WA WA ZAT!! WACD 1217-2
  1. Slam Dunk
  2. Blacklight
  3. Counter-Blast
  4. Lose The Dress
  5. Little Texas
  6. King Of The Hill
  7. Going Places
  8. Wa Wa Zat!!
  9. Relentless
  10. Indeedido
  11. Right Tool For The Job
  12. Tight
  13. Weekend With The Babysitter
  14. Black Sand
Low budget and independent release aside, it takes about 6 seconds to relalise the the mighty Dave is back in party mode and back to his old tricks.
In some cases retro, or returning to ones roots is better than going forward and this is exactly what David has done. The sound if this the first David Lee Roth Band release certainly touches some new ground, but for the most part, Dave lives it up with a blend of exactly what we want from him - Hard driving party rock and big guitar licks, abstract vocals, all mixed with some fine rock n roll blues.
Dave emplyed some of the finest studio musicians and writers like John Lowery on guitars and Terry Kilgore on guitars and bass, Ray Luzier on drums and Burbon Bob (?) on bass.
For 7 of the tracks Bob Marlette (Rick Springfield, Neal Schon, Gregg Rolie) has been enlisted to help bring on some great choruses and melodies. And for he most part, this has been a great success.
The opening track should be familiar to all by now. Slam Dunk is Dave at his 'Eat Em And Smile best. Blacklight sees some of the hardest rocking I have ever heard from DLR. Some great growling vocals giving way to that almighty scream! A furious chorus.
Lose The Dress is more a hard blues stomp. Tongue firmly in place!
Little Texas is another hard party rocker. This sees some of the best licks since Steve Vai wrapped himself around the Skyscraper album, yet without too many of the widdling and much more punch in the riff's.
King Of The Hill has also been on many playlists and is another truly heavy rocker. It is great to hear Dave singing like this again. Great solo and a really dirty sleezy vocal.
Going Places is the first chance we get to take a break from the onslaught that was the first half a dozen tracks. A nice acoustic guitar intro that leads into a mid paced groove track.
Wa Wa Zat is a little more restrained than I expected but is again lead by those awesome guitars.
Relentless cranks up the party mode again. A fine screamer of a chorus and some great licks.
Indeedido follows straight on and keeps the temo up and rocking. Right Tool For The Job heads back into blues territory. Some fine guitar solo's and one of those growling Dave vocals. Some funny lines.
Tight is for me a highlight of the album. Traditional uptempo Dave. That growl vocal and musical style as used on the Van Halen 1997 re-union tracks. One of the best tracks on the record.
The tongue in cheek Weekend With The Babysitter is a little more laid back and lacks a little compared to the rest of the material, while Black Sand is a departure in style and shows some definite maturity. A moody and musically challenging song.
So this has taken a couple of listens to digest as there is just so much going on.
What Dave has done is employed some of the finest and more contemporary musicians and songwriters to help him put together a real killer come back album.
Without the aid of a big budget and a major label, the David Lee Roth band have created an album that any major label should be proud to release.


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