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LABEL: Now & Then Records NTHEN42
Produced by: No one - it's live!
  1. Dreams
  2. Scream
  3. Far Away
  4. Deep Winter
  5. Lonley Night
  6. Fire & Ice
  7. On A Storyteller's Night
  8. The Tower
  9. Fear Of The Dark
  10. Just Like An Arrow
After hearing the re-issued Mark Free album with the 1993 Live At The Gods performance as a bonus disc, I will always look forward to any live Now & Then recording. Bob Catley's release was recorded late last year at the Gods festival in the UK. Coming soon after the release of Bob's solo debut, this set includes most of that album (7 tracks) and three classic Magnum tracks.
The recording is certainly rawer than his album, but with the backing band being the seasoned Emerald Rain and having the added talents of Ten's Vinny Burns also on guitar, the songs are always going to be close to the original. It is to the bands' credit that the songs do sound so good.
Thankfully there is plenty of add-libbing and Vinny shines throughout. Was is very cool is to hear his addition to the Magnum tracks Lonley Night, the epic On A Storytellers Night and the big finale Just Like An Arrow. Top stuff!
Best album tracks include Scream, Deep Winter and the epic The Tower.
Bob's voice holds up with ease, much as you would expect from a veteran live performer and Emerald Rain perform admirably for a band that had only played the songs a hand full of times and learnt them days earlier.
A good release that should be a must buy for fans of Bob Catley, his solo release and other Magnum and Ten fans.
And another great live release from Now & Then, although the raw feel of the Mark Free release will always be hard to top.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Bob Catley, Hard Rain and Magnum fans and some Ten fans.

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