AC/DC Black Ice Columbia
· Produced By: Brendan O'Brien

· Running Time: 55.37

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: World

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

· Links: AC/DC
Songs: 80%
Sound: 90%
I'm a bit late for this review, so most opinions have been formed already. It will be interesting to read the interactive reviews once this gets posted online.
AC/DC are an institution and remain one of the most revered bands in rock n roll history. They are one band that has stayed true to themselves over the years without ever following any number of trends that have formed around them.
Their ever reliable sound has earned them respect and their critics, but there is something comforting about getting a new album and just knowing how it is going to sound before you even put it on.
And no matter what the quality of the overall material, there is something joyful about hearing that guitar riff once again.
Few bands in all history can stack their catalogue against AC/DC, so all that remains is to analyze the contents of their latest opus, some 8 years after the last studio album.
And no surprise…it's more of the same familiar riffing, gruff vocals and that simple rock n roll formula which has served the band well over 30 years.
Will this album compete with Back In Black, High Voltage, TNT or Fly On The Wall? No…of course not, but it still sounds great and 15 new 3-minute bar room rockers are always welcome.
There's no Thunderstruck on here either, but there are some groovers. Not sure Runaway Train was the most inspired opening track or single and AC/DC unfortunately still suffers from the plods, with 3 or 4 too many tempo killers on this record. It should be no surprise then, that my personal favourites are the songs that kick it into high gear like Anything Goes, War Machine, Wheels, Stormy May Day and Rocking All The Way.
The Bottom Line
Another AC/DC record and another decent hard rock record. No ground broken, but nor was it expected to be. Probably not worth the 8 year wait based on the overall strength of the material, but AC/DC remain a timeless band. Lastly, I would rather have seen the band use an Australian producer to try and harness that old school raw energy a little more…Brendan O'Brien is a fine producer, but very slick at all times.
Discography / Previously Reviewed

Line Up:
· Brian Johnson: Vocals
· Angus Young, Malcolm Young: Guitars
· Phil Rudd: Drums
· Cliff Williams: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Acca Dacca
Track Listing
· Rock 'N Roll Train
· Skies On Fire
· Big Jack
· Anything Goes *
· War Machine *
· Smash 'N Grab
· Spoilin' For a Fight
· Wheels *
· Decibel
· Stormy May Day *
· She Likes Rock N' Roll
· Money Made
· Rock N' Roll Dream
· Rocking All the Way *
· Black Ice

--*Best Tracks

23/02/10: Brad -
Rating: 87
I've given up wishing that this band would "break new ground" at this late stage in their careers. Take this album for what it is--another vintage, hard blues rock, AC/DC album. How can you listen to a song like "Big Jack" and think these guys don't rock anymore? Just don't expect to hear any modern rock, tuned down guitar riffs, because you're not going to hear any. As at least one other reviewer said, the hooks are still good. Give it a few spins and you'll no doubt be singing along.

18/12/09: Dr. David Abend -
Rating: 50

What the hell happened to this group. They were one of my favorite bands-I have every album/CD they've put ou, saw them on the last tour and twice on this latest one.

After the single, " Runaway Train", this CD dies. I really tried listening to it over and over, thinking it would improve, but it didn't. The tour live was also disspointing-Brian's voice is drowned out by the loud sounds- saw them outside and inside great venues-Giant's Stadium and MSG in NYC-sucked. Couldn't even hear his voice-you had to know the words.

I know they're iconic, but it's over.

This is the second CD with a great single ( the last one was 'Stiff Upper Lip' ), then it dies.

I'm swiching to Gotthard, Shakra, Winger, The Poodles, and House Of Lords, to name just a few, from now on.

This CD blows.

Sorry, guys-too commercial and soft for me. Very poor and not woth the $.

04/05/09: René Mikkelsen -
Rating: 90
Solid album. GREAT production, but too many fillers. They should do 10 songs per album like in the good old days... :-)

Rating: 69
Disappointing new album from AC/DC, I really liked the way this CD was recorded but for many there was far to many fillers and not enough up tempo quailty songs. Par it by.

25/02/09: George Jerkner -
Rating: 90
I think the 8 years off did Brian's voice some good. He sounds better than he did on the last few releases. This really is a good album. As others have indicated, take out a couple fillers (maybe "Rock n Roll Dream" and "Money Made") and this is a 95. The album does lose a bit of steam after, say, song 10 or so. Overall, a worthy effort; imho, their best since Back in Black.

07/02/09: Mark -
Rating: 90
Best AC/DC album for years and a great listen. No surprises but then there nver are on an AC/DC album. Some classic tracks that should be even more awesome when played live: "War Machine", "Big Jack", "Rockin' All The Way" & "Rock N Roll Dream". No awards for breaking new ground but why should they when they are the masters of wht they do? CLASSIC ROCK.

27/12/08: Todd -
Rating: 90
I am not that big of an AC/DC fan. I appreciate their simplicity, their commitment to straight on rock, and their place in the icon world or rock. But thank the world for this album. In a mixed up, mashed up, screwed up world of music where we hear so much garbage and things trying to be something earth shattering…we get this album. A group of guys proven to be able to write catchy hooks and deliver simple rock. We don’t always need the whistles and bells. This album came along and stands apart from the crowd by just being a rock record. And honestly…contrary to what other people say…I think some of the hooks are really good classic Angus gems.

27/12/08: Harv -
Rating: 69
According to the chart, I couldn't give it a 70 because it would be considered good. In my opinion, it is average. I love AC/DC. Granted their CDs all sound pretty much the same, but there is always some UMPH to them that makes you say "FUCK YEAH!" This CD just never does that. It's not horrible. I played it many times in my car at extreme volumes to try to get a feel for it, but it just never gets "there." Where is there? It's the place that AC/DC has made themselves legends. After eight years, you would expect something groundbreaking or just plain amazing. Unfortunately for me, it was just plain average.

23/12/08: Raffaele -
Rating: 80
I think this records is a classic Ac / Dc album. That is good to play load in own car stereo.
The surprise of this record is a real good performance from Brian Johnson.

21/12/08: Juan Carlos -
Rating: 0
"Stiff Upper Lip" was very boring but this one is by far Much better. "Black Ice" is a triumph return to the Real AC/DC. Drum´s sound is incredible and johnson´s voice is great again. A MUST HAVE. 90/100

21/12/08: Scott -
Rating: 82
I like the fact that when I buy an AC-DC disc, I know I'm gonna get a solid hard rock CD. Is this a classic I think they could have tweaked the song selections and got rid of some of the filler tracks, but hey, who knows how long it will be or if we will ever get another new disc from these guys. The songs rock like only AC-DC can do. Sit back and enjoy these new tunes.

21/12/08: Wardy -
Rating: 75
Too long too many filler but overall a good release. Certainly better than a lot of artists trying to duplicate the ACDC sound getting around these days, and certainly the bands best effort for quite some years. Some cracking songs just aren't consistent enough for my liking but hell, it's cool to be driving around to these guys blasting from the speakers again. Takes me back ;)

21/12/08: andrew hartley -
Rating: 55
just another ac/dc they sound bored no fire in belly johnston still never take the place of bon there last great album was back in black 28 years ago then they ROCKED BIG TIME sorry time to say goodbye

20/12/08: Scott Watson -
Rating: 90
It's AC friggin' DC. My only complaint is, it should only be 10 songs long. If you like AC/DC go get your copy, you won't be disappointed.

20/12/08: Scott Watson -
Rating: 90
It's AC friggin' DC. My only complaint is, it should only be 10 songs long. If you like AC/DC go get your copy, you won't be disappointed.

20/12/08: LEO -
Rating: 82
I like AC/DC ,don't get me wrong. But this is yet another out of dozens of the same sounding lyrics and riffs.Good effort ,but not worth the wait.Great addition to any die hard AC/DC fans music and good to see them still rockin'.But it's all been done guys. I guess when you find a formula that works stick with it.Not something I would rush out and buy, but happy it was made.

20/12/08: Mitch Duncan -
Rating: 95
I am thrilled with the new CD. With the exception of the title track, every song is strong and the riffs are catchy as always. Brian's voice sounds as good as he has ever sounded. My only real complaint is that the Young brothers should let Brian Johnson help out with the lyrics. Many of their lyrics make NO sense; just phrase after phrase that rhymes but doesn't complete a thought. Other than that, WAY TO GO! Their new concert was GREAT! Best of the three times I've seen them!

20/12/08: Panagiotis -
Rating: 0
They will alwayz ROCK!!! Nothing more to say.

20/12/08: Daredevil -
Rating: 65
Yes, this is definetely the best AC/DC album since the 80s. But that doesn't say much...

The album starts off well with Rock'n Roll Train. But after that there's not much to grab one's attention. No hooks, no memorable chorusses. The album whizzes by and I cannot rmember a single song, apart from RnRT. They certainly need Mutt Lange back, more so than Def Leppard...

20/12/08: Derek Mehlhaff -
Rating: 100
This is by far the best new cd I've bought in a long time. It sounds exactly like ACDC should sound like, and IT ROCKS! I never get tired of this cd and I hope they never change their formula!

20/12/08: PW -
Rating: 85
Very much agree with Andrew on this one, would have preferred a more raw approach, but Black Ice still manages to produce the best set of tunes from the AC/DC camp in ages. Certainly much better that Stiff Upper Lip. The only negative point is that the cymbals are way too prominant in the mix for my liking and become tiresome after a while. Back them off a bit and the sound would be great. Well done AC/DC (and well done for announcing a gig north of the border to please the Scottish fans).

20/12/08: Chris Glenn -
Rating: 100
Easily the best CD of the year as far as I'm concerned, and the best record that AC/DC has released since the 80s. As a matter of fact, I would place this CD in my top 5 favorite AC/DC releases of all time. I love it from start to finish. The best part about the CD is that they DIDN'T try to break new ground, but simply relied on their tried and true formula, and did so about a perfectly as I could have ever hoped for. I just can't get enough of this record!

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