Track Listing
Losing Grip
Complicated (1)
Sk8ter Boi (2)
I'm With You (3)
Anything But Ordinary
Things I'll Never Say
My World
Nobody's Fool
Too Much To Ask

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Let Go
Produced By: The Matrix, Clif Magness
Running Time: 48.43 Genre: Nu-Breed
Release Date: Out Now Released:
WebLink: Avril Lavigne LabelLink: Arista

Well, I might be a little late in recognizing what a talent Avril Lavigne is, but being that this isn't traditional melodic rock, chances are others are also unaware.
Don't be scared off by the fact this is a very commercial, major label release featuring a 17 year old female!
Despite her age, Avril rocks with a passion missing in most of her peers and has a musical maturity beyond her years. This is essentially nu-breed melodic rock, or commercial modern rock.
Avril's voice sounds like a younger, rocked-up Susan Vega, or a more melodic Alanis Morissette.
What's great about this album is the fact that good honest melodies have been wrapped in a package that appeals to kids and young, influential teenagers that can also cross over and appeal to older consumers like most that read this site.
Quite simply, don't be fooled by pre-conceptions, as this album contains some of the finest pop rock songs of the last few years.
The album's tracks were written by Avril with her producer The Matrix and on a couple of occasions with famed melodic rocker Clif Magness.
The result is a set of bloody fantastic songs. Yes, they are delivered by a sweet 17 year old, but she plays guitar as well, with songs are dominated by big hooks.
Tracks like the feel good anthem single Complicated are just good intelligent hook filled pop rock, delivered with modern production touches and effects that have seen them taken up by youth worldwide.
The opening track is a heavy modern rocker, as is Unwanted, but a track like the very cleaver, youth relevant Sk8er Boi could easily find at home in the hearts of high-tech melodic rock fans if given the chance. The layers of harmonies and hooks will impress.
But there's a sensitive side to the gal also, with a good part of the second half of the album dedicated to more mature acoustic driven high-tech pop rock ballads.
Check out the great ballad I'm With You essentially a great AOR song.
The depth of song quality and the vocal performance are one thing, but the fact that this is essentially just great catchy modern pop rock should not go ignored.

The Bottom Line
Not for everyone, but it's great to hear a 'youngster' sing and perform without the aid of a dance beat or drum machines.
Proof that rock could make a good comeback, but in a new shape. Some solid pop rock on offer here.
Sundries: Great artwork, running order and running time. No complaints.

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