Blanc Faces Falling From The Moon Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Brian & Robbie La Blanc

· Running Time: 47.51

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock/AOR

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 92%
The La Blanc Brothers delivered a strong classic AOR themed debut album three years back. A little too much time between records, the legacy of Blanc Faces hinged on the duo delivering an album to prove the debut was no one-off and they were capable of continuing to deliver. Well, Falling From The Moon does deliver.
There are no surprises here and nothing we didn't hear on the debut, but that's ok. The formula remains intact, but this time around everything has been done better.
The production is much stronger and the super crisp mix (from Dennis Ward) gives every layer room to breathe. The performances are terrific – especially the vocals and the songwriting. The album delivers some highly catchy commercial American AOR.
You don't get much better than the opening duo of I Come Alive and Falling From The Moon. The vocals have a little Mecca/Joe Vana feel to them, letting emotions come to the fore in the ballad Everything.
It's All About The Love showcases the extreme commerciality of the record, with 80s keys giving the album its poppiest moments. It's here and a few times elsewhere that things tend to get a little cheesy, but that is outweighed by the gems like the moodier Deep In The Heart.
That's where I'd like to see the guys take their music – the punchier side of things, such as this track, Don't Take It Away and I Come Alive.
The Survivor-esque ballad Light Of The World is another superb moodier track and I Will is like Glass Tiger goes Midwestern AOR.
The big ballad Fly is another Mecca moment and closes the album in style.
The Bottom Line
This is a great traditional American AOR record that will delight fans of the debut and perhaps convince a few newcomers also with the increased quality. It's a little too "nice" in places and pink and fluffy in spades, but the performances cannot be questioned. Where to from here guys? I think a little darker might suit them, but keep the great vocal style in tact whatever you do.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Blanc Faces
· Falling From The Moon

Line Up:
· Robbie La Blanc: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
· Brian LaBlanc: Vocals, Bass
· Kyle Woodring: Drums
· Butch Taylor, Michael Patzig: Lead Guitars
· Jeff Batter: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Blanc Faces - Blanc Faces
· Mecca
· Survivor
Track Listing
· I Come Alive *
· Falling From The Moon *
· I Swear To You
· Everything
· It's All About The Love
· Goodbye Summer
· Deep In The Heart *
· Don't Take It Away *
· Like A Believer
· Light Of The World
· I Will
· Fly *

--*Best Tracks

11/02/10: Vern -
Rating: 92
Classy tunes, a great voice, nice production. A lot of MR purchases have let me down over the past year but this was a welcome surprise. The one niggle is I think Everything, whilst being a good ballad, is misplaced in the track order. It comes too soon and stalls the pace when all I want is to keep the up-tempo vibe driving for a little longer. Special praise is in order for the track Falling From The Moon which I find about the most infectious song I've heard in ages.

07/02/10: Kevin Betts -
Rating: 82
Very nice with a similar feel to Survivor circa 'Vital Signs'. The opening two tracks are potential AOR classics but it's here that the album flatters to deceive as nothing that follows matches up to the standard they set. I commented positively on the lyrics when reviewing the W.E.T album and this album represents the flip side of that - hideously clichéd lyrics that are only partially redeemed by the passion of the vocal delivery. Musical blancmange? (Sorry, couldn't resist - it's sweet, easy to digest and not something you'd want to consume every day).

13/12/09: Mike -
Rating: 82
I anticipated this release highly!
Simply put I thought that classic debut+4 years hiatus+raving expectations would result in one hell of a sophomore album!
And although the first half of the album is good, it doesn't have the magic of that debut. During the second half I find myself doing other things than listening to this CD.
Hope they won't take another 4 years for the third album though.

03/12/09: Paul -
Rating: 89
After having just chastised Andrew for his "favoritism" review of the W.E.T. cd, I have to commend him on the accuracy of his review for this cd. Blanc Faces are what they are. They're very formulaic... if they were an ice cream, they'd be vanilla. Safe and simple. One has to evaluate it based on that. Alaskaman's analysis is spot on. People who like an adult contemporary variety of AOR will enjoy this. If you like more grit, steer clear. But for what it's intended to be, this is a "VERY GOOD" cd.

02/12/09: David -
Rating: 95
This is a very good cd. I bought this and the W.E.T. cd at the same time and found myself listening to this more often. It really sounds like an updated version of Bad Company's cd Here Come Trouble or Holy Water. If your a fan of either of these cds then you must get this cd. No great rocker songs or ballads but solid all the way through with no crappy filler songs.

02/12/09: alaskaman -
Rating: 77
This one is a matter of tastes, I guess. The positives: a nice production, catchy melodies, strong vocals. But for me, the negatives sink the ship: predictable songwriting, safe song structures, a "sameness" to the songs, all covered in a sticky 1980's glaze.

01/12/09: Thomas Sjöberg -
Rating: 100
I really got surprised about this one!
what a voice, superb choruses and really good feeling all over!
The same sound as Survivor, 101 South and Los Angeles.
Really great Aor!
One of mhy favourite albums 2009!!

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