Produced by: Dokken
  1. Erase The Slate
  2. Change The World
  3. Maddest Hatter
  4. Drown
  5. Shattered
  6. One
  7. Who Believes
  8. Voice Of The Soul
  9. Crazy Mary Goes Round
  10. Haunted Lullabye
  11. In Your Honor
I waited in quiet anticipation of this release. I was never a huge Dokken fan (apologies!), but really took to the Japanese self titled release that would later be remixed and re-issued in the USA as Dysfunctional. The Japanese CD was better I think.
The band continued on, in despite of their often turbulent relationship with guitarist George Lynch and singed a new deal with CMC International. Whatever when through their heads past that point, God only knows, because their next album Shadowlife remains their most universally disliked and worst selling album to date.
Then a ray of light - Lynch is finally dispensed with and ex-Winger guitarist Reb Beach climbs aboard. Then it's into the studio to apparently recapture their classic sound.
And Erase The Slate (great title) is the result.
Have they returned to their classic sound? Well not totally, this is still a fairly contemporary sounding release, but damn it is a fine record.
There is a mixture of the old and the new on this album as Reb Beach ignites a new spark into the band and the songs definitely return to more melodic roots.
While it may not be Under Lock And Key or Tooth And Nail, I don't think there will be too many dissatisfied Dokken fans anywhere. This album rocks and rocks with melody.
Erase The Slate opens Dokken's 1999 account. Fast, furious, hard rocking and guitars everywhere. Solid riffs and guitar chopping all over the song. Don Dokken sounds great - hard, powerful, passionate and carrying a cool melody.
Reb shows that he is not going to be intimidated by the legacy left by George Lynch with a big building solo and some smooth ass playing. Just check out the last minute of the track. Huge!
Change The World is next in line and offers the closest thing to a rock anthem on the album. It's heavy still, but would make a good radio track, as it has softer moments and is clearly the most commercial song of the album. Great melody and huge Don Dokken lead chorus.
Maddest Hatter gets the pulse running again with more fast paced riffing. I like the vocal on this one. A dark bridge leads into a tempo changing mid paced verse similar to the feel of Dysfunctional.
An extended intro leads into Drown - a more modern track, pretty heavy again, and more in the line of Shadowlife.
Shattered's soft intro is cool, but it isn't long until it turns heavy. Another more modern 90's track, the chorus is still more melodic than anything on the last record.
One is a total surprise! This old Harry Nilsson track is more familiar to me as a classic John Farnham live number where he absolutely shreds the ass off it! Sure enough after it's usual pop intro and soft first half, Dokken take the same route. This rocks! Anyone familiar with the original will get a kick out of this. Great live number too.
Who Believes is a mid paced heavy ballad. Not bad, moody, with a chorus that rises, but maybe not quite enough. But it seems to be a grower also. Keep listening.
Voice Of The Soul is another 90's heavy track, again with more added melody than anything off Shadowlife making it a much more pleasurable listen.
Crazy Mary Goes Round is great! wild Mick Brown makes his vocal debut here. Just good fun pop hard rock here. A great party tune and another good live track. When's the solo album?
Haunted Lullabye is heavy and modern and experiments with that distorted vocal effect unfortunately, but only briefly. Good strong and solid bridge and chorus. Mid paced throughout.
In Your Honor ends this hard rocking album surprisingly with an acoustic ballad. It gets heavier, or more electric towards the end and is hardly your typical ballad. A little Beatles influence in there, as Don Dokken has done before, but a good track nevertheless.
And that is that. A pretty satisfying listen and a much more attractive offer than Shadowlife ever was. I still prefer the self titled/Dysfunctional album, but not by a whole lot. This is a solid album by some of hard rock's most loved dinosaurs.
And picking up and running with Reb Beach may have just saved them from extinction. His contribution to this album is considerable, but there is also plenty of credit due to the rest of the gang.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Most Dokken / Don Dokken fans, some Winger fans, all Reb Beach fans.
DISCOGRAPHY: Breaking The Chains . Tooth And Nail . Under Lock And Key . Back For The Attack . Beast From The East . Dokken . Dysfunctional . Shadowlife . Erase The Slate . Best Of Dokken; Reb Beach - Winger; Don Dokken solo - Up From The Ashes

20/07/02: Lou -
Rating: 99

22/06/02: Mike -
Rating: 85
While this release won't have anyone forget Back for the Attack, it should certainly make them forget the band's previous mistake, Shadowlife. Dokken has attempted to regain its hard rock roots and Reb Beach shoots very badly needed life back into the band. "Change the World" is vintage Dokken and several other tracks, including the hard driven title track, showcase the band's return. A couple of tracks, "Maddest Hatter" and "Drown," are more in amodern rock vein but still nothing as astrocious as any track on Shadowlife. "Crazy Mary Goes Round" is a silly filler track that really shouldn't be on such a quality release. "In Your Honor" is a very good ballad and should not be overlooked. Overall, Erase the Slate has restored faith in Dokken fans that the band is back and haven't sold their soul for modern rock misery.

05/01/02: dokken6008 - ----
Rating: 85
I give this album a solid "B". Most of the songs are very listenable, a few with a modern edge to the sound (like "Drown"), a couple nice ballads and a few kick-ass hard-rokken tunes. Right off the bat I must say, no matter how much the title-track "Erase the Slate" rocks, "Change the World" is wonderful and that alone make the fifteen dollars I spent worth the price of the cd. It is, BY FAR, THE best single track you will hear on this disc. Why the guys at CMC didn't release it as a single is beyond me.

One very pleasant surprise you will find on 'Erase the Slate' is Mick Brown's vocal debut for Dokken on "Crazy Mary Goes Round" which totally blew me away. I had NO IDEA Mick could sing that well. It is a great, fun rocker. You'll be surprised by this one.

The ballads are nice; thankfully there are no more than two (I enjoy ballads, I just don't like to hear too many of them on a single disc). Also, I should mention that Dokken's cover of Harry Nilsson's "One", as mentioned by Andy, is great. Very up-beat sound. Different than the rest of the album.

As for the more "modern"-sounding tunes----I enjoy them. "Drown" is nice for a change of pace and "Shattered is one of the more interesting tracks off the record.

The rockers: Well, "Erase the Slate" kicks things off with a nice, heavy fast pace with a killer extended guitar solo from fast-fingered Reb. "Maddest Hatter" is fine throughout--musically and vocally--except for the lame simple guitar riff in the bridge and chorus. Reb could have done a lot better. That is what ruins it for me on this track.

In closing, Lynch is gone, Reb is in. Actually, Lynch is gone and so is Reb, John Norum is in. Jeff Pilson out, Barry Sparks is in. I hope you guys are as psyched as I am about Dokken's new release due out this February 2002. It will be exciting to hear what the band will sound like with two new members at hand. If it is anywhere NEAR as good as Sparks or Dokken suggest it will be, then it will tear the living guts out of 'Erase the Slate'--if that's possible. I think so, Dokken will never quit. Up the irons! Uh... Keep shakin' it to the Rat n Roll! Er......... Oh, yeah. Until next time, keep Rokken with Dokken! Later.

P.S. Promise not to get angry at me if I comment that Lynch is a pompus ass? Oh, you will? Never mind.

04/05/01: mr knobache -
Rating: 7
Good album, rates better than dysfunctional for mine. Firstlt i'm a fan of melodic music only so songs like erase the slate
don't flow well enough for me but there are some great songs on
the album. mainly the slower stuff like "who beleives" and "in your honour" but madest hatter ans change the world are good heavy tracks. good value

22/04/01: Javed -
Rating: 100
You guys are coool
I cried when i first listen to you song "Alone Again"

24/11/00: BLT -
Rating: 20
I am a huge Dokken fan. Tooth & Nail is my favorite, followed by Back for the Attack, Don's Up From the Ashes, Under Lock and Key, and Breakin' the Chains. Shadowlife and Dysfunctional sucked. This album? Better than the last two mentioned, but still unlikeable. I miss the great melodies that the Lynch/Pilson team cranked out, and Lynch's catchy guitar hooks. Reb Beach is a great guitar player, but his style is different, resulting in a different Dokken sound. I liked John Norum's sound on Ashes better, it was more traditionally Dokken. Maybe I'm just too picky, but the things that made me a fan, back when I first heard Breakin' the Chains on the radio, are no longer there.

25/09/00: Rock -
Rating: 100
Dokken rules, nuff said!

21/05/00: Dreamer -
Rating: 95
This band still has it! I've been a fan since the beginning and though the last few albums seemed to take a slight departure this one returns them to their roots. I think Reb gives them a new outlook and I can't wait to hear the next album. Dokken still puts on great show too...had the chance to see them last fall and Don is still one of the best vocalists around and I only wish new bands would take attention!!!

20/05/00: Scott Koger -
Rating: 88

Rating: 70
Much better than Shadowlife and on a par with Dysfunctional. I heard this album eons ago and forgot to do a review, musn't have made a great impression. Don Dokken's vocals are shot, Reb's quite good but overall Dokken are on a downslide. For quality, contemporary rock see DANGER DANGER - RETURN OF THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVES...

26/03/00: Chuck Eaton -
Rating: 92
Dokken with Reb Beach...AWESOME. This is a good album of true rock and roll. Although my favorite tune of the album is "Crazy Mary Goes Round", this is some of the best vocals ive heard Don belt out. Great album with a great bunch of guys.

22/03/00: Mark -
Rating: 92
This is the best Dokken album since "Tooth and nail". Reb Beach really shines on this record. Dokken is back!!!!

18/03/00: cruz -
Rating: 9
All I have to say is thanks,thanks for finally putting a great cd out.This is awesome.Dokken came to Orlando and I went to see them and I gotta tell you,Reb Beach kick ass!!!!!He is an incredible guitarrist and gotta tell George,so long and good ridance.

21/12/99: Ricardo Choy-Kifox -
Rating: 9
This album really rocks!!! and "Change the World" shows that Dokken is back for the attack. But it looks as if the band is not sure about going back to their old sound or keep on with the Dysfunctional-Shadowlife style. If you like Tooth and Nail, Back for the attack and Dysfunctional, then you`ll love this album as I do. But I must say that I missed the Under Lock and Key album.
I hope for the next album to get back to their 80's sound because they are the best melodic hard rock band in the world, but until then I will enjoy this album. Reb Beach sounds great. I would like them to record a live album after the tour to hear what he can do with the old songs.

12/12/99: smarch -
Rating: 100
Thank you Jesus!As a 36 year old "Shadetree" guitarist,I've waited since about 93 for an album like this!Music is actually going to be a challenge to cover again!It does my heart good to hear a lot of the"OLD DON'S " pipes again.People,you can say what you will, but rock music like the blues was meant to be focused on the guitar.This alternative crap is being played by a bunch of "over educated idiots" that go in to a music store and buy those cheap Squire or Danelectro guitars and they learn about 3 or 4 chords and for the strangest reasons,somebody thinks that's cool!Well, not this "FAT BASTARD"!Some people need to realize that music is Melody First,Composition second,add a little bit of distortion, chorus, reverb and flange and you've got what they call good ROCK-n-ROLL!

22/10/99: Martin the Rockn\'Roller -
Rating: 99
This new DOKKEN CD kicks ASS, Dokken rules the world!

The Rock'n Roller Man

Rating: 90
So here's what I do every week... I have SO many CD's I've bought (and have ordered) that I never get around to listening to them all so I take two of them and copy them onto two different sides of a cassette to listen to in my car so I can get familiar with the hundreds of dollars worth of CD's I've bought but never listened to. I'm telling you this because this week the two CD's were "Erase the Slate" by Dokken and "Slaves of the New World" by Steelhouse Lane. Steelhouse didn't stand a chance. And since I'm talking about it... I'm not all that impressed by the Steelhouse Lane album (SORRY!). I guess I expected too much after all the great things I read about it *sigh*. Anyway... Erase The Slate is a great album. I got to see Dokken here in St. Louis about a month ago with my little brother (he's his reveiw is below) and they still kick ass!!! They place was packed!! Anyway, as far as the album goes I LOVE "Drown" and "Voice of the Soul". I'm SO glad to see Reb Beach back on a record! Now where's Dann Huff??? What do we have to do to get him toin

24/09/99: greg -
Rating: 100
after listening to the new dokken album i have one thing to say,george who?

10/09/99: Josep Maria Flores Garcia -
Rating: 90
Great album! Dokken are back! Forget "Shadowlife". This album is brilliant! And welcome Reb Beach!
Keep rockin'

31/08/99: Jeff -
Rating: 90
Great album, great production. Still favor "Under Lock & Key" and "Dysfunctional" but I'm really starting to get addicted to this album. The only critizism I've ever had about anything Dokken was the lack of 2 Guitars for all songs at the live shows.
Other than that, another platinum album for Dokken is on the way.

28/08/99: John -
Rating: 10
Okay...I only liked Dokken because of Lynch. But now that Reb Beach is playing...HOLY SH#$!!! Reb totally KILLS. I could care less if it's a Dokken CD or whoever. I just got it for Reb and it's MORE than worth the price just on his awesome guitar playg.

22/08/99: Trevor -
Rating: 9
This is defiently one of the best Dokken albums!
Even though Lynch is gone, Reb Beach fits his place rather well, not that I had any doubts on it (His work with Winger was excellent too!!) Reb may have a different style than Lynch, but he still keeps the 'Dokken feeling' with this album. The opener "ERASE THE SLATE" lets you know youve made no mistake in buying this album. following it up with "CHANGE THE WORLD", and "MADDEST HATTER" will make anyone a Dokken fan. The album slows down with "DROWN" and "SHATTERED". "ONE" since its not THEIR song i wont make any comments about it. "WHO BELIVES", and "VOICE OF THE SOUL" will get your foot tapping again, and "CRAZY MARY GOES ROUND" will get you back into the Dokken groove. "HAUNTED LULLABYE", and "IN YOUR HONOR" finish the CD with a "Hey I wanna hear again!" feeling. DOKKEN IS DEFIENTLY BACK FOR THE ATTACK!!!!st

15/08/99: EDDIE - JHOYLE5150@WEBTV.NET
Rating: 100

02/08/99: Darren -
Rating: 6
This is one of those new releases that you look forward to with
great anticipation.Normally when that happens,you get let down,
and it happened this time round.I was hoping for a real balls to the wall rock album in the vein of Under lock and Back for the attack with a harder production.Maybe this album should've been called Dysfunctional.Don't get me wrong ..firstly Dokken couldn't have done better than to get rid of Lynch.Reb Beach is a really good guitarist and does fit the Dokken vibe well.

The cd starts off quite strong with title track" Erase the Slate",where musicianship and Don's vocals are excellent.
"Change the World" and" Maddest Hatter" get the vibe moving forward really starting to stake a claim that Dokken have returned with one hell of an album.But wait...did I speak too soon.OH NO it's Shadowlife again with 2 pretty ordinary tracks in Drown and Shattered.They even have the alternative song titles.Don sounds terrible on these tracks.These type of songs really don't suit his voice.
Why a band in the vein of Dokken would need to have a cover song on one of their albums goes beyond me,and they didn't pick a good one with their next track."One" would be the worst song I have ever heard Dokken do.This song does nothing for me,and surely it would have been a bore to do in the studio.
An absolute waste of space on this cd.
The cd continues on with some pretty sub standard tracks,leaving probably the best song to last."In Your Honour"
really does have that Dokken / Beatles bond to it,and Don does sound quite good does end the cd off well.
It's not the worst cd I've heard,but it's not the best Dokken cd
I've heard either.With a new guitarist and the rock scene making a comeback over grunge,this album could have been ALOT better.Maybe next time Dokken can realize that Dokken rme

15/07/99: dokken fanatic - dokken@club-internet
Rating: 99
Who could be better than the best
please visit the largest dokken collection in the world at

06/07/99: Calico Cooper -
Rating: 95
Reb Beach is at his finest. Great job baby!!!

01/07/99: Shane -
Rating: 95
Dokken's new album "Erase the Slate" is a very successful attempt at returning to the classic Dokken sound. The album is full of great guitar work by new guitarist Reb Beach, a very strong vocal performance by Don Dokken, and great melody throughout the album. The album features a wide variety of songs that range from straight ahead, tooth and nail-ish, songs like the title track "Erase the Slate" to very beautiful ballads such as "Who Believes" and "In Your Honor". My favorite tracks are the rocking first single "Maddest Hatter", the mid-tempo "Change the World", the heavy bass-driven "Voice of the Soul", and the ballad "In Your Honor". All in all, this is a very cool album that is definetely worth checking out.

22/06/99: Stormer -
Rating: 8
All I have to say is that is is Dokken's best album since Back for the Attack!!! I think Reb Beach was an excellent choice as the new guitarist. I got a chance to see him with Dokken just after he joined earlier this year. I saw them at the Birch Hill and he does some amazing stuff, even with the older Dokken tunes! I think the best songs on this new album are: Erase the Slate, Change the World, Who Believes and Voice of the Soul. Oh one more thing... Check out the awesome hidden (12th) track on the album, a one minute smokin' instrumental... Welcome back!!!!!!!!!! Keep Rockin...

22/06/99: Marc -
Rating: 90
Dokken is one of those bands that, in my eyes, can do no wrong. However, Shadow Life came pretty damn close. Although I still think it's good album it's STILL not an especially good Dokken album. Well, the boys have definetly learned their lesson and come back with one of the best hard rock albums of the year thus far, Erase The Slate. Returning to their melodic metal roots with ex-Winger guitarist Reb Beach, this album provides just the right mixture of the classic Dokken sound with a modern vibe similiar to their 1995 release, Dysfunctional. Although some felt the sound would not be the same with the departure of George Lynch, the other members have risen to the occasion and written some of the best music of their careers. With rockers like Erase The Slate, Maddest Hatter (the first single), Shattered and Voice Of The Soul, Reb just blazes straight through like a madman. Don's vocals, although not quite as strong as yester year, soar over the pounding rhythm section of Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown. The harmony vocals are top notch especially on Maddest Hatter and the melody lines are solid. If you like Dokken of old or even the modern vibe of their last two recordings, you'll really like this album. st