Diving For Pearls Texas Atenzia Records
· Produced By: David Pratter

· Running Time: 49.48

· Release Date: July 4

· Released:

· Musical Style: Modern Melodic Rock

· Links: Atenzia
Songs: 70%
Sound: 85%
Melodic Rock fans are fickle. They demand bands stick to their most cherished style, but they don't want the same thing dished up album after album. But, should the band experiment or try something new, heaven help them.
At the same time, the brandishing of a band's moniker brings instant memories for what they are best known for and it's therefore fair to expect the music within to heed to that style.
When it doesn't, should we punish the band for not being true to their sound, or should we always take each album on its own merits and award points for the individual album rather than the band's legacy?
I prefer to rate individual albums for what they are. For example, House Of Lords deviated from their trademark sound with their last album Power And The Myth. Some were happy, but the majority were not. I was not worried by an updated sound, and style aside, it basically came down to not being a strong enough record. Same applies here.
It's some 16 years since the last Diving For Pearls album so one should expect some changes. Whether fans of the debut chose to accept those changes will decide the fate of this album.
Getting to know this album takes some time. Over the first few listens to Texas, one can hear tracks that are compatible to the classic debut, plus several more modern tracks that, at first, seem a little out of place. These are the ones classic fans will have the hardest time accepting.
However, the differences between individual songs and styles softens with each listen – getting to a point where it all just sounds like a fresh Diving For Pearls, albeit, with an extra updated twist.
There is an added complexity to this album – many of the songs have a modern twist in the verse, but a classic style chorus, or vice versa. Entwined throughout the album are elements of the bands classic sounds with a more updated feel.
Aside from a few tracks, to appreciate the whole album, one has to accept that fact.
As always, it does come down to the songs and there is no doubt there are a few brilliant songs within Texas. There is also a few fillers.
Thinking About Things That Will Never Be is about as updated as the band gets and is more aggressive than past performances.
Closer to the classic sound and most pleasing to these ears is the mid-to-uptempo melodic rockers I Thought About You, Heaven Only Knows and If I Only Knew, all featuring good choruses and plenty of hooks.
The big ballad The Truth Is could have been placed anywhere on the debut without problem, so this is going to be a fan favourite.
One has to credit vocalist Danny Malone for keeping his voice in fine shape. It sounds rich and warm throughout and there are some moments where you could swear it was 1989 again.
Best of the more modern tracks is the nu-breed tempo of The Colours Show and the psychedelic ballad The Sweetest Sin.
Elsewhere the material just isn't as strong as the tracks highlighted above and that is more the problem here than the style itself. I think there are about 4 or 5 fillers amongst some very good tracks.
The album sounds fabulous thanks to producer/musician David Pratter, who along with Danny really was the sound of Diving For Pearls, but it must be noted that this album is primarily a two man show and no other past member contributes.
The Bottom Line
Texas is a pretty decent record and had it been a debut album, or a release that didn't rely on the name brand of a previously acclaimed classic release, it might be generally well received. But it's a long way from the utterly classic AOR debut.
Without being unnecessarily negative, the track record for melodic rock fans accepting updated records from bands with minimal connection to their original line-up or style, is pretty bad, so this record has an uphill battle to be accepted from the outset.
Given that it's taken 16 years to get a second album - if it isn't a mega-hit, one could assume this will be the last we ever hear from one Danny Malone. Now that would be a tragedy.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Diving For Pearls
· Texas

Line Up:
· Danny Malone: Vocals, Guitars
· David Pratter: Instrumentation

Essential For Fans Of:
· Danny Malone
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Track Listing
· Thinking About Things That Will Never Be
· I Thought About You*
· The Truth Is*
· If I Only Knew*
· Baby Come Down
· The Colours Show*
· I Will Get Over You
· Broken Man
· Heaven Only Knows
· The Sweetest Sin
· Lonely Is The Dark
· Stop The World From Turning
--*Best Tracks

03/01/06: Dave Mayer -
Rating: 88
Really quite surprised with this one, saw it discounted in a post Christmas sale and thought "what the hell". I'd put the debut as one of my all time fave AOR c.d's (top 5!) and although this is nowhere near as good I personally think it's a really good album. There are elements of the original but it has been freshened up to make it sound like something from this century and not the last, which in my opinion is why the AOR/M.Rock genre is dying on its many new albums stuck firmly in the past doing whats already been done but never doing it quite as good as what we've all heard before. I posted a review (rant?) about Oliver Hartmanns CD which to my ears was as I've said above, just trotting out the same old tired formula... AOR by numbers. Congrats to Danny Malone and Artenza for daring to move the genre on. BY THE WAY WHO THE HELL ARE YOU FREDDY DE KEYZER, AND WHY DO YOU WRITE YOUR REVIEWS AS THOUGH YOUR OPINION IS THE ONLY ONE THAT COUNTS,AND AS THOUGH EVERYONE READS AND GIVES A DAMN ABOUT WHAT YOUR VIEWS ON THIS OR THAT ARE!!!!!!!!

11/11/05: zok -
Rating: 85
Diving for pearls or should I say Danny Malone impress, this record is fresh in sound. Very good songs all over the record, ok sure this is not a copy of the great debut. But why it has to be? this sounds little different than many other records in the melodicrock scene today.
This is a fine peace of work!

23/10/05: Harvey Smith -
Rating: 80
I'm puzzled by some of the comments below about this album. It's not actually that much of a departure at all from the debut: strong ,melodic, catchy tunes and great vocals from Danny Malone. There's more reliance on acoustic guitars (rather than keyboards) but that's about it. If they (Danny and David Prater) hadn't updated the sound at all then what would be the point? The purpose of a "new" album is that it is "new" and not just a re-jigged version of an old album. The Truth Is, I Thought About You, If I Only Knew and I Will Get Over You are all classics and there are only a coupla duffers. The debut itself (and even though I agree it was a great, great album) had a coupla throwaway tunes on it anyway.

06/08/05: L.J. -
Rating: 80
Desde luego, todos aquellos a los que la palabra moderno les asusta, mejor que se queden con sus añorados 80 y no se "dignen" ni ha escuchar este fantastico disco, probablemente el mejor de este 2005. Muy buena producción y muy buenas canciones. Discos como este, desgraciadamente, se hacen a contagotas. Congratulations Danny and David.

04/08/05: tommy allen -
Rating: 0
god bless danny malone!!!!......a gifted singer he most assuredly is, and he and dave prater have made a fine dfp followup, (a tad late, but a good listen non-the-less!)......for all you pussies out there who are saddened that the rest of the boys in the photograph on the dfp debut are not involved, i think it's clear who was in the drivers seat all along!

31/07/05: yulog -
Rating: 40
just a very weak album not a good song on there glad i didnt pay for this----this album is a prime example why the consumer should be aloud to hear music before buying

30/07/05: IAN -
Rating: 75
Why only 75% ? , well i have just read what David Prater has written on the home page and am to say the least a little shocked . A classic album revealed as not so much a band effort more a record put together by a couple of musicians and a producer . Why keep so many loyal fans in the dark for so many years ? , all waiting for a new DFP cd , which in reality was never going to happen . Members you thought were going to play on Texas , members that never even played on the original were never ever going to appear on a new cd . Strange isn't it that we the buying public were kept in the dark for so long ? . As for Texas i gave it a pretty bad review elswhere on the web , yet after living with it for a few weeks i can say it's not that bad at all . Dannys voice is as good as ever but i still feel personally that it should have gone out as a solo cd . The music itself is well played and the production is great ( natch ). If i offended anyone involved in the project with my initial review , sorry but at the time i was angry that DFP / Atenzia seemed to be cashing in on the name . Now i say give it a try better than i at first thought .

12/07/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 0
Nice try from my clone ! A pity I've changed my email-address, mate !!!!!
And don't ever use my name again, please ? Ha ! Ha !
But to the record now : as expected on a CRAP label like Atenzia, this is of course a MODERN CRAP RECORD, what Dave may say ! By the way, Dave : you only love modern stuff these days, mate !
You even have the guts to call it melodic rock, like in your little column in Classic Rock (another insult for the real AOR/melodic rock lover !).
Dave, you shouldn't taken seriously anymore, ! The whole world kwows it ! Only you don't realise it, it seems ! Once I respected your opinion, now I know better. You're infected, like many others here, by a virus, called 'modern, nu-breed crap'!
This shouldn't be named as a DFP record.
In fact, it's only a Danny Malone solo record, and a very bad one !
This has nothing at all in common with the real DFP !
Where are the keys, the songs ? ? ?
I can't hear 'em !
Zero is the only possible rating for such rubbish ç

12/07/05: Derek -
Rating: 95
this is probably the best record i have heard so far this year... yes, i have and love the debut, and this is diving for pearls for the 21th century. malone's voice is just as great now as it was back then, and the songs are just as hoped for. maybe 1-2 fillers, but most records today only have 1-2 good songs on offer, so there's a difference! please give it a chance, as this is better quality all over than most aor releases today. top notch production as well. i hope we will hear more from this band soon!

07/07/05: Ton -
Rating: 70
The album from 1989 still belongs to my favorite top 10 albums, and on this new one Danny has still a golden throat (that deserves 100%)but this changing style to modern rock. There a some good sounding - '89 oldies - on it but also bad songs: lonely is the dark etc. Danny please don't stop. Give us aor, aor,aor, aor - that's the truth! (best song) Rating should be 89 as a memory on the one and onlyDFP.

04/07/05: Dave Reynolds -
Rating: 75
Modern rock garbage? I think not. Does this sound like anything any 'modern rock' band is currently releasing? No!
I knew there would be complaints. Said as much when posting about it on the Rock Report Forum, when I first heard it last year.
I agree totally with Andrew's Bottom Line comments

26/06/05: Brian -
Rating: 89
WHat is the problem here? Why so stuck in 1989? I feel this is a natural progression from the debut and the "modern" sound is at a minimum. I mean, really folks it is 16 years on from the debut and a very welcome return to the scene for Danny Malone. Do we all really want the same old cliche done again and again? I for one am very happy with this disc and am hoping for many more to come. Congrats to Atenzia for bringing this guy back.

26/06/05: Freddy De Keyzer -
Rating: 0
Oh my, what in the world is this? To think that Harem Scarem has forever tarnished their legacy and become the ultimate in garbage rock comes this which is even worse! Can I give a negative rating?

There is no Give Me Your Good Love or Have You Forgotten on here. Instead you are "treated" to modern rock garbage. It goes to figure this is on Atenzia. They are the worst label of ever.

Why do all my heroes want to become children?

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