Best DVDs of 2005


22/06/06: Glenda -
1. Europe - Live from the Dark
2. Journey - Live from Houston

22/02/06: Restless One -
Best DVD For 2005 is.. 1.JOURNEY - Live in Houston 2.BUTCH WALKER - Live - This is me...JUSTIFIED & STRIPPED.

12/02/06: frytz -
1. RUSH r30
2. Journey live in houston
3. Europe - Live from the Dark
4. Fates Warning - Live in Athens
5. UFO showtime

but all surpassed by the DVD of the year 2006: Whitesnake live in the still of the night (LOL)

09/02/06: Daymond Cain -
Motley Crue - Carnival of Sins (and lets not forget the titty cam!!)

07/02/06: Patrick -
Oops almost forgot
Paul Gilbert - Space Ship Live (this DVD is cool. Ive got all Pauls releases, solo, Mr Big and Racer X and while this DVD doesnt exactly cover all of this ground, its allot better than his 11000 Notes DVD. Pauls solo material is definitly a love it or hate it affair, theres no doubt hes an AMAZING guitar player, and vocally hes alright (much better than Steve Vai!!), his song lyrics are bizzare, he doesnt take it too seriously, and are usually a good laugh, but Pauls music is mostly to show off his guitar chops. The dvd is cool cos the whole this is shot live in a 'live' studio room with Linus of Hollywood on Bass and Marco Minneman on Drums and they are all wareing space suits!!!! Its filmed well given the setting and sounds great)

07/02/06: Patrick -
Ohh so many good DVD's this year, in no particular order

Evergrey - A Night to Remember (Awesome live show from an awesome band, excellent set list, covers all the best songs (except i would have liked to hear 'Im Sorry' live) they really went all out for this gig and this DVD really does them proud)

Fates Warning - Live in Athens (so glad to see Fates Warning still kicking. They play a track off everything from No Exit it FWX, and actually play quite a bit of recent material. These guys are the masters of prog rock / metal and this live show is killer)

Def Leppard - Rock of Ages (If you have all the DVDs / VHS tapes then you wont really see anything new on here other then the No Matter What rehersal/clip but its kinda cool. The main reason I got it was for the commentaries. Not as interesting as I expected but cool none the less)

Motley Crue - Carnival of Sins (this is the first DVD that Ive seen that really brings a BIG show to your television. There are lots of other awesome live DVDs but the prodution of this one is mind blowing. I saw them in Melbourne and this DVD does the show justice)

Pain of Salvation - BE (Theatrical) (this DVD is utterly amazing, if youve never heard Pain of Salvation then do yourself a favour. They might take a few listens to get into but its truly worth it. And actually BE is a great place to start)

Dream Theater - When Dream and Day Reunite Official Bootleg (Cool live DVD of Dream Theater playing WDADU in its entirity, and then having original vocallist Charlie Dominici and their second keyboard player Derrick Sherinian joining them onstage for the encore)

Yellow Matter Custard - One Night in New York City (another official bootleg of the live gig performed by Yellow Matter Custard at BB Kings in NY. For those who dont know how YMC is they are a band formed by Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater for a special once off gig playing all Beatles tunes. Also features Paul Gilbert on Guitar, Neal Morse on Keys/Guitar and Matt Bisonette on Bass. The set list is huge, and the show is really, really cool)

Biggest dissapointment - Coheed and Cambria - Live at the Starland Ballroom - It starts off good but Claudios voice just cant seem to hold up to a full gig, its a shame C&C really kick ass. The rest of the band is tight, but they just dont sound that great live compared to the studio releases. I know thats an unfair statement but their studio recordings are really pollished and i would say quite difficult to replicate live, they did a good job, but not great. Worth checking out anyway, but I was looking forward to more)

07/02/06: Tomas Magnusson -
1. Eagles - Live from Melbourne
2. Europe - Live from the dark
3. Journey - Live from Houston
4. Judas Priest - Rising from the east
5. Magnum "Livin' the dream"

07/02/06: GAFF -
1. RUSH - R30 (not as good as Rio but still great).
2. Journey - Escape Houston 81. (There's something about Steve Perry).
3. Enchant - Live At Last.
That's all I can afford.

07/02/06: Ton Jansen -
Best three dvd's in 2005
Status Quo -The party ain't over yet
Magnum - Livin'the dream
Seventh Key: Live in Atlanta

07/02/06: Axe Machine -