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17/09/04: Lalthianghlima -
I think Firehouse's Prime time is the best album of 2003 and they're my favourite band

19/02/04: Mark Aldred -
Best album of the year is Helloween "Rabbit Don't Come Easy" Worst snub of the year is this album got no recognition by this website. Shame. And Helloween also played the states last year! Best live show in the last 10 years. Andi Deris rules on vocals!!!

08/02/04: jmbullinger -
"The best album NOT reviewed by" - Closure/Closure
"The please NO more wasted website space rumors award" - Van Halen
"Overated CD of 2003" - Pride of Lions
" Snooze Fest CD of 2003" - Perfect World
" Worst category to give a music style" - Nu-breeed
" The most mis-reviewed CD of 2003 - Queensryche - Tribe

05/02/04: Lance Rushing -
BEST Songs of the YEAR (in no particular order)
Harem Scarem - If you (catchy as the flu in the dead of winter)
Anthrax - What doesn't die (brutal onslaught that let us know that they are back)
Shugaazer - Something worth waiting for (wide awake but I'm dreaming...)
Attraction 65 - In another life (the tragedy of a love that could never be)
Johnny Lima - The Best night of my life ( I can't help but feel like a million bucks when I listen to this one)
40 ft. Ringo - Inside your head (hooks and hooks)
Attrraction 65 - Roll on (inspirational song of the year)
Harem Scarem - Waited (the "alright now, enough is enough..time for the curb kicking" song of the year)
Stephen Pearcy - I gotta be me (blast of 'tude from the dirty bastard himself)
the Bangles - Something that you said (never expected that I would dig this one so much...)
Shugaazer - Song for Lennon (GREAT SONG period)
Bon Jovi - Undivided (9/11 tribute holdover from last year that is uncompromising Jovi)
Def Leppard - Long Long way to go (the ballad that could have brought the Lep back...)
Disturbed - Remember (the best song this band has ever done)
Meat Loaf - Couldn't have said it better (soaring vocals,, bombastic bombastic bombastic)
Mitch Malloy - Without you (great track from Malloy '88 tucked away deep into the disc)
Bret Michaels - Raine (great ballad in the vein of previous Poison hits)
40 ft. Ringo - Anyway (I guess you'll do)
Stryper - Something (a little on the Michael Sweet solo side...but it is great to see them back)
Bon Jovi - Bounce (this would have been a better choice for a second single over Misunderstood)
TNT - Give me a sign (.....and the light is green)
Perfect World - Just like a pill (Pink cover which is catchy as hell)
Hardline - Face the night (great ballad from the Hardline archives)
Meat Loaf - Did I say that? (been there... we always long for something we once took for granted)
Anthrax - Anyplace but here (c'mon c'mon kick ass thrax)
Stryper - For you (stellar 2nd single... went over great live)
Mike Tramp - Don't wanna say goodnight
All American Rejects - Swing swing
Harem Scarem - Freedom
Joey Tempest - Forgiven
Def Leppard - Torn to shreds
Rebecca St. James - I thank you
Hardline - Y
The Thorns - I can't remember
Marilyn Manson - Mobscene
Anthrax - Safe home
Rob Rock - Rage of creation
Lionel Richie - Goodbye
Fuel - Falls on me
Tonic - Count on me
Vertical Horizon - I'm still here
40 ft. Ringo - Origami Mummy
Jennifer Love Hewitt - The First time
Marilyn Manson - This is the new sh*t
Nine days - Favourite song
Sammy Hagar -Halfway to Memphis
Anthrax -Superhero
Near Life Experience - Change Your mind
Blackeyed Peas - Where is the love?
Fuel - Won't back down
Stacie Orrico -(there's gotta be) More to life
The Calling - For you
Alice Cooper - Novocaine
Queensryche - Open
Cheap Trick - Scent of a woman
Evanescence - Bring me to life
Stephen Pearcy - Round & Round '03
Butch Walker - Suburbia

1. DURAN DURAN (New Orleans, LA / DALLAS, TX)
2. STRYPER (Fort Worth, TX)
3. Rick Springfield (Mandeville, LA..... "Idontwantanythingfromyou" should be huge in 2004)
4. Anthrax - (Dallas, TX)
5. Near Life Experience - (Monroe, LA & Baton Rouge, LA)

Most welcome comebacks of 2003
Duran Duran
Steve Brown & P.J. Farley (40 ft. Ringo/Trixter)
Gregg Fulkerson (Attraction 65/Blue Tears)
the Bangles
Zak Stevens - (CIRCLE II CIRCLE/Savatage)
Kee Marcello
& lastly the close but no cigar comeback of....
Chris DeGarmo (Queensryche)

28/01/04: Wiljan -
The please go away award - BON JOVI ( because if you can't do it anymore than please go away)

The Best website - & toto99 ( it's just so!! )

The singer - Jeff scott soto : Female - Shania twain

Best aor Song - Waiting & higher - Harem scarem

Best Modern Rock Song - One Love - Sister hazel

Best metal Song - The Cage - Sonata Arctica

Worst song ever - Living on a prayer'03 - Bon jovi ( What the heck were they thinking???? )

Worst Gerne - Trance & r&b

27/01/04: John Ferguson -
Best Songs of 2003

1: Sound of Home - PRIDE OF LIONS
5: Music and Me - PRIDE OF LIONS
6: Love is on the rocks - PRIDE OF LIONS
7: Rainmaker - IRON MAIDEN
8: Remember - NEXX
9: These are the times - STYX
10: Fantasize - JOE LYNN TURNER

Best Albums of 2003

1: Pride of Lions - PRIDE OF LIONS
4: Once And Future King 1 & 2- Gary Hughes
6: Dance of Death - IRON MAIDEN
7: Colours - NEXX
8: When Empires Burn - BOB CATLEY
9: Guilty As Sin - BRAZEN ABBOTT
10: Higher - HAREM SCAREM

27/01/04: Jose -
Best Album 2003:
Pride of Lions

Best 10 Songs of 2003:
1-Sound of Home - Pride of Lyons
2-Avalon - Once & Future King (Part 1)
3-Waited - Harem Scarem
4-Full Circle - Jim Jidhed
5-IŽll be your fool - Bob Catley
6-Dont Wanna Know - Burns Blue
7-Never let you go - Vertigo
8-Leaving Lonely - Perfect World
9-Living with a memory - Khymera
10-Miles Away - Harry Hess

Best 10 Ballads of 2003:
1- IŽll be ready then - Jim Jidhed
2- Last safe place - Pride of Lyons
3- Meaning of love - Bob Catley
4- Once & Future King (Harry Hess) - Once & Future king (part 1)
5- Time - Departure
6- IŽve come to take you home - John Wetton
7- Interrupted melody - Pride of Lions
8- Should have done you right - Ignition
9- Dont Go - Ramos
10- At the end of day - Once & Future King (Part 1)

Best 2003 Song Writer:
Paul Hodson
Best 2003 Vocalist:
Harry Hess
Best 2003 Vocal Performance:
Danny Vaughn - Avalon (Once & Future King part 1)
Best 2003 Guitar Player:
Vinnie Burns
2003 Mastermind award:
Gary Hughes
2003 Hats off! award:
The Great Jim Peterik
2003 Welcome back award:
Tie Joseph Williams (Vertigo) & Jim Jidhed
2003 Keep the good work coming award:
Tommy Denander
2003 At last, for God sake! was about time award:
The Journey G.H. DVD with Steve Perry (20 years waiting for someone to figure it out - Thanks John Kalodner)

25/01/04: Jonny B -
Best male-fronted band award -- Circle II Circle "Watching In Silence"

Best female-fronted band award -- Evanescence "Fallen"

The 'Best album not reviewed on' award -- TIE: Circle II Circle "Watching In Silence" and Evanescence "Fallen"

The 'Close Enough for Government Work' comeback award -- Talisman "Cats and Dogs"

The 'Really, I mean it this time, it WILL be a return to glory' flop award -- Queensryche "Tribe"

The Boston award (longest break between albums) -- Johnny Lima "Made In California"

The 'forgotten but not gone' nu-breed award -- Andrew W.K. "The Wolf"

The Avril Lavigne clone award -- Fefe Dobson "S/T"

heaven forbid that I cannot come up with some other clever awards. Maybe I'll add some on a second post in the future.

25/01/04: David -
The Blast from the Past Award: Led Zeppelin deserves the honors this year for their double-dose of expertly remastered live cuts. Both the CD and DVD are worthy additions to any self-respecting classic rock fan's collection.

The 'Shadowlife' Award: Only established classic rock bands are eligible for this award, which recognizes bands that radically "update" their sound in a desperate and invariably futile bid for relevancy. This year's winner: Britney Fox for the virtually unlistenable "Springhead Motorshark."

The Downhill Spiral Award: Former Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil wins this award hands-down. The evidence: his litigation with a Nevada brothel; his wince-inducing appearance on "The Surreal Life"; the release of a live album with all the production values of a McDonald's New Year's Party; and to top it all off, his role in titling the Crue's recent boxed set, "Music to Crash Your Car To," a thoughtless reference to his ill-fated drive with the original drummer from Hanoi Rocks. 'Nuff said.

The Criminally Overlooked by U.S. Radio Award: Tie, between the Canadian songmeisters, Harem Scarem and the new stateside wonderboys, Waltham. The Apocalypse must be at hand when bands as talented as these can't get airplay even when Britney-style pop and nu-metal are on the skids.

The Retro-Misogynistic Album Art Award: The Darkness' "Permission to Land" takes this category for resurrecting tasteless airbrushed nekkidness reminiscent of the cover for Whitesnake's appaling "Love Hunter." Do we really want the larger public to think melodic rockers are this dumb? What's next? A sequel to Warrant's "Cherry Pie" video?

24/01/04: Mika -
Pride Of Lions
Music And Me - Pride Of Lions
Sound Of Home - Pride Of Lions
Fire With Fire - Ignition
Pride Of Lions
Pride Of Lions
Bon Jovi (They still rule)
Brian Mcdonald
Lordi, Lullacry, The Rasmus, Ignition, Crystal Blue, Jim Jidhed
Bon Jovi

24/01/04: Justin Perry -
"Crack Kills" Award- Bon Jovi realizies that smoking crack while recording don't mix...the end allout butchering of their own classics...Crack Kills, kids.

"Down to Earth" Award-Eddie Van Halen...he didnt even ask the 2 dorks how they got the number...he continued to talk about his son..I didnt expect this from him at all...class act.

"The Fonz" are the coolest of the cool...I can't tell you how much this site means to me...being from Canada,I had never heard of Gotthard or Jaded Heart which are now my fav. bands....hell I didn't even know that Harem Scarem had released more albums than the first three...and I live like 4 hours from where they are from...I also like the fact that I can listen to samples before deciding to rock...heres to a great 2004...cheers to you!!!!

24/01/04: Jere -
Best Vocal Work

1. CJ Snare - Firehouse - Prime Time
2. Harry Hess - Harem Scarem - Higher
3. Mark Weitz - Ramos - Living In The Light
4. Amy Lee - Evanescence - Fallen

Best guitar work of 2003

1. Bill Leverty - Firehouse - Prime Time
2. Pete Lesperance - Harem Scarem - Higher
3. Josh Ramos - Ramos - Living In The Light

Best producer of 2003

1. Bob Daspit - Sammy and the Wabos - Hallelujah Live
2. Bill Leverty - Firehouse - Prime Time
3. Harry Hess and Pete Lesperance - Harem Scarem - Higher
4. Harry Hess - Just Another Day
5. Kelly Hansen - Ramos - Living In The Light

Best Comedy album of 2003

1. Come Poop With Me - Triupmh The Insult Comic Dog
2. Eddie Izzard - Circle

Best Song of 2003

1. Higher - Harem Scarem - Higher
2. Perfect Lie - Firehouse - Prime Time
3. Don't Go - Ramos - Living In The Light
4. Right Now - Sammy and the Wabos - Hallelujah Live

24/01/04: Mats -
My best of the best award goes out to for beeing on the web änd to Andrew for doing such a great job on the site bringing us news and reviews and most of all friends in the world of melodic rock