Massacre Records
Produced by: Not Listed

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Catley, Ten, Royal Hunt, Dare
GENRE: Progressive AOR

  1. Arrival
  2. Walked On The Water
  3. Jungle
  4. Straight To The Bone
  5. Top Of The World
  6. Reload
  7. Gift Of Flesh
  8. Grain Of Sand
  9. Fooled
  10. I'm Alive

This is a really interesting release. And a very good one also.
Cornerstone is a new band project featuring songwriter/bass player Steen Mogensen from Royal Hunt and ex-Rainbow and Chain vocalist Doogie White, along with guest musicians Jacob Kjaer, Tony Rahm, Andre Anderson and Allan Sorensen.
It's a great collection of original material in the European rock vein, but with much more emphasis on the AOR market than the more traditional European melodic metal sector. The album features 10 tracks of atmospheric, very moody and dark melodic rock. It also touches on the progressive, which is why the band use examples of Pink Floyd and Saga in their Bio.
The sound is not dominated by either guitar or keyboards, rather it is a good equal mix of the two.
I heard comparisons to Magnum, but I feel that isn't entirely accurate.
Rather I think the sound is closer to Bob Catley's solo work and more accurately in relation to the writing of Gary Hughes and his influence on Bob's style.
Especially from Gift Of Flesh onwards, Doogie's vocals match those of Bob's on his two Hughes written solo albums.
The album takes on some characteristics of those two solo albums and some of Ten's work from their most recent album.
The other comparison I heard was that to Dare, which I can see a little of, as both bands have a similar guitar/keyboard and vocal style, but this is a little darker and heavier, plus Doogie's vocals are somewhat darker and rougher than those of Darren Wharton.
BOTTOM LINE: This is a dark, moody and atmospheric piece of dramatic melodic rock, complete with intensity and toughness, but all delivered with a European AOR touch. The swirling keyboards and occasionally extended instrumental breaks will suit fans of these guys past projects, plus should also attract a new set of fans that traditionally haven't bought into this style.
It is very good and very well executed and should appeal to those fans of dark and moody melodic rock.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans dark, moody technical AOR, plus some fans of Rainbow, Doogie White and Royal Hunt, plus Bob Catley and Gary Hughes.

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