Sanctuary 06076 86316-2
Produced by: Don Dokken

Released: OUT NOW / Website
Relatives: Themselves
GENRE: Hard Rock

  1. Sunless Days
  2. Little Girl
  3. Everybody Needs (To Be With Someone)
  4. You
  5. Goodbye My Friend
  6. Magic Road
  7. There Was A Time
  8. Heart Full Of Soul
  9. Under The Gun
  10. I've Found

I have no doubt that this album will cause no end of debate. Is it really Dokken? Does the album rock enough? Why isn't it 1988 again?
I can answer a couple of those questions, but first some thoughts on what Long Way Home is.
I really like this record. That's the bottom line, but I also expect plenty to disagree with me. Plenty will also have already made up their mind if they were going to buy this or not. If you are still undecided on purchasing this, then read the review carefully.
As far as the true sense of Dokken, this is a pretty laid back affair and I feel that Don sings within himself a great deal of the time. His voice has obviously changed over the years. It's also a very stripped back sounding album, with a lot of songs based around an acoustic guitar base, plus there's very few backing vocals present.
On the other hand, I find the songs themselves to be quite appealing in a melodic way. Although the band's last album Erase The Slate rocked pretty hard, I found the songs to be largely uninviting after several listens and I haven't been back to that album since I finished reviewing it.
Dokken this time around featured Don and Mick together with bassist Barry Sparks and guitarist John Norum. Don last worked with John on his Up From The Ashes solo album, which in essence means this could be called a Don Dokken solo record.
Norum has a great solid guitar sound. I really love his dedication to putting riffs before solo's and his solid sound is something I was looking forward to hearing on this album.
I think John Norum has been under used on this album and I think that will be the main beef fans have with the album. It really doesn't rock hard and is certainly a long way from the George Lynch days.
But as I said, this is still my favourite album since the 1994 Self Titled Japanese 9 track album, that was incidentally produced by the same team responsible for this album - Don Dokken and Michael Wagener.
If you don't mind the more relaxed, laid back feel of the album, then these songs are amongst the most melodic Dokken, or Don have performed.
Sunless Days is the lead song and a track previewed to mixed response. Well folks, it's one of the more rocking tracks of the album, so if you didn't like it, it doesn't get any better. But I liked the Norum lead guitar track. It's solid, it's no bullshit and gets straight to the point.
Little Girl is still an electric guitar track, but is somewhat more laid back and features a soft Led Zeppelin like riff, leading to a very melodic and catchy acoustic backed chorus. There's some interesting synth / musical accompaniment to the track that mixes things up a little.
Everybody Needs (To Be With Someone) is another electric track, but mid tempo again, rolling along in a happy go lucky pop rock way.
You is back to the rockier sound of the opening track. An ok track, but not a highlight.
Goodbye My Friend is a cool soft piano ballad backed by acoustic guitars and a nice sentimental feel. The softest track ever recorded by Don or Dokken.
Magic Road is back into electric territory, rocking with a slight psychedelic/70's feel to it. Interesting guitar track that softens out during the verses.
There Was A Time is another mid-tempo acoustic ballad, mixed with a little electric guitar, laid back and features another softly spoken Don Dokken vocal.
A cover of the track Heart Full Of Soul (you'll recognize it) is not entirely necessary, but fits the vibe of the album and sees Don closest to his old style vocal in a few places.
Under The Gun sees the band rocking as they did on the opening track, which is good to hear, especially Mick Brown's more uptempo drumming. A closer to traditional Dokken track.
I've Found is another psychedelic / 70's / acoustic / Beatle-esque pop ballad. An interesting departure and a cool song that features an orchestral string section. Not for rocking die hard Dokken fans by any means!
BOTTOM LINE: A mixed album that will invoke a mixed response. If you close your eyes and pretend it's a Don solo album, or if you can put the band's 80's heyday behind you, or if you are prepared for something a little mellower, then this release should give a lot of enjoyment.
But that's a lot of 'if's'.....personally I enjoyed it as a good melodic mid tempo'd rock album.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Don Dokken and John Norum fans, a mix of old Dokken fans.
RECENT DISCOGRAPHY:Breaking The Chains . Tooth And Nail . Under Lock And Key . Back For The Attack . Beast From The East . Dokken . Dysfunctional . One Night Only . Shadowlife . Erase The Slate . Best Of Dokken . Live From The Sun . Don Dokken solo - Up From The Ashes

02/03/06: carlos -
Rating: 10

12/08/05: Yulianto Dewata -
Rating: 65
The album kicks off with a dark and down-tuned “Sunless Days”, marking a great performance from John Norum. This one is surely would be your instant favorite. “We live in sunless days/no horizon through the storm..”. A perfect album opener! They successfully brought the modern-rock sound in the song. I was beginning to be happy to be able to listen to the band in a “heavy metal” mode.

However, it strucked me to the floor when the second track came ini, “Little Girl”. They were to early to put a mid-tempo track and somewhat-grungy like this. You may want to skip this as well. This one is very much reminding you of the Shadowlife album. I am beginning to really think if this album is worth listening when I am listening to the following tracks such as the cheesy-poppy “Everybody Needs (To Be With Someone)” or the grunge-wannabe “You”. Even the ballad “Goodbye My Friend” doesn’t really help me to resurfacing my mood.

Fortunately, there are a couple more rocking tracks delivered through “Magic Road”, “Heart Full of Soul”, and “Under The Gun”. Especially in “Heart Full of Souls”, this 2-minutes plus song is a funky interesting track. Not my favorite but it surely kills. If you were disappointed with the previous ballad I mentioned, you might be as well pleased with “There Was A Time” and “I’ve Found”.

Overall, I am slightly less-satisfied with this record. John Norum hasn’t got the feeling and hasn’t been able to put his signature in DOKKEN’s musical structure. I would only suggest this record to a completist, not to a real hard rocker who wants a kickin’ ass hard rocking record. There are several memorable tracks, but more are less memorable.

16/11/04: propane -
Rating: 98
EVERYTHING Dokken does kicks major patutti!!!!!!!!!!!!

31/03/04: Richard -
Rating: 83
First off fellow rockers, myself, I am 31 and have been a die-hard Dokken fan through the early days, the metal years of 85-90 (more so 86-88!), Don's solo stint, the long-awaited reforming of the band, George again being his arrogant-ass self (as expected!), and since... Well since, we have seen the true upgrade of Reb Beach 1999 -who is one of the greatest guitarists of any era(!) let alone taking the helm from Lynch and his all too quick departure. For what reason, other than his lust for solo stardom, I do not know... Then, Don 'keeps a rockin' with Long Way Home in 2002. Enter or (for us Don Dokken solo fans) better yet, RE-enter John Norum -- YES!!! Well getting out of the gate (i.e. recording studio), he's gone again? Now I'm kinda gettin' ahead of myself with that one, sorry?!
As for this album, MelodicRock has it right. This is a fine Dokken entry, just a little 'low key' compared to the previous Erase The Slate 1999. Obviously Don has a vision with this album and maybe John Norum was put on the perverbial leash, I don't know BUT Reb rocked solid and here John does what the great Don Dokken gives him room to. I appreciate each and every lick that Norum offers with LOng Way Home. My favorites are "Sunless Days", "Little Girl" (this tune coulda, shoulda, and in an earlier pop ERA woulda worked on radio -great effort here!), "You", and "Under The Gun". Notably, the 'different' addition to this album, though not unique to Dons' apparent tastes (i.e. In Your Honor from Erase The Slate, great stuff!) is "I've Found" another Beatles-esque ballad that is a stand-out highlight of the album. Last note here, as with Erase The Slate ("Upon Your Lips" & "Sign Of The Times"), definately check out the IMPORT tracks not included on this U.S. release: "Dancin (The Irish Song)", "Only Heaven Knows" (should have been on the album, as this is my favorite LONG WAY HOME track!!!), and Let It Be True. Give this fine album a listen. It is indeed DOKKEN, minus (self be)little BOY GEORGE - Rap on pal... Don we're waiting for the next album.

29/06/03: Hanuk Baac - Temporarily unavailable (South Korea)
Rating: 90
If I had to rate the US version the scores would be around 80 mainly because this is too short of an album, I didn't wait for 4 years only to hear 39 minutes. But the Japanese edition deserves to be regarded as one of the highlights of 2002, I decided to give 90 out of 100 with 3 extra songs that add another 15 minutes(and all of them turned out to be exceptional). Dancin' is an awesome rocker, reminiscent of Paris Is Burning, fans outside of Japan got screwed they missed this uptempo gem. Overall not your typical Dokken but a very good melodic rock album with songs that grow on you with every spin. Ballards like Goodbye My Friend, I've Found and There Was a Time could've been better if they were a little heavier with additional electric guitar, but are good songs. I want this album be heavier though, personally can't deny that songs on Long Way Home are a lot stronger that those of Erase The Slate.

22/06/03: Kevin -
Rating: 97
First and foremost I must say: I am a Dokken fanatic. Was from 1984 and always will be. When Dokken broke up in '88 due to various personality problems within the band I thought my reasons for existence were over. I loved Don's aptly titled "Up from the Ashes" even though the production was a bit weak and the two Lynch Mob albums cranked, I longed for the old Dokken again. We got that with '95's "Dysfunctional" - a superb reunion album filled with all the signature Dokken elements - heavy melody, catchy choruses and superb Lynch playing. Then something happened - "Shadowlife". My heart sank, I played it once and sat in on the shelf where it sits today - unplayed. George departs (again) and I felt abandoned. But then came "Erase the Slate" and it was "George who?". While George was off creating awful Tool soundalike songs, Reb Beach and Dokken were Rokken again! Woo-hoo. Reb is out for a failed Winger reunion and again I'm left hallow but then came "Long Way Home". To me this is as strong as "Erase the Slate" - but in a different way. "Slate" was a Dokken album, kicking major ass like we know them to do, "Long Way Home" is a more personal Don Dokken release that happens to be under the name "Dokken". But hey he can do that - it's his name. What we have here are extremely strong and melodically mature songs peppered with the seasonings of Don's musical influences. Part Beatles, part Zeppelin, part Dokken. It's a collection of more personally, introspective songs than any previous release by Don or Dokken. "Sunless Days" is the perfect opener to be followed by the sonically harmonious "Little Girl". Softer tracks like "Goodbye My Friend" and "I've Found" show Don's obvious affection for the melodies of Lennon & McCartney - which in itself isn't a bad thing. If you're going to be influenced by someone, why not by two of the best songwriters in history? There were hints of this direction on "The Maze" off Dysfuntional. Overall "Long Way Home" is an eclectic mix of pop, rock and ballads. Much more interesting than most stuff out there masquerading as rock these days. All in all a pleasurable, solidly written collection of tunes. Nice work Don.

01/04/03: Lynchomaniac -
Rating: 85
A rather difficult album to review being a longtime Dokkenfan and all, since it's a step into new territory for the band!
This album needs some getting used to! It's not a follow up to Erase the slate's in sense of return to the classic Dokkensound, even if you here and there can hear some "Good old Dokkenvibe" at times! This album varies a lot in mood, as well as in sound!
IMO highlights are Little Girl, Sunless days, Under the gun and Goodbye my friend! It's still a great album!

30/08/02: Rafael Winck Espinoza -
Rating: 88
I think that John Norum made the difference. The rhythm section is better than ever. It´s a different Dokken record, really, but an acceptable change of sound, and made a new trend of hard rovk.

04/08/02: K. Morris -
Rating: 80
I am a HUGE DOKKEN fan...!!!! I must say though that this cd seems to be of two minds, one rockin' Dokken & the other a weak far to laid back Dokken that seems to indicate that they are trying to mail in the effort on some of the tracks. Please Don, try and stick to the hard working, tried and true method that you and the band turned in on "Erase The Slate" not to mention earlier classics such as "Tooth And Nail" & "Back For The Attack". This album has some great songs like "Sunless Days", "You", "Little Girl" and "Under The Gun" but it has a few very underwhelming tunes as well like "Heart Full Of Soul" and "Magic Road" the latter of which could have been so much more... Don't get me wrong this a very good cd but I still want more Rockin" with my Dokken...!!! ****Note: Don, how could you have let Reb Beach get away?!

17/07/02: MIke Burgoyne -
Rating: 85
I really enjoyed this album. I wasn't a DOKKEN fan much. I was into other bands,like Poison, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Cinderella to name a few. I am going to see Dokke at a rock fest and so I decided to look up thier albums and I got thier greatest hits, and I like them. But I loved "A LONG WAY HOME" it was mature and fresher than the 80's DOKKEN. It had a mixture of tock and mellowness. I bought the album, and I listen to it more than thier 80's stuff. Good job guys.

15/07/02: Jon Stewart -
Rating: 90
Whatever Don Dokken and John Norum touch usually turns to gold! Great album! Never give up on them, they will always surprise you.

14/07/02: Handy Jaya -
Rating: 75
I like Don Dokken and John Norum, they are no doubt a couple of grat musicians. It is great to see them collaborated again after Don's solo album "Up from the Ashes". What makes me disappointed is that John did not performed his best ability on this album. Or is he restricted by Don. Anyway this is still a great album eventhough Don's voice is not that powerful anymore.

13/07/02: Apostolos Kaponis -
Rating: 85
Another alboum of Don Dokken and his company has been released. The problem of this cd is that lacks identity due to differential influence of the songs. There is some great songs in this cd like sunless days, there was a time and under the gun (the only one having old dokken style) but the single little girl has completely different style. This cd is not recommended to old funs of the band but to anyone else who wants to listen some good music.

13/07/02: Greg Sykes -
Rating: 75
Dokken is a band that has matured over the years, and in amongst the grunge bands, we found Dokken going "alternative", which didn't work. It's like Metallica doing rap..uh yer, maybe that's a band comparison(Metallica and Ja Rule, what are you guys thinking??) Anyways, I bought Shawdowlife, and keep hitting the seek button hoping to find Dokken somewhere on the cd. I looked at the cd cover, and the orginal band members were present, so I figured I did get the right cd. The song I liked was Hard To Believe. Well, anyways, I didn't even know Dokken came out with Erase The Slate after that, as I kind of gave up on Dokken after Shawdowlife. Erase the Slate was awesome! Still missing something, but difinitely giving Dokken fans something they wanted. Now to this album, again, listening to the soundbytes, not a bad album. This one is kind of toned down from ETS, but Don seems to be exploring new musical avenues without going completely away from a Dokken sound. Don's voice is still reconizable, although I have heard the screeching highes that were on the earlier albums. I think this album is creative, yet may still turn people away from Dokken.

10/07/02: Cristian Pavez -
Rating: 95
Hi!! I live in Chile, South America and I'm a hughe Dokken fan since "Tooth and nail" album. I have all albums of the band and solo proyects of each member, and well, LWH is great!!!! But to all hard fans of the band, caught the japanese version!!!!!! The 3 bonus tracks are greats!!! "Dancin (The Irish Song)" is a heavy killer song with powerfull double bass of Mick's drum, assasin amazin solo of John Norum and virtuoso bass solo of Barry Sparks with Don's great vocals and high notes. "Only heaven knows" is a melodic power ballad with Don's high performance and Mick's great groove on drums. "Let it be true" is a semi-accoustic mid tempo with great melodies and chorus in another great song!! Don't missed the bonus tracks, with them the album complete 52 minutes of great rokkin' with Dokken!!!
The japanese CD is available by Internet at: and
Cheers 4 all!!!!!!

27/06/02: Roman Grayf -
Rating: 95
It's hard to believe there are people out there that don't like this album. From the blazing guitar riffs of Sunless days to the beautiful harmonies of Goodbye My Friend and There Was A Time, I think this is the best Dokken CD I have heard since Beast from the East. Don has grown and the music reflects that as the sound is both modern and very heartfelt. It sounds like Dokken NOT stuck in the 80's. Every song is catchy and melodic and I think Don's voice sounds smooth and very clean. He stays within his range and the songs don't force him to strain and try to reach octaves he no longer can do. But because of this, the songs all flow and sound very natural. I think the variety of songs is impressive which gives this album more lasting appeal. I love this album more everytime I hear it and I think Goodbye My Friend is the best ballad Don has done outside of Alone Again and Walk Away. I think it may even be his best. As a whole, I am very happy with this album, much more than I was with Erase the Slate. I think Long Way Home picked up where Erase the Slate left off with a more feel good pop rock sound that fits Don's style much better. If Don doesn't make another album again, then I am satisfied. Shed your preconceptions of old Dokken and give this new CD a try. You will not be dissapointed. Hats off to you Don for a job well done!

24/06/02: David Collins -
Rating: 65
I got this album the first day it was released in the US even though I had heard several songs onit beforehand. However, I've not really been that excited about writing a review of it and I'm still not. But here goes anyway.

I guess it's really not a bad CD and may deserve a better score than I gave it, but then again it pretends to be something it isn't ... Dokken. The CD does have its moments, and perhaps the best songs on it are the softer, least Dokken-sounding songs on it. But that's just the problem. To call a band Dokken, to have a guitarist like John Norum, and to come up with an album like this kinda says it all.

The bottom line is this CD may have been better if it had been released under another name other than Dokken. Although I've tried to give this CD every chance, there is nothing memoriable about it and I doubt it will get too many more plays by me.

In fact, the most memorable thing about this album is the cover which kinda reminds me of that RATT album from the 80's with the hot looking chick on it, but with the "OK-at-best" music on it. (Invasion of Your Privacy?? wasn't that the name of the RATT album.) Well in this case the music is about the same, but I prefer the chick on the RATT album by far!


20/06/02: Kurt -
Rating: 40
Well this new disc pretty much shattered the hopes and dreams that Erase the Slate had recreated. Ok it is better than Shadowlife! But what isn't. Couldn't find a memorable song on the disc. Sounds like these may be the crappy songs left off of the Don Dokken-Up from the Ashes disc, which I wasn't a big fan of either. Don, this isn't the Dokken that we have grown to love. Change the name call it something else, but don't waste our time by calling it a name of a band we all grew to love, only to be disappointed.

19/06/02: ROKKEN RANDY -
Rating: 70
A moderately disappointing CD that does seem to get better after multiple listenings though. I hope they are capable of "blowing away" their tour mates away this summer on the METAL EDGE ROCKFEST. I'll be at the July 26th show in SYRACUSE, NY !! 8)

19/06/02: rob -
Rating: 65
now before i start i am a huge dokken fan and have been for many years since breaking the chains...ths cd is good but not anywhere near the far as im concerned this is there second worst release....i love don's voice and musically it is awesome....but how could you do this release after the kick ass erase the slate cd....should have stayed in that style.....however i do like the cd in a whole but like many have said it is a don dokken cd...and nothing like his first....and believe me i have listened to this cd like 20 times already and still cant get that rocken with dokken feel....almost should have been completely acoustical cd....but as i said im a huge fan and will buy anything dokken puts out just to support them....thanks for listening to my rant....and keep on rocking

17/06/02: dokken6008 -
Rating: 89
It has been three long years since Dokken's latest, 'Erase The Slate', and 'Long Way Home' betters its predecessor in many ways. Lyric-wise, this 'LWH' is by far superior to 'ETS'. Music-wise? Well..... Okay. The solos may not be as hot because let's face it, Reb Beach's solos kicked so much ass few can touch them. But making up for Norum's "lack of virtuosoism", his riffs are a hell of a lot better and more memorable than most of what I heard Beach throwing out there on 'Erase The Slate'. So you trade one for the other.

Pros: Good ballads. "Goodbye My Friend" being by far the best on the cd, but the others not falling much shorter. What may have surprised some listeners though is that there are THREE of them and that not ONE of them is a power ballad. I actually kind of like it, as I find 'Long Way Home' to be one Dokken's most heartfelt releases in years. Also you can't get any better than "Sunless Days". The riff, the progressive solo, the agressive sound and the dark vibe that comes off of the song is fantastic. Other solid rockers include "Everybody Needs (To Be With Someone)" and "Little Girl". The production is also very solid which is an added bonus (take a hint, Poison).

Cons: To some this may come off as a Don Dokken solo project as two of the members are new to the band and only two of the "original" Dokken are present--the band's namesake and the drummer. That is true in many ways. If you are looking for another 'Back For The Attack' or another 'Under Lock & Key' sounding record then you will be disappointed in 'LWH' very much so. Another negative: "You" is a stinker. Ugh. Just skip that track, enough said. Also did I mention that there are THREE ballads on a ten track cd? That's going overboard if you ask me. Now why in hell are there only ten songs on one cd after three years and another three are being "saved" for the Japanese release? That pisses me off and I think that if you are a Dokken fan it should piss you off, too. 'Long Way Home' clocks in at about thirty-seven minutes and to put it plain and simple, that is too damn short. Also note that a few tunes like "Under The Gun" and "Magic Road" especially could have used some touching up. These songs had some great potential but they just needed some more work. But I think that Keeling mentioned that Dokken were under time restraints and the cd was rushed to meet deadlines, so I guess that would explain why those two songs sound like they do.

Overall: A good album and in all honesty I wasn't disappointed. 'Long Way Home' comes across as a lot more sincere than 'Erase The Slate' did or that piece of toxic waste, 'Shadowlife'. George is gone, Reb is gone, and it looks like Norum took a hike as well. All I know is that this is Dokken's best after many years even though it may have not been what everyone was expecting/wanting from them. Short yes, but it is pretty satisfying as well. Dokken will continue on and I support the band in whatever they may do even if they hire and fire another three guitarists and a few new bassists--as long as they don't make another 'Shadowlife'. After that, I'm gone.

16/06/02: Tom -
Rating: 88
God i hate when people say things like "THIS DOESN'T SOUND LIKE DOKKEN". Bottom line is this ------> IF YOU ENJOY ROCK N ROLL YOU WILL ENJOY THIS CD. The music is good.......vocals are good.....its a great ROCK record. So please when listening to music try to hear it for what it is not what you think its suppose to sound like. ROCK N ROLL FOREVER!

16/06/02: Mr. Scary -
Rating: 29
Well, I guess Don finally got what he wanted all along - total control of this band that's now completely HIS band. Congrats, DD! However, listening to 'Long Way Home', one has to come to the conclusion that Donnie's ego trip is completely and utterly backfiring in his face. Losing Lynch in the confused state he was in a few years ago was a change the band could overcome (Reb did good before Mista D showed him the back door...), but losing Jeff Pilson is quite obviously proving too much for this ole warhorse which, if this album is any indication, is on its way to the glue factory on a four-lane express way. At least people finally get to find out just how important Pilson really was in Dokken even though it's too late to turn the ship around now. Yep, LWH is BY FAR the most boring, uninspired Dokken record of all time - not even monster players like John Norum (who did so much better on 'Up From The Ashes' - in part because he had the proper songs to work with) and Barry Sparks (why oh why is this cat wasting his time here?!) can't change that fact. Sure there's some heavy, driving stuff but these songs are a) not all that good, and b) just never kick into 'the zone.' It all sounds like someone stepped on the brakes at the least opportune time. And when they're not trying to rock, we're getting a bunch of Don's sappy ballads/AC-attempts - nice and pretty and all but roughly the sonic equivalent of a wallflower. Wake me when it's over. OK, Don, we all know you fancy yourself another John Lennon or Paul McC, but trust me - you're not quite in that league. Please save the tree sap for your solo record(s) and don't pollute Dokken with this bland shite! Oh, I forgot - this is no longer Dokken, just a really bad fascimile of one of the most rokken bands of the 80's, so I guess you're entitled to use it as your personal song dumping ground. Just don't expect the majority of Dokken fans to join you on the dumptruck holding their noses. The good thing is, of course, that we all don't have to buy 'Long Way Home' to get our fill coz' the Lynch/Pilson album is on its way - and that'll be everything Dokken can no longer be and then some. I hear they even wrote a special song for their old pal, Don, appropriately titled 'The Evil That You Are.' That'll be fun I'm sure.

15/06/02: Longtime Boston Fan -
Rating: 70
First up. I thought Blue Murder was quite good. (to an early poster)
This was Don Dokken, not Dokken. However his "Up from the Ashes" kicked ass. This one doesn't at 70%. Dokken has been about cranking up the music. This hasn't the power or the smoothness of early stuff. Dysfunctional was their last great kick ass Album.
With Lynch & Pilson about to release their latest effort, then I am sure that Long Way Home will stay in its case quite abit. The new Lynch, Pilson project should satisfy us die hard Dokken fans. It's gonna Rock!

11/06/02: luca zanolli -
Rating: 70
You need a couple of spins before getting familiar to this job.
We must be realistic and accept that the sound of this band and moved forward during the course of the years. This could be appreciated or not but the proposal of the same old thing could have lead the band to a sure demise far earlier.
The continuous research of a new proposal of sound for a band must have everybody's respect.

09/06/02: Kula -
Rating: 50
I must say that it's not often an album get so many mixed reviews! It's all from heaven to hell and somwhere in between. In my opinion Dokken's never going to be better than this. We will never here songs like "Unchain the night", "it's not love" again. With that in mind "Long way from home" is pretty good. I think the title says it all... That's why I think 50% is quite fair.

08/06/02: T.L. -
Rating: 20
First of all, Kelly Keeling's songwriting SUCKS, Blue Murder SUCKED and King Cobra TOTALLY SUCKED. I am NOT a Dokken-basher...Dokken is my FAVORITE "Rock" band of ALL TIME. I'm a LOYAL fan, but his CD is a major disappointment for me--there are only 2 songs that I like (tracks 1 & 2). Don's singing is weak--not because he can't sing (because he definitely still CAN), but because he's not putting any balls into it on this recording. Don needs to take a serious look and turn "Dokken" around before it's too late. I like ALL of the previous Dokken albums--every one of 'em. Why do so many people bash Shadow Life??...There were only 2 songs on it that sucked. The rest of it rocked. Sure, it was a departure from traditional Dokken, but as long as it was only a temporary departure (only one CD), I'm totally cool with it. Erase the Slate had 2 or 3 weak songs on it, but otherwise totally ROCKED. Reb blows George away in technique & skill, however does not have George's awsome tone. Dysfunctional totally kicked @$$. And WHY do people bash BFTA ??! That album kicks major @$$ and was my favorite for many years. I agree that LWH it should have been titled as a Don Dokken solo album--Dokken is just NOT the same without Jeff & George, regardless of whatever personal or musical differences there are...

05/06/02: J.C. -
Rating: 95
To me it's a really great hard rock album.Why?
Greats songs, great vocals, INCREDIBLE feeling.
In my 2002 top ten...

04/06/02: Mister Stomper -
Rating: 35
This was a terrible disapointment after "Erase the Slate". ETS was a very solid album that rocked and I hate to say Long Way Home is not. Don's age is showing in this album. And I don't mean his voice. He is trying to be Lennon & McCartney and it's not working. There are two good songs and one horrible one. The last song was an abomination.. As bad as Motley Crue's "Brandon". And can someone explain why someone would do a remake of Heart Full of Soul?

Norum is a great guitarist but from the sound of the album he was only brought in as a mercenary for the solos and some of the tracks. I would bet Don did the majority of the playing. Jeff Pilson's song writing and backing vocals are also lacking. I am a Dokken fan by the way and I was able to whether the Lynch departure but this album is surely the end of Dokken.

30/05/02: Peter Cochrane -
Rating: 70
OK.This album has come in for a lot of stick.Some of it justified,some of it not.It's not the 1980's anymore.Give it A CHANCE!! Play it more than once.The music is credible and so is Don's voice (well nearly...).
In these days of 80 min CD's - 37 mins is a kick in the balls for the fans.Come on Don - you can do MUCH better than that!

28/05/02: frytz from the sky -
Rating: 90
OK, it's way too short, but that's it! I think the songs are strong (although not rocking like erase...). I love it! Dokken always had ballads and it's the same's a bit more pop but that's fine with me. Okay I miss Jeff (not really his playing but his songwriting and singing), and John could have shredded a bit more.......I'm looking forward to my japanese edition (3 tracks more...)

28/05/02: Mike -
Rating: 90
This sounds like the band that did not exist on Erase the Slate. I am very happy with the direction of this album. Yes, it's short and a little soft, but it's very modern (which is good) and very moving. John and Mick sound excellent and I diagree with most people and say Don's voice is great he just isn't trying to sing "Dream Warriors" style. Overall great job.

25/05/02: Logan-Five -
Rating: 70
I can't really rip this album too much. Sure Don's voice isn't like we remember it, but its not 1988 either. I was reminded of how good Dokken used to be when Erase the Slate came out. I really liked that one, really saved them from Shadowlife, which is probably one of the worst albums by a band I like. The main problem with Long Way Home is the production. A little too polished, which is why it doesn't rock as much as everyone probably wanted it to. Sunless Days is a great song in my opinion. If it was a little rougher on the production it would have been better. Everybody needs to be with someone, is a pretty good song too. Its a catchy pop song. The other shiners on the album are Under the Gun and There Was A Time and You. It might not be classic Dokken, but hey, its an entertaining album for a couple of listens.

25/05/02: Jimbo - JamesLewson\"
Rating: 50
The album is a departure from the "classic" Dokken sound and thats not necessarily a bad thing but this album is weak with only the first 2 songs doing the Dokken name any credit at all. With the running time of 38 minutes it is a letdown. This was on my list of one's to look out for in 2002 - it's a real shame. I saw Dokken live in London on 16/5/02 and they still ROCK, Don has still got it and John Norum plays like a man possessed! As a unit this band KICKS ASS live! curious fact - the only 2 songs from"long way home" they played were the first 2 tracks!!!!! (I think even Don knows this new record ain't up to scratch!) Their live show proves they haven't lost it they've just misplaced it! Keep the faith Dokken fans

25/05/02: craig h -
Rating: 85
Well, lets face it. We haven't heard an early 90's Dokken album since then! Get off it! I, as I'm sure most of you would agree loved the 80's early 90's Dokken, but its 2002. Take this album for what it is. This is also Dokken without Jeff or George and didn't they help make Shadowlife (a total disaster). I happen to like this album a lot. Reminds me a bit of Dysfuntional with the harmonies and guitar work. I think Don's vocals sounded pretty darn good as well and I liked the lyrics. My only compaint is that John Norum is a far better guitar player than what showed on this album. He was clearly underused.

24/05/02: Tracy -
Rating: 30
It's Shite! Pure and simple. It got a 30 because of the name, but this cd is crap. It's no longer rockin'w/ Dokken. It's gone with Don. It's a toss-up between this and shadowlife as to which hit my garbage can first. I actually liked Erase The Slate. When are the 80's bands going to realize that there music is no longer going to be accepted by the masses. They better hold on to the loyal listeners they have. You'd think they'd have learned after Shiteolife. If this is how they want to go out then so be it. If there's others who like this cd I'm glad for ya!!!! To me it's a Felony!!!!

23/05/02: Cain -
Rating: 40
Almost, almost as bad as Shadowlife. I thought the guitars sounded weak then I read the credits- Don played all the rhythm parts. That explains a lot. There could've been great songs with more tweaking and better vocal harmonies (Pilson is sorely missed here). Gone is the promise shown on Erase The Slate. In the end this should have been called a Don Dokken solo album instead of tarnishing the good name of such a great band.

23/05/02: Big Daddy -
Rating: 20
Long Way Home was horrible. I gave it a 20 out of 100 because there were only 2 descent songs on there out of 10. It was a little better than shadow life but not much. Mick Brown has completely stopped growing as a musician and it is a good thing Lynch curbed his ass. His drum riffs are always the same, OVERLY SIMPLISTIC. Lyrically, I was the most dissappointed, it lacked all of the elements that make up a dokken record. It is obvious where all of the talent went (ie george and jeff) There is no doubt that Don is an exceptional vocalist, however vocals cannot stand on its own. Dokken just needs to advance with a pronounced signature guitar sound (I don't care where they get it - just get it), The bass sound has always been okay, and for God Sakes Mick get off of your beer drinking ass and learn some new rhythms.

17/05/02: Afonso Sousa -
Rating: 4
This is not Dokken!!!!...where are the big solos?...the backin vocals?..Now I understand why Jeff Pilson left the band...these songs are terrible...ok ok..maybe Sunless Days and Under The gun save the album..but he rest...arhhhhhhhhhhhh

16/05/02: randy fish - randy@GLED.COM
Rating: 81

12/05/02: Stephen -
Rating: 60
The rating used to be 80, until it dropped after learning that the Japanese import would have 3 bonus tracks. As it is, with the album clocking in at less than 38 minutes, it seems like short shrift to the U.S. fans who like Dokken's music (or should I say Don Dokken's unofficial "solo album?"). Why couldn't the 3 tracks have been included with the U.S. release and then do a couple of covers for the import? Musicially, the album is fine, even if it's not the usual Dokken album with big, heavy riffs. But with such a meager offering, I might have to re-think whether to purchase product from this artist again.

11/05/02: freddy de keyzer -
Rating: 68
I've always been a Dokken fan, but this release is not their best, far from it ! It's not as laid back as I expected, but I miss the big harmony vocals and especially great guitar solos !
This is another Dokken. And what disappoints me too is the total running time : only 37 minutes on a CD ! More and more bands seem to do that ! That's a bloody shame ! 50 minutes or more, that's worth the price of a CD ! I'm surprised that most people don't react to these facts (the price of the CD is as expensive as the others).
So, all by all, a disappointment. There are many better releases out at the moment (Mecca, Harlan Cage, Hughes/Turner, Two Fires, Cornerstone etc.). Listen before buying !

11/05/02: Richard Hall -
Rating: 80
WARNING ! This is not Dokken as you know them..........with this in mind ,try being objective when rating this."Tooth And Nail" this is not,"Erase The Slate" this is not.This is more of a departure from anything they've done before.If you're looking for Lynch style shredding and Pilson's strong harmonies.......look elsewhere.This is a more stripped down,less polished and laid back affair.This should have actually been called the new Don Dokken solo c.d. to avoid confused listeners.Don has a tight new unit but I believe the new guys (Norum and Sparks) are highly under-employed on this outing knowing full well of their respective musical backgrounds(Europe and Malmsteen)this venture seems a bit strange.As for the songs...........Don needs new writers other than Kelly Keeling ( do you remember his vocal contributions on the current King Kobra release and Blue Murder's "Nothing But Trouble ? " .....stay away from this guy.........please!(the song writng is not an improvement from the singing).With all of this in mind there are some fine moments on this c.d. namely "Little Girl","Magic Road","Goodbye My Friend" and "You" and at it's weakest .........."Everybody Needs(to be with someone)..............I'm a Dokken fan so I will be Naturally biased about rating this.If I was not into this band a heard this for the first time .............I would rate this about 69%

10/05/02: Ed - ed4amonth@aol
Rating: 80
Let's all face it. This is Dokken in 2002, not 1995. With that in mind, this is a great record. They have a much more modern sound w/o "trying" to sound(i.e. Shadowlife). John Norum doesn't try to sound like Dokken of the past, which gives the tracks a freshness.

09/05/02: Darren -
Rating: 60
Sorry people,but this album is one of the major disappointments of the year so far for me.I had this on the high priority list for 2002,but DOKKEN have not delivered this time round.This album is mediocre to say the least.Firstly,Don has completely lost it when it comes to delivering his voice.The high notes are long gone and it seems to me that these days he is more complacent to sing within himself.I couldn't find this album to have anything going for it.I brought it on the morals of knowing what to expect,but to me the songs just aren't there. Most of the songs are simply boring,with not enough grunt in the backing vocals,as well as Norum's guitar work,distant and lacking any venom.Has DOKKEN finally lost their balls?????
Well you can decide for yourself.Kelly Keeling co-wrote 7 of the 10 songs,and that in itself is a sure indication that without the writing ability of Jeff Pilson,Don is a little short on musical and lyrical ideas.This is a Don Dokken solo album,NOT Dokken.This is nothing but a "going through the motions" album,with only the first 2 songs "Sunless Days" and "Little Girl" being of any real value."LWH" would be down there with "Shadowlife" as Dokken's worst.I would be hard pressed to find one song that would end up on my best of Dokken CDR.

08/05/02: Pat O\'Leary -
Rating: 80
Overall not a bad album. I think the song writing is pretty decent. The problem I have is with John Norum's guitar sound which needs to be beefed up.
His guitar sound is too 80's sounding. Technology has come a long way since his days in Europe and a small investment in a more modern sounding amp with a solid bottom end may have been the difference between an o.k album and a good one.

08/05/02: Major Mouth -
Rating: 70
This album has some real catchy tunes,but some weak ones also,I could personally live without the trippy 70's influenced tunes,they sound terrible if ya ask me,but the opening track in my eyes SMOKES,listening to the leads on that song,was reminiscent of LYNCH for me,with all the really WIDE vibratos.
The Ballads are really cool too,especialy Goodbye My Friend.
Overall the record is great,a few weak songs,but the thing still rocks big time,but like what was said in the other review,for those expecting a typical DOKKEN record,don't buy it,but I have to say that if you liked Dysfunctional,most likely you'll like this one. The record would be twice as good if Jeff Pilson would have been participating,but Wild Mick Brown does a good job at contributing Backing Vox,so it's cool.
Buy this record with an open mind,or don't buy it at all is all I can say
Keep Rockin
Major Mouth

08/05/02: Matt -
Rating: 35
I have never posted anything before, and this release pains me so much, I had to write about it. Plain and simple, I think it sucks. Dokken has albums been about great catchy tunes, with great hooks, and blazy solos, or the solos that fit perfectly into the song style. I see none of that here. The only songs I liked were tracks 1 and 9, and only 9, John shreds a little. I usually love there slow ballads, but they just don't do anything for me on this cd. And half the cd is that way. John plays obscure solos all over the place. Backing Vocals are very lacking, and so is that great tune that we come to expect that just drives you crazy. I think I read on this site that Don pulled 3-4 songs off his solo disc for this cd. Well, you can tell. If it was a solo effort, where we know it was supposed to be a bunch of acoustic songs with no blazing solos, then it would have been different. I listened to this 4 times straight, hoping it would grow, and I disliked it even more. First Dokken album I don't like. I also saw this line-up in concert. Don never sang worse, but that was before their break because his voice went out. But backing vocals, done by all 3 other guys, sounded bad. I came away very disappointed from that show. But to each his own. If you liked it, great and more power to you, but it just doesn't do me a thing. :-(

07/05/02: Chris Auman -
Rating: 90
I think this is the best album from Dokken in years! Ever since Back for the attack I have been disappointed with most every Dokken album. Not that I didn't like them, I was just slightly disappointed in some way and they all just didn't live up to what i would have liked them to be. This album is almost there. It is catch and melodic, yet heavy and driving. I love the production, the lyrics, Don's voice is not strained and there is a good mix of style. The only complaints that I have is that it seems short. I need more tunes! Actually the cover of the album said "11 new songs" but there is really only 10! The other thing is that the song ends on a downer. I am not sure why hard rock bands feel that a slow ballad is the way to end an album, but it definitely is not! I just recently bought the new Jaded Heart album and it ends on a totally mellow ballad too! I skip over these songs every time and just go back to the beginning where it rocks! Great album though overall. It just needs to be longer.

07/05/02: MARCO -
Rating: 55
short album, poor of feeling and weak voice.I cannot find words to express my disappointment.don't buy a pig in a poke.

06/05/02: evilrx -
Rating: 50
For an effort that comes up so short I couldn't give it much more than 50% out of 100%. Here's why.
First, to compare this release to "DYSFUCTIONAL" is a bit of a reach. Don't you think? The songs present on "LWH" are okay at best. There's no "TOO HIGH TO FLY" anywhere to be found, in addition to being a weak effort we know for a fact that the band "DOKKEN" wasn't in the studio at the point of writting for this release. This pains me to say beacuse I do love Don's voice and have loved DOKKEN "FROM THE BEGINNING". To find out only after buying this selection that Jap. fans get a bunch more songs to base the rating on frost me a bit too. To close let me say this. Don't buy it! Download it for free if you need it.

Sorry for ripping the band it's just they brought it on themselves.

05/05/02: derek smith -
Rating: 85
good album.. plus points.. good solid songs (Heavier tracks very similer to later Norum solo efforts.) don sounding more lay back than normal ..suits him

minus points...Not really a dokken album(lets be honest it doesnt matter how good the material is a lot of fans are going to be disapointed as this is a radical departure from under lock and key material...and thats what a lot of fans want to here)
Biggest diapiontment ... john norum..massively under used. A great guitar player but this is the most "held back" ive ever heard from him,, the guitar playing is good just well restrained!!! but overall and gripes aside a good solid record and here's looking forward to the tour

03/05/02: Duece -
Rating: 85
Personally I think this album is one of the best. Along the same lines as Erase the Slate but Don's voice seems to be more relaxed in most songs. If your trying to get the Under Lock and Key sound, this is not the album but if you want some straight ahead rock and roll from a band that delivers every won't be disappointed.

03/05/02: digitalman959 - nightranger2k1
Rating: 89
If you are looking for a Tooth and Nail like album, well just keep looking. This one's different, in the line of Dysfunctional and at times mellower. You’ll miss a couple of Dokken’s elements here so I’ll play safe and say that this is an excellent and solid Don Dokken's effort. In my opinion, there’s not a bad song on the album. Don's voice sounds very clear, and in couple of songs proves he still got it. John Norum and Barry Sparks have proven to be "adequate" replacements, but they are more talented than what this album shows. You'll agree that they can do something better than this (more aggressive or heavier? indeed.) But even though they leave a lot of room for improvement, this is still a good melodic rock purchase.

01/05/02: Scott -
Rating: 94
A pleasant surprise! One of the best hard rock releases of the last few years. Gets better with every listen. While obviously not Dokken's heaviest album, it's certainly the band's most well crafted set of songs since Back For The Attack. And while there are detractors: "a glorified Don solo album"; "misses Pilson's harmonies and Lynch's chops"; "too many ballads" or "not long enough", this album has one thing missing from too many releases today - undeniably memorable songs that stand on their own. Let's hope Long Way Home isn't Dokken's swan song. But if it is, at least their going out on top.

01/05/02: I.F. -
Rating: 75
The biggest problem here is the total running time. The album is way too short, under 40 minutes. Songs are fine, just not enough of them to make it worth the money. Don seems to be "relaxing" his voice on most tracks. John Norum and the rest of the band should have been allowed to go off on an instrumental track or two just to get over the 40 minute threshold I think every full length release should cross.

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