David Lee Roth Diamond Dave Magna Carta
Produced By: David Lee Roth and Alex Gibson

Running Time: 46.06

Release Date: July 8

Released: US

Musical Style: Big Band Blues Pop

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Songs: 40%
Sound: 70%
What makes a good album and what makes a bad one? Several aspects of course. As far as bad ones, there are albums that sound horrible, feature crappy songs and bad performances. Then there are albums that feature solid performances and have nothing actually wrong with the songs themselves, but are just dull as hell and feature the artist doing something the large majority of the fan base don't want to hear.
That's the case with David Lee Roth's new album of 11 covers and only 3 originals. Those that love everything Diamond Dave has to offer will undoubtedly find something to like here.
But the main question that goes through my mind is why? Why do this album? Why would David think this was a good idea after gaining such critical and fan acclaim for his last all-original album, that had the master frontman returning to hard rocking form? Only Dave can answer hose questions.
It of course is no secret that Roth loves a wide range of styles and has always been a diverse artist. But he has already done the retro trip. And a quick check of Dave's solo sales history will show that his early rocking albums sold the best, while sales gradually faded as he experimented more.
Now Roth is one of rock n roll's great frontmen - no question. He also has more charisma in his finger than the entire population of boy-bands have combined.
So why resort to this collection of lounge style covers? Why desert rock n roll for this ultra laid back collection of blues and pop/jazz classics? Why not play up on everything that has made him a rock God and really dive into a new album of original material and follow up the good foundations that were laid with the indie released David Lee Roth Band record? And why not take advancetage of that red hot band of his? More unanswered questions.
While there is nothing wrong with the songs themselves - garnered from the likes of Savoy Brown, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Hombres, Steve Miller Band and Billy Fields - in this instance they just fall flat.
Even the originals are mainly experimental and fall flat of expectations. In fact, one of them - Act One - is possibly the worst track of the album.
The Bottom Line
No it's not rock - but it is dull. Boring even. And that is possibly the worst crime that David Lee Roth could be accused of. One track might be a hoot, but sitting through 14 tracks here is just too hard and far too removed from the DLR that I know and love.
Dave may still rock live in concert and is still a great performer, but if this doesn't kill his career as a recording artist I will be surprised. And as I said in my initial comments on this album, it's the prefect reason for Eddie Van Halen not to call Dave for a re-union.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Crazy From The Heat
Eat 'em And Smile
A Little Ain't Enough
Your Filthy Little Mouth
DLR Band
The Best
Diamond Dave

Line Up
David Lee Roth: Vocals
Brian Young, Toshi Hiketa: Guitar
Ray Luzier: Drums
James Lomenzo: Bass

Essential for fans of:
David Lee Roth - Crazy From The Heat
Track Listing
You Got The Blues, Not Me
Made Up My Mind
Stay While The Night Is Young
Shoo Bop*
She's Looking Good
Soul Kitchen
If 6 Was 9
That Beatles Tune
Medicine Man
Let It All Hang Out
Thug Pop*
Act One
Ice Cream Man
Bad Habits*
--*Best Tracks

18/02/06: King Carlos -
Rating: 1
There's hit or miss and then there's miss by a mile. Hey Dave, try actually caring about your music if you expect us to.

13/10/04: Vinny P. -
Rating: 90
I walked into the music store looking for this CD which I saw on the internet. When I walked up to the counter with a returned CD I asked what's the story with this returned CD. The guy who was be hind the register was about 27 or so says "excellent disk we play it all the time. It's not VH but better than anything Sam Halen". After listening to it I will agree it is very easy to listen to and you have to appreciate the diversity in Diamond Dave
I am a big fan of Dave and that

20/03/04: ICE CREAM MAN -
Rating: 92
Ok, I admit this isn't going to be for diehard Roth era VH fans
or those who love Dave's first couple of solo albums but honestly it's damn good. I've got no problem with him making this kind of album showcasing another side of David Lee Roth. As the Van Halen camp continues to circulate rumors of a Hagar/VH reunion let's just be happy that the one and only TRUE voice of Van Halen is still making music at all. Gives this disc a few plays and I think you'll agree that it's different but still Dave.

06/01/04: Bunnie -
Rating: 85
Okay, I admit that I was under the impression (partly based on the cover photo of this CD) that this was a VH-style Rock n' Roll album - BUT, when I heard this CD, I realized that since I am a big fan of DLR's, this CD was a way of getting to know alittle more about DLR as a musical artist, not simply a "Rock n' Roll" frontman. I listened a second time around, and liked it even more. As a fan of DLR's, I am interested in what he wants to sing and what he's passionate about in today's world.
I love to hear him do Rock n' Roll - he's proved himself and VH will never be able to go on tour or do a concert without DLR - it's sad because the chemistry of DLR & VH = MAGIC ...maybe someday. Bottom Line...DLR is diverse and never boring - his music is always fun and optimistic. Love you Diamond Dave!!!!

01/11/03: Mark -
Rating: 1
This must REALLY suck, as Andrew gave it such a poor rating. He really liked the AWFUL DLR Band CD, and that was the worst piece of crap I've ever heard. If this is anywhere near that waste of time, avoid at all costs!

12/09/03: Adam -
Rating: 5
What is Dave thinking? After EAT EM' AND SMILE fans of Diamond Dave got used to having to put up with a lot of sub par or filler tracks missed in with some GREAT songs on each of Dave's releases. But this CD is just plain awful! His last solo effort wasn't much to talk about and the one before that was just ok, but Dave has abandoned his fans on this one. Not at all like the very fun and cool CRAZY FROM THE HEAT ep, this collection of cover songs is just plain BAD!!! Save your money Van Halen fans this CD is a waste of an hour.

03/08/03: Hootchietoad -
Rating: 85
Let me start by saying that alot of fans heralded DLR Bands effort as the new VH. I wanted to belive it till I heard good as it was it reeked of a B quality effort: production wise, Dave's voice...everything seemed a little sub-par to me. However, Diamond Dave jumps out of the speakers and makes you feel it. Dave also has a crack team that has now played together for a few years and it shows. This is pretty much what I would expect from Dave at this point in time. A mix of CFTH, EEAS, and his take on modern techno stuff. Great production, great renditions of lesser known tunes...all Dave.

02/08/03: Diamond J -
Rating: 90
This is a great DLR album! Not VH, not early solo stuff, current Roth. I could rant on forever, but let me just say Dave's been doing this for 25+ years, has 6 VH studio albums,6 solo studio albums, and this makes 7. Do they all need to sound like Panama? If anyone claims to be a Roth fan, has seen an interview with him, met him, etc., you know that variety makes the music. I've met him and know that this is Dave's album. If YOU don't like, whatever. WE do! Roth n roll!

25/07/03: Steve -
Rating: 75
I bought his CD expecting Rock 'n Roll. What I got was a well recorded set of Vegas songs. These are what I expected Dave to do 10 years from now woking some Casino. But, there are a few great covers here, Soul Kitchen is one. This CD did prove one thing to me though, that Dave still can sing very well. Any DLR fan has already puchased this CD so I really dont think this review will make a difference, but all in all, the $9.99 was well worth it. I forgive Dave, just as long as he releases some Rock CD soon.

22/07/03: John Elway -
Rating: 85
Man, I really sold this album short initially. I was so bummed when it wasn't as rockin' as the DLR band album that I put it away never to be heard again. Luckily, I gave it another listen. This is a darn good rock and roll record. No, it's not Van Halen nor is it "Eat 'Em and Smile" but it's a really fun record. When you think about it, this guy has been putting out these fun, quircky songs since "Diver Down." These songs are not for the close-minded and some of the songs are too slow or too silly for my taste, but as a whole, I enjoy the horns and bluesy tunes. This is not a "lounge" album as some might make you think, but rather an interesting collection of bluesy, jazzy rock. If you're up for a Van Halen record, put in "Fair Warning," but if you want to try something a little more darring and different, check this out.

16/07/03: Mike -
Rating: 85
This album is so Dave it's not even funny. I bet Dave has wanted to make a album like this he's whole life. I guess this simply boils down to I get it and you guy don't I guess. For those fans who are really fans you will love this album tons of fun and sun music, sit back and enjoy! The man always puts a smile on my face :-)

12/07/03: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 10
Oh no, what's this ? Come on, Dave, you can a lot better. Avoid !

07/07/03: DLA -
Rating: 0
MAN, This was one of those CDs that you start clickin away lookin for that one song that should sound like the Artist but I got to the end of the CD and put it on the back of my CD rack. Sorry Dave, This isnt you!

07/07/03: Ron Jeremy -
Rating: 75
Although this album is not as good or as hard rocking as the last DLR album, it is still very good. It's not a heavy metal album, but encompasses Dave's love of various styles. The songs are fun, well played & well recorded. As the VH brothers sit around on their lazy asses, Dave's out there delivering the goods. An DLR fan with an open mind will enjoy this cd.

06/07/03: Carl -
Rating: 1
AWFUL! I didnt think anything would top St. Anger in being down right terrible...I was wrong!

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