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12/02/06: frytz -
1. Seeing Doug Aldrich perform the whole Holy Diver Album in Holland - DA rules!!
2. Seeing Marco Mendoza with Michael Ruff in Denmark this Winter - a very special funky show!
3. Getting my Richie Kotzen Tele (LOL)
1. Missing the Black Label Society and Soul Sircus Tours
2. The Thin Lizzy Tour getting cancelled

verdict: a really good year! And 2006 gonna rock, too!

07/02/06: Marc Vanway -
1.- Best concert: Simple Plan in Barcelona. With just 900 people they did an excelent show.
2.- Best record: Hardcore Superstar. I still can't believe Andrew has passed through this hell of an album...
3.- Disappointment of the year: Butch Walker cd... Not what I was expecting at all, though I have to admit that the songs wins on stage
4.- Song of the year: Tommy Lee "Hello again". I never got tired of playing it!
5.- DVD of the year: Europe's "Live from the dark". More than 4 hours of shooting with an excelent package. A lot of bands should learn from that!

07/02/06: Jonny B -
I must warn in advance that most of my lists are heavily female rock-dominated. I'm one of the very few who choose to wave the female-fronted flag, so my lists are often very biased towards that style of music.

AOR Album of 2005: Broke N Blue "The Waiting"
Female-Fronted Album of 2005: See AOR Album of 2005.
Indie Artist Album of the Year: Ludic Fly "Adapting To Gravity"
Reissue of the Year: Aina "Living In A Boy's World" (barely edging out Laos "We Want It." It was a tough choice. The deciding factor was the rarety prior to reissue & the bonus tracks.)
Gothic Album of 2005: After Forever "Remagine" (it was a bad year for goths in general. Refer to 'headline of the year.')
Record Label of the Year: MTM Music (They are currently the only label greatly committed to making obscure female rock albums available once again, and making current ones easy to obtain, such as the forementioned Broke N Blue. I only ask, why didn't they sign Nexx?)
Female Disappointment of 2005: Stream of Passion "Embrace the Storm" (it just doesn't stack up to Ambeon, Arjen Lucassen's previous female-fronted project.)
Headlines of the Year: Two stood out to me. First was the firing of Tarja Turanen from Nightwish. It didn't surprise me. She seemed mostly full of herself at the show I attended. Fans may not like it, but I believe any replacement will be an improvement.

The other headline has to do with Sony. That company has so many problems right now. The top of their corporate ladder got a major shakeup during the year for a couple reasons. One of them is because their products have become the RCA-equivilent of Japanese equipment (and every American knows that RCAs are as JUNK as you can get. Their Playstation 2 breaks at a drop of a hat, for example.) Usually, I don't buy a Sony product anymore for that reason, but their wonderous junk nearly fried my computer in the form of a music cd. My copy of After Forever "Remagine" had Sony's hacker-friendly copy protection on it. I, and many others, have become the victims of hundreds of titles that have said spyware installed on those cds. I won't go into too much detail, as Andrew has already mentioned this in his 2005 awards list.

Thus concludes my female-fronted awards. Here's the rest of my awards for the year:

Album of the Year: Masterplan "Aeronautics"
Metal Album of the Year: Same as AotY.
Nu-Breed/Mainstream of the Year: Ra "Duality"
Song of the Year: "LIES" -- Starbreaker
Surprise of the Year: Nickelback "All the Right Reasons" (I left this band for dead after their rehash effort. Big mistake! This a crackin' rock album. The only ones who won't like it are the 80's Purists.) Honerable mention goes to Disturbed "Ten-Thousand Fists" just for the super-heavy cover of Genesis' "Land of Confusion."
Ballad of the Year: "Photograph" -- Nickelback

07/02/06: Sean -
Best Tour - Def Leppard with either Bryan Adams, Tesla, or Cheap Trick and Butch Walker & Damone

Best Record - Damone - Out Here All Night

Best DVD - Def Leppard - The Definitive Collection - The Videos - especially the band talking while the vids are playing... lots of insight on the filming

Most Looking Forward to in '06 - Velvet Revolver, Def Leppard, any Butch Walker project, & a full length Damone record

Rock On!!!

07/02/06: GAFF -
1. Just put the damn thing out already: Guns And Roses? It's only been ten years. Now Ace Frehley takes it. His new album has been coming out every summer since 1991. It's coming out this summer too.
2. Dickhead Of The Year: Mick Jones. Foreigner without Lou Gramm? Who do you think you are Neal Schon?
3. Concert of The Year: Alice Cooper. Hands down! Saw the Stones and U2 but Alice just knows how to keep you on your feet.
4. Guitarist of the Year: Neal Schon. Even though I wish he'd play with more melody and less shredding. Not that I don't like shredding, especially Neal, but at this point it's like OK WE GET IT, YOU'RE FAST TOO.
5. Vocalist Of The Year: Jeff Scott Soto. Soul Sirkus proves he's among the greats.
6. Bassist: Who cares? It's probably Geddy Lee anyway.
7. Drummer: Neal Peart. It's always Neal Peart so why bother ask anymore.
8. Keyboards: Neal Morse. The guy is more talented than most people realize.
9. Disappointment of the year: 5 way tie. A: No VH reunion with DLR. B: No Genesis reunion with Gabe/Hackett. C: No classic KISS reunion (no the new guys are NOT better).D: No new AC/DC album. I know 2006, but I'm just tired of waiting. E: When will David Coverdale grow a brain a get John Sykes back in the band?
10. Song Of The Year: Shine It All Around - Robert Plant