Cheap Trick The Latest Big 3
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Running Time: 41.26

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Melodic Rock / Power Pop

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Songs: 78%
Sound: 86%
Cheap Trick for me, are bouncing between almost nailing it, and falling considerably short. Of the last 3 albums Special One hinted only occasionally at brilliance, but missed the mark due to inconsistency, while the very impressive Rockford was almost that classic you know the band are still capable of.
Unfortunately on The Latest we get the reverse bounce again and end up with another Special One again in places demonstrating absolute pop brilliance, yet elsewhere failing to deliver and even worse, some tracks simply don't go anywhere at all.
On the plus side, for me it doesn't get any better than the opening tracks. In fact, 4 of the first 5 tracks are all gems.
The slow haunting Sleep Forever is an unsuspecting intro to the pulsating melodic rock of When The Lights Go Out, which is anthemic Cheap Trick at their best. Following the band's love of all things Beatles, Miss Tomorrow mirrors the psychedelic sounds of the 70s, wrapped in that unforgettable slick power pop the band are famous for.
The punk/surf-pop of Sick Man Of Europe has been featured prominently in the launch of this album and I still can't figure out why utterly horrid in my opinion.
These Days is a lush Moody Blues style 70s pop ballad and another highlight.
Here is where the album loses the plot a little. An uninspired ballad is followed by a frantic rocker that might appeal if it was longer than 1.20!
Another surfer rocker in California Girl doesn't interest me at all and then it's another lackluster ballad in Everybody Knows.
The whole second half of the album swings back and forth between brash pop rockers and ballads, but I really don't find anything of lasting value here to want to come back to.
The closing ballad Smile is pretty nice and at least has a solid chorus.
The Bottom Line
Any Cheap Trick record is a cool record, but I could pull half this album and match it with a couple of tunes from Special One and most of the tunes from Rockford to create the best 70 minutes of classic power pop you'll ever be likely to hear. In fact, I think I'll do just that. Just once though, I'd like the band to do that themselves on the one record.
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The Latest

Line Up:
Robin Zander: Vocals
Rick Nielson: Guitars
Bun E Carlos: Drums
Tom Petersson: Bass

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Cheap Trick
Track Listing
Sleep Forever *
When The Lights Are Out *
Miss Tomorrow *
Sick Man of Europe
These Days *
Everyday You Make Me Crazy
California Girl
Everybody Knows
Times of Our Lives
Closer, The Ballad of Burt and Linda
Smile *

--*Best Tracks

01/12/09: Gary -
Rating: 45
This is Cheap Trick trying to do their Beatles record and I don't see the point. I will pick up Rockford instead if I'm gonna play Trick.

05/09/09: johnk5150 -
Rating: 90
How awesome is it that the only band on the Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick summer tour that had a new record is the oldest band on the bill? It ain't ironic as they're also the best on the tour. By a mile. The new record makes me happy as it sounds like classic CT. And the first four songs on this record show why Zander is the best American rock singer period. Not since Freddie Mercury has anyone come close to matching the dynamics of Zander's vocals.

04/09/09: Brucifer -
Rating: 96
To me, this is one of the best Cheap Trick albums in a long time. The last three just get better and better. I admit I'm a Cheap Trick fanatic, but I've let some friends hear this and they all agree that the boys are firing on all cylinders.Robin andf Bun E especially sound incredible.

Sorry Andrew ... I just dont agree with your review on this one at all. But then ... that's what makes the world so diverse, right? ... we all like different things.

I'm voting this one album of the year so far. Pure joy.
Also, their live Sgt Pepper album that also just came out is an absolute treat. The only downfall on that one are the guest vocalists ... they should have let Robin sing everything ... he's definitely the man of a thousnad voices.

24/08/09: Darren -
Rating: 79
Everybody Knows is the first CT song from the last three albums that made me think they still really cared about creating new stuff that grabbed ya. Lyrically, they've been "phoning it in" since Nielsen gave up his gig as the band's main songwriter. Zander and Petersson are great parts of thios band, but nowhere near the songwriter Nielsen was.
Still, new Trick is always welcomed here, as I still hold out promise of my fave band blowing me away once more.

22/08/09: MCFCTrick -
Rating: 95
Wasn't an 'instant' on first few listens,but isa real grower. Has a few too many mid tempo/ballad type songs for me, but there are some truly classic CT songs on here....When The Lights Are Out has been made their own with the mingling of Elo Kiddies riff in there.
Everyday You Make Me Crazy is pure CT power pop...coulda been a little longer though guys! Also love Closer, a brooding track that builds nicely.For me, the albums highlight is Alive...a real thundering song in the vein of Dream Police era Trick, and one of the best songs from them in many a year, imho.
In all a good offering, verging on great, but just lacking that little more to make it a genuine CT classic.Buy!

22/08/09: Aaron - aaronbradley@excite
Rating: 99
This album is excellent, and to me it is really obvious that it is a throwback to their 70's pop sound, much in the same way Rockford was to there 80's pop sound (too perfection, I might add) These guys NEVER have released a "same" sounding album (overall) I hope it is just the "Latest" and there is more to come.

21/08/09: Paul -
Rating: 68
Wow, what a letdown after Rockford. "When The Lights Are Out" is the only song worth listening to on this, IMHO.

21/08/09: Mike -
Rating: 99
I've been a huge fan since I saw them open for KISS in 1977 - just before their 1st album was released. This is a great album. Robin Zander has the best voice in rock - period. Amazing strength and range. A lot of strong songs, and like most of their albums, a couple I'm not crazy about. Miracle is like the new Ghost Town, and though not a favorite, still a decent song. Just the fact that these guys are still rocking after so many years is a testament to their talent, skill and love for what they do. Any Cheap Trick is to be celebrated and The Latest is no exception. Why they are no in the RnR Hall of Fame is a crime. Keep it up guys!

21/08/09: Larry -
Rating: 85
Good CT album overall, but Rockford was much better. Must disagree with Andrew on Sick Man of Europe - it is far and away one of the best songs the band has ever done and sounds like it could have come from their first album. Fantastic song, perfect choice for the first single from The Latest. Petersson's bass playing on that track blows the doors off - is he chanelling Entwistle? Effing inspired!

Minor gripes: the rest of the album doesn't measure up to Sick Man. Some good tunes here and there, but it's a more laid back affair than their best albums. I prefer CT rocking their butts off. A couple more tracks like Sick Man would have made this an A+ record all the way.

20/08/09: Jojo319 -
Rating: 97
Easily their best in years. waaaayyyy better tha "Special One". Oh, and "When The Lights Are Out" is a Slade cover.

20/08/09: David from Rockford -
Rating: 94
I very much enjoy this disc...sure I would love to hear another dream police or surrender type tune but this cd is excellent. Lookine back, Cheap Trick has always been a band that just doesnt go out and tour as an oldies act, they keep putting out music, good music....keep up the good work....
David from Rockford, IL

20/08/09: Robert -
Rating: 90
A great collection of power pop songs in the vein of classic Cheap Trick. When The Light Are Out is an amazing cover, Miss Tomorrow has a great chorus hook and These Days is a sweet acoustic ballad. Zander continues to impress me with his range and vocal acrobats at his age! If you liked anything up to and including One on One (or if you enjoyed Rockford), then this is highly recommended.

20/08/09: Stephen -
Rating: 97
Although I have always tended to respect and agree with the vast majority of Andrew's reviews, I think he simply needs to get his ears checked on this one. LOL Upon first listen, this tends to not come across with the sheer brilliance that is contained within. I have to admit, this is one of those albums that REALLY grew on me. Granted, I pretty much agree with Andrew's reviews of the last 2 Cheap Trick albums. However, I feel that is a masterpiece. This is their Sgt. Pepper. Yes... it's that good. Will it receive the attention in deserves, shoot up the charts and bring the band back to the dizzying heyday of 1978? No. But that doesn't mean that simply because everyone will not catch on or has written the band off after so many releases and in the sunset of their career that this is any less of a masterpiece. Very heavy Beatles influence throughout, sheer pop mastery and a handful of upbeat rockers thrown in for good measure, this is easily one of Cheap Trick's strongest releases. Holds up with their best! Recommended!

20/08/09: Skip -
Rating: 89
The short and sweet of it, I have always liked Cheap trick but never called myself a fan. I saw then last month with Poison and Def Leppard and Robin Zander's vocals absolutely dominated that night. I have recently listed to the old back catalogue and when I compare them to this cd, this cd stands out as one of their best. This album is just what it should be, Cheap Trick being Cheap Trick.

20/08/09: geoff -
Rating: 97
I dont agree with the reviewer this is power pop at its best to my ears there is not a bad track on here,in my opinion sick man and everyone knows are very good tracks I also dont agree that this is another special one I feel this is miles better than that album I also think the second half of the cd is excellent with some great tracks,(alive,closer,time of our lives and smile)the album flows very well for a cheap trick cd.
Of course some people will agree with andrew`s review but I think the majority of people will feel this is a masterclass of power pop.

20/08/09: Damir -
Rating: 87
.....never raelly been a fun of this guys.....but this cd is very listeable....

20/08/09: Kissfan101 -
Rating: 90
Just be happy that original, REAL, rock and roll is still alive. These songs kick a$$ for guys in their mid to late 50's that have been doing this for over 30 years!! Bands 1/2 their age can't keep up!

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