Adriangale Crunch Kivel Records
· Produced By: Vic Rivera + Alex Salz.

· Running Time: 45.32

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: US

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Kivel Records
Songs: 98%
Sound: 95%
The biggest surprise of 2004 is not the fact that Adriangale have been resurrected and recorded an album in secret, but the fact that this totally blows both previous albums right out of the water and then some.
In fact, this is not only the band's best ever release, but the best ever release from Kivel Records as a whole and is a definite contender for album of the year.
Previously content to walk in the shadow of Harem Scarem, Adriangale's main man Vic Rivera has really pulled one out of the bag. This release is light years ahead of Feel The Fire and Re:Programed for maturity of songwriting, quality of production and the performances delivered. This is a better record in every single department.
And credit must also go to powerful new guitarist Scott Millar, replacing Eddie Campbell, who abandoned the band for a solo career on another label and hasn't been heard from since.
For perhaps the first time, Adriangale have their own style. In no way have the guys abandoned their trademark sound, but they have built on that and have added a new twist that will define them as a band.
Crunch is a more technical record – it's a more intricate record and it's definitely a more complete record.
This isn't as straight forward as previous efforts and features a darker and moodier vibe, not to mention a tougher, in your face guitar sound. Add to that a powerhouse production and added layers of everything else and you get an album that really will see the band hailed alongside the likes of better know artists.
The attitude and sound are now closer to Danger Danger (4 The Hard Way) and Van Hagar than Harem Scarem and it suits the guys 100%.
I've always felt Adriangale were a great band, but something was missing – especially production wise. The songs were not supported by the sound quality they needed. That too has been corrected here – big time. Even better songs are now fully supported with a full beefy sound that rivals major releases for quality.
Track By Track:
Breaking Stride is a short, but rocking instrumental intro that fades before Crunch! kicks in. Jamie Rowe is in full force, singing with more passion and a more aggressive edge than ever before. This rocking track that isn't a world away from the track Feel The Fire is supported by a hard edged AC/DC style riff. The chorus takes a while to appear, but when it does it's a cracker! The additional layers of vocal harmonies and production quality are noted!
Faith is one of those uptempo melodic rock tracks that fans love – a big crunchy chorus and a verse that is totally driven by a great vocal hook. The song is supported by some fine guitar work, but its Jamie's vocal work that adds extra melody to this straight up rocker.
Without A Moment's Notice is a first rate, emotional rock ballad. The track oozes class and features a big Def Leppard style sound, along with some highly emotional vocals. Harmony vocals are expertly placed again and come time for the killer chorus, the track is blasted into the stratosphere.
Tougher Than It Looks and When In Rome both take us back to the basics – straight ahead rockers with striking guitar riffs and a tough lead vocal in both cases.
"Tougher" features a strong chorus with some tasteful guitar soloing, while "Rome" features a swaggering groove and a more laid back vibe.
At this point I wanted to hear something different and the band delivers big time. This remains one of my favourite tracks from the album and showcases the band's new found maturity in songwriting and delivery.
Long Gone is a dark and moody track, with an intense feel more in line with the last offerings from Van Halen. But the chorus strikes out against the rest of the song, transforming the angst ridden song into an anthemic sing along.
The Thin Line continues the darker and tougher vibe of the last track, with an even heavier guitar and rhythm line. Jamie sings within himself initially before breaking out and providing additional melody to the song, just with his vocals. The chorus is simple, but effective in the context of the track itself.
Question continues the dark and heavy vibe set by the last few tracks. The band remain true to themselves though, this is classic Adriangale - just a little more intense.
The verse builds throughout, it's almost like you can hear something coming. And like the title track we get two versus before chorus time, so when it does arrive it has even more impact. And man, does this song rock. I love this chorus – it remains mid-tempo, but Jamie reaches out there and is supported by layers of harmony vocals and some great guitar riffs. Killer stuff by any definition of the term. And this again reminds me of later day Van Halen and recent Danger Danger.
Freedom is a 3 minute instrumental interlude in the best tradition of what Pete Lesperance does for Harem Scarem. Very melodic, very pleasant and in the scheme of the album, is well placed.
It ends in the same tone as This Time starts. Softly does it, before guitars and the band kick in. This breezy feel good pop rocker is the perfect reply to several darker tracks and is another example of why this album works so well – it's fabulously put together and really does have a smooth-ass running order. A great chorus and some more well placed harmonies make the track another winner.
Finishing the album in fine style is the uptempo rock ballad Last Call. This is a rich, mid-tempo'd multi-layered track that again oozes class and features a moody and passionate vocal from Jamie and several layers of guitars.
The Bottom Line
What can I add to summarize? This really is the kind of release many fans live for and I hope it receives enough attention to get it into the hands of those that will appreciate it.
This is a classic melodic hard rock record in the best and most melodic tradition of the genre we all love. This is the type of record bands strive to record and labels search to release. I can't imagine anyone not being impressed with the record and I know that anyone that has previously bought anything Adriangale or Jamie Rowe is just going to be blown away.
A major release by any standards and one that helps prove there is life in this genre and this style of music.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Feel The Fire
· Under The Hood
· Re:Programed
· Crunch

Line Up
· Jamie Rowe: Vocals
· Vic Rivera, Scott 'Riff' Millar: Guitars and Backing Vocals
· Vic Rivera: Drums
· Scott Novello: Bass and Backing Vocals
Additional help:
· Alex Salz: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
· Adriangale, Jamie Rowe
· Danger Danger - Four The Hard Way
· Van Halen - Balance
Track Listing
· Breaking Stride
· Crunch*
· Faith*
· Without A Moment's Notice*
· Tougher Than It Looks
· When In Rome
· Long Gone*
· The Thin Line
· Question*
· Freedom
· This Time
· Last Call*
--*Best Tracks

25/09/05: Restless One -
Rating: 99
This is one kickass rock cd. Thanks to andrews glowing review,and being a big fan of Danger Danger(Paul Laine)era,i thought i'll buy a copy of 'Crunch' having never even heard of Adriangale.This cd has a top production rarely heard on a lot of melodic rock discs of today,just like the BIG 80's albums. 'Without a Moment's notice' and 'Last Call' are the standout tracks for me along with the rockin' ' Faith'.If you love D2 'Four the Hard Way' you'll love this!! Essential buy.

25/08/05: Shredmeister -
Rating: 97
Great songs and a great approach to them. Why can't more bands get their act together like this? This is what fans of this music want to hear; enjoyable R&R, period.

03/08/05: Don Manzo -
Rating: 98
This is one GREAT disc. Start to finish, another disc that gets better with every play. Jamie's vocals are tremendous on this and the material is top notch and extremely well produced. It would really be a shame to lose this band after such a wonderful release. Do yourself a favor and just go buy it!!

18/02/05: Kenneth M -
Rating: 100
This is without doubt the album of the year! (honourable mention must go to Pink Cream 69 - Thunderdome, Jeff Scott Soto - Lost In The Translation, Seventh Key - The Raging Fire and Soul SirkUS - World Play).
It will truly be the saddest of days should this be the last disc put out by this amazing Rock & Roll unit...
Everything on this disc kicks @$$... I truly thought albums of this calibre were only to be had in my deepest rock n' roll dreams...but here it is (sometimes dreams do come true!). Each and every song is a stand out track but my personnal faves are:
Faith, Crunch, This Time, Tougher Than It Looks and Without A Moments Notice. Your best option is to get your hot little hands on this masterpiece, slide it into your system and sit back with the volume cranked, and allow it to absolutely slay your Rock N' Roll Soul!! Don't be'll love this ride!!!
Jamie, Vic, Scott & Scott... PLEASE DON'T ALLOW THIS DREAM TO END...we NEED, we CRAVE, MORE and MORE and MORE of this LEGENDARY type of Rock n' Roll!!! Kudos!

15/01/05: jackson young -
Rating: 100
this is simply one of the best albums I've ever owned, I highly recommend it

01/11/04: Bob -
Rating: 98
One of those rare albums that you like right away and just get better every time you hear it.Buy it you won't be dissapointed.

28/09/04: Jonny B -
Rating: 98
Why did I pass on this album previously? I've bought a lot of 2004 albums, and so far, this is the best one so far. I can't really add anything that hasn't been mentioned before without copying somebody else. Now I feel inclined to check out the other Adriangale stuff.

21/09/04: Erik -
Rating: 90
Awesome album. Much better the the first two releases. They were no bad either but the songs had no depth. On this album you just cant get enuf of what you hear. GOOD, HARD, MELODIC CATCHY ROCK. Adriangale really hit the nail with this one. A true standard for the melodic hard rock genre. Top soings: Faith, Crunch, This time, Long gone, Last call and Touger then it looks.

27/07/04: Terry -
Rating: 95
What a great album! I've been a fan of Jamie's since his Guardian days. One of the best melodic rock albums in a very long time. Fans of "80's" hard rock will eat this up. Great vocals, great guitar, great songs, great production. Buy it now. You won't be disappointed.

22/07/04: CUTTER -
Rating: 80
The best thing about this album is the lead vocals and background vocals. Excellent production and mix. I don't think some of the songs are as memorable as the songs off RE: PROGRAM, these songs are a little more melodic and pop orientated sounding i think which is'nt a bad thing. Like someone mentioned earlier these guys should write for Def Leppard because they are making the kinda music def leppards fans whish "they" were making nowadays.

14/07/04: chewy -
Rating: 90
This is my first post, so it is a bit long and sloppy.....
An excellent album that I can listen to in the car along with PC69 - Thunderdome(a monster of an album, It is always in rotation with me when I drive - has been for months!!!). Great vocals, killer guitar work and good songs! Too bad it looks like this will be their last album(is it?). J. Rowe is right, Vic should be writing for Def Leppard(they need the help), especially if this is the last Adriangale album......I hope that this is not the case.It's nice to here this type of music again and I am glad that I was directed to this site and have been steered to some excellent stuff. Now to get to the new TNT and UFO......

07/07/04: Roy -
Rating: 90
This CD is the first I had heard of this band. I really dig the sound of this band. Great guitar work....raw, I like it! But most importantly, I really like the lead singer's voice. If this came out in 1988, it would have gone platinum. Great CD.
My favorite tracks are:
Crunch, Long gone and Without a moment's notice.
Not as good but decent are : Faith, This time and Last call. The rest of the CD is not anything I've heard before.

In short, not as good as 98 but deserves a 90. More than half of the CD is very solid and something you can pop in the player plenty of times.

29/06/04: peanutbutter -
Rating: 98
I just received this cd today. It really was better than I had expected. If you like old firehouse or recent dangerdanger you will love this cd. The singer does a great job. After I first listened to it I felt like I was in 1989 all over again. It is really a feel good cd, unlike all the crap on mtv and fuse. These guys really rock. The guitar playing is top notch. Thanks for a great cd AG.

22/06/04: thelostdj -
Rating: 7
Average at best. Better try before you buy....imho.

22/06/04: Jim Evans -
Rating: 90
I thought the cd was very good. Finaly some strong production and a little heavy edge in the mix with some punch to the guitar, bass and drums and not much keyboard!!!

This is a soild melodic rock cd and fans of Guardian material will dig hearing Jaime's vocals.

20/06/04: Keith -
Rating: 0
What can you add to all the below positive and glowing comments? This is one of the best albums i have heard in ages. Thank You to Kivel Records, Vic, Scott, Jamie and Scott. A album that was sorley needed in todays day and age of music and problems in the world. THANK YOU. I find it upsetting that there are people on this board and other baords that seem to want to tear this album, band or label down. Why not accept a good album for what it is...a GOOD FUN album. If you dont think it is great, that is more then fine. However to say its awful or overrated or poor production is not a accurate statement and oly says somehting about your personal feelings of the band and not what you really think. I see somewhat like the way the unpopular kid was always saying bad things about the prom queen. IN the end,they were simply jealous. GREAT ALBUM, and As always Andrew makes a accurate dead on review that points it out as such. Cheers to Adriangale, kivel and for regonizing great music. Thanks guys.

17/06/04: Harry -
Rating: 95
Not much I can say that hasn't already been said. I'll make it simple...add this to your collection and enjoy it for years! Great CD! Best one from the band yet.

26/05/04: Sony-Ericsson -
Rating: 100
Why are you people lying about the songs effective style or are you all drunk??

Before my review i wanna point 2 small things i don't like even though i give it 100% and i am totally sure this score is what this album deserve, not overrated....

FIRST BAD THING = the final 20 seconds in LAST CALL are a dead copy of the solo from JOURNEY - SIGNS OF LIFE solo from NEAL SCHON...just listen to not really bad , and probably not intentionally copied , but evidently the guitarist listens to NEAL SCHON & JOURNEY and loves this leak ;)

SECOND BAD THING = what's wrong with the singer sniffing all the time before each sentence ????
his voice is the best i've heard and compares to HARRY HESS , etc.....but he SNIFF ALL THE TIME?????? listen carefully to it in the songs.


if anyone want to know the truth about this album and songs MUST READ THIS!!!

1 - Breaking Strides - A cool intro to what is an excellent CD

2 - Crunch - This one is a very cool song that reminds me from
the album FEEL THE FIRE and the kind of singers like DAVID LEE ROTH, it a MELODIC-ROCK&ROLL song, with a very cool chorus you will love...the song is very similar to EASY COME EASY GO in the beginning of the song from their 1st album...but awesome.

3 - FAITH - A great song , the style is Hard-Rock until the chorus , when the chorus arrives it's AOR time , very DANGER DANGER but at Adriangale style..xllent chorus.

4 - WITHOUT A MOMENT NOTICE - This is a song the song that will let you feel what big hits from HYSTERIA - DEF LEPPARD songs were, and a favorite of mine from the album , the music style is what i like to call AOR-SLOW-ROCK...take notice of the last minute in the song....a 10000000 harmonies vocals melt together and it's a beauty to behold will adore this.

5 - TOUGHER THAN IT LOOKS - this song is tough yes like the name ,but not as you are thinking, it's indeed a very VAN HALEN kind song , again very good, HARD-ROCK song style.

6 - WHEN IN ROME - an exllent track that i don't get why people criticize it , this is a MELODIC ROCK song with a bit of AOR thrown in the mix in the Pre-Chorus....again awesome.

7 - LONG GONE - This is my 2nd favorite of the album it's a gobsmacking track, this song is AOR and not so MELODIC-ROCK or HARD-ROCK as someone is saying in here , this one is soooo good because sounds like NEWMAN last album mixed with some DANGER DANGER 1st album style. :)

8 - THE THIN LINE - this is the DARKEST song of the album , the moment you'll hear it you will think.....WOW.....this is VOICE OF REASON from HAREM SCAREM!! ....i love this track because it's so dark and moody but gives you in the mix a lot of AORISH choruses.....the solo makes LESPERANCE take notice ;)

9 - QUESTION - is the 3rd favorite of mine , you gotta wait and wait for the chorus, the song is awesome while you wait and takes a score 100 for that alone....then when the chorus your soul is lifted to the heavens....MELODIC-ROCK or AOR remix all in one....reminds me also of DEAD DOG of DANGER DANGER.

10 - FREDOOM = INSTRUMENTAL ...not bad , but PETE LESPERANCE does better....this one is to calm you down and works ,but..don't know there's better.

11 - THIS TIME - continues the end of the instrumental as if it were the same song ,but now he sings and is very VAN HALEN and is best described like HARD_MELODIC_ROCK style music.

12 - LAST CALL - This is the best song of the album for me , i defy anyone to say the contrary , this is PURE AOR song and rivals the likes of MARK SPIRO - DEVOTION album , rivals HAREM SCAREM - MOOD SWINGS , the moment you will hear this , you will come here and thank me , i promise.

I hope i made it clear and that next time this site or people review songs , stop saying a GREAT ROCKER ROCKER ROCKER because a ROCKER might have no emotion in the song , and instead better explain how the song feels of IT'S A GREAT ROCKER....say......IT's A GREAT MELODIC-ROCK song or ROCK&ROLL song with lots of feeling (if it's that style and music ways).

Thanks for reading .....BUY THIS ALBUM , Best of the year.

26/05/04: Patrick -
Rating: 100

I just got this album and the instead of hearing it from the start, i heard WITHOUT A MOMENT NOTICE just to try my luck...if the 1st song is good, then the rest is awesome.....OOOWWWW!!!

I've banged my head on the desk, absolutely KILLER!

this album is ASTONISHING , the voice of the singer with a bit of raspy thing is awesome, the music is a incredible.

My god!

after i heard just 1 song (WITHOUT A MOMENT) , i stopped the CD and started to listen to HUGO new album , i had to listen to him , if i listen to another ADRIANGALE song i'd's too good to be true!


Rating: 89
Adriangale's best album to date, I would have liked a more polished beefy production but that aside this will do nicely.

24/05/04: johnny -
Rating: 90

23/05/04: Chewsmoka -
Rating: 80
Yes, this is the best album Adriangale has done yet, and the best Jamie Rowe has sung since Guardian's "Miracle Mile" back in 1993. Only complaint is the much uneeded instrumental "Freedom" and the horrid "When In Rome", in which no matter how many times I listen to it, it just sounds put together at the last minute. Otherwise great album nut still close but no cigar, will they get better, time will tell..

22/05/04: Scott -
Rating: 100
A contender for cd of the year! If you like any of the other AdrianGale cds, you will love this one. There best yet.

21/05/04: Frank -
Rating: 20
as much as im trying to understand why everyone like this album, i can't find a single song that i like , i heard the album once and sent it back and got MARK SPIRO - KING OF THE CROWS , MARK SPIRO IS ABSOLUTELY GOBSMAKING and pee all over this!!! :)

but you do know who's the best band in existance , don't ya?

NEWMAN is the best band in the world and this album of ADRIANGALE as all the other albums they made, are not easy to hear nor likable ....just go listen to WORLD APART or MASQUERADE from NEWMAN'll understand.

even the new crappy quality of MIKE RENO new album REVELATIONS, is a great album , i love it , HUGO new album too :)

forget about Adriangale, if you like them buy , if you wanna give it a try ,then try....but try before you buy.

Sorry ADRIANGALE .....i love AOR and if you want to win me, you gotta do memorable songs...unfortunately this is not.

18/05/04: Joey -
Rating: 98
Wow! What a great album. This is awesome melodic rock but does not sound dated. Great guitar work and fantastic vocals. All melodic rock fans should pick this one up and support the band so we can hear more in the future. Right from the start of crunch I knew it would be a winner. Boy its been along time since I've heard a melodic rock album like this. I thought Ramos nailed it but this is better! Just in time for some summer time driving with this cranked! Thanks to Adraingale for making the music and melodicrock for turning me onto it!

17/05/04: Mark -
Rating: 100
WOW!!!!!!!! An absolutely brilliant cd! I have always loved this band, but I just can't believe the growth they have shown with this disc. The songs are well written with great lyrics, I don't think Jaimie Rowe has ever sounded better, and the music just rocks. Thank you Adiangale for staying true to what you are and giving us the album of the year! For more great meodic rock check out and pickup his acoustic solo release. Trust me you won't be dissapointed. This guy has a great rock voice and great songs!

16/05/04: Steffe -
Rating: 99
It doesn't get much better this, melodic hardrock att its finest. Like Andrew said, Adriangale proves that there΄s still life in this genre. Thanks guys!!!

09/05/04: Jon Fletcher -
Rating: 100
I just got my copy of this disc yesterday. I've listened to it at least 10 times (no lie). I tend to over rate cd's when I post reviews, but this one diserves the 100%! Everything about this disc is great. The production is impeccable (did I spell that right?)! I salute Adriangale and Kivel Records for supplying thw world with great melodic rock and roll. My favorite tracks are:
CRUNCH; FAITH (I can relate to some of the lyrics); WITHOUT A MOMENT' NOTICE (I relate to this too); TOUGHER THAN IT LOOKS; THE THIN LINE; and LAST CALL. In my opinion the guys in Def Leppard should hire these guys to help write their next album. They could learn alot from Adriangale. I am truly thankful for bands like this that make this kind of rock and roll. (shameless self promoting spot) Check out my bands website at:

08/05/04: Carl -
Rating: 100
Ok..I really dont like to do "reviews" especially if I really dig the whole disc because it just sounds redundant. "Killer vocals", or "soaring guitars" know the drill. SO if this sounds like a "fanboy" post Im sorry, but there really isnt a bad song on the disc.

Breaking Stride - Ok the disc starts off with a short instrumental that pretty much sets the groove for the whole disc. Hard, melodic and good!

Crunch - The beginning starts off with a laugh and then "Its crunch time". It really gets you pumped up for whats to come. After hearing the intro you know youre in for something good...and it doesnt disappoint by any stretch of the imagination. Its pretty much a "dont give up..keep going track", and it rocks BIG TIME.

Faith - The first song most of us heard. This is definatley one of my favorites on the disc. The song jams and if I had to pick a song that maybe pertains to my life this is the one. I think this is their "Against the Law" on the disc. I could be wrong, but it seems that its Jamies message to people judging him for doing secular music after Guardian. KILLER vocals and backing vocals. I REALLY love the spoken line at the very Thanks for this tune I said it pertains to my life and my faith as well!!

Without A Moments Notice - As Ive stated in other posts, Im not much of a ballad guy but when its good its good. The "keep your head up" message seems to be throughout the entire album and its apparent here as well. "Be sure to live each if it were your last..and leave the past behind you.." We ALL need to take those words to heart.

Tougher Than It Looks - Another all out rocker about the music business (Im sure not Kivel.LOL). Everyone seems to think that "rockstars" have the life..this is AG's way of telling us they we are sadly mistaken if we believe that fairytale.

When In Rome - Another one my favorites. Another fun rocker...I LOVE the line " Your gray matter-doesnt matter".....CLASSIC!

Long Gone - Pounding base line and loud guitars starts this groovin track about a failed relationship (hey we need at least ONE right!??). "Bleed I will no longer do..not for the likes of you". LOVE these lyrics!

The Thin Line - What a surpise!! ANOTHER ROCKER!! This song reminds me A LOT of Guardian....Im not sure why..maybe the chorus?? More great lyrics.."...karma's cobra spitting her venom on you..."

Question - The title pretty much sums the song up. Questions that we all mull over at one time or another. Things that we think about when were alone at night and theres nothing to do but ponder life. Its a great mid-tempo song with a heavy chorus.

Freedom - Another short instrumental by Scott and Vic. Very "Satriani-ish" IMO. Quite melodic and a nice break from the heavier tone of the album.

This Time - When I first heard this song it remined me of something else but I couldnt put my finger on it. After going through my CD collection I found my answer. It reminds me of Michael Sweet's "Together"..the fist track off his debut album. Very up-temp happy song with a great sing-a-long chorus.

Last Call - What a GREAT way to close a GREAT album. Another upbeat track telling us to get off your behinds and live our life to the fullest. Big chours and great solos!!

Well thats my take. Im sure Im way off on what some of the songs are about, but the great thing about music is that we can all get something different out of each and every song. If you LOVE hard, melodic music with the inevitable BITG sing out loud chouruses then GET THIS DISC! This truely is melodic rock at its finest and the reason I STILL hold on this genre of music.

GREAT JOB Vic, Scott N, Jamie, and Scott M.

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