Spitfire Records SPT 15199-2
Produced by: Ronnie James Dio

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Rainbow
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Killing The Dragon
  2. Along Comes A Spider
  3. Scream
  4. Better In The Dark
  5. Rock N Roll
  6. Push
  7. Guilty
  8. Throw Away Children
  9. Before The Fall
  10. Cold Feet

Now this is the stuff! Ronnie James Dio has returned to the basics for his new album, following on after the dark and often plodding progressive nature of his last 'concept' album Magica.
It was an Ok album, but after hearing this, one realises what was missing in that album.
Doug Aldrich comes in on guitar and does a magnificent job, not overly heavy, not overly dominating, just right. The perfect blend of riffs and solos supporting Dio's distinctive vocals.
The song subject matter is still as it has been for most of Dio's career, and the music is no great departure either.
But what it is, is exactly what fans of the band have been hanging out for. Chunky riffs, strong vocals, songs with distinct melodies and yes, guitar solos!
The pace varies from the uptempo Along Came A Spider, to the mid-tempo Killing The Dragon and Scream, from the fast and furious Better In The Dark to the epic acoustic intro'd Rock N Roll.
Basically there's something for all Dio fans here and above all, a collection of the best songs in over a decade. This is Dio in his best form ever.
No shortage of praise must go to Aldrich, who sounds right at home and has given this album a monstrous guitar sound.
BOTTOM LINE: This is a 40 minute, 10 track album with no fillers and no signs of dark and modern tones. Just classic Dio playing classic trans-Atlantic hard rock n roll.
One of the most heralded vocalists of the Heavy Metal era has returned for full flight with an album of straight up, classic heavy rock.
ESSENTIAL FOR: All Dio fans, all Doug Aldrich fans. Some Rainbow and classic metal fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Holy Diver . The Last In Line . Sacred Heart . Intermission . Dream Evil . Lock Up The Wolves . Strange Highways . Angry Machines . Inferno/Last In Live . Magica . Killing The Dragon

28/09/02: Eric S -
Rating: 100
Stunning work. Doug Aldrich should have been a much bigger name than he is. I know for a fact he was recognized on this tour as a great guitar player by his peers.KTD hits hard from the start & doesn't let down too much at all. Ronnie Dio sounds just as good as he did years ago.

Rating: 95

24/09/02: Peck -
Rating: 96
The best Dio album since Last in Line.

14/09/02: Billy T. -
Rating: 95
This CD is a classic. The guitar just flat out sizzles. Doug Aldrich should have been one of the biggest names in '80's metal guitar players.Not a bad tune to be heard. I noticed Craig Goldie had some co-writing credits. Will be waiting for the next CD w/ Aldrich on from the start. Dio is still the master of this genre!!!

12/09/02: Brian -
Rating: 10
I have not stop playing this cd it rocks it is that good , it is hard not over the top the musicianship as always with a DIO cd is first class.

I would love to see this guy play a music award and show it how it's done.

Ronnie James Dio should be name to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.

Get the damn cd and stop worrying about the old school label this cd is for real !!!!!!!!!!111

Rating: 100
My boyfriend took me to see Dio in Vegas,Phoenix,Concord,San Diego & Los Angeles opening for Deep Purple & Scorpions. These shows were all amazing. Only playing for an hour Dio was able to convince me that they could have easily been the top billed act on that tour! The new CD rocks from start to end. Doug Aldrich is one of the best guitar players I have ever seen. His intensity never let up.I have worn out my CD player listening to Killing The Dragon over & over again. This is a must own CD for any true metal fan!!!!!!

Rating: 93
This CD surprised me. It's like I was back in 1983 again! This guy Doug Aldrich kicks some serious ass. I can't wait to see them live @ the Universal Amphitheatre at the end of the year in LA.

07/09/02: larry f -
Rating: 98
This is what I've been waiting for. It's great to hear great musicians for a change. Doug Aldrich is amazing on every single song. I'm glad Dio didn't join the trend of following what everone else is doing & sticking to what he does best!!!!! The sond "Scream" co-written by Doug Aldrich just rips. It's an ear splitting rocker!!!

04/09/02: Phillyphan -
Rating: 95
It's nice to see someone go back & do what made them arena stars in the first place. Unlike Def Lep trying to sound like a "boy band" with numerous producers that are good prodcing A/C crap. It was an intelligent move on the part of Ronnie Dio to have Doug Aldrich fill his guitar slot.This would have been the logical album to follow "Holy Diver" & "Last in Line". The songs "Killing the Dragon","Along Comes A Spider" & Scream are great numbers. There is more stunning guitar work in the first 30 seconds of this CD than the entire Def Lep CD.

30/08/02: Jimmy Zima -
Rating: 100
After the first note of this CD I knew KTD would kick major ass!!!!!! DOUG ALDRICH just picks this band up by himself & moves it to the highest level in 15 years or more!!!! If he had been in Dio from the start this band would have stood the test of time. Even though Doug wasn't with the band for every writing session it still is by far the best Dio CD in years & years!!!!!! The title track smokes & there is not much of a dropoff after that. A MUST have CD for your collection. Can't wait for Dio as a headline act in the US in Nov. or Dec.

12/08/02: Jim D. -
Rating: 95
Doug Aldrich should have been the guitar player in Dio when Ronnie asked him to join years ago. But being the true artist that he is Aldrich decided to pursue solo intrests. Aldrich brings much needed energy to this CD. After seeing Doug live with Dio numerous times on the recently completed tour one gets the impression he was in Dio for years. The KTD CD is a breath of fresh air compared to the recent plodding,methodical & just downright boring recent outputs. The guitar work is brilliant on EVERY number. Tracks that stand out are Scream, Along Comes a Spider & Killing the Dragon.

07/08/02: Yuki -
Rating: 55
I Had known Dio, but I hadn't listened to Dio's albums before. I had only known his Hear N' Aid project with "Stars". I listened to this Killing The Dragon album, because I'm a huge fan of Doug Aldrich since 1987. He plays on this album. Ronnie James Dio is a good singer, but he needs more good songs,I think. Most songs on this album are not so impressive. But Doug's guitar is fantastic as usual. I really love the songs Doug writes.

25/07/02: Kyoko -
Rating: 89
I'm a new fan of DIO, but I'm a huge fan of Doug Aldrich.
I hear "Killing The Dragon" every day. " Along Comes A Spider" is AWESOME! Can't wait to see DIO show in fall.

24/07/02: Tony -
Rating: 50
I'm a huge Ronnie James Dio fan but what a huge waste of talent it is for him to keep churning out this garbage. Killing the Dragon is in my opinion poorly written Spinal Tap material. I thought Magica was a much better written album even though I thought the story part of it was lame. I could understand being disappointed if his voice was shot but it's not. He's been blessed with a voice like a god yet he wants to surround himself with inferior musicians and very poor song writing. Unfortunatly or fortunatly I grew up with the combination of Blackmore/Dio and Iommi/Dio and everything since then has been a step down musically. Even Elf was more imaginitive and fresh than the same dredge he's been doing the last 20 years. In my opinion he should scrap the Dio concept and start something new and different with quality musicians. Maybe when Deep Purple shuts down Steve Morse will be available or maybe Steve Vai or I heard Eddie Van Halen was looking for a singer(just kidding although that might be interesting). Even something totally differnt or progessive(Keith Emerson comes to mind). The point here is RJD is perhaps one of the greatest singers in rock and he's been doing the same album for the last 20 years and it's disapointing to hear music slightly better than garage band material. This album will end up in the used bin real fast.

15/07/02: Dick Jones -
Rating: 95
This cd rocks. This album is comparable to Holy Diver and Last in Line. There's not one song on the album that when I'm listening, I would want to press the skip button on the cd player. I love 'Killing The Dragon' and 'Rock & Roll'.

15/07/02: Bryan Boggs - Canadien19@aol>com
Rating: 95
Doug Aldrich, Doug Aldrich, Doug Aldrich. This is exactly what Dio needed. This CD ROCKS!!!!!! Scream is just what the doctor ordered. This is what music should sound like. I can't wait to see this show live @ the Greek Theatre in LA.When Killing the Dragon hit my speakers as the first song off this CD I knew I was in for a treat! I can't until Doug is on board for an entire CD!!!!

15/07/02: Jon Stewart -
Rating: 85
Good cd! Thought I would be dissapointed again but wasn't. It reminds me of the old school Dio. Thank the man for digging down deep and giving the fans a taste again!

14/07/02: Deddy -
Rating: 90
DIO and DOUG together " AMAZING "

13/07/02: Mike B. -
Rating: 90
Adding Doug Aldrich to Dio is the best move Ronnie has made in years. If only this had happened earlier maybe it would have saved us from numerous low energy efforts of recent years. Killing the Dragon gets this CD off to a roaring start. Scream is another track that grabs you & reminds you of when Dio was the king of metal. Aldrich is even better live. I had the oppurtunity to see this show in Phoenix & Aldrich electrified the crowd.

12/07/02: eddie -
Rating: 87
This album shows Ronnie returning back to form. As usual great vocals and guitars which really has been a trademark of Dio for so many years. Favs: Scream,Throw away children,push and killing the dragon. Great rockin album overall. Hope to see you tour Ronnie downunder ( 1st time in 16 years )

keep the magic going

11/07/02: RRhoadsfan -
Rating: 95
A return to form for DIO. This album kicks ass. Hiring Doug Aldrich was the right move for DIO. I can't wait to see Ronnie and co. on their headlinging tour.

09/07/02: Alex -
Rating: 75
Thank god for the live shows! Caught Dio in Jersey on the 30th and it was a great show! The only thing that helps me stomach the last 4 or 5 albums is knowing a tour is coming and i'll only have to hear a few new tunes. 75 for the bands musical abilities, the songs are weak. See them live!

08/07/02: Chris Ryan -
Rating: 75
Face facts people, this CD is much more in the spirit of Ronnies earlier work but it still misses the mark in the songwriting department. The songs just seem "not finished". Great opening riffs, strong melodies, then they seem to peter out and go nowhere. On the first three Campbell era CDs Every song had a distinct opening - middle and end. These have an opening, a good build to the solo, then just drift away into a forgetable pattern. NOT classic DIO. Doug Aldridge is a phenominal guitarist that is capable of writing MUCH better material. (Check out the two Burning Rain CDs - the songs there absolutly kill anything on this DIO CD) Ronnie needs to let Doug stretch out in the songwriting, he won't regret it. As for Killing the Dragon.'s an okay uninspired CD. BUT thank you GOD, Ronnie, for seeing the error in you ways and dumping that hack Traci G. The WORST guitarist ever to grace a metal CD.

05/07/02: kralle -
Rating: 4
come on.this cd isnīt that great magica is way better..
dio should be with some great big name group..get back with blackmore or do a cd with john sykes..??????

05/07/02: Bill Peters -
Rating: 85
Let's face it - you either love RJD, or you tolerate him. Those that love Ronnie will enjoy this album for what it is - the same style and vocalising that he has given us for 30 years.

I don't like comparing it to his solo heyday of Holy Diver, Last In Line, Sacred Heart and Dream Evil, because that is like comparing Ride The Lightning with Reload (not really, but...).

Killing The Dragon continues in the same vein as his more recent releases, without breaking any new barriers. But who cares? RJD has broken a hell of a lot of new ground in his career, and here we get another comfortably pleasing Dio album.

Again - if you love Ronnie, you will enjoy Killing The Dragon. If you're looking for another Holy are in the wrong decade.

05/07/02: John Romanelli -
Rating: 85
This is clearly Dio's strongest work since Dream Evil. His decline started with the rotating bandmates, and Lock Up the Wolves was a bland effort save for the track "Wild One". His detour back to Sabbath, and Strange Highways and Angry Machines were albums that mostly missed. Magica represented a return to form, and the reuniting of Dio with former bandmates Craig Goldy and Jimmy Bain inspired the diminutive songmaster to return to the glory days.
Alas, the limits of a concept album resulted in few songs that stand on their own; none of them are being played on the current tour. With new guitarist Doug Aldrich, Ronnie James Dio has returned to his melodic metal roots. Songs such as "Killing the Drago" should be added to the list of "Holy Diver", "Last in Line" and "Sacred Heart" as classic title tracks. "Push" screams for radio airplay much like "Rainbow in the Dark" did two decades ago. Aldrich's solos never miss, and he doesn't overplay one bit. There is even a keyboard solo - the first since Dream Evil's "All the Fools Sailed Away", and it oddly works.
There are few weaknesses on the record. I was disappointed by "Throw Away Children" - a track originally proposed for a Hear-n-Aid 2 project. "Stars" it isn't. But let's face it - this album rocks, and anyone who wore out their Holy Diver cassettes 20 years ago are in for a treat.

05/07/02: B5Erik -
Rating: 95
Killing The Dragon is easily DIO's best album since Dream Evil, and arguably since The Last In Line. GREAT songs with GREAT riffs and GREAT vocal melodies. Only a couple slight flaws keep this from getting a 100 rating from me. If you're a fan of the Holy Diver/Last In Line/Sacred Heart/Dream Evil era(s), then you will like (or love) Killing The Dragon.

29/06/02: Senn Kurt -
Rating: 50
I love DIO too, or this is not a strong songwriting album, great voice without great ideas for strong songs, its boring!
The times from Rainbow 1975-78 and DIO Holy Diver and The Last In Line is definitely finish!

27/06/02: Apostolos Kaponis -
Rating: 60
ok guys, this is a good heavy metal cd but not the songs that we are expecting from dio. Obviously, in the song writing dio needs some help. I still recommend the first two album of dio to anyone who wants to approach the magical voice of dio

27/06/02: Reggie Boyle -
Rating: 90
This CD is the return to the style when Dio was at the top of his game. The addition of Doug Aldrich was just what this band needed. The guitar work is spectacular from start to finish.Scream is an brilliant number co-written by Aldrich.If you Dio fans don't know who Doug is you sure do now! This version of Dio are a perfect fit for this music. Jimmy Bain on bass, Simon Wright on drums & Scott Warren on keyboards. These songs even work better live.Ronnie Dio hasn't lost a thing as he proves he still is the master of this genre On the first two shows of the tour I went to in Las Vegas & Phoenix Dio played the Killing the Dragon, Push & Rock 'n' Roll. This band will only get better when they begin to mesh after an entire tour. If this is any sign of things to come the next album with Doug on board from start to finish will be even closer to the old "back in the day" Dio. This is a must have CD. You have no excuse to miss Dio on tour with Deep Purple & Scorpions. Look for a headling tour later in the year.

27/06/02: Roar Kleven -
Rating: 95
I never thought that Dio could make an even greater album to follow up the brilliant Magica, I'm glad to say that I couldn't be more wrong! This certainly is and sounds like classic Dio from the early to mid- 80's! Even the Campbell-like guitarsound and melodic solos (a Dio trademark) are back! Doug Aldritch rules on the guitars, he is by far the best guitarplayer in Dio since Vivian Campbell! My tip is that this album will be hard to leave out when summing up this year best records!
Simply magic(a)!

26/06/02: Chris -
Rating: 98
I think the cd is very good. The first 8 are great and the last 2 kinda lack something, but after playing it 500 times you get to love the whole thing. The mighty wizard is back stronger than ever. Keep on rock'in ronnie.

24/06/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 85
This is another fine Dio record. Dio at his best, but one minor point, I loved to hear a bit more keyboards on this one.
Now it's straight ahead hardrock, not many do this stuff better, but I'm missing the subtle moments.
A good Dio record, but not a classic one !

24/06/02: David Collins -
Rating: 90
I pretty much agree with the rest of the reviews here. The first half of the CD is kick ass rock n'roll--Dio at his best since Black Sabbath's Heaven and Hell album. The other half of the CD is good, not great, but still good. Thus, overall, you have a CD that is equal to his first two solo releases, "Holy Diver" and "The Last In Line".

Since the first 4 songs really kick ass as much as any songs I've heard in quite some time, I can't say that I'm too disappointed to admit that the second half of the CD does slack a little, but I wouldn't say even the last half sucks by no means. Although the last songs are not as strong as the first ones, Doug's razor sharp guitar sound and shredding ability extraordinaire keep the songs above average and keep them from getting too dull and boring. With that said, I think Doug is really a super addition to Dio's album and I'm really looking forward to seeing him on Tour with Dio along with The Scorps and Deep Purple next month.

In summary, this is a good album and the best songs on it prove that good, ol' fashion, guitar-driven melodic heavy metal can still be as fashionable today as it was 25 years ago especially when the song writing is up to snuff.

I got to hear several MP3's of this before I bought it and I was impressed. In fact, when I bought the album the guy at the checkout at Circuit City said, "Is this a new album? I liked his first couple of solo albums he did twenty years ago, but not much sense then."

As I told him, "if you liked the first two solo albums, you will like this one. It's pretty much the same thing ... which in this day and age of too much of the same old thing ... it is like a rainbow in the dark!" (Well, at least half of it is ...)

24/06/02: maidens trooper - maidens trooper
Rating: 100
this is heavy rock music at its very best ronnie james dio is the best rock vocalist of all time. this album really rocks and i cant wait to see him in london. killng the dragon is his best album in years but credit the band around him as they are awesome on this album to all the lads as well as sir ronnie great stuff keep on rockin.

22/06/02: Tom -
Rating: 95
A very well done Cd, Doug Aldrich kicks butt on this cd. Good mix of songs. Ronnie is back to his roots like on the first two albums Holy Diver and Last in Line.

20/06/02: Garret Spencer -
Rating: 88
Killer new release from Dio and the latest line-up. This is the best release since Lock up the Wolves and in a few ways similar. Great guitar work from Doug Aldrich. He's truly the baddest in the land. I saw his show in Dallas and he opened up with Killing the Dragon. He played rock and roll and push from the CD as well. This is by far the best live performance that I have seen him crank out. Phenominal vocals and sound throughout. Don't miss this tour. Thanks Ronnie for continued service to your die hard fans. Long live Rock and Roll.

19/06/02: Moe Szyslak -
Rating: 40
Wait a second, folks, what's the fuss all about? This is a really lame album. The opening title track is a real killer, something that wouldn't sound out of place on Ozzy Osbourne's classic debut album. The next 3 tracks are also good, with "Scream" being the pick of the litter. But after that, shut off the CD player. "Push" and "Guilty" are simply terrible, coming across as lame generic metal that the likes of Ratt were playing in the 80's. And the closing track, "Cold Feet" is absolutely embarassing.
Highlights? Well, Doug Aldrich is simply one of the most electrifying guitarists on the planet. His solos are the ONLY thing worth waiting for after track #4. Don't get me wrong, Ronnie is a legendary singer, and I love his work with both Rainbow and Black Sabbath. But as a solo artist, he has never impressed me. His first 2 albums were average at best, and I ceased being a fan after the horrendous "Sacred Heart". His voice is tailor made for heavy songs, and this album simply lacks power on most of the tracks. My advice is, save your money with "Killing The Dragon". Use it to buy the 2 Burning Rain CDs featuring Doug Aldrich. You'll be glad you did. Or invest in an Axel Rudi Pell CD, he does this type of music SO much better. Overall, I'd say this CD reminds of the debut Steeler CD .....great guitar work, shame about the songs.

18/06/02: Steve Hunt -
Rating: 100
Ronnie James DIO is a vocal God, and this album proves it. If you liked his "Holy Diver","Last in Line", "Dream Evil" and "Sacred Heart" albums then you will LOVE this album. Ronnie has never sounded better, and his song writing with old mate Jimmy Bain, Craig Goldy and Doug Aldrich is second to none.

I honestly thought that "Strange Highways" and "Angry Machines" might have meant the decline of this little master, but "Magica" made me optomistic. Then the great man releases "Killing the Dragon" which is as good if not better than anything he has ever done before.

I have had this album for two weeks and it has not left my stereo, and is the only album I am playing. Songs like "Better in the Dark","Guilty" and "Killing the Dragon" rate along side all time great DIO songs like "Rock and Roll Children", "Hungry for Heaven" and "Naked in the Rain".

If you don't buy another album for the next 2 years, do yourself a HUGE favour and buy this slice of Rock and Roll magic.

Ronnie you truly are the master of metal, and as long as you keep making brilliant albums I will keep buying them. "Long Live Rock and Roll!!!"

16/06/02: Kenneth Nuppenau -
Rating: 90
I'm no the biggest Dio fan but i have "Holy Diver" and it's pretty cool! I think This is better!!! Dio sounds better than ever and Doug is simply a better guitarplayer than Vivian! a Cool album!

15/06/02: Longtime Boston Fan -
Rating: 90
Classic DIO!!!!!!!!! Reminds me of cruising in the '70 SS 454 El Camino in the mid 80's cranking up DIO. Now I'll cruise in my '78 Malibu 454 and crank the DIO. If you like Classic metal, hurry and get this one! Crankability 95% Overall 90%

15/06/02: Bruce -
Rating: 70
This album is a mixed bag. The first half of the disc is kick a**. I found myself rocking down the road with a big grim while listening to this disc. It's a big chunck of classic hard rock that Dio made famous on his first three solo albums. In fact songs from this album sound like this classic Dio era.
But by the second half of the disc (starting with Rock n Roll), the album looses it's fire. The songs start to sound alike (for instance, Push and Scream) or become bland like Throw Away Children. While I like the lyrics of Throw Away Children, the music is disappointing. And the song, Rock N Roll sounds like Dio trying to imitate Led Zeppelin (and it's not a pretty sound).
So while I applaud his return to a classic style, I can't give him a higher score than 70. Maybe if you took the best of Magica and Killing The Dragon, you would have a great album. I'll have to warm-up the CD burner.

15/06/02: Jack C. Lewis II -
Rating: 91
Definite return to complete form to the quintessential hard rock vocalist, Ronnie James Dio. Although his last effort, MAGICA, was full of trademark melody and fantasy, it didn't have the instant accessibility because of its conceptual nature. KTD is just THAT, melodic yet firm, and it just SOUNDS like it belongs in the mid-80's. New axemaster Doug Aldrich is a very fine choice to replace the now-family man Craig Goldy. Dio's vocals are still so strong and lyrically he is touching on such sensitive subjects like 9-11 terrorism and childhood prostitution. On tour now with Deep Purple and the Scorpions, this is one tripleheader you need to see this summer!

15/06/02: frytzsdmf -
Rating: 95
Yeah, certainly not a holy diver who's last in line but a fresh inspired effort with some shredding guitars and the god of voice Ronnie. The songs are really cool (could have needed a bit more "big choruses"). Althogh I dig Craig's playing Doug is really smoking! Great album, if you like hard rock and Ronnie!

15/06/02: Afonso Sousa -
Rating: 100
Excellent!!!! This is a Dio`s album!!! strong songs with big solos by Doug...this album is compared to Holy Diver & Last in Line....100!!!!

14/06/02: Kevin Smith -
Rating: 90
This is by far the best Dio release since "Holy Diver" and Dio-Sabbath's "Dehimanizer".

Guitarist Doug Aldrich should have been hired years ago to replace Vivian Campbell. He has clean, yet heavy guitar sound and is technically brilliant. I hear a Zak Wylde influence, as well as Michael Schenker.

Dio veterans Jimmy Bain (Rainbow) and Simon Wright (AC/DC) hold down the rhythm section masterfully, and Scott Warren's (Warrant) keyboard work helps "glue" everything together.

Ronnie has never sounded better!

The songs are melodic and heavy - just what this Dio fan has been waiting for!

A MUST buy for Dio fans, and for fans of good ol' 80's metal.

14/06/02: Adolfo -
Rating: 100
DIO best than ever!!

14/06/02: Nicklas -
Rating: 95
I LOVE DIO !!!!!!!

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