Universal JAPAN UICE-1006
Produced by: Cybernauts

Released: OUT / Website
Relatives: Bowie, Mott The Hoople

  1. Watch That Man
  2. Hang On To Yourself
  3. Changes
  4. The Superman
  5. Five Years
  6. Cracked Actor
  7. Moonage Dream
  8. Angel No. 9
  9. The Jean Genie
  10. Life On Mars
  11. The Man Who Stole The World
  12. Starman
  13. The Width Of A Circle
  14. Ziggy Stardust
  15. White Light White Heat
  16. Rock N Roll Suicide
  17. Suffragette City
  18. All The Young Dudes

The Cybernauts is a side project for Def Leppard vocalist Joe Elliot and guitarist Phil Collen.
Joining them live and on this record is Trevor Bolder, Woody Woodmaney and Dick Decent.
I am a long time Def Leppard fan, but would still not recommend every Leppard fan rush out and buy this album. Instead consider carefully what your tastes are.
The album was recorded live in 1997 and is an album off all cover tunes - all originally featuring the legendary guitar work of Mick Ronson, who died in 1993.
This album is a tribute to him and the songs he played on through his years. That included several years and albums with David Bowie and Mott The Hoople, not to mention his solo work.
There are some classic covers included here, but also a few moments where the record is better suited elsewhere than stadium rock fans.
There will be an audience that will just adore this record. Those in that category are likely to be fans of Ronson, David Bowie and major fans of the 70's British rock era. Personally I don't listen to a lot of 70's tracks, but still enjoyed the retro vibe of this collection of songs. Best tunes are the opening number Watch That Man, Suffragette City, White Light, White Heat, Starman, Hang On To Yourself and Life On Mars. In fact, it is amazing how many great songs Ronson was a part of.
I thought a couple of other tunes didn't work so well, but the album does have a cool raw vibe to it.
BOTTOM LINE: Die hard Leppard fans will get something out of this, but how much depends on your love of British rock history and your love of classic Bowie songs.
Funnily enough, those that have no inclination for Def Leppard, but have a love of 70's rock might get more out of this than those Leppard fans.
I will sit on the fence in-between. It's a great album for what it is, but I won't listen to it all that often, just when the particular retro mood strikes me. Then it will be perfect.
ESSENTIAL FOR: 70's British rock fans, Mick Ronson and David Bowie fans and some Def Leppard fans.

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