Blanc Faces Blanc Faces Frontiers Records
· Produced By: Brian & Robbie LaBlanc

· Running Time: 52.40

· Release Date: July 4

· Released:

· Musical Style: AOR

· Links: Frontiers
Songs: 90%
Sound: 85%
Proving AOR isn't totally dead or forgotten about; Blanc Faces offer AOR fans one of the strongest debut albums of its kind since perhaps the Mecca release.
The backbone of the band is brothers Robbie and Brian La Blanc, who both have extensive résumé's in the music world, without previously striking for solo glory.
Now is there time, as this album will firmly plant their names upon the scene as ones to watch for future releases.
The album was produced by the band, but mixed by the great Dennis Ward. Now, if ever there was an instance to award Dennis some praise, this is it. I heard the pre-mix of this album and was a little worried. But the final mix sounds great and thankfully this album has now been given the chance to compete with the big boys.
Musically this is largely uptempo, keyboard friendly AOR record, played with precision in an 80's mold that will definitely appeal to fans of old school AOR such as Survivor and Canada's Glass Tiger.
More recent comparisons are to that of Mecca and the voice of Joe Vana. Fans of that album will certainly find more to like in this.
While the mid-tempo Here's To You gets the album off to a pleasant start, it's Edge Of The World that really kicks things into gear. This is a powerful and emotion filled track with a great anthem chorus that brings back memories of such artists as James Christian and Signal.
We'll Make The Best Of It heads back into the easy going mid-tempo rhythm established by the lead track. Vocally it's a cross between Alan Frew of Glass Tiger and Joe Vana.
The ballad Stranger To Love again reminds me of the AOR stylings of Signal, which I'm sure will please those reading this.
Not every track has the impact of the album highlights, but the album itself is consistent throughout. The album quality is slightly reduced through part of the middle, but the uptempo rocker Sorry For The Heartache makes amends.
And the moody Mr. Mister like closer We Will Rise ensures that the album closes on a high note.
The Bottom Line
Another one for fans of classic American AOR. In a year dominated by strong melodic metal releases, it's great to be able to talk up a release that almost perfect fits one of the ideals that this website was originally built around: New music….new bands.…old sounds!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Blanc Faces

Line Up:
· Robbie La Blanc: Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
· Brian La Blanc: Bass, Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals, Percussion, Organ, Keyboards
· Kyle Woodring: Drums
· Butch Taylor: Lead Guitar
· Jeff Batter: Keyboards, Organ, Piano

Essential For Fans Of:
· Mecca
· Glass Tiger
· Survivor
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Track Listing
· Here's To You
· Edge of The World*
· We'll Make The Best of It*
· Stranger To Love*
· Turn This World Around
· It's Little Too Late
· Staying Power
· Where Do I Go From Here
· Beneath This Heart
· Pray For Me
· Sorry For The Heartache
· We Will Rise*
--*Best Tracks

31/01/06: GEORGE JANETIS -
Rating: 90
Hello to everyone!
I recently bought this cd and i have only this to say:it's a GREAT piece of work that everyone will enjoy!Buying albums like this one is always an "investment" so go and get it without any hesitation!!

30/11/05: Axe Machine -
Rating: 90
Those fine people at Frontiers Records have somehow managed yet again to find a gem. Absolutely top notch album. Comparisons to Survivor and the original incarnation of Diving For Pearls should be drawn, and although this is no Vital Signs or the DFP debut, it is certainly a fine album. I was curious as to whether the vocalist could 'do it' live at UFOR, but I was pleasantly suprised, as Blanc Faces were certainly one of the best bands of the day. Looking forward to the next one already. Highly Recommended.

24/11/05: gavin -
Rating: 100
thank god for blanc faces, i thought i was back in 1985 again TOTALLY FANTASTIC only mecca and pride of lions come close but this for me blows them both away!!!! pray for me (track10) is near perfection PLEASE put them on the bill at next years firefest!!! in a nutshell 80s aor at its utter finest ESSENTIAL!

03/11/05: scott -
Rating: 100
every song is freat not a weak song on this cd this and Gotthard'S lipservice so far are my picks for cd of the year

19/10/05: John Marshall -
Rating: 100
Unbelievably awesome cd! From production to quality of material, this is top notch music! I am a sucker for love songs and "Stranger to Love" and "Pray For Me" are powerful tracks. Love the versatility in the musicianship and Robbie's vocal range. Simply something for everyone on this cd and a must for anyone who can claim they have good taste in music. It's a shame 100 is as high as I'm allowed to give the cd cuz I'd go one helluva lot higher! Way to go, Blanc Faces!!! Looking forward to the follow up and hopefully some live shows!

18/08/05: Mitch Stevenson -
Rating: 85
Great CD - an absolute must for all fans of Survivor, Foreigner, The Storm, etc

Vocal remind me of Brian Howe era Bad Company, especially tracks 2 & 6 - very similar to "If you needed somebody" from HOLY WATER. These 2 tracks also just happen to be my favourites from the CD, and will be very difficult to beat in quality this year!)

Highly recommended, and can't wait for the follow-up!


14/07/05: Paul Ryan -
Rating: 99
Album of the year...simple as that!! AOR of the highest order. I just hope Frontiers actually promote this and not just leave it to sell by word of mouth. Worthy successor to Giant!

13/07/05: Mike -
Rating: 95
So far "the best ablum of the year". Great American 80's sounding AOR. Every song so full of hooks & sounds so familiar that you swear you have heard this before. Great singer. Absolutely no fillers or dudes on this one. Need more like this.
'Stranger to Love' is my favorite track.

12/07/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 90
Excellent AOR, indeed ! But for those who know me, my highest rating ever was 92 ! I'll never give 99 as a rating (that record should be perfect, and not single one is perfect at all !).
I think that the Mecca release was just that bit better. But it's close !
The fact that Andrew gives this a (good) 87 rating and Waltham no less than 94 says it all !
Andrew has been lost for the AOR world, he's a nu-breed/alternative fan, like Dave Reynolds. Sad, but true !
BUY !!!
One of the few real AOR releases of the year so far !
BUY !!!

12/07/05: Tom -
Rating: 99
Hi,there. This is an amazin record.I don`t know, why most of the 80 groups want to make a modern sound.I think, a lot of people have wait for such a great Album. Thank you Blanc Faces and, for beliefeing in good music. Cheers Tom

03/07/05: Ton -
Rating: 95
Best Survivor-imitation (not negative)I heard.Much better than Pride of Lions. Very enjoyable aor this is. Somee highlights: A stranger to love, Beneath this heart en Here's to you.One of the best this year.Every serious aor-adept buy this one!!

03/07/05: Thomas/Coastline -
Rating: 95
We're absolutely right on track with this one, it's just what fans of classic AOR have been longing for. These guys know what they're doin'!

26/06/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 99
Now this is how rock and roll is done boys and girls. I think I can wet myself with the songs on this album. THEY ARE THAT GOOD! I am amazed that someone remembers how to play keyboards! And come to notice this is not on Atenzia but the excellent Frontiers, who only mis-shoot with Harem Scarem.

Buy ten copies to show Frontiers we want more!!!!!

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