Produced by: Not Listed

Released: May 29 / Website
Closest Relative: Themselves
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. It's My Life
  2. Say It Isn't So
  3. Thank You For Loving Me
  4. Two Story Town
  5. Next 100 Years
  6. Just Older
  7. Mystery Train
  8. Save The World
  9. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars
  10. She's A Mystery
  11. I Got The Girl
  12. One Wild Night

So it's May 2000 and Bon Jovi are back! A new album and a new attitude, a return to the hey day of their first thumping hard rock, NO!
This is Bon Jovi and yes, a few of the songs do rock, but this is another division of the band's sound. This is another new facet of the bands capabilities. It is not anything near or like Slippery When Wet or any other album before or since then.
Crush has old elements and new ones. This is mainly an aging rock band providing what they are best at in this era, catchy mid tempo rock songs and smooth stripped back pop anthems and a few big ballads.
Let's take it track by track:
The opening track is the obvious single as it gets the fans thinking this is Bon Jovi returning to their hard rocking best. True, but on this and one other track only.
It's My Life is clearly the biggest hard rocker on the album and takes only the one listen to know instantly. This is classic Bon Jovi with a modern edge.
Things are looking good, but the pace of the album is unfortunately stunted already with track two.
Say It Isn't So has a hard-edged guitar sound, but is only a mid tempo track. The chorus is pure psychedelic Beatles meets rock n roll in the same effect that Shaw/Blades and even the Rembrandts have used - just heavier. It does proove one thing, the guys are capable of re-inventing themselves consistently.
Then with track three it's big power ballad time already. These guys have done so many big commercial ballads now it is hard to tell them apart. Add Thank You For Loving Me to that list.
This will be another radio hit and is a nice song of course, but I have enough tracks like this already. Plusses for the song is the use of an orchestra adding another dimension to the song and it does build to a big powerful finish.
Two Story Town is a hard rootsy rocker, using some special effects and is more in a raw stripped back Midwestern feel. It's another mid-tempo track, no big anthem but a good verse and a much better chorus. There are several layers of guitars and vocals, even if it is in a live bluesy style. A cool guitar solo features mid way, but it doesn't go long enough!
Next 100 Years is mid tempo again and multi layered, but still has that Midwestern feel to it rather than a hard edged rocker. More southern rock vocals from Jon and a chorus that is OK, without rising above the rest of the track.
Just when we really needed an uptempo track to save the day we get one. This is a more typical New Jersey style Bon Jovi rocker. Just Older isn't overly heavy to start, with a softer verse, but the chorus is a pure Springsteen in style (complete with piano) and where the song picks up and goes off. Much better.
Mystery Train slows things back down again. This is an acoustic driven track that has a real emotional feel to it and a great couple of melodic hooks. I like the feel of it a lot. It is basically an uptempo ballad and as close as Bon Jovi gets to AOR.
More laid back, stripped back Midwestern ballad rock comes in the form of Save The World.
This is the sort of song I can pretty much do without. Just as the album was building real momentum, these songs just wipe out the gains. More Beatles & Shaw/Blades comparisons and a chorus that rises nicely, but the song is just too laid back for me.
Now once again, this is more like it! The intro brings a smile to my face as I can hear the guitar building and just know this will be an anthem. It doesn't quite fulfill expectations as it turns more into an acoustic driven track, but the tempo is up and the song is happy. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars has some great melodic hooks, but could have been rockier.
An then once again, the tempo is lost and it's back to a slow ballad. But in this case I will let the guys off as Bon Jovi have proved with She's A Mystery that they can still, after all these years, write an original ballad. This is a quite cool, atmospheric, mysterious pop ballad with an almost new age feel to it. A cool soft and moody chorus.
I Got The Girl sounds like it is heading down the ballad road until after a soft intro, the verse crashes through the speakers. This is a happy uptempo pop rocker in the vein of the Rembrandts I'll Be There For You. A stripped back acoustic driven rocker.
And the final track for the album sees the guys ending it like they started it. One Wild Night is a more traditional hard rocking Bon Jovi song that moves at a pretty frantic pace and is noticeably heavier than most of the rest of the album. It's still not Bad Medicine though! A good party anthem.
This is much preferable to These Days, but I will still rather listen to Slippery When Wet, New Jersey or Keep The Faith over this.
BOTTOM LINE: Crush is not what everyone had hoped for when Jon Bon Jovi announced the band were returning to their Slippery When Wet roots.
It is however a much more upbeat and positive album and is therefore easier to listen to than These Days. This is not a hard rock band at their peak as they were with Slippery When Wet. This is more an older, more mature pop rock band still proving that they can cut it with the younger generation of chart topping groups. They can still write an original ballad and they can still party like the old days. This is the best of what Bon Jovi is in 2000, but not in 1987.
Please guys, don't pass it off as a return to the glory days. It's just something different.
DISCOGRAPHY:Bon Jovi . 7800 Degrees Fahrenheit . Slippery When Wet . New Jersey . Keep The Faith . Crossroad . These Days . Crush

22/12/09: Thomas -
Rating: 10
The one thing about BJ I can say today is, that they became that boring.
I bought Crush, what was a bis mistake. After listening too it for some time, I took it and gave it to a collegue.
A really boring album.

16/03/06: Big Mike -
Rating: 40
Make no mistake, the only reason this album sold so many copies was the hit single "It's My Life". Too bad the album was crap.
"Bounce" is a must better release but only sold half as much.
Do yourself a big favour and don't buy this album, you'll regret it like me.

16/09/04: vicky -
Rating: 0
obviously this isnt the bands best album but please stop dissing it, its stil class! i love listenin to it now 3 years after, the lyrics r powerful and the music is amazing the band havent given into trends i dont agree with that! i dont think they ever will! no matter how many albums they release and how many different styles they try they will always b a classic group and stay my favorite band in the world! rock on guys i love u sooooo much!

21/06/03: Boz -
Rating: 81
This is not a bad CD at all, with highlights such as "It's My Life," and "Thank You For Loving Me." It doesn't have the emotion of 1995's "These Days," but is not short of ballads by any means. This album is pretty good as a whole, but could benefit by a quicker tempo on some tracks. Good effort overall.

23/03/02: Luis -
Rating: 0
This is well done for what it is, a finely produced album for what is supposed to be today's market - but this is what puts me off, the fact that I can't imagine BJ playing this for their own pleasure at home and that I know they're capable of so much more (people gradually find this out when they buy the earlier albums, no doubt confirming BJ's 'success'); they're clearly not playing for themselves and formula stuff like this makes me think they don't care about music first and foremost anymore. I'm not saying they should try to imitate old BJ but please give the world and yourselves more credit.

They're back in the studio's been a while since Jon & the band made the kind of music that lasts, the kind that real people can imagine them playing even if no-one else was listening...
Come on Jon, Richie, Dave and Tico, get some real passion happening again, be yourselves.

08/03/02: WhammyBar -
Rating: 6
Come on Jon/Richie. The reason they've maintained their popularity
is because they HAVEN'T given in to trends. This is not Bonjovi,
but is a good album w/a different band name. Even the rockers
It's My Life and One Wild Night lack the guitar virtuosity that
Richie is capable of.

16/10/01: Harv -
Rating: 53
Crush should be renamed "Crash" as that is exactly what it did. It starts off great but quickly dissolves into a mixture of everything else that is on the radio today. JBJ might be "just older" but he is still JBJ and he is trying to reinvent the wheel. Jon, I hate to break it to you, but the wheel has been invented already.
Crush is Bon Jovi's attempt to stay hip in the 90's and beyond instead of being true to themselves. They are not the only ones to fall into this trap, but they should have seen the signs when Motley, Firehouse, Kiss, et al, failed miserably. When fans hear the name "Bon Jovi," they expect to hear Bon Jovi. This CD features a couple of "Bon Jovi-ish" tracks, but the rest sounds like every psuedo-rock band infecting the radio today.
I have a suggestion to JBJ which might help him improve his writing: Be original. It helped in the 80s and early 90s, so it might just help today.

10/08/01: Travis -
Rating: 30
I really love It's My Life! I went out and bought this album the first day hoping that the rest of the album had songs like that on it. I was very disapointed to find out that most of this album is poory written ballads! I love ballads, but the ones on this album are awful, the only other song I like on this album is One Wild Night. This is one of the worst albums that I own, I doubt that I will be buying the next Bon Jovi album!

09/04/01: cris -
Rating: 20
when i first heard the single "it´s my life" on radio, i thought myself: yeah, the new album will be a bomb. i bought it without listening to all the album. when i went home and listened to i was so frustrated. it sounds like a john bongiovi solo album, not like BON JOVI as group. some songs for my opinion have nothing to do with rock music. why is this album included on this excellent site?
faith and these days where suberb, but crush is a crash.
if there is new album in the future i´ll listen fully to it before buying it.

23/01/01: Rockystar -
Rating: 30
patetico, no lo soporto, no lo aguanto por mas tiempo, cuando escuche el single "it´s my life" pense que bon jovi habia regresado con un slippery when wet pero no...volvio con un disco indescriptible, a veces tiene temas tan poperos tan lights tan arggg que no se...tiene un tema que hasta podria parecerse a oasis, es muy malo solo se libra, "its my life" unica y exclusivamente

03/01/01: Mike -
Rating: 82
When "It's My Life" was released as the advanced single, it sounded like Bon Jovi had finally gone back to their mid-80's roots. Some of the tracks relfect that notion, too, such as "It's My Life," "Just Older," & "One Wild Night." However, most of the other tracks are mellower, showing this relase to be a hybrid of Slippery When Wet & These Days. It is a very good album & a step in the right direction towards vintage Bon Jovi. A couple of the ballards they are almost ripping themselves off, most notably "Thank You For Loving Me." The band has show it can still rock. With a few more songs with bite, this could have been the release everyone was hoping it was.

03/11/00: Brad -
Rating: 88
When I first read reviews of this album, including the one here, I was not at all inclined to buy it. Quite frankly, I had had enough of bands such as this going "soft." Bon Jovi was never really a "heavy metal band" like they were often categorized, but they did used to rock. Their first four albums are of course all incredible, and I even liked the musicianship of "Keep The Faith" even though it was clear that by this time they were beginning to "lose their balls." The "Crossroads" greatest hits collection was nice, but I did not care for the single "Always". It wasn't much better than the hideous vomit-inducing song Boyz To Men had out at the time. Then when I heard the lead single from "These Days"--"This Ain't No Love Song"--I pretty much gave up on this band for good. I referred to the song as "This Ain't No Rock Song." As I understand it, the whole album except for maybe one or two songs was very weak--like Whitney Houston with electric guitars. I can't say for certain to this day because I refused to listen to the album. I planned on taking the same route with "Crush", but since an acquaintance of mine had it and offered it to me to listen, I figured I'd give it a shot. Clearly, the single "It's My Life" was growing on me bigtime I had to admit. Well, after giving this album a couple of listens, I had to admit it was WAY better than I thought. I finally gave in and bought the album.

Okay--so besides the first and last tracks it really isn't a return to "old times." That being said, it really is a surprisingly good album. The tracks "Two Story Town" and "Next 100 Years" to me are standouts, and there are several other good songs besides the beginning and ending rockers. Sure I originally wished there were a couple more "hard-rocking" tracks, but I soon got over that. These guys are still making a name for themselves in a new era, and on this album they do it very well. They put out their first album only 16 years ago, so there's no reason to think they can't put out a few more good ones this decade. Again, I'll have to eat my original words about how I said I would never buy this album. I do indeed recommend it for Bon Jovi fans of old with a somewhat open mind. In the meantime, with songs as strong as the single "It's My Life", they must have a whole new generation of fans as well. Overall a fine job guys!

My rating of 88 is based on rating their first four albums at 95 or better and "Keep The Faith" at 87. I think I will be keeping it in fairly heavy rotation for months to come.

02/11/00: ATI -
Rating: 50
I payed a special Price for that Album (17,- DM = 8,- $) and I was happy I did not pay more.

That is really no more Bon Jovi. Something like Oasis meets Bon Jovi's last solo Album.

I'd be happy if the guys going back to Slippery when wet style.
I like only three songs on that CD!

13/10/00: Rachel -
Rating: 50
I bought this album and listened it to it maybe twice, haven't listened since. The only good song is Its My Life. And I just want to say that I loved These Days if that gives you any insight to this review. Crush lacks stadium rocking anthems, and the slow songs are just power ballads to be found here.

10/10/00: Evandro -
Rating: 80
This is a Good Album, I think the five best songs in the album are ..

It´s my Life - Remember one of boys bands in some parts but still a great Song ..
Next 100 Years - Very Good Song .. The instrumental Part is Wonderfull
Save The World - oh .. what a Ballad .. my favorite track
One night Wild - Great Rocker
I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You - Great Song, Great Rocker
This is not the best Jovi album but is very better than These days .. and this a Great thing because These days sucks ...

23/09/00: shawn pelata -
Rating: 90
here's the new bon jovi record. i like it. every song is good, no filler. i remember jon saying somewhere that this was going to be a return to the "slippery..." sound, well, it's not. the closest thing is "it's my life", which is a very good song. but that's where the "classic" bon jovi sound ends. however, this album is NOT disappointing. i like just about every song on it. if i was forced to pick a "clunker", it would probably be "mystery train". a little too "latter day springsteen" for me, but still well written. the ballad "she's a mystery" finds jon doing a very soft, airy vocal ala bono. very cool. "captain crash and the beauty queen from mars" has a catchy, upbeat, happy vibe to it. a little ditty about a street urchin and his "lucky charm" girl. i agree with the "shaw blades" assesment of "say it isn't so" and also hear a little moder radio pop in it ala everclear. "just older" is one of my favorite tracks on this disc. this could have been on "keep the faith", or maybe "these days". great chorus, strong melody. a good song about being happy with where/who you are..."the skin i'm in is alright with me...". "thank you for lovong me" has "wedding song" plastered all over it, right beside "monster hit". another of the great ballads you expect from this band. "one wild night" closes the record with a rocker. raw and aggressive...well, for bon jovi, anyway. good party song. if you're expecting another "new jersey" or "slippery when wet" then don't waste your money. BUT, if you're expecting a very good rock and roll album, you won't be disappointed.

17/09/00: Susumu -
Rating: 79
It's a good and enjoyable album though not annual best caliber.
First five tracks are excellent particularly Thank You For Loving Me and Next 100 Years. The rest of the tracks are not bad either. As far as album consistency goes it is nearly as great as Slipperly When Wet(my rating is 84). It surely has commercial appeal for ordinary rock fans.

10/09/00: wudawg -
Rating: 30
the opening track, " it's my life " is very misleading to the rest of the album. yes it's classic bon jovi but that's all we get until the final track, " one wild night ". everything in- between is either mid-tempo or a ballad. i had to take vivarin to keep from falling asleep to get through the rest of the cd. i would have to say this is very disappointing. i'm not looking for another " slippery when wet " but it would have been nice to have some balls out rock songs in there somewhere.

27/08/00: Arman Alimian -
Rating: 10
Just another commercial shit from the commercial pop songer
Bon Jovi. I wonder where are those days that we could listen to
music and not commercial trash!!!
There is such a singer like Joe Lynn Turner, who never gets
attention, but there are commercial motherfuckers who do
get attention and are on the top of charts, I don't mean
Bon Jovi, but there are others and you know it too guys!
But still I like this album. One thing I don't like in it, is that the songs are not written by Jon himself like he used
to do in Slippery When Wet, These Days and so on.
I want Jon to be the author of songs and not just a singer
who uses his name to earn just money!

21/08/00: Omeir -
Rating: 90
Weird how I got into bon jovi. I am a rock'n'roll fan. I love Motley Crue, Whitesnake, David Coverdale, Zeppelin and Van Halen and so on. Bon Jovi has always been a band I have kept at the back of my mind and said these guys are good I will buy their CD's later. But when I hear the growling intro of it's my life... I said fuck these guys fuckin rock...and the whole song is amazing. I went and got the CD. So many fans compare this to Slippery and say that "Crush" sucks. Hell no... Richie and Jon have aged very successfully with their fans. This album shows them staying very true to their roots and updating fire them into the new millenium. It's a great album. It's My Life, Two Story Town, and Say It Isn't So ( a beautiful rock song... almost a power ballad ) rock. It's relatively new but it's worth a buy. As Richie said "We wanted to make a positive Rock'n'Roll album... something people could listen to and enjoy" That's exactly what they've done

21/08/00: david -
Rating: 80
Well, first off I have to say that if you havent heard any Bon Jovi yet, forget about this album. Go buy New Jersey, or Slippery When Wet.
With that out of the way, I think this is a pretty good album, and easy to listen to.

1)Its My Life - Good catchy song. However, due to the fact that I hear it wherever I go, Ive grown tired of it. Also, parts of it sound almost
as if this was a boy-band, God forbid. Nonetheless, its catchy just dont listen to it too much

2) Say It Isn't So - I really like this song. Has a definite Bon Jovi sound, mixed with some of the better early-mid 90's alternative. One of the
better tracks on the album

3) Thank You For Loving Me - Unmistakable Bon Jovi ballad. It grew on me, as I didnt like it much at first listen

4) Two Story Town - Decent track. The vocals during the first verse sounds like the guy from Eagle Eye Cherry though,
which is a bad thing. After that, Jon sounds like Jon though

5) Next 100 Years - Very cool song. Really picks up by the chorus, and ends with about a minute and a half of instrumental fun. Very very cool

6) Just Older - This song rocks harder than any other on the album, easily. The only one on the album that would fit on any 80s Bon Jovi album

7) Mystery Train - Most well-written (and best) song on the album, definitely. Pretty slow song, but absolutely the most emotive on the album. Really nice acoustic chord progression
to open the song, excellent vocals in the chorus. Really nice outro too

8) Save The World - Pretty unremarkable song. Not bad, just not all that good

9) Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars - Pretty cool rock song. Catchy chorus

10) She's A Mystery - Very very mellow, but a great song. I cant understand people ripping on the band for
writing some slow songs, as long as the songs arent lame. This one certainly isnt. Very soothing, you could almost fall
asleep listening to it.

11) I Got The Girl - Party kind of song, slightly too cheesy for me though.

12) One Wild Night - Good rock song. Unspectacular, though it sounds like 80s bon jovi

13) I Could Make A Living Out Of Lovin You - Damn, this song rocks hard! Rocks way harder than "Just Older", my comment for that song implied
all songs on any "Crush" album. THis one is a bonus track though. More 80s Bon Jovi. Very hard rocker, outside of Mystery Train its my favorite
on the album

14/08/00: Oleg -
Rating: 8
First of all i have to say that it's a great album.
Not their best, but still good!!

It's my life - a great pop/rock song to raise the audience.
Say it isn't so - a british rock style song, also a good one.
Thank you for loving me - great ballad with great lyrics but short guitar solo.
Two story town - i like this song, reminds me of Joan Osbourne's "One Of US"
Next 100 years - good song, with a great guitar solo which takes me back to Dry county.
Just older - good choice to put this song in the album! i like it a lot, similar to Blood on blood.
Mystery train - a nice soft song.
Save the world - good ballad! with great Jon's voice on it.
Captain Crash - great rock & roll song.
She's a mystery - my least fave on the album, same repeatetive guitar sound.
I got the girl - second least fave, but i like it anyway.
One wild night - great rock song, but i think some instruments missing, but i still like it a lot.
I could make a living out of lovin' you - good song which reminds me of ZZ Top.

11/08/00: Larry -
Rating: 35
Before the release i heard it will be a back to the roots-album
and i thought it could be rocking like hell then i heard the single and was thinking YES it's true, but after hearing the full
CD I was shocked there's only 1 other tracks which kills the rest was nice rocking but not back to the roots, Also someone told in front of the release that there in no ballad on it, so i was very unhappy to find just so many slow songs on it

What's up are the guys to to ROCK the asses of or what!!!

31/07/00: thierry -
Rating: 8
this is a very good cd the only song i cant stand is shes a mystery that song blows .

29/07/00: jennifer -
Rating: 70
I must say that I am an 80's child like everyone else, but I have been listening to Bon Jovi since I was in middle school. They rocked then and they still rock! Yes, I must admitt when I first heard the album I was disappointed because I was waiting for the more upbeat rock songs that we are all use to. My guess is that Bon Jovi is now a more mature band that is marketing to the youth of today just like they did when we were all younger. This Crush album has a little bit of everything but it is not New Jersey. They have to compete with other Alternative bands, and all of the boy bands. I only hope they remain together into the millenium. I await the tour where I hope to hear all of the old rock and roll from Bon Jovi.

26/07/00: Jon Innes -
Rating: 8

25/07/00: Mark "Marko" Orsted -
Rating: 4
Hmm.. what to say.. hmm.. good schtuff!.. Yeah.. it is *not* the return of Bon Jovi the way we all wanted them to return, but nor is it the return of the Bon Jovi of the 90's. This is a pleasant combination of both, with most of the album leaning towards the straight forward rock sound, a couple of "huge" tracks, and a couple of absolutely pathetic tracks (the ones where the word Mystery is in the titles!). Overall, this gets decent airtime from me, but I'd have preferred a whole album of "It's My Life" to what I got.

20/07/00: Melih Cavli -
Rating: 1
I was so dissapointed when I first listened to the songs.
I used to be a great fan of BJ when they really rocked, but it seems those days are gone.How great could it be if this album would sound like SlipperyWW or New Jersey, or These Days.It's obvious that the legend is dead.
Very sad indeed....

19/07/00: Marc -
Rating: 0
This is the worse record BJ ever did. It's even worse than These Days. Usual ballads, but under usual par, rockers are an unknown beast in BJ 2000. I wonder if the guy has still got that power he had in late 80s or if he forgot how to rock and with the excuse of being in 2000 he only does ballads. Very strange It's My Life sounds like Backstreet Boys energized. Call it quits?
BTW, Danger Danger's last record is what BJ should sound in 2000.

15/07/00: travis - travis
Rating: 4
I was really disappointed at first and still hate two songs, but otherwise after several listens, I have found piece in that they will not make 'New jersey' again so get over it. Favorite songs are by far Two story Town, Its My Life, Say it isn't So, and One Wild Night. Captain Crash is pretty cool and Neuortica is good. The ballads are boring in my opinion with 'she's a mystery' being the only one that breaks any ground, but it could have used some heavy drum or guitars. Overall, any Bon Jovi fan should give it more than one listen and decide. I for one think it will disappear from my play list in a couple months only to show its head occasionaly.

14/07/00: Beth -
Rating: 10
Crush is a terrific album with something for everyone. I really took the time to listen to the album a few times to make a determination. Next 100 Years and One Wild Night truly rock. It's my Life is a cool driving song and gets you motivated. Thank you for Loving Me and Save the World are great rocking ballad that I've listened to 100 times already. It's worth the purchase. Everyone who ever liked Bon Jovi and everyone who weren't smart enough to give them a chance will love this album it returns to rock and roll but gives you a current take on it.


13/07/00: Benno -
Rating: 5
One point for each good song, and I'm talking the Australian release which came with two bonus tracks. Its My Life has become on of my favourite songs on my current play list, Thank You For Loving Me is a great balad, One Wild Night rocks out great, and then the two bonus tracks, I Could Make a Livin' and Neurotica. Here's the order from best to worst:
Its My Life
One Wild Night
I Could Make a Livin'
Thank You For Loving Me
The top four are fairly typical Bon Jovi rockers which I really like, the fifth is the big Bon Jovi balad. I bought the album and am disappointed, but I got five songs which are almost worth it.

11/07/00: Cathy -
Rating: 10
I love it!! It was worth the wait.

09/07/00: Jon Paine -
Rating: 40
This isn't the worst album of all time, but it doesn't give me chills either. The songs have way too much alternative influence, and rock much too little. Bon Jovi was never that great a band, but they knew how to write a catchy song. All the hooks are missing from this album, however, making it bland and generic. Only "The Next 100 Years," and "Thank You for Loving Me" have any catchiness to them, the former ending in a nice little jam session, the latter a somewhat catchy ballad. Overall, this album dissapoints.

05/07/00: Rob Kemp -
Rating: 50
Sounds like 80 left over music. Jon Bovi has a husky voice and sounds like he is straining when trying to hit some high notes. In my opinion Bon Jovi should have not made this album. Horrible !!!

03/07/00: John Prowell -
Rating: 0
Bon Jovi forgot how to be Bon Jovi ... it is as simple as that. They wasted their time doing solo projects instead of making the music that made them famous. Now that they are back together they totally forgot where they came from. My advice for the band.... get together and put in the old stuff from the 80's and listen to what you sounded like when you Rocked!!!!.. then go to the studio. I have a $14 frisbee now. Is it really that hard to Rock these days???

03/07/00: lance -
Rating: 95
Bon Jovi scores big with "crush". This album will have you singing along in no time. It's a all around feel-good album.

30/06/00: Tim Porter -
Rating: 10
Back to his roots my foot - this is rubbish!

30/06/00: heather - nunya
Rating: 90
i have only heard a couple of tracks off of this album, but the one's i have heard...i have been impressed with, completely!!!
this is the next album on my "to buy" list!

29/06/00: BOBBY -
Rating: 90
About time,i've waited so long for this and its finally come out.Well crush is a good cd,not their best but worth buying,the best tracks for me are,100 years,just older,its my life and the best track on the cd,the bonus track, jersey and slippery it aint,but if you liked destination,buy this.

24/06/00: Kamaryn -
Rating: 90
I gotta say, I loved Destination Anywhere and Undiscovered Soul, and I wasn't too sure if Bon Jovi could top that. Well, they have. Crush rocks!!! It's definitely a throwback to KTF and before, nothing like These Days to the past two solo albums comes even close. Tracks like One Wild Night, Neurotica, Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars, and I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You give this album a hard edge that Bon Jovi have been lacking. However, if you're looking for deep, introspective, socially conscious lyrics, this album isn't for you. It's a feel good record about simple themes: love, life, brotherhood. Basically how Bon Jovi started, except now with a new maturity and a modern twist.

23/06/00: Rob Hake -
Rating: 95
I have to say that I was a little bit apprehensive about buying this album. I heard all the talk about a "return the the Slippery When Wet days", and I didn't really care for that to happen. But fortunately, it hasn't.
It's not that I don't like Slippery When Wet. I Do. But, that was then and this is now. The bottom line is that Slippery was a straightforward 80's party rock album(and many tracks have a very dated sound). With "Keep The Faith" and "These Days" Bon Jovi had evolved greatly as a band and to backtrack to the sound of the "glory days" would be downright foolish.
I just bought this album yesterday, and I haven't stopped listening to it yet!! I think it is great, and has the possibility of being my favorite Bon Jovi album ever. Very melodic, laid-back, mature rock. That said, I don't think the album will sell well. Fans will continue to have mixed or bad feelings about the album. And the band will again be pressured to change.

20/06/00: Marc Vanway -
Rating: 95
This is the best album since new jersey. Tracks like "It's my life " or "one wild night" are their back to the eighty's, but we can't forget that we are in the 2000 and songs like "captain crush and the beauty queen from mars", "two story town" or "older" gets that sound that it seems old and new at time. And what to say about ballads as "thank you for loving me". They are in their best.
It's a little difficult to listen, buy the more you listen, the more you love it. Buy or die!!!

19/06/00: Dan -
Rating: 85
This is, to me, one of those albums you have to hear more than once to truly appreciate. At first listen, I was extremely disappointed. I thought that, with the exception of I'ts My Life, there wasn't a single song here with any amount of passion or energy. I'm one of those rare BJ fans that LOVED These Days, in fact I feel that, musically, it's their best work. Even the slow and mid-tempo songs on TD were unique, original, and performed with intensity. Crush, at first listen, sounded like the boys were mailing it in. I was shocked when I read that they had 60 completed Demos from which to choose when they entered the studio. I rushed out and bought this CD on day one, and was totally "Crush-ed" when I listened to it. But being a die-hard Bon Jovi fan, and being lucky enough to work in a job where I can listen to CD's all day while I toil away, I promise myself I would spin it for 8 straight hours the next day. Despite my negative first impression, I had a gut feeling that this one would grow on me (Much like Sambora's latest CD, hated it at first listen, now it's a staple in my collection). Boy was I right! By the time I went home that first day I couldn't wait to listen to the disc again. My favs that first day were of course It's My Life, along with Say It Isn't So, Thank You For Loving Me, Just Older, and One Wild Night. I have had it playing non-stop at work ever since. The only thing keeping me from giving this a rating in the 90s is that there are a few songs I just cannot get excited about despite the repeated listening. 100 Years, Mystery Train and Save The World usually get the skip button from me. Now what I want to do is find the import version with all those extra bonus tracks. Why is it so many bands reward the overseas buyer with extra tracks???? How many of BJ's albums have sold over HERE?!?!??!?! The bulk of them! Why shouldn't WE get the bonus tracks!!!! Anyway, I like the CD, but with a caviat, when they record again, damnit, I want a straightforward rock album. You've done the artsy, self-indulgent thing now guys, it's time to just give the fans what they want.

Here are two more thoughts. One: I hope to hell they hit the west coast on this tour. For These Days, they toured 2 years and NEVER played a single date in the NW. Also, this band has never done a live album, and I think it's time. Musically, chops-wise, they may be at their peak now. I think a live album with 15-18 of their best songs on it would be VERY fitting.

Give it to us guys!!!!!!!!

Finally, if you are a fan and you are reading these reviews before deciding whether to plunk down 15 bucks for this record. Here is my 2 cents. Buy it, but give it a chance. Listen to it repeatedly with an open mind for 2 days. If you don't like it by then, sell it on and dig out your Slippery disk!

15/06/00: Suzi -
Rating: 0
If you have a open mind and heart for the new 2000 generation, you will understand that Bon Jovi has one again DONE IT! This album proves that Bon Jovi can stay in touch with time, and he still knows how to ROCK THIS WORLD!!!!! If you didn't like it compared to Slippery When Wet, then you need to go back in time and stay there, this is the new Bon Jovi, moving along with time. The entire album is totally CRUSH!!! : ) : ) : ) : )
Say It Isn't So---Suzi

01/06/00: Fabio -
Rating: 0
When BJ said he was goin' back to the Slippery When Wet times and sounds,I was thinking "Great, maybe he can write again some catchy riffs along with great ballads".
I was wrong.
I was the first to go out and buy the record among my friends. Disappointed at less. No ballad as great as in These Days or Keep the Faith. No rock tune as catchy as Slippery when Wet. Everything is already heard, no news, no great compositions, sometimes sounds like Radiohead meets grungy Bon Jovi. If this is BJ 2000, I'm scared. Don't know if I'll buy next record.
I strongly believe this is the worse record BJ did. Danger Danger's The Return of the Great Gildersleeves is the real new "old BJ sound" record. Save your money and buy Danger Danger. And I'm not a Danger Danger fan.

31/05/00: Abel Lopez -
Rating: 89
1.It's My Life is a straight out hard rock catchy tune with as the rest of the almbum an updated sound.You can't hepl singing this song after you,ve heard it just once.I found myself listening to it over and over again.By far the best song on the album.If this song get's any kind of substatial radio airplay it will be a top ten hit.One of Bon Jovi's best songs ever!
2.Say It Isn't So is a later-era Beatles style tune.Jon's uses a voice effect to give it a bit of a phychadelic tone to it.
3.Thank You For Loving Me is a beautiful piano driven ballad in the style of Bed of Roses and Always.Hearing Jon and Ritchie once again sing duet brings a cool and relaxing feeling to my heart.Make's you think of oyur first love,the one you never forget.
4.Two Story Town,7.Mystery Train,and 9.Captain Crash are mellow tempo folk style track in the style of songs on the These Days album.
5.The Next 100 Years is a prety cool medium tempo rocker that kick into full kicka## gear at about the 4:25 mark when Ritchie and the band jam through one very very cool instumental rollercoaster ride.I guess you could say Ritchie solos twice on this one and the second ones a duesy!
6.Just Older.I can't help tapping my foot on this one.But then again that could be said on most of these tracks.Pretty coll solo in Ritchie Sambora rocking blues style.
8.Save The World.Mellow ballad with a pop hook.
10.She'A Mystery.Slow tempo souhern touch ballad with slide guitar.
11.I Got the Girl.Slow tempo satrting track that speads up a bit after a minute or so.
12.Ojne Wild Night.Hard Rocking track with a 2000 modern edge to it.Ricthie works his magic on this cool groove.

All in All a very good album with Bon Jovi updating their sound but still rocking with cool pop hooks.Put it this way this would blow any of that teen idol/pretty boy cr#p out of the water!

29/05/00: Anders -
Rating: 10
this album to me is a great mix of all the old albums(even jon and richie´s solo) with some new freshness as well.
1. it´s my life (a 2000 party anthem like bad name was in 86)
2. say it isn´t so(a very cool song)
3. thank you for loving me (like the ballads they have done in the past this one will also be a sure hit single)
4. two story town (a song that would have fit in nice both on new jersey and keep the faith)
5. next 100 years (when the solo part will come live im sure it will bring down the roof)
6. just older (in the school of wild in the streets and ill sleep when im dead-a party rocker!!!!!)
7.mystery train (a mellow cool tune)
8. save the world(what a ballad!)
9. captain crash & the beauty queen from mars(the song i think most takes me to the sound of Jons destination anywhere album)
10. she´s a mystery (and the i guess this one is more from Richies undiscovered soul album)
11.i got the girl( a rock and roll song-new jersey style)
12. one wild night( this is a real party rocker,show opener turn it up loud)
13. i could make a living out of loving you (bonus track for us europeans-a rock song as well)
this ain´t a new slippery when wet or new jersey -this is a new Bon Jovi record and it will go a long way.and many hit singles to be picked from it and many of the songs will become new live favorites.see ya on tour!

22/05/00: Joe -
Rating: 0
1- Its My Life= Nice song. When I first heard it I was a little taken back. It wasnt what I was hoping for, but after time I grew to really like it!
2- Say It Isnt So= Kinds start off with a trippy sound. What I mean by that is it sounds like ANY song when you are high. That is not a slam. Just very different, different vibe. Overall, not too bad, but not great
3- Thank You For Loving Me= Ballad from the word go. Not bad for a ballad, but it doesnt stand up to their Previous ones, which are great.
4- 2 Story Town= Over 5 minutes. Not a rocker, not a ballad. just doesnt sound like a Bon Jovi song to me. Has 'Ooooooo" in the background. Reminisent of These Days CD
5- Next 100 Years= I kinda liked the guitar at the beginning and then it stopped and Jon started singing. Another one in the vein of These Days.
6- Just Older= A rocker. Not a hard rocker, but compared to the rest of the CD it is hard. Not that great.
7- Mystery Train= ANOTHER slow song. I can do without it for sure!
8- Save The World= Another slow song. Not a power ballad, but it sounds okay. Better than Mystery Train.
9- CaptaiN Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars= Sounds more like the Partridge Family than Bon Jovi! I am serious. When you listen to it, dont think of it being froM Bon Jovi, and close your eyes and you will see the Partridge Family.
10- Shes a Mystery= Pass on this one too. Not a typical ballad, but VERY slow. Not very BON JOVIesque
11- I Got THe Girl= Another mid tempo song. More Poppy sounding than you might think. For me it is another dud.
12- One WIld Night= Starts off with Freaky sounding music. Like from a Tom and Jerry Cartoon or something, but then starts Rocking. BY FAR the BEST SONG ON THE CD! This is the kinda song I was Hoping to hear from them and I finally got it 12 tracks into the CD!!
13- I Could Make A living Out Of Lovin You= ANother good rocker. Not a HARD rocker, but it certainly rocks a bit. I like it.
14- Hush (Bside)= Sounds like the Beatles on Acid. Similar to These Days CD, I guess. Overall not too bad. It is better than the middle of the USA CD but I have heard better.
15- I Dont Want TO live Forever= Sounds like they tried to have a rocker here, but I just dont care for it.
16- You Cant Lose In Love= Ballad. Pretty Good. Another song that is better than the songs on the USA CD. But by this time I was REALLY wanting a Hard Rocking song, but it just didnt happen.

This is just my opinion on the songs. Maybe after listening to it over again a few times more of the songs might grow on me, but I was overall disappointed at this CD. On the above songs, the CD just seemed to be a bit boring from track 4-about12. After that it picked up again.

Fave songs:
One Wild Night
I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You
Its My Life

15/05/00: Raul Rolando -
Rating: 9
Maybe Crush isn´t the best Bon Jovi album , but it´s a real surprise to me , after hear a song called "Real Life" a year ago i was really scared, but now i can say that the guys back to their roots!!
Songs like "It´s My Life" or "One Wild Nigh" really rocks and this is not the Slippey or New Jersey but it´s better than the enough soft "These Days".
This record it´s a mirror of the Jon and Richie roots , Jon sounds on songs like "Just Older" "I Got The Girl" or the B-Side "Hush" like his hero Bruce Springsteen and in the other side songs like "100 Years" or "Captain Crush" are a Beatles tribute.
And like always big ballads, "Thank You For Loving Me" sounds like "This Ain´t A Love Song" (the best Bon Jovi ballad) but it´s a little bit comercial like "Save The World" but the real surprise is "She´s a Mistery" maybe the best piece of the album without doubt.
Thanks God that the guys are back and better than ever, only they know how to do it.... and they do it again!! FROM SPAIN : BON JOVI FOREVER!!
P.S "Just Older", "Hush" , "Save The World" and the rocker "I Got The Girl" are songs that Jon Bon Jovi wrote on 1998 for his third solo album that i don´t know why never saw the light.

13/05/00: Steve Cunningham -
Rating: 0
Bon Jovi - Crush
Preview by Steve Cunningham (

This is full of spoilers, so if you want to be surprised by the new Bon Jovi album, then stop reading now. You've been warned :-)

A little background. I'm a BJ fan, but not hardcore, although I'm only 18 so I have some time. I just actually got into them a few months ago, and picked up "Cross Road" and "These Days," the latter of which has become one of my favorite albums of all time. I picked up a promo of "Crush" at a used record store really cheap. It doesn't have any artwork, just a song & time listing. It doesn't even say "For promotional use only" nor does it list a release date for the album, so I'm not sure what the intent was for the promo, but I'm thourougly enjoying it at the moment :-).

As for the album, it's very good as a whole. I don't think it's as good as "These Days," but maybe because this album is still pretty new to me. I have a feeling it will grow on people quite a bit as they listen to it more. My only complaint is the lack of real rock & roll songs on it. It wasn't quite what I expected from a Bon Jovi album, especially after having some of my faith restored last year by Def Lep's "Euphoria."

There are rockers, ballads, and acoustic tracks, so there's something for everyone. The most noticable absecence though is of any kind of "Stadium anthem" that they have been so good at in the past. There's no "Prayer" or "Keep The Faith" or "Something For The Pain," a kind of song that's great for thousands of people to sing along to. But, you'll hear it all for yourselves soon.

For anyone who wants to read it, here is a track by track rundown:

1. "It's My Life" (3:43)
Sonically, this is a wake-up track for anyone expecting "Still Slippery When Wet." A good song, with crunching guitars throughout, slightly Korn in tone, but that's where the similarity ends, don't worry. However, the chorus, while strong, gives the song a very
boy band-ish feel to it (when you hear the harmonies, you'll understand). Still, catchy, and a good start to the record.

2. "Say It Isn't So" (3:31)
We go from the ass-kicking opener to one of the weakest tracks on the record. It starts out with Richie playing the god-awful "Semi-Charmed Life" chord progression that has made us sick by now. Even when the chords change, the song is just weak, and doesn't really go anywhere.

3. "Thank You" (5:07)
The first ballad of the record, and a good one. Not as immediately striking as "This Ain't A Love Song" (possibly my favorite "power ballad" of all time), but this one will grow on people, although I'm not sure it can be a breakout single like "Always." It has a prominent piano part, and a very nice complimentary string arrangement. Great song, and hopefully will be a huge single for the band (god knows radio and TV need them right now).

4. "Two Story Town" (5:10, incorrectly listed as 6:18 on the sleeve)
Again, BJ follows up another powerful track with a weakling, this time borrowing the chord progression (and a bit of the vocal melody) directly from Sarah McLachlan's "Building A Mystery." Like "Say It Isn't So," it isn't unlistenable, but this track may end up being one of the couple off the album that no one ever talks about, which is probably for the better.

5. "The Next 100 Years" (6:19, listed as 4:28)
A great mid-tempo rocker that goes into double-time at the end for the fadeout. Another good track that isn't a standout, but after "Two Story Town" it sounds like "Hey Jude." Speaking of "Hey Jude," there's a nice little "na na na" bit towards the end that caps off the track, along with a nifty string section. This song grows on me more and more every time I hear it. Speaking of "Hey Jude" again, I am beginning to notice a little bit of a Beatles feel in the track, but just enough to make it good.

6. "Older" (4:28, incorrectly listed as 5:13)
An uptempo rock song, more in the classic BJ vibe than anything we've heard so far off the album, although it's hardly "Prayer." One of the album's best songs, just a straight-ahead rock & roll song, with great guitar playing, a few chords, and the truth. Not much to say about this one, it's pretty simple. You'll like it though. By track 6,
it's about damn time we get some real rock & roll on a Bon Jovi record.

7. "Mystery Train" (5:14, listed as 5:31)
This is the bona-fide VH1 track on "Crazy." An acoustic-driven uptempo track, in the same vein as Soul Asylum's "Runaway Train." This is definately a single for the "Adult Contemporary" audience. Like "Older," it's nothing revolutionary, but I think people will like this one. A well written song.

8. "Save The World" (5:31, listed as 4:31)
Power ballad #2. This one is much more generic, and thus less satisfying than "Thank You." Not horrible, but not that great. Maybe it will grow on me, I just don't see it having much potential beyond being "one of the ballads on the new Bon Jovi record." Then again, Phil Collins told Clapton that's what he thought about "Tears In Heaven."

9. "Captain Crash" (4:31, listed as 5:18)
Back to the rock & roll, "Captain Crash" is a great song. The only complaint is it's similarity to "Stay Young" by Oasis, right down to the word "invincible" in the chorus. If you're not an Oasis fan, then you have nothing to worry about, this track is pure, harmless fun. No overly intelligent lyrics here, but a bouncy, fun track that lightens the mood a bit after "Save The World."

10. "She's A Mystery" (5:18)
Ballad #3, although not on the "power" side. Kind of a Chris Issac acoustic song (except not that scary) with some light brushes providing the percussion. Really mellow, with some soothing tones coming out of Richie's strat. An interesting side of the band, a very soft side that is rarely seen.

11. "I Got The Girl" (4:35)
A Tom Petty-esque upbeat jam, with a definate southern feel, although it's hardly "Ramblin' Man." A potential single over a bunch of different formats, could be very successful. A great chorus and some cool Jon/Richie harmonies. More listens give off a Mellencamp vibe, except not annoying (sorry if anyone here is a fan of his, but his songs get on my nerves :-). One of the best tracks on the album.

12. "One Wild Night" (4:40)
If you own "The Ladder" by Yes (which you should, it's excellent), you'll recognize the first 20 seconds of this track, as it is EXACTLY the same as the first 15 seconds of "Lightning Strikes" by Yes. I don't know what the point of this is, I also don't know if Yes sampled it from somewhere or if BJ ripped it off from Yes assuming no one who listens to Bon Jovi would listen to Yes, let alone a new Yes album. They thought wrong :-)
Following the really annoying intro (just can't get past the Yes thing...sampling is morally wrong anyways), the rest of the track is a pretty decent hard rocker, and if nothing else, is at least in the spirit of classic Bon Jovi. Nice chorus, with Jon wailing over the rest of the band repeating "one wild night." I think this one will sound really great live too, so for all of you already planning your Wembley Stadium trips (lucky bastards), you'll be in for a treat if they play this live.