Bon Jovi Have A Nice Day Island Records
UICL-9027 (Japanese Release)
· Produced By: John Shanks, Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora

· Running Time: 61.03

· Release Date: September 19, 20 (World), Out Now (Japan)

· Released: WORLD

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Bon Jovi
Songs: 90%
Sound: 95%
At this point in their career, Bon Jovi need a great album. Bon Jovi fans want a great album. Both Crush and Bounce were solid records with highlights, but individual downfalls and each sold a less than the albums before them.
Bon Jovi are still the biggest band in this genre and one of the few that continue to have record company support and worldwide press exposure on demand.
This is a big release – the promotional efforts behind it suggest that the label are happy with what they have been delivered and they intend to make sure fans know about the new album. If only they put such effort into many other equally deserving acts.
Such was the band and labels desire to deliver a great album, the original album turned in 12 months ago was reconsidered as the band went back into the studio to record new tracks.
The biggest question I had over this album is whether the band would once again misjudge the balance of the album and relegate better tracks to B-Sides and Bonus Tracks.
Both Bounce and Crush would have benefited substantially from substituting B-Sides for some of the included tracks. Alas they weren't and thanks to modern technology, fans re-sequenced and rearranged the album themselves.
The good news – Have A Nice Day is easily the band's best album in sometime, but it is international fans that are getting the better album. The US version omits a couple of vital rock tracks that add strength to the overall release found in other territories.
Of most interest on Have A Nice Day is the band's updated sound. I expect this point to be heavily debated. On Bounce, Bon Jovi tuned down the guitars on the rock tracks and it just didn't work.
On Have A Nice Day the style is kept mostly consistent throughout and the whole band's sound has been updated – not just the guitar sound, or not just the rockers.
This is easily the band's most contemporary release ever, but curiously the band seems intent on chasing the most popular sound of the day rather than forging new territory of their own, such as they did when they released Keep The Faith.
Have A Nice Day producer John Shanks is the man driving the band's sound here. He co-writes several tracks which help bring the band into a new era. The band co-produces with Shanks, which shows this album has been a real team effort and I believe that shows. Long time collaborator Desmond Child, who appears on 2 co-writes here is listed as the album's executive producer – another sign of 'all hands on deck'.
Some fans aren't going to like the new sound and may not be as willing to step into the contemporary arena with the band. But the fact is that it suits the guys.
Shanks has worked with the likes of Ashlee Simpson; Anastacia; Kelly Clarkson; Alanis Morissette; Lindsay Lohan and Diana DeGarmo in recent times. He is a Grammy Award winning producer and worked with Bon Jovi to update their sound and approach.
Have A Nice Day has a sound that is more comparable to Goo Goo Dolls and Matchbox Twenty than Slippery When Wet or New Jersey. Added orchestration, production effects and strings on two tracks add many different dimensions to the band's new sound.
Best news for fans is that the rockers outweigh the ballads, even on the US version. On the international version that ratio is further extended.
In fact, with the last 3 tracks of the basic album plus 2 UK and Japanese bonus tracks, we get 5 rockers in a row. When was the last time that happened on any Bon Jovi album?
Track By Track:
You won't find many better tracks than the ultra catchy Have A Nice Day. However, once again, Bon Jovi kicks off with a lead single and lead track which doesn't accurately represent the sound of the rest of the album. This track has a close relative in It's My Life, but is still a foot stamping, fist pumping hard rock anthem that will ensure the band remains at the forefront of radio airplay worldwide. Yet another massive hit for the band! The track was actually re-written and recorded from its original form. These lyrics are better for sure, but the band did leave something out of the original that would have been cool here. A 15 second interlude where JBJ whispers the chorus about two thirds of the way through the song was a great change in pace and would have made this song even better.
I Wanna Be Loved is a perfect follow on from the high energy of the opening track. This is a dark and moody mid-tempo rocker with a distinct lead guitar break. It mixes some of those Living On A Prayer Jovi sound effects with an ultra modern production. I love the dark vibe of the song, the deep personal lyrics and the big chorus, which borders on modern rock.
The album dips a little with two very safe tracks. The rock ballad Welcome To Wherever You Are and the breezy uptempo Who Says You Can't Go Home? Are both very safe and predictable Jovi staples. These Days, Bounce and Crush all have similar tracks. These are very enjoyable – especially the feel good melodic rock of Who Says You Can't Go Home, but we have heard it all before.
The band recovers some lost ground with one of the highlights of the album. Last Man Standing is a remake of an older song, showcased on the 100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong box set. This is a more aggressive and urgent version, with an increased tempo and an updated sound in line with the album's production style. All in all, a great rocker.
One is never too far from a Bon Jovi ballad and Bells Of Freedom is the big acoustic driven ballad for this album. Co-written by Desmond Child, this track has all the hallmarks of being the third single from the album, but one hopes the band will chose a more bold statement to make, by choosing one of the edgier tracks.
We are at the halfway point more or less and for me, this is where things get more interesting. The slow to mid-tempo Wildflowers isn't an ideal fit at position 7 as I think the album's pace lags a bit, but nevertheless, this piano rock ballad has an interesting sound. It's part Jersey, part Matchbox Twenty and has a certain Eddie & The Cruisers vibe to it.
Now, it's time to rock. Last Cigarette is another album highlight for me. This is a great uptempo feel good rocker with some great lyrics and some very nice guitar soloing. The chorus features one of the better singalong hooks from the album and I pick this as being a fan favourite in months to come.
The tempo dips again, which might have been a problem if not for I Am being a classic track. This is another dark and moody mid-tempo rocker, with a definite Goo Goo Dolls style production. Possibly the most modern rock sounding track the band has yet recorded, this could be a monster at radio if given the chance. You just can't help but love the chorus.
The rocker Complicated is another very modern sounding track. Modern to the point where some fans may not like the sound, it rocks bigtime and has another very catchy bridge and chorus arrangement and matches the darker tones of the previous track.
Things keep rocking along in fine style with Novocaine. Another dark and moody lyric drives this modern rock track with a chorus that isn't as instant as the previous tracks, but is solid nevertheless.
Another rocker makes it three uptempo numbers in a row. Finally the band is getting the message from fans. Story Of My Life features the same updated sound prevalent throughout the album, but is a bit more old-school Jovi in direction. Another good uptempo chorus will have fans singing along and is another highlight.
That concludes the regular portion of the album. Different territories now get some bonus tracks, but the Japanese release which gets all three.
The US version adds a duet version of Who Says You Can't Go Home – a song they originally recorded with Keith Urban! It was re-recorded with Jennifer Nettles of country outfit Sugarland – obviously a better option for the record label, looking to promote both artists.
Back to the bonus tracks on hand - It's hard to conclude why Dirty Little Secret and Unbreakable would not appear on every version of the release. These are both uptempo rockers of the highest quality and easily surpass tracks like Bells Of Freedom, Welcome To Wherever You Are and Wildflowers.
Why does the band think US fans won't be able to handle more rockers on their albums?
Both tracks appear on the UK release, so fans there will have an album that concludes with 5 rockers in a row! That should have been the case for all territories.
Dirty Little Secret is a mid-to-up tempo track that rolls along at a reasonable pace and features a great chorus and is something different for the band – hence why it is so enjoyable.
Unbreakable is even better. Featuring a very processed pop intro, a thick heavy guitar riff breaks through and drives this song.
This is possibly the second or third best track of the whole album! The chorus is super heavy and features a real groove and like the opening track, would be right at home on modern rock radio, with the guarantee of getting feet stamping along.
The Japanese release closes with something all Bon Jovi fans are familiar with – a big sentimental ballad. These Open Arms is not unlike several other ballads previously released and for that reason isn't essential.
However, it is a classy ballad nevertheless and major dose of string orchestration makes it a very lush ballad with a Goo Goo Dolls style finish.
The Bottom Line
Have A Nice Day is a very interesting record. A new sound is showcased from the band, which suits them and will show them in a new more contemporary light.
However, they are chasing a sound that already exists with other artists, so it will be interesting to see how longtime fans react. The song quality is great – this is easily the most consistent and enjoyable record since These Days and perhaps even Keep The Faith.
It's great to hear the band rocking more regularly again, but definitely points removed for the selection of the bonus tracks and taking the safe option for the US release. Wildflower and Welcome To Wherever You Are would have been better bonus tracks and Dirty Little Secret and Unbreakable would have been bolder choices to fill the album.
If speaking only of the US release, the rating would be 86%
This album could have been an even bolder statement, but I'm happy with the result and the overall balance. I think fans will find it hold up well over the coming months and will have longer legs than both Crush and Bounce.
The memory of This Left Feels Right is all but extinguished.
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Line Up:
· Jon Bon Jovi: Vocals
· Richie Sambora: Guitar
· David Bryan: Keyboards
· Tico Torres: Drums
· Hugh McDonald: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Bon Jovi
· Richie Sambora
· Goo Goo Dolls
Track Listing
· Have A Nice Day*
· I Wanna Be Loved*
· Welcome To Wherever You Are
· Who Says You Can't Go Home?
· Last Man Standing*
· Bells Of Freedom
· Wildflowers
· Last Cigarette*
· I Am*
· Complicated*
· Novocaine
· Story Of My Life*

· Dirty Little Secret (Bonus Track)*
· Unbreakable (Bonus Track)*
· These Open Arms (Bonus Track)

· DVD Disc 2
--*Best Tracks

23/07/06: ilioska leposava - leposava_ilioska
Rating: 0
i love jon bon jovi.i think that he is the best pop rock singer . for the album "have a nice day" NO COMENT.its great my favourite songs of this album are "have a nice day" and "welcome to wherewer

23/05/06: Telis -
Rating: 85
I'm not a Bon Jovi fan... I'm a ÅUROPE fan but i believe that "Have a nice day" is o cd with very good songs... I don't like me the sound... I want more heavy ruthm quitars

01/05/06: Lou -
Rating: 70
Fair CD . Then again Bon Jovi is Mozart compared
todays mainstream music .

08/04/06: Gary -
Rating: 30
Don't understand all of the high ratings on this. Do people really like the album for what it is, or are these all diehard fans who will like anything their favorite groups put out. I bought this because of the single "Have a Nice Day". It sounded somewhat like a return to the glory days of Slippery When Wet and New Jersey. That song does not represent what the rest of the album is like, which seems to be the case with their last few albums. My question is "Why do they always seem to put out the most 80's sounding track as a single when the rest of the album sounds nothing like it?" Why not an album of tracks like this?

30/03/06: Brad -
Rating: 92
After being one of many huge fans of Bon Jovi in the 1980s and into the early '90s, I admittedly jumped off their bandwagon in the mid-'90s when they released such lame singles as "Always" and "This Ain't No Love Song". They brought me back a bit at the start of this decade with singles "It's My Life" and "Everyday". I was able to give the albums those singles were on ("Crush" in 2000 and "Bounce" in 2002) decent "grades" due to the quality overall musicianship of the albums, while lammenting the fact that they couldn't put together a more rocking effort beginning to end. I liked the modern vibe of their rockers and anthems on those albums; I just tired of acoustic ballad after acoustic ballad.

Now comes this album. The band followed a similar marketing strategy in releasing a similar-sounding rocker/anthem with the title track as a first single. While others have complained about the similarity of this track to other recent singles, to me it hits the mark as much as ever. It's another catchy single that to me is the best of what Bon Jovi has been about in this era. But how about the rest of the album?

For me, this album is Bon Jovi's best effort since at least "Keep The Faith", or maybe even "New Jersey". Along with the title track, I love the modern mid-tempo vibe of "I Wanna Be Loved"; the straight ahead rock of tracks like "Last Man Standing" and "Story of My Life"; and the modern rock sound of "Complicated" and "Novocaine". For sure, there are a lot of quality rockers on this album...more than at any time since "New Jersey", I would say.

While a track like "Welcome To Wherever You Are" is a decent ballad with a nice sentiment, to me "I Am" is one of the best ballads the band has ever done. This track epitomizes what I want to hear out of Bon Jovi at this point in their careers. Not another boring acoustic ballad track, but a true POWER ballad with great melodies and an awesome modern vibe. I can't rave enough about this track. (I wonder if there is any chance it will get released as a single down the line?)

"Who Says You Can't Go Home"--both versions--has truly grown on me as well. I'm not a country music fan per se, but I do like some of what may be called "country rock". For sure, the duet with Jennifer Nettles has been very enjoyable to listen to...I have gotten over the fact that this track is on the USA version of the album instead of two more rockers (neither of which I have heard to date).

I have listened to this album for months and have come to the conclusion that the guys did the best job possible in making a rock album that will both please many of their longtime fans and yet keep hold of their younger fan base. The '80s are gone forever, and Bon Jovi fans who have accepted that should enjoy this album.

28/03/06: mark -
Rating: 30
typical bon jovi. uneventful, boring, re-hashed, sterile, safe, anticeptic, white bread, middle-class rock; and i use the term "rock" VERY loosely here. i have always listened to releases with an open mind, willing to give an artist all the credit in the world, however, this is complete garbage. i cannot believe that there are people on this page who can honestly call this band the best band in the have got to be insane! these guys have NEVER written a single album that could be considered creative. first verse, chorus, second verse, chorus, guitar solo, chorus, chorus, chorus, fade out... now, do the same thing, just slow the tempo and we'll call it a ballad. "we'll do eight songs fast and two ballads; that ought to sell great!" now with age, it's more like, "we'll do eight ballads, and two fast songs; that ought to sell great!" give me a break! with a website like this, as well as many others, you should be exposed to enough bands out there who are truly talented writers and performers, and aren't just posers. "you give love a bad name" my ass, you give music a bad name... go back to jersey and play the bar scene. with all due respect, this really is a VERY predictable album. if you like this kind of schlock, great, but i knew every hook, beat or riff before i heard them actually played. if someone can do that, it means you're not being "creative". sorry if the truth hurts...

26/03/06: Sosis -
Rating: 15
Bon Jovi name get's 15% score

this new album gets 0% score

nuff said....poor.

18/02/06: Don Manzo -
Rating: 85
This is an improvement over the last 2. But I still feel they are catering to a demographic they do not belong to. The lyrics are as trite as ever. Hey Jon...we get your sentiment...I will do this my way. Guess aren't. You had to re-do parts of this to make the label happy. Known fact. Do what you do best and rock. The live show is still great, even if a little too choreographed. The disc gets too lame in the middle again. Put your money where your mouth is and make an album "your way" ala TOTO that will make people realize again how great you guys were/are. A classic case of a great band going the safe route.

28/12/05: m.alghamdi -
Rating: 90
I can say that its wonderful.great
well done Bon Jovi

24/12/05: jason andrepont -
Rating: 100
I like your song dirty little secret so much I can listen to it 100 times a day, so please play it.

30/11/05: Laurent -
Rating: 88
Once again, BJ made it. They adapted their sound but did not lose their originality. One note and everyone knows it BJ. They stroke a good balance between a more mordern sound/style and the classic BJ (big chorus / strong backing vocals). Really really good. "Have A Nice Day" is a great song. Their best album since "Keep The Faith" in my opinion. And let me add that Hugh McDonald is a huge addition to the band. Unfortunately the guy is an unsung hero. He's a fantastic bass player. BJ in not the perfect environment for him to really shine. Still he really is a very solid and tasteful groover.

28/11/05: Mika -
Rating: 99
Just AWESOME what more can i say!!! This is the best band in the world and they don´t make a bad record. Have A Nice Day rocks the socks of every other release this year and that is a fact!

25/11/05: pintaro -
Rating: 5
absolute crap. jon bon jovi once again confirms he is the worst vocalist in music today. shitty lyrics about being teenagers and being 40ish millionares at the same time. Do yourself a favor and by the best cd of 2005 - King's X Ogre tones.....

01/11/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 75
Decent new effort from these guys. A bit more rockin' than their previous efforts.
Not that bad as some would let us believe. O.K., the Bon Jovi heydays are over, but their 'new' sound isn't that far removed from their original sound.
Decent, but not great one.

01/11/05: Gaz -
Rating: 50
Everything that you'd expect from a Bon Jovi album since 1995. One lead off hard rocking track a couple of other rockers and the rest soft wimpy ballads. That said, the ballads are still excellently written, it's just that I would love to get a full on rock album from these guys. Richie now has his tatts but it doeasn't suit as he is in this soft cock band !!

01/11/05: AORAndy69 -
Rating: 75
Bad front cd cover (the smile face) that announce a boring album. But I think better than Bounce.The question is: "WHO CARES ABOUT THIS MUSICAL STYLE IN 2005" ?? I prefer Europe with their modern cd Start from the Dark than another release clone of every Bon Jovi Album. Sincerely since KEEP THE FAITH Mr Bongiovanni seem to loose the emotional grip.

01/11/05: JOSE -
Rating: 6
Un mal disco, con solo 6 canciones rescatables:
Have a nice day
I want to be loved
Welcome to wherever you are
I am
Story of my life
y Dirty little secret
Si un disco es bueno lo reconoces a la primera oida no tienes que escucharlo tantas veces para "apreciarlo" en su totalidad.
Hay varias cosas que no entiendo de la "banda", porque escoger estas canciones tan aburridas, cuando podrian ir en un proyecto solita de Jon o Richie?, porque la compañia disquera las acepto?, porque sacrificar a los verdaderos fans para ganar nuevo publico?, porque no tenemos un verdadero buen disco desde el Keep the faith?, porque tanta gente le da calificaciones de arriba de 8 a este disco?????,y lo mas preocupante PORQUE SEGUIMOS COMPRANDO SUS DISCOS??????. hay muchas respuestas que nunca las sabré pero lo que si se es que esta fue la última oportunidad para BON JOVI.
Como dicen los demas, no estoy esperando un Sliperry 2da parte
se que los tiempos cambian pero por Dios!!!, donde estan los riffs de guitarra de Richie de los primeros discos?.
Segun se Richie no estuvo de acuerdo con el disco de Crush porque era muy suave (pop), cosa que pude comprobar con Bounce ya que la guitarra tiene tintes mas cañeros y son canciones mas heavies! y ahora otra vez cayeron en lo mismo! que un disco lo escoge Jon y otro Riche?.
En fin no le deseo mal a nadie pero deberían de desintegrar la "banda" mientras quede algo rescatable.


01/11/05: Steve Cresswell -
Rating: 90
Mixed bag of reviews below that's left me pretty baffled really. I still love the old style melodic rock music of the 80's and bands that produce that kinda stuff today but can also appreciate the emotion, skill, melodies and groove of modern rock classic like Dakona, Vonray, Anberlin etc. I guess it's all a matter of personal taste and opinion which is fair enough. To these ears though I love the classic Bon Jovi 80s albums, loved 'Crush' and 'Bounce' and love this album even more. This album has got numerous cracking songs with strong melodies, riffs, choruses, feel, groove and a needed better balance of rockers to ballads (with less something of nothing ballads this time).
Favourite tracks for me are 'Have a nice day', 'I Want to be loved', 'I Am' and bonus track 'Unbreakable'.
I'd suggest that any truly open minded Bon Jovi fan should love this album big-time, but maybe that'd be unfair on the critics who just don't dig it!? For me this is Bon Jovi's best album since 'Keep the Faith' (their strongest and most varied album in my opinion) and is comparably brilliant to the classic 'Slippery When Wet' and 'New Jersey' albums too. Will be played to death in the months ahead by me for sure!!!!

31/10/05: spool -
Rating: 30
Wow I was expecting alot more after hearing the title track. I quite liked the past 2 records Bounce and Crush which lead me to believe they where coming back to being a harder edged rock band aka mid 80's ... No I do not exepct Slippery part II but I would like the records to actually rock and have cool riffs and hooks.

I think this record will not do well as at all, to me it seems VERY safe and lacks charisma and life of its own.

If they could record 7-8 good rock songs like the itle track, throw in there couple of ballads that would be cool, but having a so many tracks that lack cool hoooks is boring to me ....

Nice try Bon Jovi but I gotta spend my $30 on something else.

29/10/05: Almir Fuschini -
Rating: 50
Agreed completely with the review below.
A heavilly marketed album. Hell, the guys went on Ophra Winfrey show to "DONATE" one million dollars and sing "have a nice day"
to a histerical female audience that happened to win a free ticket for the coming Chicago show. What a coincidence for one TV show...
I just got back from the States and the guys are everywhere. From Modern Rock to 80's and Classic Rock radios.

With this kind of back up I wonder what guys like Oliver Hartmann, Jorn Lande, Jaded Heart and many other could make.

But the CD. Is more of the same from Bounce with a little modern sound. That's all.

26/10/05: JG -
Rating: 40
Once again, the lead of single is not a good representation of the rest of the album. 4 albums in a row now!! Hey God, It's my Life, Everyday, and now Have a Nice day. All great songs, with the classic Jovi vibe, and then the rest of the album sucks. I don't want Slippery When Wet Pt.2, I'm realistic!! And I know the blazing solo days are over, but can we get a frickin hook?

Am I the only one who thinks that ever since Bon Jovi almost broke up they haven't been able to calaborate together very well? Almost like Sambora, and Jovi are afraid to hurt each others feelings??? Is it coincidence that they've steadily gone down hill since Alec Jon Such has not been in the band? Every one of these albums from These Days and on sounds like a Jon Bon Jovi solo project. You don't have to grow old, and gracefull when it comes to the tunes too. Look at Motley!! Sick Love Song!!!

I'm done buying Jovi records. This was their last chance!!! Again, look what a big record label can do for a frisbee for fido when they spend the money!!! They are in the same crowd as U2, Aerosmith, Mettalica. Lets record a fart, and someone will buy it!!!

24/10/05: TELIS -
Rating: 85
I'm a Europe fan but i like and Bon Jovi... This cd is the better of them after Keep tha faith with very good songs... But Bon Jovi aren't Hard Rock and this is wrong...

16/10/05: Scott Aurisch -
Rating: 90
To get straight to the point, I really like this album. Having been a fan of the band for the past 19 years, I eagerly await the release of any new material. 2000's Crush left me wanting more; while it contained some great songs, it also featured some very mediocre material that actually detracted from the overall album. I felt '02's Bounce was an improvement but still contained too many weak songs. I was not at all opposed to the band's attempt to modernise their sound as when they did it well it worked beautifully. I know I'm not alone in thinking that several of the bonus tracks not included on all versions of these albums were significantly stronger than some that did make the cut.

And so we move forward another three years to 2005 and the release of Have A Nice Day which sees the band take another big step forward. As I have the Oz edition, that is the one on which I will base my review.

I gave up for hoping for a Slppery or Jersey part 2 years ago and would no longer want that anyway. I am quite happy to move with the band as thweir sound evolves. As long as the song quality is there, that's good enough for me. Almost everything about this album screams class and experience:
- The songwriting, musicianship and production are all top notch;
- The marketing campaign has been impeccable; their appearance on Oprah to the instantly recognisable cover art will ensure that this cd reaches a wide audience.

But again this album could have been better as in my opinion the track listing is not as good as it could have been. I feel lucky to have the Oz version as it contains two of my favourite tracks in Dirty Little Secret and Unbreakable. I cannot understand why these tracks would be left off the American release. I think things could have been further improved by leaving off Wildflower and Novocaine which don't greatly appeal to me.

I read recently that if Jon had have had his way, Livin' On A Prayer would have been left off Slippery, which I think says a lot about his judgement of his own material

I have also heard the song These Open Arms and while it is a listenable track, I find it difficult to comprehend Jon's obsession with arms. Back in '92 we had In These Arms; in 2002 we were given Open All Night (which featured the line 'these arms are open all night'); and now we have These Open Arms. Could a songwriter be unaware of this repetitiveness? I also found Crush's Mystery Train and She's A Mystery annoyingly similar. Anyway I am probably getting too critical as it is easy to hit the skip button if need be.

All in all this is a great album and one which I can see my self playing well into next year (which wasn't the case with Crush and Bounce). In a year of fantastic rock music, this one stands tall among the best of them.

16/10/05: Panagiotis -
Rating: 60
Im a Bon Jovi fan. I prefer the era from their first album up to these dayz and i just like some songs afterwards. I like some songs from this album but i wonder if this is Bon Jovi or a band who's trying to find a modern identity instead of playing what made them famous! A nice effort though but that's it!

11/10/05: Stefan Grimbs -
Rating: 95
Hi, just wondering why such negative reviews. mean this is a bon jovi album!!! it's bon jovi style overall. i like it, because i don't expect anything other. (Compare it with the new Journey CD:)). Good job, good feeling , good music, as always, keep the faith.....

09/10/05: Randy kingston -
Rating: 3
1 good song doesn't make a hell of a record.
It's always the same with BJ, just a goor record label with good promotion makes a hit album.
Like their are no better bands than bj???????, their in rank 3 and a lot of bands are in rank 2 or better rank 1!!!!!

Tottallyyyy CRAP!!!

08/10/05: Restless One -
Rating: 95
Well done BON JOVI your most consistant album since Keep The Faith.To have a 80'S melodic rock band around today,and riding the charts around the globe is a credit to the guys. JOHN SHANKS has given them a great modern sound. I only wish more melodic bands were in the charts today would'nt that be a treat!

08/10/05: Wolf - N/A
Rating: 81
Have a Nice Day is probably the best song off the self titled album. I think Bon Jovi should have a more modern approach to this record and the fact that the American record labels left some tracks off, is lame. Most of the CD is already slow, so why not add the faster tracks. As was said by other fans, the ballards are the same old situation. I personally miss the faster upbeat Jovi from the 1980's. Why don't the group do something like that and modernize it so it will make us happier?
I can't complain totaly about this album because there are some good tracks I like such as Have a Nice Day, Last Cigarette, and Story of My Life. If you are wondering if you should buy the album, try to find the Japanese version, that way, you get the full Bon Jovi experience.

07/10/05: Bobby -
Rating: 88
hi everybody,bon jovi are back with an excellent album.Ok so it aint there best but a heck of a lot better than what some other bands have to offer.
The killer songs are..the title track,i wanna be loved(awesomegroove)welcome to wherever u are,bells of freedom,complicated,and in my opinion the best track has to be I AM.
Id love to know why they didnt include the bonus tracks on the us release.Anything co-written by D.Child is a classic.Here they've done it again with dirty little secret what a great song,and the very catchy unbreakable.
My only criticism here...why on earth is last man standing on the album...the chorus is pathetic,and as for, who says u cant go home,jbj sounds shocking on this song.Take out those 2 and id give it 100...the boys are it

07/10/05: Michael Marino -
Rating: 92
Freakin about time! Great CD! Love it, how unbreakable did not make it on i cannot undestand it is my fave track. Only "wild flowers" and "Bells of Freedom" let this cd down. Let it rock!

07/10/05: scott - n/a
Rating: 90
I pretty much agree with all the positive comments here. This is my favorite Bon Jovi album since New Jersey. My main point is the 3 bonus tracks don't sound like bonus tracks. They are the same standard as the rest of the album and stronger than a handful of songs. Those who don't get the Japan version are being cheated. "Dirty little secret" and "Unbreakable" might be my 3rd and 4th favorite on the album. They improve the album. "Have a nice day" is a 15 song album in my mind.

07/10/05: Don -
Rating: 95
Some very interesting reviews here, but is it just me or am I the only one noticing something very unique and kind of peculiar about this CD...? Let me explain.
The consesnus of people on here (Andrew included) feel that this is the most "contemporary" or "modern" BJ record ever , having a vastly "updated" sound. I disagree completely. Everyone do me a favor...listen to songs like "Novocaine", "Last Cigarette" and "The Story of my Life" and pay particular attention to the chorus backing vocal layers and in some cases the guitar riffs. What do you hear ? I don't know about anyone else, but I hear a retro 70s Cheap Trick kind of vibe to the backing vocal choruses and some of the guitar riffs ! Now, let's be honest for a second...who are alot of these young, "modern" bands like Bowling For Soup, American Hi-Fi, etc and other "modern-pop" bands obviously influenced by ? ! ? Once again, if you listen, you'll hear a retro 70s resurgence present. It's all one big cycle, or circle if you prefer !
I love this CD. The problem with the last few is that they were too overloaded with ballads. I'll be the first to admit that a Bon Jovi big sentimental ballad is a huge part of the Jovi legacy that should be continued - it is, after all, part of their sound. In Andrew's review, it almost seemed as though he was giving low scores to some songs just because they are ballads. I think it's great that of the few "ballads" offered here that the subject matter isn't your typical cliche-ridden love profession. Hey, I'm a sucker for a great ballad - just DON'T GIVE ME A WHOLE CD FULL OF THEM ! It completely ruins the effect and the impact when a good one comes along - you go "oh, no - not again!" Because you heard it all before, possibly two or three songs prior.
No, this CD rocks. A song like I AM (one of my favorites, BTW) alot of people are tagging as the most modern thing BJ ever recorded. Bullshit ! I AM is a classic Jovi ballad sped up to a mid tempo rock anthem and dressed up in modern rock clothing - and it works like a charm ! And most importantly, the hooks to these songs are very pronounced and very strong - something lacking on the last few CDs. (for instance, why did SHE'S A MYSTERY make it onto CRUSH instead of STAY?)
Once again, I agree that the bonus tracks deserved to be on all versions...even NOTHING, an unreleased song most people have not yet heard ! Why they do this to us american fans is beyond me. UNBREAKABLE, DIRTY LITTLE SECRET and THESE OPEN ARMS are all outstanding and are all better than, say, "Wildflower." Minor grievence though...this is BJ's best easily since Keep the Faith...but please don't go thinking they've turned into some kind of a "modern rock" hybrid - they've simply dressed their classic sound in a coating that younger listeners will relate and I do not think they have sold out.
Again, it's all one big cycle !

07/10/05: Rob -
Rating: 65
While I understand the need for bands to evolve and to ultimately embrace new listeners, this album to me sounds like a poor mans' Goo Goo Dolls rendition. I had high hopes for this album after the debacle of "This Left Feels Wrong" and am once again wondering where is masterpiece we were all due?

07/10/05: OZLEP -
Rating: 30
Boring, That is all I can say about this album

07/10/05: Splash -
Rating: 65
Have A Nice Day is nothing we haven't heard from this band on the past couple of studio albums. I have been a fan since album #1 when I first heard Runaway on MTV. I picked up this album because its a Bon Jovi album and I was hoping for a little stroll down memory lane and maybe find Sambora really playing his butt off... Well, honestly this album is the same record as the previous two with a few more songs that can be used as singles or decent album cuts. That is the major downfall of Bounce is the boredom from the sameness of each song. Have A Nice Day atleast has an ebb and flow. As for the songs a few are decent ladder day Bon Jovi songs. "Bells Of Freedom" is the worst track on the album and its inclusion is a mystery as its awful. But "Welcome To Whenever You Are" & "Who Says You Can't Go Home" are very good songs which should become hits for the middle aged rockers. Overall it just seems that Jon is making records that he's invited his comfortable friends to play on with him. This doesn't sound to me like a band anymore. Almost like what happend to Queen on their last few albums. One person's influences 90% of what's recorded and how it sounds.

07/10/05: Chris -
Rating: 85
This is the best BJ CD since Keep the Faith. Some tracks of the last 3 records were great too, but Have a nice day is the first consistent BJ album in over a decade. Nice rocking tunes, few ballads and, best of all, nice melodies to sing along. Pity to those without the song Unbreakable - it is the best tune for me. It's got heavy guitars, a great groove and is a bit unusual for BJ, nut very cool. Get it!

07/10/05: Robert Knight -
Rating: 45
I felt a little decieved. The single " Have a Nice Day" is a very very good song, however it's not representative of the rest of the CD. He did this on Crush too, but Crush was a little better over all. I agree with the general opinion that this reminds me of the Goo Goo dolls instead of Bon Jovi. I am a big fan and I do agree that a band's sound must evolve with the times in order to stay around, but they should have written the songs to sound more like " Have a Nice Day." Also there really wasn't a nice rock ballad on this CD either. Over all, I put it on in the car when I need good background music that won't drown out any conversations that might be going on, and that's about it. Coming from a band as talented as Bon Jovi, I would have expected something with better hooks and exciting guitar work. I understand that the Japanese version had some good songs that were omitted on the American version, so I will be looking for those songs to see if they can change my mind about the CD. A suggestion is that they should mix it up a little on the next CD. Have some poppy songs, some love ballads, some mid-tempo stuff, and a few heavy songs. This CD is primarily mid-tempo.

07/10/05: Jon -
Rating: 70
I wanted to like this record. Unfortunately, the songs don't do it for me. If you remember the days of Slippery and Jersey, their songs were riff-based for the most part. Now it seems that Richie just plays chords-accoustic chord strumming with electric over it. I know not every song is like this, but it seemes that the majority of them are. Last Man Standing, with its killer intro riff is the biggest exception to this observation. This could be an absolute classic, except the verses are bla. Story of My Life is also decent. One other thing I've noticed is that Jon's vocals don't have the range they used to. This is understandable-most singers lose their range with age-but it does lessen the intensity and emotion of the singing. Remember his singing on Wild is the Wind and Livin' on a Prayer? He had emotion and intensity. Listen to Last Man Standing: It has a killer/mean riff, but the singing is casual. Not his fault that his voice is going, I know, but I feel it does hurt the album.

Overall, an ok album.

07/10/05: Kelly Rogers -
Rating: 90
Bon Jovi is a band that, for nearly 20 years, has had my upmost admiration and respect. They remain consistent and relevent. SLIPPERY WHEN WET may remain the album they will forever be known for, but for me HAVE A NICE DAY is their 2nd best record. Their first two records sound like a new band trying to write good songs. NEW JERSEY seems like a rushed follow-up to SLIPPERY when I listen to it now. KEEP THE FAITH was of course their first attempt to keep up with and industry that had in recent years been changed by Seattle. THESE DAYS has some great songs, but lacked in energy. CRUSH was definately a breath of fresh air at that time, and Just Older remains in my top 5 Bon Jovi tracks. BOUNCE was a great rock record, but seemed to fall on mostly deaf ears. Now HAVE A NICE DAY is a perfect blend of Bon Jovi's edge and sentiment. "I Wanna Be Loved", "Story Of My Life", the Cheap Trick-ish "Novacane", "Last Cigarette", and of course the title track which I have re-named "Livin On And It's My Life" are the stand out tracks. The clunkers for me are "Last Man Standing", and "Bells of Freedom." Suprisingly this cd lacks a typical Bon Jovi ballad. There is no I'll Be There For You, or Thank You For Loving Me (thank God for that). This is a band that could easily be playing tha fair and casino circuit, but they don't, because they don't have to. THAT for me, in this genre of music, is a great testimony. Bon Jovi also doesn't need to drag a hair metal circus of acts around the country to tour successfully. They are the best band of their genre of musoc, hands down, and HAVE A NICE DAY is simply another great record from a band known for making great records. Now, I challenge all of you readers to find me a better song than "Livin On A Prayer."

07/10/05: John Taylor -
Rating: 88
Good album, easy to listen to, which is just what BJ albums should be. Stick it on in the car and you get evrywhere that little bit quicker. Not a classic, but I would encourage you to buy it.

07/10/05: Daredevil -
Rating: 90
Their best album since New Jersev - Period!

07/10/05: Liz -
Rating: 89
I like this album more than I thought... I'm a big fan of their older stuff (and the better trax on the box set). Its way better than Crush (which I never listen to as there's only about 3 songs on there I like) and Bounce. I'll recommend all the harder tracks, especially I Want To Be Loved and Unbreakable (UK bonus track). There are no real surprises, and a few samey songs, but overall a good effort.

07/10/05: JAZAN WILD -
Rating: 100
I love this CD!!!!!! Every track! The Japanese bonus tracks rock as well! Dirty Little Secret is one of my favorite!

07/10/05: carolina da souza -
Rating: 55
La verdad una desilución, esperaba encontrar algo en la linea de Bounce que me habia gustado bastante que sin llegar a ser un New Jersey era un buen album.
Pero me encuentro con un cd de pop moderno, blando y sin gracia solamente rescato a:
Have a nice day
Last man standing
I am
dirty little secret
welcome to wherever you are
la verdad se parece mucho a destination anywhere de jon.
Para mi es el peor cd de bon jovi, decepción total

07/10/05: Greg -
Rating: 90
I am really enjoying this album- it is more consistant than Bounce (and I loved Bounce)- and its a bit more catchy too. The only drawback- is that it seems like Ritchie is a bit in the background this time- not enough guitars at times. Sometimes it feels like a souped up Jon solo album rather then BJ- but its still great!

07/10/05: Edu -
Rating: 92
Just brilliant!

07/10/05: Zok -
Rating: 85
Yes Bon jovi suprise me with this realease, I think they have done one of the best records in a long time. Its much better than the boring bounce and also better than Crush (if you see over the whole record) Crush have good songs, but not all of them. Have a nice day is a good record from the first song to the last, no fillers here.
It´s fun when a record and a group suprised you. And Bon jovi have done that.

07/10/05: chris cox -
Rating: 98
I think this album is one of the best Bon Jovi records to date! The track "I wanna be loved" should be all over the radio waves. Jon Bon Jovi's vocals sound better than ever, and Richie Sambora's guitar work is top notch. When I listen this record it's easy for me to understand why Bon Jovi's music continues to raise the bar for all other bands in the industry. I can't wait to see some these tunes performed live.

07/10/05: Marc -
Rating: 85
For Bon Jovi this doesn't seem to be that rocking of an album. I mean there are about 4 or 5 tracks that are rockers, but there still is the over abundance of ballads to satisfy all the females out there. It is still a good album overall, the modern sound on "Have a Nice Day" suits them a bit better then their past attempts to update their sound.

07/10/05: Paul -
Rating: 45
I thought These Days was very good and hoped for more but they then veered off into modern pop territory and haven't looked back since. Rehashed songs, tired lyrics about living my life etc. (Easier when you £100M in the bank). I'm just glad Johnny Lima picked up the torch when Bon Jovi dropped it after New Jersey. Jon should go and see Danny Vaughn to remind him how to write a chorus.

07/10/05: DaveF -
Rating: 30
My sister is an insane Bon Jovi fan and has been trying to get me to listen to this I finally gave in. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is simply horrid, sterile, predictable rubbish from a band that should have hung it up a decade ago. With all the good melodic releases out there right now....King's X, Anberlin, Man On Fire, ...I just don't see how these guys do it. My guess is that if Jon Bon Jovi looked a little less like a lame character on the OC they wouldn't sell so many records.

06/10/05: Marc Vanway -
Rating: 40
If we take it as it is, a modern rock album, it's below average... boring songs, remakes of old songs (the title track is exactly the same than It's my life, just try to sing it's my life on the chorus), and nothing more to offer, except an excelent production. I've heard modern rock albums 1000 times better than this (just listen to any album from the goos). And if we take it as the other part of what it is, a bon jovi album, it's probably their worst album in years. At least, bounce and crush had some really good and original songs, like It's my life, every day or undivided, but this one has none at all since my point of view. So again, another disapointment from this band... Oh, and expect that in 1 year you'll listen Jon Bon Jovi saying that they are recording a ROCK album again... C'mon!

06/10/05: Steve -
Rating: 88
It doesn't make sense to me...A band like The Darkness sets the world alight with Classic Rock...which is what BJ & Def Leppard are masters of. Now , BJ are moving into the modern rock realm (currently ruled by the Goo Goo's) which will probably sell a good few albums , but they have missed the boat. This is a heavy-ish album which is great , because Bon Jovi is a ROCK band.The problem is that BJ are a GREAT ROCK band, one of the few left , and with the Darkness bringing out a new album , we could find the young band becoming the rulers of (classic)rock music. Not to take anything away from the Darness but BJ , would cream(in terms of sales/popularity)them if they just released some stuff a little closer to thier roots. Jon lingers alot on his Home , etc, finding is own roots , but the band hasn't found their roots on this alnum.Some incredible tracks are:Have a Nice Day, Last Man Standing and I wanna be loved (probably my bet for the next single). Still a good album by a great band!Mark my words, a band like the Darkness will open the market up to classic rock again , I think BJ should have waited 6 months- a year and really had good timing for this release.The highlight tho from this album - Jon's songwriting which is superb.I'd buy anything this band releases , but this is slightly better than Bounce , although its only a modified updated sound to Bounce!Which is why I believe in 2/3 years time we will see a SUPER Bj alnum , when the musical climate suits the real sound of this band.

06/10/05: amer -
Rating: 88
A great record with absolutely top 5 song of this year 'Have a nice day'.The first song is really superb, it reminds me on heavy rockin' 80's with less screaming from Jon. The other gem is fantastic 'I am' (new 'Always' maybe?).Excellent power singing that's missing in all prevoios albums (Crush, Bounce,This left feels right) shows up again in this song. Rest of the album contains also some good songs : 'I want to be loved' has great catchy chorus ; 'Who says you can't go home' pulls you in immediately ; 'Last man standing is definetely a big surprise with lovely Richies guitar playing , I didn't like much previous version because lack of power,and now it's probably hardest song except bonus track 'Unbreakable',thanks Bon Jovi for listening fans; 'Story of my life' seems like 'Have a nice day 2' so it can described only in superlatives, the chorus is so catchy that hurts,it's great party song; and the last but not the least i'd share a word about bonus tracks 'Unbreakable': Waaaau guys, maybe best song or at least number 2 quality,mixed from P.Diddy's 'Come with Me', Queens 'We will rock you' and even some metal riffs rocks you to death.It could be used for some soundtracks for action movies, you know where good guys beat the bad ones. 'Unbreakable,unstopable,..' seems good choice heh,heh. 'Dirty little secret' is solid up-tempo song that reminds me on 'Everyday' from Bounce.Good lyrics speacially part : 'knock,knock,knockin' at your door' like listening Axel Rose..
I find album very good, with every listening it grows on you.Bon Jovi is fantastic band that hits us everytime they show up.Perhaps they will never repeat mania from 80-s, but they deserve respect and success still now.Only few bands created rock history and you're on of them (Rolling stones, U2, Nirvana,..)But you still rock like it should be.Love you guys

06/10/05: Per -
Rating: 75
Hml, far better than Crush and perhaps also better than Bounce, but still a bit lame... This CD is devoid of any risk taking what so ever (but perhaps that isn't what one should be looking for when putting on a BJ CD...). Fist song Have a nice day is a repetition of It's my life (however quite a good one), the second song contains the Livin' on a prayer-trade mark-sound effect, third one up is a typical heard-it-too-many-times-before BJ ballad...

There are a couple of great ones on here (Last man standing, Story of my life, Dirty Little secret, the title track and on a good day also Complicated and Who says...) but the rest left me unimpressed (Unbreakable and These open arms are not included in my version).

They will not win any new fans with this one, but one the other hand I guess 'maintaining status quo' is the wise business decision considering their wast loyal following (myself included since 1985 - at least up until now).

Well, to be fair this album sometimes has a modernised sound to it, but this only has marginal effect as the songwriting is a little stereotypical (including the lyrics!).

I still can get a kick from listening to BJ, the last CD giving consistent kicks was Keep the faith.

Unfortunatley I was hoping for little more with Have a nice day. Skip being so speculative, boys.

06/10/05: John Williamson -
Rating: 50
I have listened to this album over and over again, and I will continue to do so. But I am still coming to the same conclusion. This is the wrost BON JOVI album in the last 10 years. I love THESE DAYS, CRUSH and BOUNCE, but this is not a good follow up. I know that the band was told by thier label to go back in and fix some tracks up, I wonder what they would have sounded like if they were untouched.

The best songs are


And really that is it, But as with all of the JOVI releases, I am sure there is a wealth of unreleased songs and outtakes, And if the past is correct, there is gold hidden there. I think the band should have waited another year or so to release this and tried to work a little harder.

This to me reminds me of RITCHIES last solo album and JON'S last solo album mixed together. Buy it if you are fan, skip it if you are new and wait until you hear the previous albums then buy this.

I was expecting something that would CRUSH or BOUNCE, but THESE DAYS the band is spreading BAD MEDICINE.

06/10/05: John Burlingame -
Rating: 95
Probably their best since New Jersey. Great rockin album.

06/10/05: Melodic Rocker -
Rating: 90
Solid. The title track does everything they could hope for. I must say that as much as I love Bon Jovi I can't help getting the feeling that 'Have a Nice Day' is so contrived to be the next 'It's My Life'. Most will say 'Well, duh!', but shouldn't that be a problem. The the hardcores should be crying 'Corporate Rock, corporate rock, corporate rock!'. The problem is I still love it. Yet, it still makes me feel like we are being spoon fed a very purposefully concocted formula anthem...oh well I guess.
Now, I must admit that while 'Welcome to Wherever You Are' is like other songs from Bon Jovi - so what! It is easily my favorite song. I must share something about myself first for people to understand. I am a sentimentalist to the core. You see, my blood type is O-nostalgia. This type of song is like a solace. I need to be able to count on this type of song from Bon Jovi. That could be why I think 'Crush' was Bon Jovi's best album since maybe New Jersey. I love the sentimental stuff and 'Crush' had a ton of it.
The bonus songs are good, however, they would not have changed my score if they had been added to the American release.
So while there are some moments on the album that do tread in a more modern sound the album is still very much in line with 'Crush' and 'Bounce' - if you liked those you will likely enjoy this album. Here's to hoping Bon Jovi keeps is going another 20 years.

06/10/05: Mats -
Rating: 90
Best album since New Yersey , modern but still with all the classic Bj midtempo songs.

06/10/05: cbw -
Rating: 90
Long time since this band did someting noticeable. This album is accually as good as in the "old days" ...almost! Atleast its in the same leage as Keep the faith. And that's a strong performance! Great songs within a nice atmosphere of adult modernrock. For you whom lost faith in Bonjovi over the last 3-4 albums...give this one a chance, U might love it! I do.

06/10/05: Dylan -
Rating: 90 reviews here so i thought i'd kick things off. I really like this album, Bon Jovi seem like they really put a lot of effort into making this album right, and they threw everything including the kitchen sink at the marketing...oprah tv specials and everything lol. And it's worked, with this record selling more in it's first week than any other Bon Jovi album. Not bad for a band around 25 years old.
Lots of hooks, catchy melodies, nice harmonies, good lyrics....a very good record!
I generally with the above review, though i do differ on my favourite tracks. "Who says you can't go home" and "Novocaine" are two of the best tracks here in my opinion. Definately worth buying :)

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