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Produced by: Axel Rudi Pell
  1. Come Back To Me
  2. Broken Heart
  3. The Clown Is Dead
  4. Oceans Of Time
  5. I Believe In You
  6. Ashes From The Oath
  7. Silent Angel (Guitar Vers.)
  8. The Eyes Of The Lost
  9. Innocent Child
  10. Silent Angel
  11. Hey Joe
Germany's premier guitarist is back for more of his unique style of balladry on Ballads 2, the sequel to his smooth original.
Johnny Gioeli is once again on hand to record the couple of new songs and the couple of new versions.
The concept of a ballads album is quite a good one, as it allows the artist to slow down the feel of the album intentionally and chill out a little. It's something that Axel doesn't get much of an opportunity to do on his regular hard rock albums.
The new tracks are Come Back To Me and I Believe In You and are much in the vein of his recent Oceans Of Time album, featuring Gioeli. Big powerful and guitar ruled rock ballads. Again some outstanding vocals from Gioeli and plenty of solo's from Axel - just a little softer this time around.
Broken Heat and The Clown Is Dead are new versions with Gioeli on vocals. Good versions too. I am a big fan of his voice and vocal style, although it is a little different with Axel than it was with Hardline. More structured to the needs of these songs than the stadium rock style we are used to.
The rest are remastered versions of the standards, with the added bonus of Hey Joe previously only a Japanese bonus track. A full on blues rendition of the Hendrix track with Axel on vocals.
Basically another essential for Axel Rudi Pell fans. Other new fans would be better served listening to the excellent Oceans Of Time.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Axel Rudi Pell fans and some Johnny Gioeli/Hardline fans

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