Produced: Woodroffe, Frederiksen, Carlsson, Aldeheim

Released: July 24, 30 & August 6 / Website
Relatives: Slang, Euphoria, Adrenalize
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Now
  2. Unbelievable
  3. You're So Beautiful
  4. Everyday
  5. Long, Long Way To Go
  6. Four Letter Word
  7. Torn To Shreds
  8. Love Don't Lie
  9. Gravity
  10. Cry
  11. Girl Like You
  12. Let Me Be The One
  13. Scar
  14. Kiss The Day*

Let's say it right up front - Def Leppard's X is their best album since Hysteria and is easily the most commercial record they have ever recorded.
I have changed several thoughts and views since my initial summary on the Newsdesk, so for the final verdict on the record and it's songs, read on...
I previously declared that X was Slang 2002 - with a dash of Euphoria and Adrenalize thrown in.
That's true, but isn't essentially the best description of the album.
X is all of the above, but essentially, this is just Def Leppard 2002. The album has parts of the bands last 4 albums all rolled together and baked in a new fresh essence.
On Slang the band tried to propel themselves too far into a direction that fans didn't were not comfortable with. On Euphoria, the Leps overcompensated, sending themselves back in time. Both albums were solid and enjoyable in their own right, but neither nailed it.
On X the guys nail it. Forget about the style, direction and tempo of this album - what makes this record is the songs. The songwriting on X is as good as any Leppard record to date. A lot of time has been put into the writing process and it shows.
X sees Def Leppard modernize their sound for the second time in their recording career, but this time they will not alienate as many fans - if any.
This is not Hysteria 2002 or Slang 2002 - this is Def Leppard 2002. The guys are now that little bit older and wiser and it shows in this record.
The first half of the album is the more laid back and best half, while the second half picks up the tempo with some more traditional Leppard rock n roll moments, but maybe isn't quite as strong.
Euphoria to X definitely is not the jump that Adrenalize to Slang was.
X utilizes production techniques and song styles that are relative to what some mainstream Top 40 acts have done in recent times and this is a modern record in that sense. A mellower Slang remains the album's closest relative - both stylistically and song wise, but there is also a fair serve of new Def Leppard here.
There's nothing as instantly obvious as the stadium rock anthem Promises, but the songs grow on you and demand repeat listens like their last 2 albums haven't. After 2 weeks of daily playback, I still want to hear the songs again. For me, Euphoria (as good as it was) did not have that kind of shelf life.
There aren't any overly alternative tracks like the heavy industrial sound of Slang's opening track Truth?, but there are some experimental Slang like moments, like the heavy chorus of Torn To Shreds, the dance-pop of Gravity and the heavy modern rocker Cry.
This is a far more matured Def Leppard. It's a mainly uptempo and free flowing album, but it's not an album driven by hard edged guitar.
This album has a far more polished approach. X sounds like it was largely written on acoustic guitars, as through the high-tech production and modern pop rock feel, a base of acoustic guitars can be heard on several tracks.
Above all, this is a very commercial album. The largely pop/melodic rock approach of the album and high quality of several commercial tracks suggests that X could see the Leps back in favor with radio programmers worldwide. There is at least 5 or 6 tracks that could comfortably fit on any radio format playlist.
Track by Track:
Now is an interesting way to start the album. An acoustic based track with a soft acoustic intro. A very commercial, very moody track that runs from an acoustic/high-tech/modern pop intro to a heavier modern rock chorus and then progressively heavier verses. Lots of effects, especially within the chorus, but still features acoustic base. No big hook to catch you first listen, but a very catchy song in the end.
From the moody first track, it's straight into a ballad for track 2. But not your average ballad, as Unbelievable is a mellow, but mostly mid-tempo feel good pop/rock ballad. Lots of vocal layers in the chorus that is very catchy. Another new side to the band, but similar to It's Only Love from Euphoria. The track was co-written with Swedish hit makers Andreas Carlsson and Per Aldeheim and demands radio play as it features several layers of effects and production add-ons, making it very commercial indeed. Did I mention that it's a great feel good song?!
You're So Beautiful is the first sign of a more traditional Def Leppard sound on the album. The track is again very laid back in the verse and acoustic drive, with typical Leppard guitar effects layered over the top - all in tune with the modern slick production techniques of the album as a whole. The very pop-ish track features a monster chorus. The two-part chorus lifts the song from 'sweet' to 'classic'. The first anthem of the album, with a killer hook.
Everyday is another track intro'd with acoustic guitars and Joe's distinctive raspy vocals. The song remains mid-tempo and evenly balanced with an acoustic base throughout. The song builds towards the chorus but doesn't go over the top. Rather it's a laid back chorus of sweet layered harmonies that really sinks it's hooks into your brain. A very catchy song with a very commercial and feel good approach. Another radio hit. Features a soft electric guitar solo.
Long, Long Way To Go is amazing. This track just gets better and better. This is a killer song...breathtaking. One of the band's best ever ballads. Acoustic, soft and gentle, with a chorus that soars sky high, while retaining all the required sentiment of the song. A monster if radio gets hold of it. I can see why an acoustic version of the song was recorded - looking forward to hearing it. Joe's emotional vocals rule this song. Hit, hit, hit!
Four Letter Word is traditional Leps here - straight off Adrenalize. If this song wasn't written back then, I'd be surprised, but in any regard, this is a mostly up-tempo anthem / party rocker, without being overly heavy. The verse features a Pyromania hard edged guitar sound, while the chorus is everything that the high-tech layered Leppard have ever been. Not the best chorus I have ever heard - maybe missing another hook - but gets better on repeated listens.
Don't think Torn To Shreds is a ballad! After 5-6 seconds it bursts into a big wall of modern rock guitars in the style/sound of Slang's Deliver Me and Turn To Dust. The guitars then vaporize and a soft acoustic ballad verse is played out. Then that chorus - bang! Huge! A big modern rock / semi-industrial style chorus with great hooks and layers of vocal harmonies! Catchy as hell and one of the more musically interesting tracks from the album and another possible hit single for rock radio. One of the more Slang like album tracks.
Love Don't Lie features Slang style effects and a modern rock production feel, but basically an acoustic/electric driven Leppard standard. Not bad, but following the last track a little flat and in need of a better hook. 30+ listens in and I rate this the weakest track of the album. Should have been the additional bonus track. The track that was relegated to the bonus track is 10 times better than this.
Gravity makes up for the lack of impact of the last track. This is a very cool track and again, is very commercial. This is another left of center track. The song is the most high-tech pop of the whole album. It's only 2 minutes 30 long and is chock full of synth-pop production effects. Similar in approach to that of the title track from Slang and All Night from Euphoria, but more effects and a stronger pop feel. Cool track with a heavier anthem chorus that could be all over any radio format. Short and sweet!
Cry is the most openly alternative and heavy modern rocker of the album. This Slang-like modern rocker has a strong heavy guitar sound. The chorus is different to say the least. Some familiar guitar sounds back in the mix, but generally very in your face and aggressive. I don't have songwriter credits yet, but this has to be written with Marti Frederiksen, as this sounds very close to a number of the heavier tracks from the last Aerosmith album Just Push Play, which Marti also co-wrote.
Girl Like You is similar to Love Don't Lie. Uptempo, traditional Leps, but with the Slang guitar sound and several synth-loops and effects. The song has a softer verse and notably heavier chorus. The verse is cool, but again in need of a stronger hook in the chorus.
Let Me Be The One is the only ballad of the second half of the album. The soft intro into this acoustic driven pop rock ballad gives way to a laid back chorus that features some detailed instrumental backing. Nothing new here and perhaps again, in need of a stronger chorus, but ultimately a good song. This is one track that I hope doesn't become a single, as it has been done many times before. The album features far more interesting and catchy single possibilities.
The North American version of the album finishes with Scar. Yes indeed, a fine way to end any album. This is a very very very cool track. A future classic amongst long time Leppard fans I think.
The song has the moody delivery of Slang, the drum sound of Hysteria/Adrenalize and a big anthem chorus that is typical of old school Def Leppard. Lots of layers and background harmonies. Close to the style/delivery of I Am Your Child from Euphoria. Gets better every listen and could be a rock radio single also.
The UK/Japan bonus track Kiss The Day is a heavy rocker with big dark and heavy sound, especially on the chorus, where things get super heavy. Shame it's not on every release of the album. It's a better track than Girl Like You and Love Don't Lie combined. The raw, hard drum sound mixed with a moody and heavy modern rock/Slang style chorus mixes well with the verse, which is largely laid back, featuring only the drums and a soft electric guitar.
Not Reviewed - The Japanese Bonus Track: Long Long Way To Go (Acoustic)
BOTTOM LINE: Just a great album. Great songs are the name of the game - each with it's own charm and variation to warrant repeat listens. I found that as things progressed different songs became favorites and as the album ran full circle, initial favourites returned.
The more commercial laid back first half of the album contains the best songs, but the second half well and truly holds it's own. I only found 2 tracks that weren't in line with the standards of the rest of the album, which means that this for me is their best album since Hysteria. In fact, I have little doubt that the overall fan reaction will rank the album in a similar fashion.
With the rigth promotion and strong radio chances for several songs, there is no reason why we won't be hearing a whole lot of Leppard over the coming months.
A special mention goes to the producers of this album. This extra time and effort with effects and layers has been well spent. Each listen reveals something new in the mix and will ensure that the lifespan of this album is a decent one.
The more tastefully implemented modern sound will allow the band to compete with today's Top 40 acts, without alienating any old fans.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Def Leppard fans and all fans of high-tech melodic rock.
DISCOGRAPHY:On Through The Night . High And Dry . Pyromania . Hysteria . Adrenalize . RetroActive . Vault . Slang . Euphoria . X

15/03/10: dflgidjurt -
Rating: 0

30/11/05: Will -
Rating: 0
Not having time to listen to music at home the car is the prefferred choice and with the entire Def Lep catoluge in the rack at home i have noticed X just sits there along with On through the night incidently Slang was nicked years ago i feel sorry for whoever has it.
X is great to fall asleep to, play in supermarkets, make you find Hysteria or Pyromania FAST
I saw them on the Slang tour they looked like they couldnt be bothered after all the Hysteria and Adrenalize shows i had to put on In the round in your face to remind me why they were so good
There seem to be lots of reasons given as to why DL sound, look, perform live, dont go in the round, no Mutt Lange etc etc Maybe they are past that era
But why does it have to be???
Would it hurt them that mutch to get off thier backsides and rewrite High & dry Pyromania Hysteria just once and only once,prove to themsleves and the fans that they can do it afterall they have nothing to lose
Those albums made DL, on the first play they jumped out grabbed you and you ROCKED they kicked ass they still do
X will never do that mine sits at home played a few times YAWN goodnight
So come on JOE i heard you say that X is the best we can do now its not a case of could do better we know you can
You guys made albums that never had you looking for the fast forward button.
As for a covers album next we hear don't bother it just says to all that you have reached the end of the road and your talent
A big Def lep Fan who needs reminding why he is


15/04/05: Greg -
Rating: 85
The record is good but to my opinion, the songs are not all at the same level (the first ones are the best I think)...but if I'am writing this, that's because I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHICH BAND COULD BE IN THE SAME KIND OF MUSIC (LIKE HAREM SCAREM...). Thanks everybody.

04/03/05: Victoria -
Rating: 95
I am a HUGE DL fan from way back .....lets say I was 13 when WASTED was commercially released and although I did not care for the "song", I liked the raw sound they put out. Another reason I am a fan...They are a very nice, polite, humble and courteous bunch of guys to meet. I did not expect them them to be so nice and eager to listen to fans and in addition, they listen...not just hear...makes a difference.
X....well...I like X...there are alot of songs I can relate to on this album in my personal life that if an album has that impact on my life, it is good in my opinion. Not to sound fanatical, but it was like they wrote the album based on my experiences...would like that to be true but in reality, its not and that is okay...they are a great band NOW as they were 25 years ago and I am just turning 40 so I know what I speak of...seen them 5 times and they NEVER cease to disappoint in a live show....

02/03/05: Alesha Loosmore -
Rating: 100
It's a Def Leppard album.....of course it's great. What else can u expect from the greatest rock band ever? Nothing Less! that's what....this album is great...from beginning to end. BUY IT LISTEN TO IT, LIKE IT.....and believe me, u will if u haven't heard it yet! JOE IS HOTT!!! SAV TOO! WOO HOOO

01/03/05: Annie -
Rating: 100
Just luv the X album! I play it day in - day out! Can't get the bloody album outta my head!(even my 15 yo son likes it!) Every song plants itself. This CD will always be in the CD player. (at home or in the car). NOW i want more.....

29/12/04: Treffo -
Rating: 50
This is the first Def Leppard album I won't buy. Where are the electric guitars and where is the energy in the singing? And most of the verses are really mature and boring. I remember when they told us: Better burn out than fade away! Well, that's what they are doing with this "popish boyband music". Fading away. Sadly.

And talking about production, the first 5 songs are well produced but the rest could've been better. Sorry Woodroffe. And sorry Def Leppard and fans of Rocking Def Leppard.

10/12/04: Johnny Adkins -
Rating: 94
This is a good album. I highly recommmend it. I need a donkey.

23/08/04: Paul -
Rating: 50
I would have to dissagree and say that DL's best album since Hysteria was Adrenalize and although I thought maybe 5 of the songs from Euphoria were absolutely superb I think X is appalling. The only decent songs on the album (and the whole reason why I gave 50%) is "Long Long Way To Go" - and sadly, it wasn't even written by them.

17/06/04: JE$$IE R. -
Rating: 98
The first few times when I listened to this album, It didnt really grab my attention. After a few listens in my car, I was like DAMN! This album is infectious! I couldnt stop listening to it, over and over and over again. Alot of the songs on this slbum are just incredible. If only they got some decent airplay, this album would be in the charts, no doubt.

26/05/04: Caleb Johnston -
Rating: 5
Wow. What happened to the band that released great albums like Pyromania and songs like "Wasted"??? If this is the direction Def Leppard is heading, somebody please put them out of their misery.

07/01/04: Robert -
Rating: 50
Def Leppard is over their peak. The production of this album is very glossy but it lacks the fire these guys had in from the late 70's to mid-80's. Your're only 20 once and it shows here.

27/11/03: Paul -
Rating: 85
I agree this is definitely their most commercial work to date. Top tracks are: 1. Scar, 2. Torn To Shreds, 3. Long Long Way To Go, 4. You're So Beautiful, 5. Now, 6. Love Don't Lie, 7. Let Me Be The One, 8. Unbelievable. 8 solid tracks makes for a great album. Two others, Everyday & Four Letter Word, are at least listenable, but tracks 9 throught 11 (Gravity, Cry, & Girl Like You) just don't belong on a Def Leppard CD. The sequence of the songs also seems to hurt several selections. NOW would have been better in the middle of the CD, LOVE DON'T LIE sounds better when NOT following the awesome TORN TO SHREDS and SCAR should lead off the CD, not end it(why make us wait to hear such a classic?) Def Leppard is definitely maturing, and that ain't such a bad thing.

21/06/03: Boz -
Rating: 99
Def Leppard nailed it this time. For 2002, this is exactly the right direction for the band. The question is whether or not the record company/radio will let the people decide for themselves. Songs like Long, Long Way To Go, and Torn To Shreds could do well on radio. Just like all Def Leppard CD's, there are no filler tracks. This one is pretty solid. Next time Def Leppard could go a little heavier (and at a faster pace) to satisfy other fans on some tracks.

14/06/03: HysteriX -
Rating: 90
The Leps do it again! A great album, but it can´t beat Hysteria. In fact, nothing can! BUT, Long Long Way To Go might be one of the best ballads in the world ever! Other great songs are: Unbelievable, Everyday, Torn To Shreds, Love Don´t Lie and Kiss The Day. Minus 5 points though for the song Cry, perhaps Leppards worst song ever together with All Night on Euphoria. Still it´s a great album, and it´s good to hear that the Hysteria sound isn´t that far away...

14/06/03: Ray -
Rating: 90
I thought Slang was a great idea badly executed, Euphoria was overcompensation for that backslash (Slang). Some would probably think X would be the Leps getting it right... Wrong!!
The track choice is horrible - the first 5 songs or so are pop and the rest rock more or less. "Now" sucks and was a horrible choice for first single.. Also, I don't know what happened to Joe Elliott lyric-wise. In Slang, their lyrics were for grown-ups (at least for 16 years and older), In X they're back to bubble-gum land - c'mon just take a look at the song titles...
In fair opinion, X is not a bad album. "Gravity", "Torn to Shreds", "Long Way to Go", "Girl Like You", "Cry" are very good songs. Elliott gives a great performance as always, but the guitars are too laid back in most of the songs.
They need to find a path to "Demolition Man" (Euphoria), "Work it Out" (Slang), "Private Property" & "Tear it Down" (Adrenalize) and forget about NSync songs like "Now", "Breathe a Sigh" (Slang), "Let me be the one".

I think their problem is the drummer Rick Allen, whom I respect wholeheartedly, but he is the reason the Leps are not going towards a more rockier sound. They just can't, because of Allen's dependancy on synth drums which affect their delivery and maybe also their songwriting style.

12/06/03: RELLA -
Rating: 80

20/04/03: Vami -
Rating: 70
"Hysteria" and "Pyromania" can be 100, "X" can never deserve for more than 70.

17/02/03: Trish -
Rating: 50
I don't know about the rest of you, but the knell of doom sounded for me when I heard that people who wrote for the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears were going to help out on songs for "X." When a band starts relying on factory-worker songwriters, they're done. Yeah, Def Leppard has always been a pop band disguised as metal, but "X" is just BLATANT "we want a hit and we don't care how we get it." When I listen to this, I don't hear a Def Leppard record. It's not even about the lack of rock, it's about the lack of individuality. Even "Euphoria," which I believed to be their lowest point before this, at least SOUNDED like Def Leppard. Any band could do any song on this album, and it would sound the same. However, given the current climate of the pop music world, "X" could have very easily become a monster hit had Leppard done like Bon Jovi does and showed up on VH1 every ten seconds, which would have been very easy. But they and/or their record company dropped the ball, and now it's lost. Yes, bands need to grow and change, but Def Leppard is floundering, and it's painful to watch.

07/02/03: Nicholas Dejanovic -
Rating: 100
A very good album. LLWTG is the stand-out track IMO. Brilliant ballad, without being cheesy. This is VERY hard to achieve.

Other notable song's are Now, You're So Beautiful and Everyday.

Rating: 70
Bien despues de bajarme el cd entero de internet antes de que saliera a la venta y escucharlo atentamente ¡¡¡ me asuste !!!
* Que conste que luego me lo compre original y me costo una buena pasta.
Un sonido demasiado popero, bien que a muchos fans le de igual o lo vean como algo nuevo para el grupo y que suena muy fresco, pero lo mismo podriamos decir de slang en su momento...
Todos los temas son demasiado simplones y muy muy muy blandos, sobran baladas, en mi opinion long long way to go seria la unica para este cd, Now suena bien y el videoclip no esta mal ( en el proximo espero que el grupo se mueva mas porque en este parecen 5 viejos sin su carajillo ¡¡ joder !! un poco mas de sangre )
Poco mas comentare del resto de temas unos muy comerciales como Everyday, You´re So Beautiful algunos que ya se repiten mas que Bon Jovi como cry, scar alguno con unos movimientos interesantes como Love Don´t Lie, el resto temas de relleno con alguna pincelada guitarrera muy guapa como en Girl Like You.
Y como sorpresa el tema Kiss The Day que empieza como el peo de mi viejo pero luego ¡¡¡ ostias !!! pero si Def Leppard retornan con sus guitarras...
En el apartado de la portada bbbbbuuuuuuuufffffff si quieren en el proximo que lo diseñe mi sobrino jajajajajajaja, vaya caca, bueno vaya X.
Con todo esto veo a unos Def Leppard algo vendidos y que estan perdiendo el significado del Rock And Roll mas vale que escuchen de nuevo a Led Zeppelin.
Como despedida un cd que no levanta ninguna pasion en ninguna parte de mi cuerpo y me duele mucho decir esto, Def Leppard es mi grupo preferido, pero como sigan asi no comprare nada mas de ellos.
Por cierto si teneis el telefono de Mutt Lange se lo podeis enviar a su pagina web para que Fellini ponga las cosas en su sitio.
Saludos a todos, especialmente a SPAIN ( Que por cierto grabaran su proximo video en mi pais )
BBBBBBBBBBuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeennnnnno no os enfadeis, es blandillo pero se pude escuchar, este mismo cd y cambiando algunas canciones y mas dureza seria GENIAL.
SALVA. ;-)

26/01/03: Tom Klindt -
Rating: 99
I just bought Def Leppard's latest CD, and let me just say that I'm sorry it took me so long to buy it!! What a great CD!!As far as the record company dropping the ball on promoting this album, it just goes to show you how out of touch they are with good music. If you don't look and sound like Creed, you have no chance. I also blame the rock music stations as well!

12/11/02: Thomas -
Rating: 67
I've had this album in my hands for nearly two months, but have only played it about eight times. I guess that speaks volumes as far as my stand point on 'X' goes. However, 'Long long way to go' is a tremendous ballad, and 'Scar' is on the same lines as 'Paper sun', which is cool!

I'm supposing that the Def ones wish to attack the charts with the more pop-style production, which means taking on the likes of Gareth Gates here in the UK. Well, I listen to the radio a lot and haven't even heard the Def Leppard name mentioned, let alone a song being aired to the masses!

I like the Leppard approach - they know how to make average songs sound 'huge'! But I've grown tired of the AC/DC riffs, and wish that they'd have a little more invention now and again. Also, please leave the Backstreet Boys' producers alone and get back to basics lads. Find a producer whom can make you ROCK again!

Don't get me wrong, I've been a fan for nearly twenty years and will continue to buy their albums, but £26 + booking fee to see them in concert is a "no, no" these days!

It must be difficult for Joe and the boys to venture on without the enormous entourage of press coverage and arena sell-outs of yesteryear, but good luck to them!

Here's hoping for a change in wind direction next time out!

01/11/02: Emmanuel Taffarelli -
Rating: 95
I've been a Def Leppard fan for years. They changed their sound many times in their career, and sometimes, in my opinion, it didn't work (for instance SLANG) I bought X, and I must admit that the first listening was a little hard. But, little by little, the Def Lepp Spirit -a mix between rock'n roll and good pop stuff- convinced me X is definitely a great album. Of course not as great as Hysteria is, but we have to go further and not always look back. A special mention to KISS THE DAY, sounding already like a classic rock anthem.

31/10/02: david -
Rating: 98

22/10/02: Wisey -
Rating: 95
The rating I give this album is as a "POP" album.
As a pop album it's great. The songs are short in length in typical pop-song radio friendly style, very melodic, easy to listen to, inoffensive and the production is excellent. In general I quite like it. It is much better than Adrenalize and Euphoria.
However in saying all this I am also quite disappointed with it because as rock album it sucks!
I thought Slang was the best Def Leppard effort for many years even though it was not quite on the money, and so I expected them to really nail it with their next release.
Oh how I hoped for a return to the glory days of High 'n' Dry & Pyromania, only to be yet dissapointed by this band that promised so much in the 80's.
I felt slightly annoyed when Hysteria was released as it was more commercial sounding and I feared they were selling out, but I still liked it for the great rockers it contained.
Since then I have suffered one disappointment after another and it seems that my fears have come true - Def Leppard have sold out. Is this the same band that was once considered part of NWOBHM??? No way. Def Leppard today is a "POP" band...sadly they are no longer a hard rock/metal band.
What is Vivian Campbell doing? Surely this is not the same man who kicked butt on those legendary Dio albums? Is he forced to take a back seat and have no say in the direction of the band? Or is it that he is merely content to reap the money that this album will no doubt bring them?
Yes I bought the album and if they put out another album like this I will probably buy it too, but fingers crossed their next album will be a rocker in the "Steve Clark" style.
Pop album - 95%
Rock album - 5% (and that's only for "Scar")

21/10/02: Mick Ward -
Rating: 0
Above Kapel states for those of us looking for a return to Pyromania Hysteria etc to "Get a Life" and that Steve CLARK is dead! Well he's right there, Steve Clark IS dead, and I'm afraid Def Leppard died when he died. CLARK was the main writer of those classic riffs, and the survivors of the band stuffed what riffs he had written for Adrenalize by fillin it full of juvenile lyrics. I am not normally one to rip into a band, and I respect each and everyone's opinions, however I have never been as down on a band as I am with Def Leppard. What a sad sad album this is, as has every album been since Hysteria (bar the odd song or few). I mean, I really really tried with this, as I still respect their early albums, but you only gotta go to Girl like You I think it was, and the opening line, "Girl meets boy" or something? YUCK! And the song titles, You're so Beautiful, Love Don't Lie, Cry, Girl like You, Let me be the One, and Four letter Word. I mean come on! Four letter word alright! CRAP! Get a life guys. This doesn't even pass as AOR!

20/10/02: Ignacio -
Rating: 60

I am not looking for Pyromania II, High'n'Dry II or Hysteria II or (the superb) Reatroactive II ... I am just looking for Lepp songs like Paper Sun, Demolition Man, Ring of Fire, Die Hard the hunter, Lady Strange, Let it go ... or Love Bites, Hysteria, Have you ever.., Bringing on', 2 steps ... I am afraid this record is a bit low of my Lepp expectations :-( ... I would say that it is the same thing that UFO has done with 'Sharks' ... They are not bad records but we (or at least I) are looking for something more special
Anyway a welcomed release :-)

Rating: 80

10/10/02: helmondRules -
Rating: 70
Good album, but it misses a feel and i cannot tell 'how come?
LONG LONG WAY TO GO rules and will be their first hit in the '00 i hope, cristmas song!!!
now is very good also but for the rest of the album mmmmmm

03/10/02: KORT -
Rating: 100


03/10/02: Federico (Italy) -
Rating: 60
I agree with Leo and with all the others people who said that this album doesn't rock hard enough. It's too much pop rock oriented, too much light. I expect great HARD rock albums from the Leps, not all this boring mid-tempos. Bring back the style of Pyromania and Histeria. However there are some good tracks like Beautyful, 4 letter words and Scar so I save it with a 60.

Rating: 98

15/09/02: Ken -
Rating: 0
I can only review one song and that is because I think it is one of the best songs I have ever heard. Ever time i go to play this cd I end up playing this song over and over and over and over. The Song Long, Long Way To Go . alone the song is worth getting this cd for.

15/09/02: Neil Mc -
Rating: 80
This cd would have received a higher rating if it had a couple more rock tracks. Unbelievable and Let Me Be the One are the two tracks I find myself skipping all the time. Otherwise, it is not a bad effort. I really hope the the next single is Youre So Beautiful, Scar or Torn to Shreds, a couple of the cd's better tracks but I have a feeling it will be Long, Long Way to Go, the ballad. Which means rock radio will be alienated and not play Def Leppard. I am also not so sure top 40 radio will play their ballads but that remains to be seen! In the end, however, all that matters is that the fans enjoy the cd. The cd has grown on me but needs a few more rockers. Looking forward to seeing them live in Canada once again. Cheers!

06/09/02: bill -
Rating: 100
it really rocked my world!!!!!!!!Def leppard's grown up,I think that any def leppard's fan will enjoy it.......I did.

03/09/02: Nick -
Rating: 80
Thought I'd add a little to previous comments.

X is certainly a commercial album. The songs are short and to the point. There are some very good ballads, especially Long, Long Way To Go, some decent mid-tempo rockers, a couple of more up-tempo numbers (Four Letter Word has hints of Armageddon It), and ends on a high with Scar and Kiss the Day.

Now, about the guitars, there are only a few guitar solo's, but I have to say the solos on Scar, and especially Kiss the Day, where (I think) both Phil and Viv go nuts to play out the song, are among the best the boys have ever recorded.

In fact, I keep skipping forward to them again and again. So everybody, get the UK release with the bonus material.


02/09/02: Harv -
Rating: 87
Overall, it's a very good cd. I could have used a few more Nows, Four Letter Wor's and Scars instead the Gravitys and Unbelievable type songs.

01/09/02: Brad -
Rating: 68
While I understand the appeal of this album to some, to me this is simply not what I am looking for from Def Leppard. As many others have stated, it simply DOES NOT ROCK!! Many of the songs are at least somewhat likeable, but as a whole the album is lacking punch.

I don't mind "Now" as the album's leadoff track and single, as it is a pretty good mid-tempo modern rocker with a memorable chorus. From there, however, there is no real rock until five tracks later with "Four Letter Word". "Torn To Shreads" and "Cry" are other decent rockers. The last track, "Scar", is my favorite track, as it rocks the most and sounds a lot like the closing track on "Hysteria"--"Love And Affection", which I have always loved.

It's not that any of the ballads on this effort are bad; there are simply too many of them. And for sure, they aren't as good as, say, "Bringing On The Heartbreak" or "Love Bites". Those tracks were "ballads with balls"; these are simply light, too-acoustic numbers.

In my opinion, the last effort "Euphoria" was a definite step in the right direction and "X" is a step back. I don't hate this album, but I just wish the guys would decide to ROCK again. They are capable of this, as seen in concert by me at the last show of the "Euphoria" tour.

A lot has been made of Def Leppard's "marketing strategy" for this album. If their music-making has to be reduced to a marketing strategy, then they should put out an album that ROCKS and will please the old fans (many of whom I believe would still be there) rather than worrying about the latest trends and trying to get back on the wasteland that now is top 40 radio. A modern sound to their music is fine, but it should be a ROCKING modern sound (e.g., "Paper Sun" off of "Euphoria", which is now one of my favorite all-time tracks by them).

In summary, Def Leppard needs to BRING BACK THE ROCK. I don't want to see this mediocre pop album be the swan song for a band that practically invented an amazing form of hard rock in the early '80s. Stop being followers and become leaders again, guys!

29/08/02: Jamey Eckstein -
Rating: 93
Normally I agree with almost everything the webmaster has to say about an album. There's a few things I wouldn't in the case of X though. For one, I don't think "Now" is that great of an opening song or first single. I think "Torn to Shreds" would have been a better choice, simply because it's a little more addicting and catchy. I'm also not sure about "Long Long Way to Go." It's a great song, don't get me wrong, but not as great as it is made out to be. I'd prefer "Two Steps Behind" or "When Love and Hate Collide" anyday to the ballads here. This album as a whole didn't make much of an impression on me at first. In fact, I was a little disappointed. But after about three days, I was absolutely hooked. I haven't listened to anything else in a month. Great mix of modern rock with classic Leppard. Also, "Scar" is definetly a very cool finishing track. Very classic Def Leppard chorus, sounds a little like a mix of "Animal" from Hysteria and "Guilty" from Euphoria.

28/08/02: Justin Donnelly -
Rating: 0
Def Leppard

After some twenty-five years together, and forty five million albums sold, you'd think Def Leppard would be ready to hang up their instruments and retire. Thankfully, that's the last thing on their mind.
After the well-received 'Euphoria', Def Leppard have done the incredible and released an album within a three years span. And while this may sound slightly rushed for the band, the results are anything but that. And that's not the only surprise on this album. They also utilize four producers. While there's a return of Pete Woodcroffe, they've also use Per Aldeheim and Andreas Carlsson (Who've produced Five, Celine Dion and Gary Barlow in their time) and Marti Frederiksen (Who's produced Eminem and Aerosmith).
The first single (And promotional clip) from the album, 'Now' opens the album in true Lep style. The slight use of the drum loops and acoustic guitar starts the introduction, but moves into full-fledged guitar rock arena sound when the chorus rings through in all its glory. There’s more than enough bite in this track, but still retain its melodic edge. The eastern influence guitar solos work well too.
While it may seem a strange choice, 'Unbelievable' follows with its mid tempo feel. Even though the tracks a ballad, it’s still done well. The other strange thing is that, the track was written by none other than the Swedish team of Aldeheim, Carlsson and Martin. They've written songs for pop acts like N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys. Regardless of that fact, it still works and could have easily been lifted from 'Adrenalize'.
'You're So Beautiful' has all the hooks and harmonies that made 'Hysteria' so successful. Actually, the song is reminiscent of a rocked up 'Hysteria'. It's good to see the old Phil Collen guitar sound is still there.
The stripped down sound of 'Everyday' sounds not unlike a slower version of 'Photograph'. While the similarity is there, this is certainly a Def Leppard original.
Then there's the absolute killer on the album. If there was one song on the album guaranteed not to leave a dry eye in the house, then 'Long Long Way To Go' is it. There's no doubt in my mind that this is the best ballad every performed by the Leps. The song has a few twists there, and Joe Elliott has never sounded so at ease and honest with the material. If this was released as a single, and received the right promotion, there's no reason why this one song alone couldn't project them back to the top again.
Things rock up somewhat with the 'Pour Some Sugar On Me' like 'Four Letter Word'. The dry production adds to the rawness, and there's plenty of guitar. The riff may sound like AC/DC in parts, and the lyrics are very tongue in cheek ('You put the pride back into my stride!'), but this is out and out classic Lep stuff.
'Torn To Shreds' continue the rock element with gusto. This would be one of the more serious numbers on the album, and brings to mind 'Paper Sun' from 'Euphoria'.
The drum machine introduction to 'Love Don't Lie' strangely doesn't sound of place on this one. If anything, it provides a backbone to what would have been a simple acoustic number.
There's a sense of real experimentation with 'Gravity' with its dance feel, and dare I say, Joe's semi-rapping. This is one you'll either love or hate.
'Cry' is the heaviest, and most alternative number on the album. Again, the chance to do something different has come up, and the band has succeeded to some extent.
Falling into the pop rock bracket is 'Girl Like You'. While it doesn't rack up next to some of the heavier numbers on the album, it certainly isn't bad by any standard.
'Let Me Be The One' is the one weak moment on the album. While the Leps write good ballads, this just doesn't compare to 'Long Long Way To Go'. Besides, another rock number wouldn't be too many.
Rounding out the album are the two heavier numbers 'Scar' and 'Kiss The Day'. The album ending has a similar feel to the 'Euphoria' closing tracks 'Day After Day' and 'Kings Of Oblivion'. 'Kiss The Day' in particular has a great heavy drum sound, and maybe should have been utilized a few more times on the album. It’s also good to see Phil shedding again at the end! Either way, it's a great way to send off a great album.
Def Leppard has made the jump in production values to compete with the new acts, and have done with great success. Having said that, the Leps have well and truly stayed true to their roots. Behind all the studio trickery, there's still a good song basis.
This is a hard album to compare to their previous efforts, but it's safe to say that those who felt that 'Adrenalize' catered too much to fans expectations, 'Slang' too experimental and 'Euphoria' half the return to form of their old glory days, will love this. They have quite possibly released their most consistent effort (And maybe best) since 'Hysteria'. Although they may be bold words, a few listens will surely convince you of the fact.
After all these years, there's still a certain amount of persistence and determination within this band. And you can't knock them for that. Def Leppard are true survivors!

27/08/02: Jon -
Rating: 55
This is my third post about this album, but this one concerns "Kiss the Day," the Japanese bonus track. It isn't as hard as I was lead to believe, but suprise!-It ends with a long, fast guitar solo! That was a pleasant suprise from Kazaa.

27/08/02: william gwalthney -
Rating: 80
This is actually a good release from them. It could have used maybe one more track on the heavier side to complete it. It has 4-5 good tracks on it which seems to be rare these days when you usually only see 1-2.

22/08/02: Leo -
Rating: 60
Firstly, actually i expect it to be more rock-driven record judging from the title...but i am quite dissappointed that it is more to pop songs...even the ballads cannot be compared to old ones that i had heard in the past such as "love bites" or "Have u ever needed someone so bad" they are excellent...but still there are some good songs here...but i think they have wasted the talents of the two lead guitarists here...guess time has changed now....

15/08/02: Kevin Miles -
Rating: 92
I initially gave this album 7 our of 10 on Amazon. I was to hasty. I firstly didn't like this album as much as the previous
albums (Hysteria, Euphoria, Slang) but it has definitely grown on me. I have had to give this album a few plays. The UK version
has two extra tracks (Kiss The Day is a great rock track).

I'm impressed with the progress of this album, and like some of you wished their was one extra rock track, but that's a minor complaint. Currently this is my second favourite album after Hysteria (and I didn't like that much first few spins either).

14/08/02: Adam -
Rating: 25
So disappointed with this album.
I really enjoyed the last one 'Euphoria' it was full of good songs and one of their best ever (Paper Sun).
This is just dull, and i can't see for the life of me what is getting people excited about it.

14/08/02: Jon Paine` -
Rating: 55
After further review (this is an updated review of my original one, about 14 or 15 reviews down the list) I have decided to give this album 5 more points because of this: I was driving home from work today and trying to get to like this album, when at the 2:24 point of "Scar," it all of a sudden started to sound like Pyromania era Lep (granted, it would be a ballad from that era, but nonetheless, it sounded like that era Lep). This lasted until the 3:40 point. That minute and sixteen seconds was awesome! The rest of the song is only ok, but man, I thought I was in a time machine! Also, I've come to like some more songs a little more, but some a little less. I don't like "Cry" as much as before, but it's still the second best on the album. Four-Letter word is better than first listen, and Gravity, though it has lame-ass verses, the rhythm guitar is pretty cool in the chorus. Everything else is worse than before-except for "You're So Beautiful," which is still a killer song (although, a killer rock song, not a hard rock song).

13/08/02: Fretmelter -
Rating: 91
Guitar solos are great. Really heavy music is great. Just because this album doesn't have tons of shredding solos and isn't for the most part extremely heavy doesn't mean it isn't amazing though.
The strength of songwriting here is just undeniably excellent. Even if you're not sure if you will like it, take a chance. The songs are so excellent that I can't imagine many people listening with an open mind not being able to get into it. There is something for pretty much everyone who has ever liked Def Leppard, and people who have not liked them before now could well be turned on by this album.
If you are stuck in the past or you HAVE to have your music skull-crushingly heavy, this isn't for you. Everyone else, buy at all costs.

11/08/02: Terry Willson -
Rating: 97
I can't even believe how good this CD is. It has something for everyone on this one. It is like taking a little bit from every one of their previous Cd's and rolling it into a new never heard before greatest hits. It is a MUST have. Very impressive.

11/08/02: Skyboss -
Rating: 96
I've read reviews from Billboard, CD Now, and other "reputable" sites with regard to this album, and all I can say is that either a) they're deaf from listening to all the garbage thats out now, or b) they never even listened to the album.

Now, I'm not some self centered music critic who writes for a magazine, but I know good music when I hear it. I have yet to hear anything this year that sounds this good. Leppard have managed to bridge the gap between teenage pop and hard rock. Potentially opening a flood gate of new fans.

Now, if the critics would be honest, this album is Hysteria II, not in sound, but in end result. If they continue to dog it, then the Backstreet Boys and Britney will rule the land for ever. Since they dispise them, I'm not sure why they don't get on the bandwagon with this album and allow the bridge to take place.

The song "Now" would not be an obvious choice for a first single, never the less it is a very solid song. The second single, "Long, Long Way to Go" is the "Love Bites" of 2002. A good ballad from a rock band is one that doesn't sound like a rock ballad at all. Songs like "Cry", "Scar" and "Torn To Shreds" should tear up rock radio, while potential hit's like "You're So Beautiful". "Girl Like You" and "Love Don't Lie" should have a field day on top 40. For those Leppard fans who don't listen to the hard stuf anymore, there are even a couple for you in "Unbelievable", "Long, Long Way to Go" and "Let Me Be the One". "Everyday" and "Four Letter Word" are also well written.

It's rare an album offers so much without being angry, political, or antagonistic. This album is just plain ear candy, although not overdone. Def Leppard has done it just right, and for those of you who like a good drum roll, Rick Allen is playing acoustic drums on this one giving the songs a more natural, less industrial sound.

Contrary to reviews seen other places, "X" does in fact mark the spot, and after 25 years, Def Leppard shows they still have it.

10/08/02: Mark -
Rating: 25
Little did I know that when purchasing a cd I thought would be a rock cd for me, I was actually buying my wife a new pop cd. This will not happen again. Not one up tempo ROCK song? Did not listen to Vh-1, so I would be suprised when I got it. Again, I will not make that mistake.

10/08/02: jonathan -
Rating: 40
A lot of people on here are saying that Def Leppared have matured, and their music reflects this. They may want to make the kind of pop-rock that they're making now because they like it, but that's a change of taste, not maturing. Lyrically, this is no more mature than any of their previous albums, and musically it's appealing to a younger audience. How, in any way, is this indicative of maturing? Changing musical style, to be more in tune with what is popular, is not the definition of maturing. In fact, the lyrical content of this album deals in lighter themes than some of their previous stuff, which seems more like un-maturing. I dislike the album for the most part, with only a few (cry, you're so beautiful, scar, and 4-letter word) songs that I like, and NONE of them are as hard as High and Dry, like some people have indicated. They're just fooled, because compared to most of the stuff on the album, they're way harder. Air Supply is way harder than the Carpenters, but that doesn't make them as hard as High and Dry era Lep.

09/08/02: Richman -
Rating: 0
this SUCKS what the hell were they thinking!!! where in the blue hell is the freakin guitar? i thought def leppard was a rock band not a boy band!! did joe elliot die and reincanate as justin timberlake.boy the backstreet boys and nsync are in big trouble with def leppard roaming the pop airwaves.Will the real def leppard please come back? one can only hope!! by the way Daphney Atkins you have no idea what a real def leppard album is slang was by far the worst def leppard album ever!!! why would an 80`s rock band turn grunge? that was terrible and i wish kurt cobain would have shot himself in the head 5 years earlier and grunge wouldnt have ruined good music in the early 90`s. Anyone that gives this album more than a 15 is ignorant and does not know what quality rock music is!! This album is far from good but i will say it is much better than the disaster known as SLANG!!

09/08/02: digitalman959 -
Rating: 90
This is an excellent AOR record and a good Def Leppard album. I'm pointing the difference because as a Lep album you expect something a little crunchier, but this one is Def Leppard-lite. That doesn't mean that it's a bad album. I think many of the songs can be a radio single. The whole album has a very commercial sound. It's very hard for me to agree with others that it is the best DL record since Hysteria. I believe that the previous one, Euphoria, sounded more classic DL and of course rocked harder. If you like good AOR and mainstream pop this album was made for you. On the other hand if you definition of Def Leppard resides only on Rock of Ages type of songs you'll be disappointed.

08/08/02: Tim -
Rating: 99
As someone who has grown up with Def Leppard, I must say that X is one of their best CDs ever. I only put Pyromania ahead of it and the only thing keeping me from giving it 100 is I would have liked one more song like "Scar".
This CD really grows on you the more you listen. "Now" is the first single and should be a hit. It features Def Leppard's new 2002 sound. "Unbelievable" a great ballad and solid hit. The first REAL MEGA HIT is "You're So Beautiful" - a hard rocking guitar driven beauty. Background guitar is amazing. "Everyday" another top 40 sounding song. "Long Long way to go" is Def Leppard's most emotional and well-done ballad ever. This is a #1 smash hit that should dominate charts for weeks- hit hit hit!!!
"Four Letter Word"- a different kind of tune, "Torn to Shreds" is one of my favorite tracks. Awesome hook! Balance of CD plays on nicely till my favorite track "Scar". This one will have Def Leppard fans blushing. It has everything from huge hooks to blasting guitars to driving melody. The Best track on the CD that is hard. Overall, a very amazingly well done CD and a must have.

07/08/02: brent -
Rating: 100
Def Leppard have cut one killer album and it totally rocks this
is Def Lepppard's best disc sinc hysteria and i really like the
the tunes scar,love don't lie,cry,now,four letter word,unbelevible are classic Leppard and in 2002 def leppard are
back and rockin'.the boys from sheffield have an excellent album
i have always said Def Leppard are and still the kings of 80's
hardrock and x proves it in spades this album rocks.DEFLEPPARD ARE ROCKIN' IN 2002 YOU GUYS RULE!!!!!!!

07/08/02: Scott -
Rating: 99
Excellant CD, Def Leppard have truly matured.Leppard have always been an awesome ballad band,and it shows on this CD. The songs are strong across the board. No weak spots. Ive listened to this album almost 24/7 since i bought it 7/30/02 and i can't find one song i don't like.Ive been a fan since OTTN. I hear several strong hits on this cd , With "Long Long way to go" being the one i think that brings em back to the top. I think what scares most people is that Def Leppard have matured and everyone longs for the fast paced in your face ass kicking music they once gave us.But face it people, they have matured and so has their sound and song writing. I find it odd that Aerosmith ,Bon Jovi & U2 can change their styles and be accepted but Leppard can't.. Thats crap. I think The best of Def Leppard is about to be seen, and " X " is just the tip of the iceburg.

07/08/02: Cass -
Rating: 35
As an old Lep fan I´m very disappointed, of course. First of all I have to explain my rating: neglecting that "X" is a Leppard album I would maybe rate 60 (in good mood). Realizing that this band is the ex-R´n´R band Def Leppard I´d rate 10 when I´m in a much better mood...Divided the result is 35. The Japanese version would get 39 points because of the bonus tracks. "Kiss The Day" is a nice Rock tune and "Long Long Way To Go" is included as an acoustic version - without this f*ckin´ electric "drumming" and that is really cool.

Some of the people above already expressed my feelings about this Pop music. I don´t know what instruments Viv and Phil play now, the only thing I know is that they definitely don´t play the guitar as I cannot hear any (and: ever heard of GUITAR SOLOS?????). I must agree when people say that the Leps are prostitutes in music. I cannot understand it as they should have enough money earned so far. Why brutally trying to reach the top of the charts with this crappy music? And I bet, they won´t (and this is what I really hope).

In my opinion this record would be acceptable if it would have been released as a Joe Elliot solo record - nobody would have complained (ok, maybe a few). But why releasing this under the banner of Def Leppard?? So many questions and no answers. Luckily I got my hands on the new AdrianGale CD "Re:Program" yesterday. This masterpiece is healing my bleeding Lep heart right now. Oh no, this is the kind of stuff the Leps could play today if they´d make music straight from their hearts...

I tell you, if Def Leppard won´t split during the next year, at least Viv will leave this average Pop band because he is a Rock´n´Roller and won´t play this pussy music for the rest of his life!

BTW, tell me: why is this kind of music being reviewed on this site called "" and NOT ""??? I am wondering for hours but I cannot catch it. Please gimme a hint.

So all you Rock´n´Rollers give a shit on this record, be good to yourself and buy the new AdrianGale album instead. This IS the music you could have expected from "X" (which means: "cross" Def Leppard out of your brain if you are a true melodic rocker). Sorry.

Rating: 85
hay discos buenos y hay discos malos. Y esto es así al margen de que suenen más o menos pop. Este disco suena algo más pop que otros de Def Leppard, pero a mí me sigue sonando a clásico album del grupo, y las canciones son muy buenas. Así que a quién le importa si es más o menos suave?
No caigamos en el error de creer que los grupos son de nuestra propiedad, sólo del público del rock, y que cuando llegan a más gente, les odiemos y reneguemos de ellos. Def Leppard han hecho un pedazo de disco.
Os recuerdo además que están consideradas como joyas del rock o Aor otros discos como Out of the silence de Dare, Excess all areas de shy, Intuition de TNT, Out of this world de Europe, etc.. por nombrar algunos. ¿Son estos discos más roqueros que este X? Para mí, estos discos que he nombrado están entre mis favoritos, sobre todo el Intuition, y son obras maestras, pero coño, ¿realmente son mas roqueros que este X? creo sinceramente que no.
Así pues, creo por un lado que un disco no es mejor ni peor por más pop o no, sino por temas y producción. Por otro lado, insisto en que tenemos considerados como obras maestras (que realmente lo son) otros discos que no son más roqueros que X.
Creo que a Def Leppard le pasa como a Bon Jovi, o en su día a Europe. Cuando dejan de ser un grupo sólo de gente de rock, somos nosotros los que le damos la espalda. Jode, eso sí, pero no es excusa para renegar de ellos porque siguen haciendo muy buena música.
Así que no hagamos eso de: ¡qué pop es X! (que también se ha comprado mi vecina y lo ha puesto al lado de Enrique Iglesias), yo me pongo el Out of the silence de Dare! (del que mi vecina no tiene ni puñetera idea que existe).

06/08/02: Jon Paine -
Rating: 50
Some would say that it's ok for Lep (and Aerosmith, and other bands) to modernize their sound, and guess what, they're right. But don't deny me or others the right to dislike it. Def Leppard used to churn out up-tempo rockers, huge riffs, and a killer distortion sound-straight from the Marshall. On this album they don't give us anything faster than a 120 tempo, the few riffs are decent at best, and the distortion only kicks in every once in a while. And to the people who say that that is not the style of modern Def Leppard, I say to you-Euphoria! That album, though still not as great as High and Dry, was much better than X, and it was only two years ago, with the same line up. So don't criticize me for wanting something that rocks (no not rock like slipknot, but rock like Def Leppard should rock). For the record, there are only two songs that I really like, Cry and You're so Beautiful-and not because they're traditional Lep, but because they're good on their own, despite being new Leppard. The rest is just ear fodder.

05/08/02: Dave Max -
Rating: 75
Bottom line, this CD should have been called
"Does Not Rock". Except for a couple of real rock songs this CD is begging to be a pop hit. Def leppard are making too many concessions to get a hit song. This Cd doesnt half rock.
For a band that has 2 great rock lead guitarists their talent
is wasted. disappointing! The CD does have some good songs but this is the boys (I agree with Kerrang magazine on this). A record to support their big mortgages.

05/08/02: MJ Kapel -
Rating: 95
First off...for all you MORONS who keep wanting PYROMANIA II or HIGH AND DRY II....GET A CLUE!! A bit of a
HISTORY LESSON FOR YA. STEVE CLARK IS DEAD....this man was the FOUNDATION of those early records
and that gritty yet melodic sound we all LOVED. MUTT LANGE is now working with is WIFE and essentially
NOBODY ELSE. These fellas have had to ENDURE and EVOLVE like no other band in rock history...yet they
churn out GEMS like this!! I guess there are always fools who cant accept change and evolution. This band
could have folded the tents LONG AGO...but HATS OFF to them. Thank God for bands like Def and Aerosmith
who simply get BETTER with age. These are people who have been to the EDGE...stared into the nasty black
cavern and had the BALLS to turn around and SEE THE LIGHT. For the life of me I cant believe some people
could actually CRITICISE this effort. I will admit that I find fault (to a degree) with the sound quality of this disc
(too low end heavy in spots)but this shit ROCKS....PERIOD. If you dont think this is ROCK then you must be
listening to crap like SLIPKNOTor KITTIE(like my 17 yr old)in which case I would wonder why you even bought this record.
DEF LEPPARD is alive
and well....but this is a new and different phase of the band...the Viv and Phil show is beggining to find its niche.
Sure we all long for that sound that hooked us on these guys in the early 80s but Pete Willis and Steve Clark OR
Phil Collen and Steve Clark will sadly NEVER combine to offer those sounds again. OPEN YOUR MIND....AND
YOUR EARS. This album requires SEVERAL SPINS to grow on you...but as stated in the main review... these
tunes "GROW ON YOU and DEMAND REPEAT LISTENS". I cant get enough! Long Long Way To Go is a SMASH!
This song showcases Joe Elliots VOICE as an AMAZING MELODIC INSTRUMENT. I remember in the early days
of this band there was alot of concern about Joes vocal style not lending itself to longevity....this dispells that
concern. I just hope he sounds this good LIVE. In SCAR we have some of the best guitar work Ive EVER heard
from this band in ANY version....great rolling hook....and the solos are played at MAX volume!!
It would be easy to dismiss this record after one or two listens but do yourself a HUGE favor and let it GROW on you!

05/08/02: Lou Nahtic -
Rating: 95
I only picked up my copy of this disc 8 hours ago and have already given it 3 spins on my stereo. I'm aware that alot of people will label this album pop or soft in some over obsessive need to attach a classification to everything. From what I've digested of this album, the only label I can give it is, quite simply, Def Leppard. On this effort the band has managed to mature and progress forward without losing any of the defining sound that has served them so well for so long. That sound may not be as prominent or as 'in your face' as it once was, but it is still very much there. Every track on this album is still uniquely Def Leppard. They don't sound like anyone else nor do I believe for one second that they were ever trying to. Okay, so it's not 'Hysteria' part 2, as much as many may have wanted it to be. Keep in mind that album was 13 years ago. Isn't it time to grow, change and in essence, move on? I would have far less respect for them if they did stick to that decade old sound. How completely predictable and boring that would be. Think about it, when you've released one of the most revered slices of melodic rock with 'Hysteria', why try to top yourself? Why not grow and hope that your fan base can grow with you. Are we so fickle that we need to hear the same thing thrown at us again and again before we are content? This isn't selling out by a long shot. Selling out is when I hear one of their songs in a Pepsi commerical. This is a great album, infinitely better than most of the complete drivel I've heard this year.
This album to me is an expression of where the band is. Times change, people grow and while this sound is new and unexpected, it is still refreshingly Def Leppard. In a time when rock fans are being force fed absolute shite in the shape of Andrew WK or The White Stripes, is a slightly modern Def Leppard really something to bitch about or something to embrace? Ignore this album at your own peril.

04/08/02: K. Morris -
Rating: 83
Hey everyone...! I just gotta say I'm a long time fan of this band an original you might say. After reading all of your opinions & of course listening to the cd closely. I have a few things to touch on. Firstly, I agree with many of you that this is not as good as the glorious days of "On Through The Night", "Pyromania" or my personal fave..."High N' Dry" which is their only 100% album. Those albums ROCKED...!!! In a big way, it's a legacy that is hard to match album in and album out. Lord knows Def Lep has been trying for years. Having said that I am still pleased with the effort put forth here for the most part. Surmising quickly, the Hi-Lites of the cd are as follows: Scar, Torn To Shreds, You're So Beautiful, Now, Four Letter Word and Long Long Way To Go. Conversely, the tracks that leave much to be desired are: Gravity, Cry and Girl Like You. The balance gets a good but not great rating. To conclude, this is a very respectable effort from the guys, which is well worth the coin but don't expect to hear classics that match the standards set by "Lady Strange", "Mirror, Mirror", or "Rock Brigade". Cheers to all who take the time to contribute to this review process good or bad...!!!!!!

02/08/02: Dave -
Rating: 95
This is a grown up album that fits todays music. I agree with those that say this is a pop album...I hate to say it but hey that's basically what it is. Despite that I still like it a lot. There is moments of great guitar work like in the middle of Scar. I love that sound but there isn't a lot of it on the cd. Cry is the main other heavier sounding song. It is hard to pick a song that wouldn't cut it in todays radio charts, they are all so good.I'd love to see Scar get in there but even Gravity and Girl Like You would do great. Damn I hope it does great and they can tour in Australia again.

02/08/02: Jeff Vancura -
Rating: 80
I bought X on Tuesday when it came out and have listened to it 4 times. At first I was very disappointed. I found myself wanting the next song to start out with a great guitar riff like Photograph, or Mirror, Mirror. I wanted a ballad with a heavy and emotional chorus like Bringin on the Heartbreak or Too Late For Love. Or a song with great hooks and bridges like Comin Under Fire and Lady Strange. I missed the 2 guitar harmonies and solos. Then I realized I missed the old Def Leppard. Maybe bands are suppose to "mature" and progress but lets not forget this is the same band that put an album out about 2 years ago with songs like 21st Century Sha La La La Girl,& Demolition Man. The lyrics on High n Dry or Pyromania for the most part are much more "mature" as well is the music. Once I got over the initial disappointment I listened again and again and found myself constantly going back to You're So Beautiful and Everyday. These are my favorites so far. Now is good especially when the 2nd verse kicks in. This is a very good pop/aor album. It has catchy songs with great melodies but for my style is missing that crunchy Les Paul guitar sound that Steve Clark had. It's missing those great "breaks" or bridges that their earlier songs had. The drum sound is much better mainly due to them using accoustic drums as opposed to electric. It has more attack to it. Being a drummer myself, I do find it hard to beleive that Rick Allen played all the drum parts on this album without the help of a studio musician or SERIOUS overdubs. Overall, I like the album but it depends on what kind of mood I'm in. This album is good for unwinding or (dare I say it-but not in a bad way) fall asleep to. For all other times I'll put on some old Def Leppard, or old Whitesnake. Or if I want to hear something new-I'll put on some Jaded Heart or new Danger Danger. Just one man's meaningless opinion! Maybe I'll update later because I am finding I like the album a little more everytime I hear it but High N Dry, Pyromania, or Hysteria it is not.

02/08/02: LiLBuddy -
Rating: 80
Well I initially rated this album at 65 but upon further listening I have to admit..the song writing is strong on half the songs. Here is my take song by song.
Now-Great 10/10 Nice new sound
Unbelievable-Too much like back street boys 4/10
So Beautiful-Millenium version of Animal 7/10
Everyday-Just another song 5/10
Long Long Way Home-WoW this earned the album an 80% 10/10
Four letter word-Sounds like the Black Crows (but better) 7/10
Torn to Shreds-WoW Euphoria sounding (which is my fav album)10/10
Love don't lie-Typical Millenium pop song. 6/10
Gravity-Absolute CRAP 0/10 can I use negative numbers
Cry-Euphoria or Pyromania it 10/10.
Girl Like You-Mostly CRAP 3/10
Let me be the one-Not bad (single for sure) 7/10
Scar..oooh ya...Pyromania 10/10

In other words 5 great songs a couple average and the rest is crap. Just my 2 cents.


02/08/02: Erik Johnson -
Rating: 90
Does it sound good? Yes. Does it still have those incredible harmonies? Yes. Does it still have top-notch guitar stylings? Yes. Does it rock?.... Not really. There's a lot of really good songwriting, though, and that's why I'm still listening to it. It's definitely a good step forward for a band whose not been a major act like they were in 1987, but it's still a Def Leppard album. I would like to know how they can be called a "ROCK" band now. This album doesn't rock. It's good, slickly produced ear candy and (I cringe to say this about a band that I still dig) it's a pop record. If it weren't for thier track record and history, this would be a nice little flash in the TRL pan and then fade away, albeit much slower than today's pop drivel. How 'bout a bit more gut level music and less shimmery, crystalline vocality? It shines, ya'll, like a diamond, but I like a little grit in my music. I agree with Jazz two reviews above... It's hella better than Bon Jovi's "Crush"!

01/08/02: John Opp -
Rating: 87
This is a tough review to write. I do like this album quite a bit. It is very different thant anything else they have made. I don't hear Slang as much as some others do, but I don't hear any of the other albums that much Either. I would compare it to Hysteria though, mainly because of the approach. I do agree that this album was witten to get back to Top 40 Sales. Frankly I am surprised that there are some who disagree with that sentiment. Every song is quite commercial, and I really could see almost all of them on the radio. That said, I am disappointed that there aren't more hard rocking songs. I agree that there should probably be 2 more. The ballads are much better than Euphoria, because they are not sappy like "Goodbye" and they don't blow like "All Night" I have a tempered enthusiasm for the album because I think that it a highly consistent album, much like Hysteria was, in that it's tough to identify any throwawy songs, but I also think that some of the midtempo songs from X sound too much like each other. Scar is definitley a very cool song, should go down very well live. I could see this being the album that gets them on the comeback trail, but I highly doubt it will happen. Too bad, this is my favorite Lep release since Adrenalize. Cautiously optimistic for the success of this CD.

01/08/02: Mike -
Rating: 85
One listen to this CD and its obvious that people are gonna say that Def Leppard are "selling out". In my opinion, its one of their best cd's ever. I'd probably rank this one as my 3rd fave, behind Slang and Pyromania. The songs are some of the best the band has ever produced, and its a breath of fresh air after releasing Euphoria, which was a great CD, but sounded too much like a re-hash of old Def Leppard. Its good to see they're moving foward as songwriters, but not losing sight of what the band is all about. "Now" and "Unbelievable" is the ultimate 1-2 punch to start off the record, and the band could not have picked a better lead single. "You're so Beautiful" starts off perhaps a little too poppy, but definetly makes up for it once the chorus kicks in. And the band will certainly have plenty of options for a follow-up single w/ songs like "Long, Long Way to Go", "Four Letter Word", and "Love Don't Lie". With the songwriting and overall feel of the album, it sounds predominantly like a combination of "Slang" and "Retroactive", w/ a dark feel to some of the songs, but ultimately some of the best songs they've ever recorded. It's unlikely that this will return DL to the top of the charts w/ the way music is today, but hopefully will continue to earn the band respect for their continued growth.

01/08/02: jeff boneske -
Rating: 40
one word. BORING!!! what a bunch of crap. there's nothing on there that makes me wanna put it in the cd player and listen. i've listened 4 or 5 times to try to give it a chance(mainly because of some of the positive reviews on here). every one ripped on Dokken's new record. this Def leppard junk isn't even close to that. at least Dokken rocks. then we wonder why all these "new bands are taking over(creed, nickelback, 3 doors down). i was just listening to High-n-dry the other night and thought, "what a great band"! i guess those days are long gone. i don't think vivian cambell helps matters. what a dork. i hear Bon Jovi's new record is gonna rock! we'll see, i hope so. well i gotta go to the CD exchange store and trade this over-hyped crap in for something else. at least i only paid 9.99 for it at Best Buy. don't understand what made many of you give this shit such a high rating, but then again there's much i don't understand nowadays. if this was Leppards first album, it would be there last.

01/08/02: Ken -
Rating: 95
Is X a modern masterpiece or simply a great rock album?

X is extremely worthy of the Def Leppard name, especially when you consider they are the very band that raised the standard for rock LP's almost 20 years ago. Everything they records will forever be compared to Pyromania and Hysteria, but true musicians have no interest in re-writing their most popular songs. Thankfully, X has the trademark Leppard sound without trying to re-write "Pour Some Sugar On Me." Where Euphoria was more of an effort to recapture that "lost Leppard sound", X is a refreshing effort in the sence that it's everything that they really want to be doing in 2002 and everything they have always been. Leppard has ALWAYS been melodic and they have ALWAYS had an amazing discipline with creating fun, larger than life rock classics. "Now" is the right choice for the first single, "Unbelievable", "You're So Beautiful" and "Everyday" are all finely crafted pop/rock songs with great meloides and strong hooks. "Long Long Way To Go" is a monster. Joe flexes his vocal muscles on "Four Letter Word" to great effect, but the guitars still scream. The rest of X is a showcase for Joe's trademark lead vocals until "Scar" wraps things up with another tornado of killer guitars by Phil and Viv and breathtaking chorus harmonies.

At the end of the day, X doesn't quite reach masterpiece status, but I hear an album of great rock songs delivered with passion and precision. There has never been another band like Def Leppard and for that we should all be thankful. Well done!

31/07/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 78
This is not Leppard on their peak, but it isn't a bad record. The ballads are still great, but the production is not as huge as before. The rockers are a bit simple and too nu-breed sounding for my ears. Not a bad effort by any means, but Leppard can do much better !

31/07/02: A.Lopez -
Rating: 92
A great album that will bring Def Leppard back to into the main stream, IF and this is a BIG IF they could get some promotion behind it and playing on the radio and stupid MTV.I remember when Bon Jovi's Crush album came out to slow sales in the U.S.For a while it didn't even look like they were going to hit gold(500,00 copies sold)record status.MTV wouldn't play there video for about the first month or so.But then fans were some how able to get them on TRL and then boom every little teenager knew who they were.This album is far better and has more dept than that album.We as fans have to find a way to get Leppard on the radio and on MTV.Long,Long Way to Go is by far the best ballad ever by DLIf they could get it on the radio & make a good video that could get on MTV at least a little bit they will have a multi platinum album on their hands.Heck I could even see them being invited to play at the AMA's or Grammy's.I wish I could get the guitar tabs for the cool acoustic intro.This song is simply Fantastic!Four Letter Word is a hard in your face rocker.Kind of like Black Crowes meets ACDC with a Leppard chorus.Cry is the other attitude rocker of the album.You're so Beatuiful is such and upbeat cool track you won't be able to help tap your foot to it.At least 5 of the first 7 tracks could be hits if they get on the radio.All is all a vey melodic high quality production catchy album.

31/07/02: Rob -
Rating: 50
I've only listen to this 2 times, but I must say I'm disappointed. I only gave it a 50 since only about half the songs rock to some degree. I don't mind ballads if they're good, but ballads crammed between too many mid-tempo songs is just boring. And I don't think the ballads are even that good. Hysteria was my favorite, but I really enjoyed Euphoria, and Slang even grew on me as well. This album is just too laid back. Cry, Scar, and Four Letter Word are probably my favorites, but this album really needs a serious dose of guitar. BTW, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the sound levels suddenly seem to drop on Scar at 3 minutes, 40 seconds? I noticed on the first listen and it's bothered me ever since.

31/07/02: Larry Davis -
Rating: 95
OK, firstly, I was referred to this site by a new friend I met at last night's NYC Def Leppard gig at Irving Plaza. VERY very cool. I prefer power-pop the best and good AOR is really power-pop in slicker clothing. Anyhoo, reviewing Def Lep's latest, "X", I give it a 95. Not perfect but almost there. I would agree that it's closest relative, soundwise, is "Slang" but mixed with the commercial appeal of "Hysteria" and "Euphoria". For the record, I've ALWAYS thought Def Leppard were power-pop, as they've always had the catchy hooks, irresistible choruses, impeccable layered harmonies, and polished yet sophisticated productions, mostly by pro Mutt Lange. It's just in their earlier records, OTTN, HND + Pyro, they've been more riffy, while "Hysteria" on up, songwriting has been the prmary focus. That's not to say the earlier albums and songs didn't have catchy + well-written + classic songs, they did. It's just they've moved on to a different focal point, that's all. To be honest, picturng DL be all riffy nowadays would just look silly. They're evolving, moving forward, always have. One sorta exception, "Euphoria", as they stepped backward in style from "Slang" but did the album with a degree of their musical evolution as artists and songwriters. That's why it wasn't exactly like "Hysteria" Part 2, it felt more mature while retaining a similar sound, yet being even MORE melodic, aka their constantly improving songwriting. Now, to be honest, "Slang" was NOT a sellout!! It was a radical departure, yes, but a well-executed experiment + evolution of style and songwriting clout. Yes, it bore the trademarks of grunge and alternative styles, which really I was grateful for, but it seems Def Leppard likes this kind of music too, and wanted to try it. PLUS, they thought hey, if we're doing the same shit over and over, we'll be history, AND that was a period where the majority of people thought DL sucked and were yesterday's news!! They didn't want to go away, they wanted to fit in, and they probably thought the fans all left or switched to being grunge fans, so they tried it. Turns out, this 180 degree switch alienated a good group of fans, the group that were behind the times, and don't like their bands to change, which, to be honest, piss ME off!! I hate people putting bands into boxes, and not letting them evolve as artists. THAT's what DL did, they evolved as artists with "Slang", with their most meaningful, original, and still catchy and melodic songs to date. Turns out there were an equal amount of fans who loved as much as hated "Slang". The haters came out first, so DL turned the other way and did "Euphoria", thinking "Slang" was a bad move. WRONG!! "Slang" was a great record, possibly their best yet, and "Euphoria", as great as it was, was a step backwards, away from the maturity, originality, and greatness of "Slang". Well, the "Slang" fans came out next and made it known that it was a great piece of work, and we want the next album to be closer to "Slang". A la, "X"!! It's a perfect mixture of the best stuff from "Slang" with the old-school commercial appeal of past works and "Euphoria", while evolving evermore as songwriters and musicians. AWESOME!! Yes, at times, Joe sounds a wee bit like Bryan Adams these days, which I had to get over, I HATE wimpy Bryan Adams, but in the end, Joe sounds like Joe. One other minor quibble, track 2, "Unbelievable", has some of the most gag-me-with-a-spoon cliched lyrics I have EVER heard by anybody!! I almost laughed. Makes sense the band didn't write that song, but I forgive em, they did their best with it, and in the end, it sounded decent. Evrything else is tops, and "Now" is a great first single, but I disagree in that the 2nd half I found better than the first, more edgy. Overall, I found the album to be sorta unpredictable, only a good thing, and it gets better with each listen. This is funny: I find "X" to be Def Leppard's equivalent of Drain STH's "Freak Of Nature", overly commercial (both have a coupla songs co-written by hitmaker Max Martin), but edgy at the same time, but Drain were heavier and darker. More remarkable, in that Drain were an all-girl band, they rocked!!

31/07/02: Mike L. -
Rating: 90
In summary, an excellent record that in a fair and just world would be up for a Grammy and DL would be up there with U2, Aerosmith, AC/DC, Bon Jovi and the RHCP's for veteran acts doing well in the 21st century. However, despite its excellence in song writing and melodies, my hunch tells me this is not only the last album with Island Records but their last album period.
I dare (hope?) the music listeners to prove me seriously wrong.
Back to the album, Now is a good warm up song to get back in the DL mode. Unbelievable is a little soft but has a soothing melody. You're So Beautiful is catchy as hell and my personal pick for radio song release #1. Everyday flows well, perhaps better as 100% accoustic. Long, Long Way to Go should get the ladies crying if they ever get a chance to hear or see it. Quality wise their best song done since.....ever I think. Four Letter Word has AC/DC written all over it, which is a good thing. Torn to Shreds is a terrific anthem, another catchy song. Love Don't Lie has a nice accoustic beat, really great skins on this track. Gravity is fair, not as good as Slang's title track, though similar in structure. Cry takes a few listens, that chorus can come across as a bit bizarre at first. Girl Like You seems like an extension of Love Don't Lie, except that LDL is better. Let Me Be the One is soft. Scar is clearly the rocker, and without a doubt brings back memories of High 'N' Dry and Pyromania, especially the shifting guitar solos. I'm probably a little harsh on this review, and although I personally love it and can see not getting sick of many tracks (unlike Euphoria and Slang), my rating of quality does not hide the fact that the great comeback may not be in the cards, but then again my hometown New England Patriots were not supposed to win the Super Bowl either!!!!

31/07/02: Jman -
Rating: 80
I am willing to accept a band growing older and maybe going for more substance in a song. Lord knows my taste and outlook have changed over the years, and if I were composing songs they’d probably be quite different that tens years prior. I am also willing and rather enjoy a band that stays with a sound that made them who they were in the first place. If DL made Pyromania VI I still would have bought it, because I liked that sound. I'd say the same for any of there albums. X may take a bit of getting used to, although I do appreciate its style and content, I still yearned for some true rock and roll.

I have listened to these guys for almost twenty years, and I was very excited about this album. I enjoyed Slang after a few spins, and didn't think they necessarily sold out. Euphoria was awesome in my opinion and I listened almost everyday for six months before it went on the shelf. I'm willing to give this one a try, but I guess I'll be listening when I want to relax not rock. I'm no spring chicken any more either, but I still would have loved to crank up some DL and annoy my neighbors. Perhaps I will on their next CD.

Still a great job guys.

31/07/02: Glenn -
Rating: 96
Ok, where do I start? First of all, X is an incredible album. Every song is good and the album has a consistent sound which is essential for any great album. It has plenty of mid tempo songs and a few ballads. I feel it is their second best album behind Hysteria. I have a statement for all of those losers and morons that are saying that def leppard is making music that they think will sell and not music that they want to make deep down. That is BS. First of all, if you are a great band and the music climate is changing, it is either die into obscurity or modify your music, which is the smart thing to do. It think your idiots forget that these guys are musicians and it's their job that pays the bills, so why would they release music that won't sell? Secondly, this album has amazing song writing. Whether Def Leppard is writing an 80's style rock song, an alternative style song like you would find on "Slang," or a pop song, they are great song writers and their music is always of the highest quality. For all of you that are too dumb and one dimensional to see this, I feel sorry for you. If you are a fan of Def Leppard or are looking for something with extraordinary song writing, catchy songs, and great sound quality, then check out "X". "X" is a fantastic album, period.

30/07/02: Adam -
Rating: 70
There are some really good ballads on this disc, and I tend to be a sap for a good power rock ballad. That said that is the only reason my rating was as high as it was. What is up with Def Leppard? After HYSTERIA they discovered that pop songs and hit ballads make big bucks, so they gave us ADRENALIZE. That release was definitely made for radio. Then after grunge killed off 80's rock Def Leppard decided to grunge up their sound to fit in and sell records and they gave us Slang. Boo Boo Boo what a load of crap. Then when they realized that their fans didn't want grunge they wanted to rock and this whole retro 80's thing was happening and it was cool to be from the 80's they tried to cash in with a Hysteria knockoff, enter Euphoria. Now once again instead of doing what we all know they can do, ROCK!!! Def Leppard noticed all the money and fame going the way of the boy band sound and what do we get X, which sounds like N-Sync with guitars. All I want is for Def Leppard to be proud of what they have done and who they are and just put out a rock and roll record. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

30/07/02: K-Train -
Rating: 0
I know for a fact that Vinny Burns was on the short list of applicants to replace Steve Clark before Viv was hired. Not knocking Viv, he's a great guitarist, but I wonder what Lep would sound like now with Vinny sharing guitar duties with Phil, not to mention his writing talents. That being said, I've only spun X a couple of times so will hold off on commenting until I get more familiar with the songs.

29/07/02: madlaw -
Rating: 93
I made up the 93 rating. For starters, Pyro to me is the only album worthy of a 100(perfect rating). For me, until I hear something, THAT GOOD, THAT UNIQUE, there may never be another 100 rating. Remember the first time you heard Photograph(for those old enough to remember when it came out). It was like "WTF is this?" OMG I cant stop listening. Thats what I mean by perfect, the whole album was that way. Hysteria was close but some songs were fillerish.

With my perfect rating out of the way and yes I feel a small sense of disappointed every time a Lep album comes out and it doest match or beat Pyro, IMO X is the best Lep since Pyro. I've had it burned on CD for over a month so I feel my exuberance is rational. X is better than Hysteria. Is that heresy? For certain, songs like Animal, Love Bites and Armeggedon It top anything off of X, BUT from first song to last, X has tremendous quality and depth, especially when KTD is added in.

I wont go song by song, because I stand with Andrew's review completely, Xcept I love LDL and am grateful it made the album. I also respectfully disagree with Andrew in that I think X's closest cousin is Hysteria, NOT Slang or Euphoria. Songs like YSB and 4LW and Scar could have been on Hysteria or at least Adrenalize. The only Slang I hear is Cry and maybe GLY.

All the complaints about "no balls", "more guitars" "turn Viv and Phil loose" "bring back Mutt" are ridiculous. What are you people listening to? We can thank Mutt for All Night, Its Only Love and Promises(poor man's Photograph". Is that what y'all want? Phil and Viv are writers of this music, not hired studio musicians whose talents are waster. Read the songwriting credits. This is what those lads want to play and it suits me fine. Besides, there is plenty of Xcellent guitar work, if you take the cotton out of your ears. Rick's drums and Sav's bass have NEVER sounded better if you take the time to listen. IMO, Joe's voice and range dominate this record. There are moments of vintage Joe scream(try Scar, 4LW, YSB) and highly emotive moments like LLWTG, Unbelievable and Everyday.

For anyone that doesnt like this CD, do me a favor, pop it in one more time, crank it REALLY LOUD, and give them a break. If you still dont like it, STFU and go bash another band.


29/07/02: JCC -
Rating: 80
After listening to X on VH1 several times, I think it's a really great cd. However, it's not as hard as I would have hoped for. Just because it's not as hard doesn't necessarily mean I don't like it. I would have preferred two more songs like "Paper Sun." The test of a truly great band is whether or not they can stand the test of time. Def Leppard has come up with a group of songs that are relevent for today. Most songs are along the same tempo as "Heaven Is" from Adrenalize. It's the songs that make this cd. Torn to Shreds has an infectious melody. Scar is probably my favorite. Even though this isn't typical Def Leppard, it's still better than anything else out there right now. I give it an 80.

28/07/02: Aor-Man -
Rating: 80
sorry ,i made a mistake when i said about the SOLO thing in Danger Danger album .....

it was not "Don't Walk Away" ,but was "One Step From Paradise" song of Danger Danger , the guitar solo is exacly the same, coincidence or someone has copy the other?

whatever it is , buy the X album of Def Leppard, great music.

28/07/02: Aor-Man -
Rating: 80
Well, what can i say , the songs are really good , different
from most i heard of Def Leppard previous effort, it's more
MelodicRock driven , but you may wonder why the score is 80%,
i could not help but feel the comparison with Harem Scarem /Rubber CD's, take LONG,LONG WAY TO GO for exaple,
if this is not "OVER THE EDGE" song from Rubber - Ultrafeel CD
in the refrain part , also the way it's been singed off sound
a lot like Harem Scarem , i cut my arms if is not that way!

i don't mean is bad , noooo , they are all exceptional songs,
but it spoils a bit the surprise thing.

i bought the CD and i don't regret it, but if you are like me
and love to compare songs u may be disappointed a tiny bit :)

i still can't get over the fact that the SOLO part in "Don't Walk Away" song in the Danger Danger album is totally and exacly
the same as Jimmy Barnes "Walk On" ,but i don't care who copy
who, as long as songs are good.

buy Def Leppard - X album , it's well worth.

27/07/02: John Harkness -
Rating: 75
If Def Leppard had never made Pyromania or Hysteria then I would probably think this was an excellent album. However I expected more of DL than this. Pyromania was mega classic rock and Hysteria was mega classic rock / pop. X is quality 'easy listening' and better than most rock / pop today. However I long for Pyromania II - the missing ingredient is producer Mutt Lang. DL should not be ashamed of their metal roots. So bring back the BIG drum sound and the dualling guitars - try to write more 'epic' songs, like Die Hard The Hunter - don't be scared to be more heavy, bring back the Mutt Lange production, do an adventurous (concept?)album, listen to Operation Mindcrime by Queensryche - make heavy rock progressive (and groud breaking) and definitely keep the great hooks (which are to be found on X, if you listen carefully. The send a few of your millions to J Harkness, 56 Dunraven Crescent, Belfast, Northern Ireland.

27/07/02: Luke -
Rating: 95
This is a great cd! I can't stand 80's hair metal, so it's nice to see a band from that era that understands the need to modernize their sound. The songs have great hooks and feel to them. Torn to Shreds should have been released first, but Now is pretty good. Long Long Way To Go makes for a great second single. You're So Beautiful has a great hook, as well as Unbelieveable. The only problem with this song is that the back up vocals are too loud and 80's sounding, as well as the ridiculous Four Letter Word. Other than that, it's an almost perfect offering. The bad reviews are quite funny and clearly written by guys who are stuck listening to Styx and hanging out at their old highschools. GET OVER IT! The 80's are over. That being said, it will be very difficult for Def Leppard to make a comeback. I didn't even know they had a new cd coming out till last week. Now won't do it, but hopefully Long Long Way To Go will get on the radio and bring some new fans to the band, for this is a truly great cd.

27/07/02: X -
Rating: 90
i love all these arm chair rock stars and music producers out there......i guess some are disappointed this isn't "pyromania" or "hysteria" which are both classic albums but this isn't the 80's and they have changed as have their fans.....maybe some are disappointed they aren't rappin'.......i know i have friends and have heard others complain about the lack of rock on the radio and in the spotlight but when a rock band puts out an album all people do is put it down and complain about.....stop your bitching or listen to rap....bottom line is this is a def leppard album and it's a good one.......peace!!

25/07/02: Johnny -
Rating: 85
I agree with Jazz, Four Letter Word does seem a little like Armageddon It, and the chorus to Everyday seems like Photograph revisited. I think a lot of bands cannibalize themselves, though.

After a few listens, this CD has grown on me, but I definitely wish they would have used "Song as King" with a heavier sound. At least on some of the tracks. I'm one of the Slang fans, and I think DL took a step backwards with Euphoria. That being said, I don't know exactly where this CD fits in the fragmented popular music market. Where I live, the album rock stations still play DL, but with this CD they might not. The Top 40 stations don't play them at all. I don't think DL should write music specifically to find a market, but at some point they have to ask themselves if they see it being played on the radio at all. Hopefully they'll achieve the Top 40 success they're looking for with this CD, a la the new Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. Certainly some of the songs are strong enough. But it remains to be seen whether they can overcome the unfair stigma that labels them as a has-been 80s hair band. The two other bands above have managed to appeal to a new generation of listeners, so we'll see if DL can.

I am a huge fan, and I wish they would have appealed a little more to their older listeners, but of course it'll probably continue grow on me.

One last thing -- one thing I wish DL would do is write the verses as well as the choruses. They are masters of the hook, but my favorite song is Love Don't Lie because it seems to flow all the way through instead of being a hook standing on empty verses.

25/07/02: Alberto -
Rating: 5
Sorry guys, but this cd sounds like :"hey, let's try hit the charts". You can like or dislike "Slang", but at least it was an effort to do something different, this new "X" is just good production and nothing more than a collection of poppy oriented songs. Joe Elliot said in an interview something like he doesn't want to end like other 80's band playing in small clubs for small audiences. Ok then if that is the idea Joe have of being a great band. So sad.

25/07/02: DEAN -
Rating: 52

25/07/02: UriahAKABrad -
Rating: 70
A huge disappointment to me. The songs aren't the problem. The problem is in the production and mix of this album. Where are the guitars?? Where is the big sound we have come to expect from the Leps? The album has its moments ("Four Letter Word", "Cry") but the ballads and wimpy production/mix bring the album down. Give me classic Lep over this any day. Bring back Mutt Lange and stick him behind the board, guys. You need him.

25/07/02: Piero Guizzetti -
Rating: 100
Just a great CD...Never really liked the band before, and now I just love them...great sound quality, excellent songwriting and good vibe...I can't wait for the release on 30/07!!!

24/07/02: Eric -
Rating: 0
I used to be a HUGE Leppard fan, but when they did a 180 with "Slang" I felt betrayed as a fan of the genre in which they helped to make great. Then with "Euphoria", while it felt great to get the stylistically similar Leps back, I felt a little minipulated. I wondered why they turned their back on the style which they were pioneers of and were great doing in the 1st place. Now with "X" it is apparent to me what the Leps' goal is and always was: write and play music that you think will sell, not write and play what truly comes from within. We now are forced to possibly re-write history to see the Leps as the flavor-of-the-month genre followers as they were sometimes accused of being back in the 80's. It's sad that the greatness of "Hysteria" has the epitaph of "X" over it's legacy 15 years later. The Leps dropped the ball and bent us all over to pick it up. What is the word 'dated' mean anyway? Style doesn't date music, production does. 'Dated' is a state of mind and true 'maturity' is being content in yourself enough as to not change. Changing is for the weak and for those who feel they have to alter themselves to fit into a preconceived or socially acceptible mold. Doing a 180 is NOT maturity, it's schitzophrenic. If you truly love something, beit a genre or style of music, you just don't suddenly dislike it beacuse the calendar changes. Def Leppard truly died with Steve Clark. They have been musical whores ever since. If you want to hear where the Leps could've "grown" to musically, check out FRONTLINE's "Against The World" CD. That is a true melodic rock masterpiece made in 2002!

Rating: 90
If you are a Lep fan, this album is a must..Excellent CD, excellent pick of Long,long Way to Go to be a 2nd single.This song will put this CD to the top 10. Love to see Scar, Torn to Sheds, You're So Beautiful,Everyday all be singles. This album is definitely worthy of 5 or 6 singles...only complaint would be that 1 or 2 more rocking tunes are needed on this album, but this album should put Lep back on the map and hopefully back in the round for the tour!

24/07/02: James Daykin -
Rating: 90
Can't believe that there are reviews here from fans who loved Hysteria and don't like this!!! This is me is the natural succesor to Hysteria. I can hear the gutiar runs and licks all over this album - yes, they are less full on and heavy than 'Euphoria' but I thought that was a clumsy and dated album and set the band back about 5 years.
'X' has a great feel to it that the band haven't captured since 1987. It's a band that have made an album that they wanted to make and not one who have sat down and said 'Right, what SHOULD we write?' which is what they have done a lot since then;
'Adrenalize' - last throws of 'cock rock'
'Slang' - deliberately alternative
'Euphoria' - trying to bring back a dead genre

'X' is quite simply a stunning Def Leppard album. I only listened to 'Euphoria' three or four times before consigning it to the bin and I thought that was the end of the band!
Just going away to eat some serious pie of the humble kind now!


22/07/02: NAZlo -
Rating: 90
Moscow is full of pirate CDs of "X" since last week. Cool record. Huge MTV feeling on it, but the album's done very well. DL can't do any mistakes I think.

20/07/02: Brad H. -
Rating: 90
I have to say I know what everyone was hoping for and expecting from this cd, so I understand their disappointment.However, if people can give this cd a chance, and just enjoy the songwriting for what it is, they may enjoy it.Is this cd less rocking than Euphoria?Yes.It is definitely a slower-paced album.Is the songwriting equal to that of Euphoria?Better.The songwriting is top notch, and equally explores new avenues as it does still retain some of the Def Lep of old.
After a few spins, I found myself constanty listening to this cd.I hope it does well for them!Fav songs:Torn To Shreds, Unbelievable, You're So Beautiful and Four Letter Word.
Give it a chance everyone.

20/07/02: Dave F -
Rating: 60
I've always loved Pyromania and Hysteria so when Euphoria came out I was one of the happiest guys on the planet. I've heard the songs from the new album and although better than most music today...they are no Paper Sun. As stated I think Euphoria was one of the best Def Leppard albums but I think 'X' ranks 5th at best. I sure hope the guys move back to the Euphoria sound when this albums flops. Signed very disappointed.

20/07/02: Gery Vira -
Rating: 10
Boring, a brintney spears clone, I thought it was the new cd from the back street boys , where is vivian ? or I mean where are the guitars in this album, do you remember a song called "overture" from the first album, what happened. How much money does it take to sell your soul. I wonder the age of the people who rated high this album. This album is for little girls and boys, don't waste your money.

19/07/02: Brad Propst -
Rating: 90
I've just been listening to the clips on their web page, but this sounds like Def Leppard to me (and I am a fan). If my wife and I end up playing this CD as much as their other ones, I'll have to submit a higher rating.

18/07/02: Mike Matney -
Rating: 65
Ugh! When I hear the name Def Leppard I expect a rock record, but this is easy listening. The songs sound flat and there is no passion in them. I thought the band was back on track after Euphoria, but "X" is a step in the wrong direction. Sorry guys but this album is a huge disappointment.

18/07/02: Greg -
Rating: 75
Being the biggest Lep fan in the world, this is tough to say. I am somewhat disappointed in this album. It's not at all what I wanted. But, it is what I expected. They sold out again. When they started talking about bands like Train, I knew we were in for another change. DB is right though. Phil & Vivian are pretty much non-existent on this. You cannot tell me Vivian enjoys playing this style. I mean c'mon; Dio to this? No way! Listen to the solos for "You're So Beautiful" and "Scar". You can tell that Phil was just wanting to break out into his awesome speed like he did on "Euphoria". That album to me is better than this; even though every song on it sounds like another Lep song. "X" just doesn't rock enough. I wanted something in the vain of "Hysteria" and didn't get it. There are only bits 'n pieces of it on here. I know some people would say "been there, done that", but I have a hard time moving on. Obviously, Leppard doesn't. Not to say that the songs are bad. They're just so different. Songs like "Torn To Shreds" and "Scar" are great though. The one upside to this album is that they might be able to break into Top 40 radio now. But, I wouldn't bet my life on it. Most Top 40 and modern rock stations make fun of bands like Lep. The "High 'n Dryers" & "Pyromaniacs" are gonna hate this album, I think.....

18/07/02: rockingtilldropping -
Rating: 99
I really love this album. I think it shows a lot of growth in the band where it showcases more of their melodic side than ever before. I do agree with other reviews that are disappointed with the overall less rocking sound of the record. Like Joe said before, they were going for the "Song is King" overall idea behind most of this record. I think they succeeded brilliantly. I have not been so instantly hooked on an album before like this one. The harmonies and layers of effects flow perfectly through each of the songs. They have the record they need to successfully compete with today's music market. I'm pretty sure the band will hear all our gripes and come back with a more hard rocking affair on the next effort of course after making the big comeback they needed to make with this album. They just need to release the proper singles in the right order for the album to steadily keep selling and to gain new and old fans. My choice for second single would have to be "You're so Beautiful" followed by the epic "Torn to Shreds". If they can't sell at least platinum with this record than the public is surely brainwashed by todays lesser talented new bands.

17/07/02: AtronMania -
Rating: 100
Guys just check SCAR out!
A great solo!!!
It goes from High`N`Dry to Hysteria and back to NOW!!!

Xtra Note:
I LOVED Slang as much as I loved the other LeppardMania Albums!

16/07/02: Serge Gamache -
Rating: 95
Def Leppard has been a staple to the music scene for many years. I remember when Hysteria was such a HUGE album that you could not go anywhere and not hear at least one track from the album. It is sad to hear that Slang was the album most fans hated. For me, that was a great album. The band was able to mature and change. It is really a sad thing to see the fans SHOOT THEM DOWN from this. But the same is true of the die hard OLD Metallica fans who say that they have sold out. Funny they sell more records today than ever before. My least favourite Def Leppard album is Euphoria. On a whole .... No Thanks, but it is Def Leppard. The new album has the production value that existed on Hysteria, but with a little slant towards Slang. All the song are amazingly performed and produced. This album is very clean in sound. I really do hope that the fans can GROW with the band a little, instead of keeping them stuck in the Hysteria mode. It seems interesting that the band is bring back elements of Slang, maybe it is what they want to do.

In good company with Harem Scarem "Weight Of The World" and Our Lady Peace "Gravity"

16/07/02: db -
Rating: 60
There seems to be a theme to this and chicks. God, every song is about love and alot of the songs seem bland. Giving this album a 98 is insane. There are three great songs and maybe two decent ones, but the rest sucks. This was all about selling albums and that is it. When Joe starting to talk about Train etc etc I started to get worried, now I know why. He also stated it took him alot of getting used to for this album and then he ended up loving it, I also knew this was going to be a disaster. Vivian and Phil are basically non-existent on this album. Vivian also said this was the best stuff since he is been in the band...whatever.

15/07/02: Andreas Ek -
Rating: 99
I guess one of the biggest Lep fans in Sweden and I have to agree to Daphney Atkins: "I would have to say this may be the best since 1996's SLANG!!!"
I totally agree. Slang was the absoulte best thing for the band to go after Adrenalize. Instead of falling asleep in the Hysteria sound, they stood up and delivered a great album of freshness (??!!) It was not as polished as before, but still lots of harmonies (JUST GIVE "ALL I WANT IS EVERYTHING A LISTEN").
Euphoria was a big dissapintement for me, they went back to a Hysteria/Adrenalize production wich they have outgrown. Now on "X" they take of where "Slang" left. It is in someway a slower album, I agree, but it still have great guitars and harmonies all together in some songs. Take a listen to "TORN TO SHREDS" This must be one of their strongest songs i(the chourus anyway) ever! "UNBELIEVABLE" is a great ballad wich can achieve high rotation on radios all over! Another one is "LOVE DON'T LIE" that with it's more mid tempo can bring back toe boys to the charts!
The rating will be 99%, the only things I miss are more harder guitars and maybe add on 3 or 4 up tempo songs!

BUY, BUY, BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

15/07/02: Jack -
Rating: 97
This is a rating and a message for Rusty as well.With all due respect,I've been a fan of Dep Leppard since "On Through The Night" and we all know the transitions that the band has endured to reach where they're at now.This is the year 2002, a time where radio and MTV in the U.S. is going through its worst slump ever since new kids,hammer and debbie gibson were annoying us all 24 hrs a day.We now have to tolerate the prefabricated warblings of Britney,N'sync and the current edition of hair metal goons like Godsmack,Creed etc. the point I'm trying to make is ......bands such as Leppard have to find their niche in a vary unstable market where they will be the most likely overlooked by fickle PDs who actually think Britney's version of "I Love Rock & Roll" is an original and that Joan Jett is a hair color.With all this in mind,the hiring of songwriters such as Marti Friedriksen comes as no surprise.He is after all the new Desmond Child of this era and that may be a good or bad thing.Too many people use the same writers and end up sounding like each other quite often yet they go on to have big hit singles .I hope Leppard do not become victims of this.Rusty is right in the fact that this c.d. maybe overlooked in the States but really and truly .........who gives a rats ass about the music scene in the States anyway? If they choose to ignore excellent product then that's there loss.thank goodness for sites like this which keep people aware that there is salvation for those that need it.This c.d. is no "Pyromania" it is also no "Hysteria" but what it is "X" and it stands up well n the Def Leppard catalogue among the rest of their fine releases.Don't compare it to the others ......just appreciate it for what it is."long long way to go " is a ballad of epic proportions and could be an international smash in a fair world.Allow yourself to enjoy this c.d. with out prejudice.

15/07/02: Rusty -
Rating: 75
I am a huge fan of the band here in the U.S. I've got all their albums both
domestic and import, promo singles and import singles...including all
their unreleased tacks, as well as several "bootlegs" from live
performances spanning from the early years to 1999.

And as for "X", it's quite different that I expected and they led us to believe. Disappointed a
bit because it's not heavier and more "Hysteria-ish" or "Adrenalize-ish", I still enjoy the album. The songs are of the usual HIGH quality and more mature sounding (which means NOT as fun to jam too). But, as for the
"radio hits", top 40 or rock radio here in the U.S., I don't believe there is one on this CD.
"Promises" from their last album had light
success in the states and was even played on MTV for a bit, but I don't
see ANY of the Lep's new songs being played on radio OR MTV here in the
states...unless of course a P.D. at a particular station is a fan.

Good album, but not good enough in my eyes and probably the overall majority of the CD buying least in the U.S. I would be surprised if they sold 250,000 a year after "X"'s release.

15/07/02: Ty -
Rating: 80
This was comparable to the Journey - Arrival cd for me. Too many slow tunes from a band thats capable of rocking your doors off. Why do these bands do this shit? Trying to fit in with the times is also turning your back on fans in my book. You may gain 10 new fans by doing it, but lose 20 old ones. There should be a happy median. The production on this cd is incredible and the songwriting is superb, but too many slow ones. They have 2 very talented guitarists, but they get buried in the mix of effects and keyboards. They come out once in a while, but they just don't shred like they used to. I'll listen to this cd, but It doesn't even compare to Pyromania or Hysteria in any way. More like they threw Euphoria and Slang in the Yatzee cup and rolled them out to come up with this. Def Leppard is a rock band. Not power pop. Hmmmm...The Power Pop Boyz? Nevermind. I only gave this cd an 80 because it has great production and songwriting. It would have been an easy 100 if it had more go than show.

15/07/02: Liam -
Rating: 75
First..lemme say that Def Leppard has been one of my favorite bands since Pyromania,and it's not common for me to give such a low grade to a Lep album, but I wanted ROCK and Guitars,I got "Pop".Not to say there aren't some great tracks on the's just that the Not so great ones really kill the album for me.To me, this falls further on the ranking scale than "On Through The Night"(which I'd rate as a 85 due to production quality)
Anyway the songs that kill the album for me are...
Unbelievable,Love Don't Lie, Gravity, Girl Like You,and Let Me Be The One(as Andrew said it needed a stronger chorus).But I love Def Leppard because they're a great ROCK band with some awesome guitars..NOT A BOY BAND.I would have rathered another Slang or Euphoria than this.But,again, Some redeeming GREAT songs on the album.

15/07/02: Don Hosler -
Rating: 90
Alright..I've been a fan since 1983's Pyromania, and what I always admired about Leppard was their ability to blend pop choruses into hard rock/heavy metal bombast, creating hooks that stick in your brain within the context of in-your-face rock as opposed to pop.
Secondly, I thought that slang, for the most part, was a piece of s**t ! They lost everything on that album that made them what they were. The harmonies were reduced to a minimum and they followed the trends of the time and went grungy and industrail/alternative style. With the exception of the ballads (most notably, "Breathe a Sighe", all of the traditional elements that signified the band's style were gone ! Let's not forget these are the guys who PIONEERED the melodic chorus/heavy guitar fusion that was a forerunner of the whole "hair band" era....they were leaders, NOT FOLLOWERS ! Basically, SLANG sucked !
Well, on X they go modern once again, this time utilizing their strongest asset...VOCALS!... to the maximum coupling it with extremely well-written songs and INCREDIBLY CATCHY HOOKS ! Bravo ! Only one's way too mellow for Leppard. Even the midtempo tracks are way too acoustic sounding, as opposed to the incredible GUILTY off EUPHORIA ...that is what a mellow and laid back song should sound like !
That being said, I have to admit I can't get thse hooks from this record out of my head, and they may have recorded their best ballad ever with LONG LONG WAY TO GO ...I only wish they would have kept their rock and roll foundation and built on it rather than stripped it.

15/07/02: cuzman1960 -
Rating: 99
I have to get one thing out in the open first off....THEY ARE A BAND UNTO THEMSELVES !!!...The leps have forever been a band that were not afraid to admit that sometimes their own sound has obvious influences...they have never been the band that fits completely into one category and for this reason, they invite alot of "sell-out" criticism.
The "X" on this album should not stand for the number 10 or for the letter x (which opens itself for even more speculation) but rather for the x that one finds on a map marking a spot. On this album, the boys have once again marked their territory with pinpoint accuracy. I am very happy to see the producers manifesting their own styles into the songs...with possible exception to "Four Letter Word" which was so much Marti and so little Lep that it sounded like Steve and the -smiths.
The highs on this album are far higher than the previous albums and for the simple reason that the songs have more emotional intensity and less muscle. A good example is "Now" where the evidence has been sprayed all over the chorus and the end-result is not "classic lep" but one of their best singles in quite sometime. The comic genius behind "Cry" is that it sounds like the original demo for "Truth"(Slang)and yet it sounds great in it's own unique way; one of my early favs. To me, "Torn To Shreds" is more than just modern rock, it is a musical ark that spans decades of influences and has a very widespread appeal to all ages. No question in my mind that "You're So Beautiful" will be the first song that I get tired of early on because I am having a hard time letting the rest of the album play through after it plays(repeat...repeat...repeat...). I could go on all day but my cd player is catching fire...gottago......99stars baby!!!

15/07/02: Jon Stewart -
Rating: 100
These guys are a class act that can do no wrong! What a treat to be able to hear such great songs from these guys again. And they are releasing material faster these days too! Anybody else notice?

14/07/02: C.J. Kerna -
Rating: 85
What you think of this CD depends on what you like about Def Leppard. If you like the catchy choruses and multi-layered vocals then you will love this CD. If you like the scorching guitars,thunderous drums and Joe's screaming vocals then you're likely to be disappointed.
I won't go into detail about each song because Andrew has already done a very good job of that in his review. What I will say is that Andrew was 100% correct when he said that "X" is "easily the most commercial record they have ever recorded." That's not necessarily a good thing. Leppard's work with "pop" producers is very evident as most, if not all, of the songs on this album could be played on Top40 radio. There's a difference between being on Top40 radio and being a Top40 band. Def Leppard used to be the former but now they've become the latter.
As for this album being similar to "Slang", the band does incorporate some of the same sound styles they used in "Slang" but that is where the similarities end. "Slang" was a raw, grungey record with some of their best written songs while "X" is pop with just a dash of rock.
That said, I do really like this CD because I'm a sucker for killer harmonies. I just wish it didn't come at the expense of their rock roots.

13/07/02: Dave O\'Leary -
Rating: 85
First off I have been lucky enough to get an advance copy of the American version of the new disc. Second, I have been a HUGE Lep fan ever since the first album. I have a huge collection of music and memrobilia so what I am about to say comes from that perspective. I will agree that this disc's closest reletive is Slang, an album that ranks low on my list. I won't go into a long review here, as Andrew has already done that. What I will say is that what strikes me is the lack of bite or "balls" on this record. Songs like "Torn To Shreds", which is one of the "harder" songs on the disc, would have passed as ballads on Lep discs of old. Simply put this disc just does not rock enough for my taste. Sure there are good songs on this disc, but I can honestly say there are only a couple of true rockers on this disc, the amazing "Scar" and "Four Letter Word". The first half of the disc sounds like a big alternative ballad collection with hints of Bowie thrown in for good measure. Some of the second half sounds like "Slang" and "All Night" revisited. I hated both those songs! I do LIKE most of the songs, but all-in-all the disc falls short for me. I wish there would have been more songs in the style of "Scar". 85

12/07/02: Jazz -
Rating: 100
This cd and Harem Scarem's Wieght Of The World are quite simply the masterpieces of the year. I have not been able to stop listening to either of them. Def Leppard has been my favorite band since 1988, when I was the tender age 12. I like so many others had heard Pour Some Sugar On Me on the radio and was hooked. And to tell you the truth, X is the first cd that feels as complete as Hysteria since Hysteria. Also, let the truth be known that I am a big fan of Slang. This cd appaeled to me from the beginning as the band saifd they were going to incorperate Slang in to this cd. Thank You! Slang was very underated, which pushed then back to doing Euphoria. Euphoria was a great cd but some of it felt dated and then there was All Night. I do not know how this track ever made a Def Leppard cd. Well finally on X, the boys have it perfect. I have been singing to every track. I have to wonder if Four Letter Word is kind of a joke though. The opening line reminds me of Armaggedon It, and in Arnageddon It Joe sings "You like four letter words when you're ready to ". I don't know, maybe I read to much into it. Anyway, i have not found a bad song on this cd adn I hope that everyone buys two or three copies of this cd so that Def Leppard can be back on top where they belong. This cd is loads better than Crush, the cd that brought Bon Jovi back to stadiums, please support this band and buy this great cd!

12/07/02: Jason Muzzell -
Rating: 45
Boring! Thanks for coming out guys. Been theere and heard that. If this is all you can give us, then leave it be. Your going the same way as such bands as - Aerosmith and Queensryche. The radio may love you, but the fans are less than impressed. It's time to put the ROCK back into Rock & Roll!

12/07/02: Daphney Atkins -
Rating: 100
I have only heard the first single "Now" in it's entirety, but I have been hanging on every sample from, and from what I have heard, I would have to say this may be the best since 1996's SLANG!!!

ADD YOUR OWN REVIEW! (Ratings out of 100 please)