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Produced by: Cheap Trick and Harry Witz
  1. Oh Claire
  2. Surrender
  3. Hot Love
  4. I Can't Take It
  5. I Want You To Want Me
  6. Taxman, Mr Thief
  7. Mandocello
  8. Oh Caroline
  9. How Are You?
  10. If You Want My Love
  11. Dream Police
  12. So Good To See You
  13. The Ballad Of TV Violence
  14. Gonna Raise Hell
I didn't get this album at all until I read the liner notes. It just didn't make sense. just a few of the usual big hits that we have heard already on 3 live albums, none of the hits from their past few album and especially - Nothing off their great last album.
As it turns out - this CD was recorded live over 3 nights at the Metro club where the band returned to their home soil to play their entire first 4 albums in full each night. The only extra track they played was an acoustic version of The Flame one night as an encore...that should have been on here.
The old boys still have it in them to rock out. Indeed they can and for some of the album they sound great.
The band have already had something like 3 live albums and the same four tracks that have been on those are here again - If You Want My Love, Surrender, I Want You To Want Me, Dream Police.
As your typical live album this pretty cool. Live, raw and a mostly clean recording.
Once again I go against the general norm and admit that I prefer the 80's light weight version of Cheap Trick, a time when their keyboards filtered through as much as the guitars and the song writing was often out-sourced.
The sound quality is a little mixed - for the most part it is solid - loud, live and raw, but If You Want My Love slightly and Dream Police big time sound as if the recording gear was temporarily moved into the bathroom.
The acoustic interlude of Mandocello and Oh Caroline is a little dull. Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins guest stars.
Favourite tracks are the anthem-ish I Can't Take It, the classic I Want You To Want Me and If You Want My Love (despite the below average sound).
I will forgive these guys the track listing due to the liner notes explaining the album. But if we dare get another live album without any 80's hits on it, I will be complaining to management!
Out now in Japan and in the US shortly.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Established Cheap Trick fans.
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