Kivel Records
Produced by: Adriangale

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Harem Scarem, Guardian

  1. Stealing Hearts
  2. Reap What You Sow
  3. Save Our Love
  4. Feel The Fire
  5. Save Our Love (Live)
  6. Mission Man (Live)
  7. Feel The Fire (Live)

I can see Adriangale are to be one of the scene's most popular bands. Their second album, should it have the good that the debut did, will fire that popularity.
Under The Hood is what we are being offered to keep us busy while waiting for that anticipated second album.
This EP has a mixture of tracks to showcase the band's talents.
One new track is offered with the opener Stealing Hearts. Typical of the sound of the band's debut, this is a good fun uptempo hard rocker with a memorable chorus and killer vocal from Jamie Rowe.
Next up is a trilogy of totally unplugged tracks. It's very cool to see that the songs aren't merely stripped back versions of their originals, but tracks with a slight twist in the style of their delivery.
Reap What You Sow is a very soft, slow and moody version, while Save Our Love highlights the power of Rowe's vocals with only a single acoustic guitar backing him.
Feel The Fire is even better again. Rowe's vocal acrobatics are free from any distractions like electric guitars and a rhythm section and simply slays. The changed tempo of the song is extremely enjoyable.
The EP finishes with three live tracks. All of which clearly demonstrate what a good live band these guys are and shows they also enjoy playing live and yes, take their performance up another notch.
Listener please note - the audio source of the live tracks fits the definition of the word bootleg - but they are there to prove a point, one which succeeds in getting through.
BOTTOM LINE: Watch this band become huge in the melodic rock world. This release is more to service existing fans and pad out time between their next studio album, but remains an essential purchase for anyone that has the debut. And watch out for the next one!
ESSENTIAL FOR: All fans of the debut, heavier Harem Scarem fans and all Jamie Rowe fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Feel The Fire . Under The Hood

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