ColdSpell Infinite Stargaze Escape Music
· Produced By: Michael Larsson

· Running Time: 60.05

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock / Melodic Metal

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Songs: 87%
Sound: 93%
Interesting record this. Diverse in places, yet quite cohesive generally from start to finish. The self-produced album sounds great thanks to a Tommy Hansen mix (the guy can do no wrong) and vocalist Niclas Swedentorp has one of those easy to appreciate styles not unlike Ray Gillen, John Sykes and Mats Levin.
There's a touch of Badlands in there, some Blue Murder (if given a European metal feel) and perhaps even Deep Purple (if they too, were heavier and from Sweden!)
Lots of organ, lots of groove and lots of energy…not to mention plenty of guitars and a monster rhythm section.
I dig this album. It wasn't immediately catchy and took some time to live with before I found myself with their songs stuck in my head. But they did stick.
The moody and heavy mid-tempo opener Keep On Believin' is all class; the bluesy and faster paced Solid Ground rocks and then there is the Badlands groove of Ravin Mad which I love. Good chorus and such a cool groove during the verse.
The hard and heavy Eye Of The Storm is classic Mats Levin and once again grows on you with each listen. Straight Things Out is another classy rocker before the first mellower track of the album kicks in. Greed is another great rocker with a strong chorus (one of the best of the album).
The pace doesn't let up in the closing stages of the album, but it is around track 9 that things do tend to become a little familiar and some more variation would have been advantageous. However the album closes with the title track Infinite Stargaze, which is another highlight for me and clocking in a 7 minutes is a definite statement to close the album.
The Bottom Line
Not the catchiest choruses ever – perhaps some work could be done there – but still, the songs develop over time to reveal their melodies and overall this is a great sounding classic style European hard rock record. Well worthy of checking out and featuring some songs that I'll be playing for some time to come.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Infinite Stargaze

Line Up:
· Niclas Swedentorp: Vocals
· Michael Larsson: Guitars
· Tobbe Brostrom: Drums
· Tommi Partanen: Bass
· Matti Eklund: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Badlands
· Mats Levin
· European Hard Rock
Track Listing
· Keep On Believing *
· Solid Ground *
· Raving Mad *
· Eye Of The Storm *
· Straight Things Out
· Night Falls
· Fade Away
· Greed *
· Shot Down
· All I Want
· Surrounded
· Infinite Stargaze *

--*Best Tracks

29/04/09: Bob in Nashville -
Rating: 94
Coldspell simply R-O-C-K. Smart, crafty, songs. Raw power guitarist that walks the edge of overpowering the songs, but never does! The opening tune, KEEP ON BELIEVIN' has a great message will make you wanna drive fast. EYE OF THE STORM is a smokin tune. Stuff Led Zep would be doing in this generation. STRAIGHT(en) THINGS OUT is a killer cut as well. Actually, are no bad cuts on the CD. The Keyboards are not lost among the power which is impressive. NIGHT FALLS is a rock radio hit that's simply DYING to happen. Awesome song, a little less raw and reallllly well produced. S-L-I-C-K guitar solo in the middle. The title cut is the LAST song and again has the Led Zep vibe. Maybe it's the Hammond Organ. Fans of Early Dokken will probably dig this band. Must have for AOR fans! Rock on boys!

28/04/09: Craig Chapman -
Rating: 93
A really strong album with some superb individual performances and very good songwriting. The production is very good, whilst the vocals, harmonies and guitars are absolutely top notch. "Ravin Mad" comes across like a duel between Extreme & Van Halen, whilst "Straighten Things Out" has me reaching for the squash racket for some serious widdling !! Love it.

One slight moan - as Andrew says, songs 7-11 are all damn good, but have similar tempos and keys and therefore benefit from using the random play option on my CD player.

27/04/09: Cemil -
Rating: 85
Great vocals, great guitars. Surprise of 2009. High quality Melodic Metal.

24/04/09: Johnny Forslund -
Rating: 8
It is not every day that you wake up with a big smile and a total satisfaction in your body and soul. Coldspell makes me wanna scream! Because this band is a winner - all the way down to the drumsticks. Their music is like a giant wave that you can surf on forever. Coldspell belongs in the new era of Swedish melodic hard rock. Were do we find them you might ask? Well! You need to go very far up north in Sweden, to find these solid hard rocking guys in Coldspell and i promise with my whole heart that it is well worth the trip.

"Infinite Stargaze" (what a brilliant title) will bring you down on your knees more then once because this album is heavy as lead. Coldspell hold you in a melodic trance from the very first second to the bitter end. Twelve songs and one hour later, you will feel you got ran over by a steamroller. This is not good - it is brilliant music with a fat production, big variation and a killer voice. Their sound is like a car filled with Scandinavian melodic hard rock and a big doze of Whitesnake in the back seat. You can also imagine a strong drink mixed with some M.ill.ion, JLT, Pretty Maids, Thunder, Glenn Hughes, Treat, early Shylock, John Norum, Eclipse, Pink Cream 69, Starbreaker and Jorn Lande, but hey! This is Coldspell and they have got a very personal touch to everything they do. This is the kind of music you want to eat for breakfast, simply one hell of an album you can..t live without. The Coldspell sound is born and it burns!

Another thing that i want to rave about are the guitars. They have got a groovy and bombastic attitude with an in your face explosion. I can go on forever with this review, but the time is running out, so i will end my presentation of this monster album with my favourite tracks. I could cross the stream to fetch water many times for songs like
"Night Falls", "Greed" and "Infinite Stargaze". Simply so brilliant and melodic, like a big punch in the face. I love the refrains. Thank..s Coldspell for bringing back some real hard rock in my stereo. See you "live" guys!

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