CLASSIC GEMS ? Still a big mystery to me !
The other labels ? Well, not much to say about them, I'm afraid ! Z is crap and seems to be vanished, same for Now And Then and Majestic probably will surprise us with some releases, but the most of their releases will be metal and too extreme to please most of us ! Same can be said from Lion and some other labels !
On the rerelease front I hope some of the following stuff will finally be released on CD !
ROADMASTER : Sweet Music
CREED : Creed (the band from 1978)
The second 1994 ! And of course also Limousine, Harlequin, Dixon House Band, Vendetta, Trigger, Fairchild, Page One, Mariner, Secrets, Lion (no, not that Lion !), Westwind, Twenty Twenty, Fountainhead, Link, Thrills, Shadow Page Band, Jaugernaut, Highwind and hundreds and hundreds more !
Still a lot to do there !
And no, Queensryche will not make a big return, but you never know !
To all fans on this site, whatever your taste may be, I hope that 2006 for each one of you will be a year to remember !
Rock On !!!

07/02/06: Marc Vanway -
Probably I will be the only one beting on this, but my first prediction of the year is that Chinese Democracy will be finally released in 2006.

The nu-breed record of the year will be for QUIET DRIVE, which, by the way, will sell more than a milion copies and will make them be on the major league.

The Majors will continue ignoring what people wants and won't bet for long time careers (well, this is not dificult to guess:))

The independent companies will continue to bet for megastar projects, but the lack of sales will make that in 2007 there won't bet for this anymore.

Europe will come with an incredible album which will top most of the best of lists.

Solo record by Butch will be boring, but the rock record will be incredible.

Bad Way will record their second album with a producer whoms records has sold more than 2 million in total but they won't release it until 2007 (jajajaja, that it's too easy for me to guess:))

No record shop online of our style will sell mp3s, which it's one of the biggest mistakes of our genre.

Nexx will deliver an excelent album with a couple of big surprises on it that will make everyone flip...

Motley Crue will release an excelent album but will fail to sell.

And finally, Kee Marcello will release a new solo album which will be ok, but nothing incredible...

07/02/06: Jonny B -
I don't have too many predictions for 2006. But I know there are quite a few I have in mind:

It'll be close-to-impossible for Evanescence to top their 12 Million sales effort of their debut, especially with the steady decline in music sales as of late. But I do know it will still be a better seller than any of the mainstream/nu-breed albums since then (so that can be a number anywhere between 3 and 12 mil.)

Robin Beck will continue to get plenty of attention, while as the more superior Broke N Blue will continue to go unknown to the AOR masses.

Speaking of great Swedish female rockers, Shiva's due for a new album, aren't they?

The new House of Lords will truly be a House of Lords album, with the two main songwriters of the 80's/90's HoL releases back at the helm.

Within Temptation's new album will be delayed, and probably won't see a release until early 2007.

Danger Danger will not release a new studio album, but Ted Poley will release two of his own.

Westworld won't release a new album, because Tony Harnell will be too busy working on new Starbreaker and TNT albums.

Keeping on pace with their record-setting quantity of filler, Lana Lane will release, yet, another average album.

The major labels will continue to not have a clue and blame their lack of sales on illegal downloading.

Nexx's new album will impress, but will not break Andrew's female rock review high of 94%.

However, Lunatica's next album "The Edge of Infinity," will.

MTM will continue to lead the charge on female rock reissues.

That's all for now. I'll add more ludicrous predictions when they come to me.

07/02/06: Henrik C. Lund -
Thank for the best news-rock-page there is.. This is my prdictions:
SAGA (donīt you know them? You will love them!) will follow Toto and move up to previous higest level and deliver a genius album like Worlds Apart. I know they have it in them, as I saw the old glowing creativity live in December.
CHAIN will do jet another and even more brilliant record (they havnīt seen the top jet - wow!).
TOTO will be no.1!
CHICAGO will be no.3 after SAGA and Paul Stanley ill be no. 4.
At last: The devine nodes and lyrics will once again start to floate from the hands of RICHARD PAGE as he will start writing again.