Aerosmith Honkin' On Bobo Columbia Records
· Produced By: Jack Douglas

· Running Time: 43.59

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Blues Rock

· Links: Aerosmith Columbia
Songs: 70%
Sound: 89%
On this, their new studio album, Aerosmith has well and truly captured the spirit of the music which inspired them to pick up their instruments in the first place. They have returned to where it all began, for them and for the very culture of rock n roll as a whole.
Blues was where it started and Honkin' On Bobo is a collection of classic blues covers, interspersed with a couple of Aerosmith originals – also in that classic blues rock style.
This is the most laid back and relaxed Aerosmith I have heard for a long time - if not ever. The guys teamed up with producer Jack Douglas, who guided them through their most acclaimed period – the last 70's, which was also their most toxic.
This album sees the band having some fun and revisiting old influences, while also using this album as a career circuit breaker.
Their last couple of albums have seen them fail to break any new ground and have suffered from falling sales. Both have their merits, but have very varied fan responses – it seems the united acclaim from such classics as Permanent Vacation, Pump and Get A Grip are long gone.
Realistically Honkin' On Bobo is unlikely to chance either circumstance – for as good as it is – not everyone is going to want to hear such a pure blues rock album and reactions will be mixed depending on what each fan wants.
I really enjoyed this album – I've played it extensively and find it a lively collection of smokin' blues tunes that really suits the style and the attitude of the band.
I also enjoyed the vibe of the production and the band's performance – it's clear to anyone listening to this that the band are having a ball and feel right at home.
But once this review has been completed I can't see myself listening to this album again – a seemingly confusing statement given the quality of the album.
But no matter how good this album is, I prefer the Aerosmith I personally came to know and love since their resurgence in the mid-80s.
Those that have a far deeper appreciation for the band, or have followed them since their very origins in the 70's will have a greater love for this record and will embrace it's style with far more ease.
I believe the band have recorded this album for themselves first and foremost, and their oldest and dearest fans secondly.
The covers sound great. A particularly inspired Baby Please Don't Go is the highlight for me, as are the few originals, which slide in alongside the covers with natural ease.
The Bottom Line
The band needed to do something after the mixed reception the last two albums Nine Lives and Just Push Play received. A step backwards was probably their best option and this will please long time fans of the band – especially those with the band since the 70's.
But I don't see universal acceptance of this album and their choice of direction and more now than ever I wonder where the band will go with their next release.
Recent Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Permanent Vacation
· Pump
· Get A Grip
· Nine Lives
· Just Push Play
· Honkin' On Bobo

Line Up
· Steven Tyler: Vocals
· Joe Perry: Guitar
· Joey Kramer: Drums
· Tom Hamilton: Bass
· Brad Whitford: Guitar

Essential for fans of:
· Classic Aerosmith
· Blues Rock
Track Listing
· Road Runner
· Shame, Shame, Shame*
· Eyesight To The Blind
· Baby, Please Don't Go*
· Never Loved A Girl*
· Back Back Train
· You Gotta Move
· The Grind
· I'm Ready
· Temperature
· Stop Messin' Around
· Jesus Is On The Main Line
--*Best Tracks

02/02/06: rich souffer -
Rating: 60
i just can say that this album isn't crap at all. most of the songs are exelent in my own opinion, and i really agree with WISEY about "i'm ready" and "temperature" ĦĦĦ i can't stand 'em !!! my favourites are "the grind", "back back train", "jesus is on the main line", and "you gotta move"..., i know this album isn't even close to one of the best, but believe it or not, to me is just a little bit worse than "just push play". this last two album are quite weird for a big aerosmith fan...from "aerosmith" to "rocks" and from "permanent vacation to nine lives" aerosmith can say that they wrote a very big page on the history of rock n roll

27/03/05: RKS -
Rating: 95
To be quite honest, I hated this albun when I first heard it. Well, that might be too harsh. I really wasn't impressed. But just the other day, I listened to it straight through once again and realized that there is not a track on here that I do not like. There is a lot going on if one just listens. it is different, but at the core it is still very much foot-stomping Aerosmith.

03/09/04: Wisey -
Rating: 75
An Aerosmith blues album has been talked about for many years and I was expecting great things when I heard that it was finally a reality, especially with Jack Douglas producing it.
Aerosmith have been one of my favorite bands for many years but I have been disappointed with their albums of late, especially the over-produced, over-hyped, over-done formula cr#p that was "Just Push Play". Therefore I could not wait to get my hands on "Honkin' On Bobo" which had been touted as a return to roots album of the blues based rock of the '70's Aerosmith.

After playing it for the first time I must say that I was a little disappointed with it, and after repeated playing that feeling has not changed. That is not to say that it is a bad album, because really it isn't bad at all and I do still enjoy it. It's just that the album isn't that great either and doesn't live up to my expectations of it. Yes, Aerosmith is a rock band, and I knew it was always going to be blues done the Aerosmith way, but I was hoping for a little more traditional blues.

The Positives:
- Lots of harmonica from Steven Tyler (he really is a good blues harp player and should incorporate it more in their songs)
- The band really plays well & get to cut loose in parts.
- None of the power-ballad "Crazy", "Hole In My Soul" type formula songs that they always have on their albums of late, just blues based rock songs.
- Some real good songs ("Never Loved A Girl", "Back Back Train", "You Gotta Move", "Stop Messin' 'Round" are the best).
- Joe Perry sounds great on vocals for two tracks.

The Negatives:
- Not enough songs played in a more traditional blues style.
- The album length is a bit short. (None of the songs are very long so another two tracks would have been good.)
- A couple of pretty ordinary tracks ("I'm Ready" and "Temperature" which aren't bad songs in themselves, it's just the style that Aerosmith play them that brings them down).

My biggest criticism:
- Steven Tyler's voice can be heard almost all the time, just as on their more recent albums. Don't get me wrong, he is a great singer and front-man, and Aerosmith would never have got to where they are without him, but when he's not singing the song lyrics he still finds it necessary to be making some sort of vocal noise, which is just not necessary. I don't want to hear all these noises from him, I just wanna hear the band playing in these parts. He ruins such parts which should be a chance for the band to cut loose, by making some noise or another. He should just shut up and let the boys play, or rather "shut up and dance" and "let the music do the talking".

In general "Honkin' On Bobo" is a much better album than Aerosmith have been doing lately, but for my mind it still isn't as good as it could have been. It is a big step in the right direction and may be just the thing they need to refresh them so they can take the positives into writing and recording their next album of original material. It's also not a bad album for the rest of us to enjoy until then.

18/06/04: La Freq -
Rating: 80
I'm a HUGE Aersmith fan and originally bought this strickly because it's Aerosmith, but I honestly didn't expect much from it. I must admit though, that I LOVE this album, which can't be said for some of their work.
The whole album is great, but I have my favs: Road Runner, The Grind, You Gotta Move

01/06/04: Charlie -
Rating: 65
Living in Mass. most of my life and seeing Aerosmith from the days of free shows right up to the current $50.00 shows. I have been a fan since the very first LP, see living in Mass. there are just certain things you become a fan of, we have to like local bands that make it big Jon Butcher Axis comes to mind (Wish I could get my hands on a copy of "Stare At The Sun"), and we're supposed to like the local sports teams (Can't stand any of them). On first listen I thought Oh no another "Nine Lives". After a few days of playing the disc in the car it has grown on me it will never replace "Get Your Wings" or my all time favorite "Rocks" but it has stayed in my CD player through 10 or 11 listens unlike "Nine Lives" Which to this day I have only heard one song all the way through "Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)" the rest of the tracks I was never able to get through. I can only hope that the little band from Boston has at least one more classic left in them otherwise they will be finding themselves on CMC (Yes there are some good bands on CMC but for the most part, most are pretty BAD) doing the oldies route with Sha na na.

26/05/04: chewsmoka -
Rating: 0
Dont get me wrong, I love Aerosmith, and I love the fact the guys in the band love playing now more than they have in 20 years, however, this is crap. Funny thing, I walked into a local CD warehouse and saw more than 30 copies of this used! I know Just Push Play wasn't all that good, but its miles ahead of this! Hope this gets it out of their system so they can get back to to this point in the first place

25/05/04: CUTTER -
Rating: 40
I really wanted ta dig this album but after the 1st song it goes down hill wayy too fast. It's not so much that these songs don't sound great, it's more of a matter that they could have picked better kick ass blues songs to record. In other words i had a few beers did a couple toots, stuck it on and after the 1st song i was like HELL YEAH FUCKINN AA AREOSMITH ARE BACK only to be dissapointed by midway through the second song and by the end of it all i felt cheated and in no need to party. Come on guys you can do better than this, if you can't write a new album at least be more choosy with what ya decide to cover. The best part of this album is Steven Tylers voice but the songs are just boring pure and simple, there's no fire to em to make ya wanna go out and light up a bon fire and invite all the kids to come party. Maybe the boys need ta hop back on the toot toot train temporairly to get back in the saddle again? Areosmith are the party masters of the 70s but this aint them!!

23/05/04: mick griffin -
Rating: 99
I just love classic Aerosmith and this one hits the spot with me like you wouldn`t believe. Classic music from a classic band delivered in classic style.

So the last couple of albums sucked, well thats my opinion, but I`ve never lost hope. This is the best I`ve heard the smithy`s since pump. A very welcome return to form, and one that I hopr is outstandingly successfull so we can get this great rock & roll band once again playing great rock & roll instead of all those turgid formulatic ballads.

22/04/04: Greg Damewood -
Rating: 100
Finally, after years of waiting, Aerosmith delivers the "goods"! This disc sounds so "alive", that it is hard to believe it features 11 blues covers and only 1 new original tune. With Jack Douglas at the helm, the boys from Boston sound like a well oiled, sleazy, hard rock, blues, bar band. Steven Tyler proves, once and for all, that he has no vocal peer. Just listen to his take on "Never Loved a Girl, Like I Loved You". Vocal gymnastics and phrazing like this are almost unheard of today. Couple this performance with the fact that Tyler sings the song in the same key that his female diva counterpart used almost thiry odd years ago, and one has to be impressed.
But Mr. Tyler is not the only Aerostar on "Honkin' On BoBo". The most experienced rhythm section in rock steps forth with the most blistering and consistent set I have ever heard. Take it from a fellow drummer, the groove that Joey Krammer and Tom Hamilton put down on this record just can not be duplicated! Playing night after night, day after day, for years at a time has created a percussive force like no other in music today. Take a listen to "You Gotta Move", and then skip over to "I'M Ready". Whew, now that is what I call "being in the pocket and knowing where the 1 is!"
The rest of "Honkin' On BoBo" feels like the "cool side of the pillow", or your favorite old baseball glove. These songs immediately take on a life of their own. Sounding vaguely familiar at first, the sequencing of tunes on "Honkin' On BoBo" creates an almost endless loop of beautiful blues romping. This is one of those rare discs that I just can't get enough of. Songs like "Baby Please Don't Go" and "Shame, Shame, Shame" sound like Aerosmith standards. It's is upon closer listening to this work that one uncovers the true musical gems. Guitarist Joe Perry's haunting version of "Back, Back, Train" leaves the listener wanting more and more. By the time he steps back to the microphone for "Stop Messin' Around", you get the feeling that this band has more than one "Front Man".
So "step right up folks", and "go see the elephant"! "Honkin' On BoBo" is a snapshot of the world's greatest rock n' roll band, at the peak of their game. Twelve fabulous musical vignettes, that add up to 100 for this AeroHead!

21/04/04: ozzmosis2000 -
Rating: 95
It's about time! This is the kind of album Aerosmith should have been making all along. This is a great blues romp and the band hasn't sounded this good since Pump. I agree with Andrew that a lot of fans won't warm to Bobo right away and some won't at all, but anyone that likes great blues rock and anyone that has wanted to hear Aerosmith return to what they do best, this album is pure heaven. Keep on honkin' boys!

21/04/04: jercar171 -
Rating: 0
I mean im sorry, for some reason i thought this would be good
more like their old school stuff u know going back to their roots but it was more like a waste of money it should have said on the cd cover most fans wont like this cd lol but sorry I hear alot of people bitchin about old shool aerosmith an how they used to rock an dont any more, but hell i grew up in the 80s an they rocked even harder to me then up till even the cd before this was ok at least it had cool slow songs well i must say waste of time and money. an dont really think ill bye another cd by them unless i hear it an it rocks first but then again maybe their time is over .

21/04/04: Cullen -
Rating: 75
This is something of a novelty CD to me. I agree with Melodic Rock's review for the most part. High Quality Recording-- I just feel there's only so far a 12 bar blues riff can go.

20/04/04: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 20
Sorry, Aerosmith were once heroes in my eyes, but they've lost all credibility with 'Just Push, Play', which was too bad for words and now it's over for me with this bluesy cover album !
COVERS !!!! Well, well . . . , no longer capable of writing decent tunes, guys ? And Blues covers ? Even worse !
No, I listen again to 'Rocks' and 'Get Your Wings'. How anybodey can buy this (and it happens !), while so much new and talented artists don't buy a single album, self-written !, is beyond me !
Sorry !

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