Bryan Adams Room Service Universal Records
· Produced By: Bryan Adams

· Running Time: 39.32

· Release Date: Out Now / Early 2005 USA

· Released: AU JP EU

· Musical Style: Pop Rock

· Links: Bryan Adams
Songs: 80%
Sound: 84%
I've been a bit critical of Bryan over the past few years, so I am pleased to say that this album is a step in the right direction.
Bryan has continued the mellow rock vein of his last album On A Day Like Today, but has turned out some better quality songs and has returned to a more guitar driven sound, even though it is a very laid back and stripped back sound.
What really bugged me about Bryan was seeing piss-weak songs about nothing getting widespread airplay. Tracks like The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me Is You, Do To You and the utterly atrocious (I Wanna Be) Your Underwear didn't do justice to one of Canada's finest songwriters. Take a listen to the haunting brilliance of Native Son, Remembrance Day and Into The Fire, not to mention the songs that summed up a generation on the breakthrough Reckless release. That is the Bryan Adams I choose to remember.
Room Service returns to a more personal motive, and thankfully the trashy party tracks are all but gone.
The personal story telling East Side Story is a fabulous opener, setting up the mood and pace of the album, which is largely mid-tempo.
The album continues to flow nicely, with the exception of the sappy ballad Flying. Just a little too close to Rod Stewart's Sailing I think!
She's A Little To Good For Me is a great uptempo pop rocker, which leads into the single Open Road, which is another highlight and a song closest to the classic Adams style.
Room Service is another good uptempo number, making the middle section of the album a particularly enjoyable affair.
The album slows down again at this point, with the exception of Right Back Where I Started From, another potential single.
Blessing In Disguise is a bonus track for some territories. While not essential, it's a good fun 50's style rock n roll number.
The Bottom Line
A consistent and enjoyable album from Bryan that doesn't match his classic best, but is decent enough to please fans and suggest that the singer/songwriter still has a lot to offer. A little more guitar and a little more rock n roll might have spiced things up even further, but thank God the lame lyrics have been left behind.
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Line Up
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Essential for fans of:
· Bryan Adams - On A Day Like Today, Into The Fire
Track Listing
· Eastside Story*
· This Side Of Paradise
· Not Romeo, Not Juliette
· Flying
· She's A Little Too Good For Me*
· Open Road*
· Room Service*
· I Was Only Dreamin
· Right Back Where I Started From*
· No Where Fast
· Why Do You Have To Be So Hard To Love
· Blessing In Disguise (Bonus Track Japan/UK)
--*Best Tracks

01/09/05: Ro -
Rating: 99
Bryan is back ! No 100 because no CD is perfect. But he gets better from the last couple of releases. This CD is well written and sounds more like classic Bryan Adams. I would have liked to seen more edge from Keith Scott's guitar but it will do.

18/08/05: Scott Adams -
Rating: 25
Bryan once wrote a song called ‘The Kids Wanna Rock’. Unfortunately he doesn’t want to anymore. Oh no, Bryan, the man who bought a house in London’s Chelsea, then bought the pub next door and promptly closed it because the noise disturbed him, is a mature sophisticate these days. Well, frankly he can shove it. I’d like to close Bryan down if he thinks this half baked slab of AOR cack is in any way acceptable. There’s a song on here that sounds like Rod Stewart’s ‘Sailing’, (called, wait for it, ‘Flying’) only not as good. Utter, utter rubbish.

02/06/05: Jonathan -
Rating: 40
Unfortunately, Bryan stays with his recent trend of wimpy songs. I can't believe this is the same guy who wrote "Cuts Like a Knife", "Kids Wanna Rock", "Summer of 69", etc.

I heard a great quote about Bryan recently.

In the 1980's, he was called a "poor man's Bruce Springsteen". Now, he's become a "poor man's Michael Bolton".


06/03/05: Chewsmoka -
Rating: 85
A complete reworking of Reckless, the title track sounds similar to "Run To You", and "East Side Story" similar to "Summer Of 69"! I believe Bryan knew if he ever was oing to get back in the rock genre after 3 almost sorft rock albums that saw him dangerouly going the way to Richard Marx and Kenny Loggins, e pull this out of his hat. Overall, a good CD, it's even similar in running time to Reckless!!!! No wonder this wasn;t released here in the U.S. first, as most can tell this easliy, and by the time his is release in the U.S., I hope a track reworking and some exculding of tracks like "Nowhere Fast" get cut or the running time extended with some other tracks, otherwise as far as his careeer in the U.S. is concered, he will have driven that final nail in his coffin.

11/02/05: ton -
Rating: 60
What a high scores. Never heard from the Norwegian Stage Dolls. They are blowin'Bryan Adams from the stage. A very short record without highlights. Reckless is the thing. A positive mark: the sounding of this record is good, but the songs not memorable. Disappointing. Get a life and play THe Stage Dolls, people.

05/02/05: abhishek -
Rating: 100
The best after recless is "room service".

03/12/04: dan -
Rating: 80
I am so happy that Bryan has made a move away from the type of music that we saw on his albums post "Neighbors". The songs here are goos solid Adams fare. I feel like he's at Cuts Lik A Knifge standard on this - though a litle more laid back. A great sign for the future - the next album may be his next Reckless!

27/11/04: nadine -
Rating: 100
Every Badfan knows, that any album of bryans puts people in a good mood. But personally my favourite album has to be reckless. But room services delievers kool Guitar rock riffs. My favourite songs r Rooms service,back where i started from, open road, not romeo not juliette and flying. So this album, is top. And i hope flying does well as a single. But Love mostly all songs,

12/11/04: Edward Vandalay -
Rating: 85
"Room Service", Adams' first LP in six years, is a good album. It's mellow like "On a Day Like Today" (while also retaining that album's organic sound), and guitar-based like "Cuts Like a Knife". Overall, a good mix of guitar-pop and ballads.

"East Side Story", "Open Road", "Nowhere Fast", and "Right Back Where I Started From", are great pop songs in the classic Adams style, with "I Was Only Dreaming" and "Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to Love" as the only good ballads.

The title track became stale after the second listen mainly because it tried to rock too hard like the aforementioned songs, not to mention the guitar riff was lifted from Van Halen's "Little Guitars" from the album "Diver Down". And, with "Flying", the verses seem to only exist to get to the sing-along chorus. The sequencing was also a bit strange - the rocker "Open Road" is buried in the middle and the trio of "I Was Only Dreaming", "Right Back Where I Started From", and "Nowhere Fast", which were stuck in the back-end of the album, are far superior tracks than "This Side of Paradise", "Not Romeo Not Juliet", and "Flying", which were housed in the front-end.

An aside, the album should've closed with the rockin', hook-heavy "Friday Night in London", which appears as B-Side on the "Open Road" single.

"Room Service" is not as good as "Reckless" but as good as "Cuts Like a Knife".

P.S. A main complaint about this album is that it's short. A reminder: this album is, as pointed by another reviewer, 37 minutes long. "Reckless", his best album, is only 58 seconds longer.

09/11/04: scott -
Rating: 85
Bryan's best album since "Waking up the Neighbors". Well written and produced. Fresh. "Eastside Story" was an instant classic for me and I think it has hit potential. "She's a Little Too Good for me" is another standout. Very good album. Not a classic, but very worthwile for all Bryan Adams fans.

05/11/04: Terry K. -
Rating: 95
For those in the know, Bryan has never really gone away (like Rick Springfield). He's just not 'all over the radio' anymore cuz we all know how bad radio has gotten! 'Room Service', his latest, is a great release (5 points off from 'perfect' just for the very short running time of 37 minutes). This is a bit more upbeat throughout than his last release 'On a Day Like Today'. That cd suffered a bit from bad track running order,with maybe 3 or 4 so-so cuts. All the songs here are very strong-a SOLID release from Bryan.My personal fav/would be 'hit single': 'She's A Little Too Good For Me'(track 5). Bottom Line-BUT IT!! It may be a short disc,but the songs are excellent!

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