Low Dice / Sony Special Products
Produced by: Paul Northcote & Danger Danger

Released: OUT / Website
Closest Relative: Def Leppard, Van Hagar
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Still Kickin'
  2. When She's Good She's Good
  3. Shot O' Love
  4. Afraid Of Love
  5. Tip Of My Tongue
  6. Walk It Like You Talk It
  7. Goin' Goin' Gone
  8. Good Time
  9. Don't Break My Heart Again
  10. Don't Pull The Plug
  11. Sick Little Twisted Mind
  12. Time In A Bottle*
    (Paul Laine Vers. Only)

To describe the ongoing saga behind this release and to then describe each of the two discs on offer would result in this CD taking several months to review.
If you are not aware of the ongoing legal and organizational sags that have prevented this album being released to the public, then where have you been?!!
Well, the liner notes should catch you up, so get this pronto...
Let's get straight to the point! Most regulars to this site should know that I adore this band. I rated their last album 100% - the only perfect score I have assigned any album in the history of this site. I stand by that mark - it is a masterpiece of a record!
The band certainly have a history and I don't want to get into a Ted Poley VS Paul Laine debate within this review.
I prefer the band as they are now - being a long time Paul Laine fan myself, and prefer their tougher, harder edge sound with Paul up front.
But I also love Ted, as a singer and as a frontman and as a personality. His post D2 work is something I have followed and supported with enthusiasm.
That is the beauty of this release. The band should get full and unconditional credit and support for their decision to market both albums together as a 2 disc set.
This way, there are no what version sold more than the other debates, nor will there be a split in the fan base over what record to support, or the cost involved of buying 2 separate albums. For that reason, this is another 100% essential release.
Cockroach the album, or the music at least, was supposed to be album number 3 in around 1993/4.
It was (is) a bold step forward for the band, after the disappointing second album Screw It. This one has the songs - big rock anthems with attitude and swagger. It also has the tongue in cheek good time rock that the band were known for (Tip Of MY Tongue, When She's Good) and it also has a more serious reflective side (Don't Break My Heart Again, Afraid Of Love).
The music was tougher, it has a much heavier edge and in the case of Ted Poley, it was in a style that he hasn't sung before. The band went out on a limb and things went awol. Shame, as the music was awesome.
Paul Laine's came in and re-recorded the vocals after the departure of Ted and his version of the album sees a revised track running order and a bonus track, a cover of the 70's classic Time In A Bottle.
Paul's voice suits the material better - in my own humble opinion at least. He has that raspy, harder edged voice that suits the style of the songs. Too band it's taken 6 years or so to get released!
Singer aside, if you are new to Danger Danger - why has it taken you so long to find this band?!!
The style of this album is pure American fist pumping uptempo hard rock. There's parts of Def Leppard in there, (anthems, backing vocals), parts of Van Hagar, (guitar riffs, song delivery, anthems, backing vocals), parts of later day Poison at their best (the glam & blues influences on a few tracks, backing vocals etc), and a large dose of their own cool sound.
Several of the songs on Cockroach will be familiar to the owners of those last 2 albums, as the band re-recorded a few songs each album.
Of the exclusive tracks to this release; Don't Break My Heart Again is a sensational moody ballad, Don't Pull The Plug is a barnstorming bluesy hard rocker with a killer guitar solo intro, Good Time is a straight up party rocker, as is Tip Of My Tongue and Shot O' Love is the long time cult favorite track that finally sees the light of day with this release. This track is a huge stadium rock anthem with a big verse and an even bigger chorus. Legendary in every sense of the term.
BOTTOM LINE: Ted or Paul, it doesn't matter - with both on offer here, it is hard to pass this release as one of the best American hard rock albums of the year - or as it turns out - any year.
Fans of any American stadium rock that haven't discovered this band, or previously wrote them off as being too light n fluffy, need to take a serious new look at this release.
Then you need to get Four The Hard Way and The Return Of Great Gildersleeves.
I love this band, I love their sound and there is no reason why they shouldn't be where Bon Jovi are today.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Every Danger Danger, Paul Laine, Ted Poley and American stadium rock fan. Every regular to this site!
DISCOGRAPHY:Danger Danger . Screw It . Dawn . Four The Hard Way . Return Of The Great Gildersleeves . Cockroach

17/09/09: TJ -
Rating: 100
awesome album, nothing against Paul but Ted definatley sounds better,i think Paul would suit another band better. I love Ted's post Danger Danger music also.

17/04/05: Yuyan -
Rating: 95
This is long-awited album for me & U guys checkin' this kinda site...If U wanna have a good time, go get this!! This is a must...

03/11/04: Myke Gope - MGopeInc
Rating: 0
I have been a long time fan of D2 (and have everything they recorded and involved in ie: Melodica, Westworld, Bone Machine, as well as New and old Danger Danger) simply the band is amazing, plain and simple. And is not a Paul Laine or Ted Poley thing, Paul did his thing for the band as well as Ted, In my opinion you cant mess with an original line-up: Bruno, Steve, Ted, Andy and Kasey...Perfection,..Be Safe GOPE

17/09/04: Steve -
Rating: 100
a classic album if you aint got this in you collection then your lossing it, it has the greated songs known to man and rates way high with poisions "every rose has its thorn" buy it you crettings buy it

29/06/04: peanutbutter -
Rating: 100
This is the best cd I have ever heard. I have owned it for almost 3 years and I can't put it away. I listen every day coming home from work. I think it is their best work by far. I like the band with Paul singing the best. Ted's singing is just unbearable after you hear Paul sing. Paul is the better of the two to me. The choruses are great. Hey Bruno, how about some more of this in the future?

17/06/04: JE$$IE R. -
Rating: 99
Some of the best ballads i have ever heard. U gotta check out these songs people, it is a must.

18/04/04: steve eversole -
Rating: 99
This is one great album. This is D2's version of "Hysteria", just a great album from start to finish. If this album would have been released as scheduled, with the right promotion, it would have been huge!! I prefer the line-up with Ted Poley singing lead, but either way, it's a masterpiece. It's too bad the band had so many legal problems from within. We should have been able to hear so many great songs from such a talented group. A+++++++

31/03/04: Richard -
Rating: 98
Believe it or not, tonight is my FIRST TIME at Melodic and I just couldn't keep myself from reveiwing a few great bands albums. I have viewed a number of the ratings of various albums and for the most part must I do agree with the gentlemans' opinion that does the reviewing here. I too am a huge fan of Danger Danger, though I had to re-discover them about a year back.
Of course, being a metal fan, I picked up the first album after its' release back in '89, then bought "Screw It!" on CD the week it came out. Well Danger Danger kind of disappeared to alot of us (not properly looking in the right places - though note that there was no good ole' www. to look them up at - then) and I forgot about them. Well the first album is, was and will always be a favorite all-time metal album of mine, then "Screw It!" disappointed me somewhat, though "Monkey Business", "I Still Think About You", and "Don't Blame It On Love" stand out as the shining crown jewels of this effort, and until I picked up a CD-R of "Four The Hard Way", I had (again) forgotten about Danger Danger...
Upon listening to "Four The Hard Way", "...Gildersleeves", and THEN "Cockroach" ...WOW!... This is the greatest MOST underrated band (period!) that I have ever heard! Not humbly, but factually!! Bon Jovi nothing, Danger Danger, albeit either Paul Laine or Ted Poley is an awesome hard rock/heavy metal force!!!
I wonder how many rock fans read these reviews in an effort to help assist them in deciding whether or not to purchase an album, I don't know?! What I do know though, is that if you happen to be one of those fellow fans considering trying a new band such as Danger Danger, do yourself a lifetime favor and find this album AND "Four The Hard Way", "The Return Of The Great Gildersleeves", and their debut "Danger Danger". You then need not thank me, simply spread the word and share the wealth. This 'IS' rock! Danger Danger is in many ways MY favorite band. Don't debate Laine vs. Poley - they go hand in hand. The guys (Bruno Ravel and Steve West) knew what, and who to get for replacing Ted. The transition has probably never been as smooth on record from one lead - to another with any other band, than here.
Last thought, support the band! Do as I did, go out and BUY the original albums, plus go to the home site: and let the guys know "...this is the best rock I've missed and can't get enough of it! Make another studio album A.S.A.P." ENJOY!

29/01/04: Andy Rota - +++++++++
Rating: 100
This CD is awesome....These songs Rock! A must for any fan of Danger Danger. I've been a big fan of D2 since their first CD and especially like Ted at the helm. Check out Ted Poley's other CD's with his bands "Bone Machine", "Melodica" and his latest "Poley/Pilcher" project. The guy flat out can sing and is one of rock and roll's unique voices. Paul's singing is good....I don't want to forget him but Ted is The Man. To summarize Cockroach in 4 words..........Get This One NOW!!!!

17/10/03: westy in Australia -
Rating: 99
every album dangerdanger have written has been fukn awesome. danger danger are the number one most rocken band in the world.
keep rokn boys and cum visit australia theres a huge fan base here.
p.s. this is to the dick head with the first reveiw, he said the album "screw it" was a disappointment. well mister ur a fukn gimp coz it was one of the best things i've ever heard. "dont blame it on love" was a ripper.

24/09/03: Geoff -
Rating: 94
Oh how I waited for this to finally be released on CD. I suppose it is 100% worthy as you get two versions of one amazing melodic hard rock CD with two of the finest vocalists out there.

'Still Kickin' is a killer opener and a great start. It should sound better with Paul's rougher voice, but I admit I'm a sucker for original line-ups and have always loved Ted's voice. So at this point I'll say I love Paul's version of the CD and his work with D2 since has been amazing and I love him as the frontman, but I think I'll review the songs in reference to Ted on vocals.
'When She's Good She's Good' is so good it hurts, with those layered vocals in the chorus -commercial hard rock heaven!
'Shot O' Love' is great commercial hard rock and Ted's voice shines here.
'Afraid Of Love' is one of my favourite ballads of all time. Has Def Leppard written all over it, but excecuted perfectly and easily one of my faves on the disc. The verses, the chorus, the lyrics. I love it!
'Tip Of My Tongue' and 'Walk It Like You Talk It' are great slabs of fun hard rock, the latter being home of a killer monster riff.
'Goin' Goin' Gone' is my second fave off the album and once again Ted shines. Great melodic hard rocker and a true gem.
'Good Time' is another cool, fun rocker. Cool stuff, very simple lyrics.
'Don't Break My Heart Again' has been one of my favourite ballads of all time since I heard the crappy sounding demo for the first time. This song was made for Ted's voice and is a real spine chiller, heartbreaker and a gem of the highest order. Brilliant! '
'Don't Pull The Plug' and 'Sick Little Twisted Mind' are great slabs of hard rock too.

I think this is the best D2 release and I love every minute of it. Killer hard rock and it's great to hear the Ted version as the original D2 singer on these wonderful songs.
I love Paul's version too - hell, with songs like this I'd like anyone's version! But the 2 vocalists are superb and all the songs shine on both CDs.
I don't really dig 'Time In A Bottle', though.

11/01/03: marcelo teixeira -
Rating: 100

17/06/02: Jonny B -
Rating: 100
It was a mortal sin for me to wait so long to buy this album. Now after several repeated listens I can finally write a decent review. But where do I start?

First off, I stick to my ruling that I don't like the modernized Paul Laine D2, and (ironicly), most of the decent tracks that were featured on 4 the Hard Way and Gildersleeves are also featured here on Cockroach...coincedence? Maybe not in my case. Next question was, why did I buy this album if I only wanted one disc? (the Ted Poley version)

Answer: well actually I like them both come to my surprise. Paul Laine's voice is much more in vein of his solo effort "Stick it in Your Ear", and well, if the CD had no label and no hint of being a Danger Danger release I may of mistaken it for a Paul Laine solo album. As for Ted Poley, well I was a big fan of the old D2 to begin with, so that makes up my mind for the other disc, doesn't it? lol

And now, I shall turn this review into a Ted vs. Paul debate. Which song was better on each disc. Why? Because I can.

Still Kickin': Heard this on 4HW, and was fairly decent. But Ted wins here. Great attempt at singing heavy hard rock.
Sick Little Twisted Mind: Hated this song to begin with. But I like the Paul version featured here. The starting bada$$ guitar solo really sets the mood up for this one. My question is, why was it left out on the Ted version and the 4HW version?
Good Time: Both versions are great. Good song, good vocals from both singers.
Don't Break My Heart Again: Both versions are great, but prefer Ted's vocals. He's got that niche (think I spelled that right)for singing great on rock ballads.
Tip Of My Tongue: In vein of the S/T debut IMO, therefore, Ted gets the nod here.
Walk It Like You Talk It: Talk about throwing a curveball! This sounds completely different from the Gildersleeves version. Kicka$$ Paul version! Why couldn't he sing with that raspy voice in the Gildersleeves version? Sounds really cool!
Goin' Goin' Gone: I can't really tell the difference between the 4HW and Cockroach versions. Good song; both vocalists are good here.
Afraid of Love: Rock ballad. What does that tell you? Ted wins here doesn't he? Yeah, of course so.
When She's Good She's Good: Don't like the Cockroach version of this song. The Gildersleeves version was better! lol! That must mean Paul wins here.
Shot O' Love: Another S/T-related special. Ted wins here.
Don't Pull the Plug: Quote from this song: "That sucked!" "Try It again." Ummm, how about not! just kidding. LOL. The song would've been better without the starting guitar solo. Prefer the Paul version.
Time In A Bottle: Gee, only one version here. Guess Paul gets the nod here, huh? You think they could've put a cover song done w/ Ted. I mean, look at his work with Prophet? He'd be the perfect candidate for a Kansas cover song! Why didn't he <SLAP SLAP SLAP> OW! Thanks for that, I was straying off the subject.

And the final score is: Ted: 7 Paul: 7

So for the most part, I like both albums equally. Even though I don't think the album is perfect, I still give it a 100 anyway. I do this for 2 reasons:
1. It's hard to come by a double album where I give both cds an equal number of spins.
2. I'd feel like I was in the minority if I didn't. LOL

There you have it, a slightly late review on the greatest album of 2001...even though it was released 9 years later than is was supposed to be.

27/01/02: Mark Warburton -
Rating: 100

26/01/02: HockeyJimm -
Rating: 100
Awesome! I think both versions are OTT. I prefer Ted but who cares. It's all about the music isn't it?

Thanx for the fast shipping, guys!


15/01/02: dokken6008 - ----
Rating: 100
'Cockroach' is the missing link for the last of Ted Poley's lead vocals with Danger Danger and it completely blows 'Screw It' out of the pan. It is everything 'Screw It' was trying to lead up to but just didn't quite make it there. As many other reviewers have made mention of, 'Cockroach' has a MUCH harder edge than any of their previous work but it works extremely well with both singers (Poley and Laine). I will always prefer Ted (I always thought, and still think that, he has one of the bitchinest voices ever) but I guess he had his reasons to leave the band. If you are a fan of Ted's or Paul's (or both) this cd is for you. D2 as a band sound fantastic and if you are a fan of wonderful rock and roll buy this album (off the band's web-site, Great material.

29/12/01: Marcelo -
Rating: 100
The album of the year!!!! Really great!!!! The two versions are Good, really good, but Ted Poley rules!!!!! Thanks for the music!!

31/10/01: JUDE -
Rating: 100
Hey I Love this album, it's definitely the album of the year, but then we all knew that it would be. Personally I think that Paul Laine's version beats the crap out of the other one, but I love that version too just not to the same degree.
but I'm in full agreement with the rest of the P77 gang, arguing about the best or better versions is a "waste of listening time." I'd love to know who came up with that one, but I can hazard a guess.
Each song is recorded so well, and the direction of the songs compared to "Screw it!" are just superb. I agree with the comment that buying it beats downloading it, those guys deserve recognition for this one, but then I feel the same way about "Gildersleeves" as well.__ THE BEST THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!! JUDE

29/10/01: Brandon -
Rating: 100
This is easily the best Danger Danger album ever as well as album of the year. I have bought this album twice already and I'll probably buy it again! Both versions are good, but I prefer the Ted Poley sound.

27/10/01: Peter Cochrane - peter@KILLOWENGRANGE.FSNET.CO.UK
Rating: 100
When I first heard that this album was not being (offically!!) released,I was very disappointed,as I thought the 1st album was awesome.However,I was able to get copies of both versions (Ted Poley singing on one version and Paul Laine on the second).The production was awful to say the least - obviously as the album was never "finished",but the SONGS made up for it UNBELIEVEABLY!!
This is an awesome album,and any self-respecting AOR/Hard Rock fan should have this in their collection.My personal favourite version is Ted Poley on vocals,but hey,who really cares with an album of this quality.To see it finally officially released and cleaned up in the production department is a dream come true!
Me - I'm going to buy it and wear it out!!

23/10/01: Mark -
Rating: 95
I've been into D2 since the early 90s, and heard rumors of the mysterious Cockroach CD since about then. It was worth the wait.
While I am personally more in the Ted Poley camp (I think he has one of the coolest voices of any melodic/pop metal singer out there), both discs are great. I will agree that Paul's voice fits some of the tunes better, as their style has shifted somewhat since the first 2 discs.
But it's great to hear Ted on songs we already knew, like WHEN SHE'S GOOD SHE'S GOOD (Great song!), STILL KICKIN', and AFRAID OF LOVE.
If you're a D2 fan at all, you have to buy this album! Don't download it, buy it. These guys deserve to be rewarded to bringing this out after all the legal wrangling and assorted issues.

19/10/01: Phantasm -
Rating: 100
Well at last we can voice our opinions about this great album, and while it's true that we can get into arguements about who has the better version(The majority in our camp prefer the Paul Laine disc), we all personally feel that it would be a vast waste of our listening time.
I think that Andrew said it all in his review, and we all heartily agree with him_ROCK ON!!!!!!!
The P77 gang

19/10/01: Enrique Corredera -
Rating: 90
Great, although I still prefer the first two albums, this one is fantastic, in both versions. Just "cojonudo".

18/10/01: Ben Webster -
Rating: 95
Sensational!!!! This album is essential for any fan of arena rock.I originally was sceptical about having to purchase both discs,(Mr. Laine is THE MAN in my book) but having the two singer option is really cool as they both give it a different vibe and it's almost like another album to listen to.
This is the ultimate summer/car rock album I think,as good as any Halen/Leppard/Jovi/Scarem disc,the boys have excelled in every facet of the package,(songs/playing/production).Bonus points to the guys for speedy service,I received it within a week of ordering and I live in Australia..
Buy this record and reward these guys for the awesome job they've done in recording it and for finally managing to release it,don't burn it off your mate that lays out the cash or off the 'net....Give Steve,Bruno and Paul their due...I can't turn it off.....I dare you not to love it...

18/10/01: Ive Michiels -
Rating: 95
Every dedicated melodic rock fan was waiting for this release now for many years and it definetly was worth the wait .
The debut of these guys is one of my favorite albums of all times and the follow up Screw it is also in my personal top 100 of all times .
So with Cockroach this trilogy is completed and although I think its better than Screw it , my personal favorite will always be the debut .
Most of the songs on Cockroach are just perfect examples of how to make melodic rock , but there are also some songs that are just good for Danger Danger terms .
After a couple of listens I have to agree with my brother that the Ted Poley version is better than the Paul Laine version .
Paul Laine is definetly a world class singer , but for me Danger Danger is for a big part Ted Poley , who gives the songs just an extra dimension .
Its the same for me with Survivor , Dave Bickler was a very good vocalist but Jimi Jamison is just from another planet .
As a conclusion I can only say that Danger Danger was the best melodic rock band of the world with Ted Poley and with Paul Laine they are just very good .

17/10/01: Fer -
Rating: 100
It´s Wonderfull, I much prefer Ted's version compared with Paul's. The Band with Paul sometimes i feel like Loverboy or Skid Row but its ok. and Ted, well Ted is Danger Danger for me, Fan of D2 since 1990, hear Melodica's Albums).But both singers excellent!!!!!

14/10/01: Craig Bishop -
Rating: 96
I've had this album for about 2 months now and it just gets better with every listen. I much prefer PAUL's version compared with TED's, although I would have to say this was the best TED ever sung with the band. It doesn't sound dated at all. Just some kick arse heavy rock in the saim vein as the last two albums. The only let down to this is the added track TIME IN A BOTTLE. It does not flow with the rest of the album(s) at all and should not be included at the end either. Especially after the killer blues track DON'T PULL THE PLUG! In all this is essential for any D2 fan and anybody who digs HEAVY/MELODIC ROCK!

14/10/01: Tony - ~~~~~~
Rating: 100
HANDS DOWN the most underrated and looked over band to come out of the late 80's early 90's!!! This cd is fantastic & well worth getting. If you enjoy well written songs and great musicianship then why haven't you gotten this already??? Had this been released in 89-90 this would have been HUGE!!! That being said this cd sounds in no way dated or old. This is just a fun driving with the window down feeling good rock-n-roll record. As for Paul & Ted's version I think both are great. I've just taken turns listening to them. Paul's voice updates the sound a little better but just me personally I think Ted's voice gives it more of a "fun" vibe. But Paul was an OUTSTANDING choice as a new singer. That's great these guys finally released this and I still can't get it out of my car cd player. For the life of me I can't figure out why these guys were never huge. If you've never checked these guys out this is a great introduction to these guys & might want to make you check out earlier stuff. You'll dig it I promise!!!

14/10/01: Scot Lowder -
Rating: 100
I totally agree with the above rating. Excellent album. I was a big danger danger fan with the two first albums. I am rediscovering them with Paul Laine and they are just as good. This album showcases both singers, excellent idea. This one is a must

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