Cosmo Alien Frontiers Records
Produced By: Fran & Antonio Cosmo

Running Time: 45.38

Release Date: December 8


Musical Style: Modern Melodic Rock

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Songs: 73%
Sound: 84%
The name Cosmo is now synonymous with AOR legends Boston. Fran Cosmo is of course one of the main voices behind Boston's last couple of studio albums and was frontman for Orion The Hunter (formed with Boston's Barry Goudreau).
On the last studio album Corporate America, Fran was joined by son Antonio (or Anthony), a partnership they have continued on into their own band.
Naturally with so many connections to Boston - a band that defines classic rock one could be forgiven for expecting the musical output of Cosmo to be of a similar nature. No so. Herein lies a challenge to the record label.
With expectations of a classic rock themed album along the lines of the bombastic, melodic bliss of Boston, how does one advise that this album is nothing like Boston, nor in the same musical realm?
If anyone buys this album on the strength of the name alone, with expectations of what they guys have delivered in their roles with Boston, you risk disappointment.
Cosmo is not pink and fluffy Cosmo is a modern rock band and in keeping with that, Alien is filled with tuned-down guitars, at times aggressive riffing and modern rock production effects.
There are a couple of melodic tracks here not surprisingly they are the highlights of the album for me.
The heavy rock ballad Don't Tell Me Your Lies has touches of classic, pomp and modern rock plus those Boston harmonies, and quite an epic feel. The chorus vocal is something else too.
Helicopter is an acoustic driven pop rock ballad with a glorious chorus and some well-timed lush harmony vocals.
Woman is also more melodic rock friendly, but compared to elsewhere on the album, these songs almost seem out of place.
The consistent theme throughout the record is for aggressive riffs, a Led Zeppelin-goes-modern rock style of sound. Go no further than the opening track Communication for an updated tribute to the kings of hard rock.
When I Close My Eyes and No Surprise are highlights of the modern portion of the album, but the rest are largely forgettable for me. The songs and more importantly, the choruses are just not consistently strong enough. And that I think is the album's biggest problem lack of killer songs.
The Bottom Line
I know for a fact the guys are going to be disappointed with my review as are some others, but I believe firmly that a majority of others will largely agree. The guys don't pretend to be anything but a modern rock outfit, but you have to be aware of that going into this and I still believe that based on their past histories, there will be a number of people disappointed in the direction chosen. Add to that some songs that really lack a knockout punch.
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Line Up:
Fran Cosmo: Vocals
Antonio Cosmo: Backing Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion, Samples
Pat Orlowski: Drums
Bill Carman: Bass
Mick Brooks: Guitar

Essential For Fans Of:
Fran Cosmo
Modern Rock
Track Listing
Communication *
Don't Tell Me Your Lies *
No Surprise *
Helicopter *
When I Close My Eyes
Can't Run Away
Don't Tell Me Your Lies (acoustic)

--*Best Tracks

28/05/07: Don Watson -
Rating: 88
Much better than Bostons latest. Cosmo should be Delps replacement in the future.

08/05/07: Tim Bucci -
Rating: 93
Fran's voice irritating? How does that happen, exactly? Anyway, Andrew missed the mark on this one. He should have given it a longer listen before scoring it, as this one really grows on you. I think part of what might have set some off of this CD is the press release about Cosmo being "the greatest," etc. If you haven't read it, don't bother. It was about the only thing annoying where this release is concerned. With regards to the music, EXCELLENT job, guys!

28/12/06: Roger -
Rating: 99
Absolutely Great !!

I completley disagree with the main review, this has my vote for album of the year for '06, with Saga and Talisman closely behind, I was a huge fan of Orion the Hunter and the one Boston album with Fran on vocals... Brad Delp cant keep up with Fran, I hope Fran Cosmo continues putting albums out with his son under the "Cosmo" name continousely, this singer is a great talent and i hope his talent doesnt go another 20yrs with no album... that would be such a waste...

14/12/06: Mick -
Rating: 50
Having been a huge fan of BOSTON prior to Tom Scholz's infatuation with himself, it's difficult to let go of the fact that we will never again experience any great music from ANYONE in the BOSTON camp. As I somewhat expected, this album is proof positive. The songwriting throughout is just plain amature. There is little in the way of impressive musicianship to save the day, and Fran's vocals which were somewhat pleasing back in the Orion The Hunter era are just plain annoying today. It's hard to believe the BOSTON debut was released 30 years ago.....that was a great album.....this album however has more in common with Corporate America......disjointed, weak writing, and lots of eye rolling.

08/12/06: Gary -
Rating: 96
I love this record. Great job guys. Andrew is way off base with his review. This album takes modern rock in a new direction.
I find something new to like everytime I play the album - the
songs grow on you with each listen.

08/12/06: Mick -
Rating: 98
Can't agree with Andrew's review.
This is one of the best records in 2006.
Real melodic hardrock with a Fran Cosmo at his best. It needs a few listenings to grow, but then it blows you away!
It's the harder edge of BOSTON and in my eyes the best way for Cosmo to come back to the show.
Simply GREAT!
Must have

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