a l b u m r e v i e w s

Produced by: Not Listed
  1. Broken Saviors
  2. Heart Of Stone
  3. In My Eyes
  4. Heaven's Light
  5. Heart On The Line
  6. High Road To Nowhere
  7. Desperation Sleeps
  8. Dream Angel
  9. Fortune Never Found
  10. Misery Loves Company
  11. When You Go
Emerald Rain are another great band out of Canada. That phenomenal country that just keeps producing great acts.
The band have a sound that is unmistakably comparable to fellow Cannuks Harem Scarem. Except instead of having a sound like Harem Scarem's classic and much loved Mood Swings style, it is more pitched towards the Voice Of Reason style, with more emphasis on a heavier approach.
There are a ton of melodic moments also, but for the most part, the guitars are turned way up and are easily the dominant force throughout the album.
The general vocal style also lend themselves to Harry Hess comparisons and the multi layered choruses are pure Harem Scarem.
I can hear touches of Def Leppard and the more melodic Dokken also, so this should well and truely give you a hint of what Emerald Rain are about. Making great music, that's for sure.
The title track opens the album with a Harem Scarem meets Def Leppard sound. This is a big sounding album and the vocals are huge.
Heart Of Stone starts heavy and then rocks into a great chorus anthem.
I can keep playing this song endlessly. Some pretty Dokkenish guitar riffs.
There is not a weak song on this album, with other highlights being the big ballad In My Eyes with it's slow guitar and piano intro, the half acoustic/half rock ballad Desperation Sleeps, the hard rockers Heart On The Line and Dream Angel.
Just great stuff. I highly recommend this album to anyone that finds the above references appealing and to those that like plenty of guitars and strong songs with lots of melody.
More please!
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of heavier Harem Scarem & Def Leppard and strong melodic hard rock.

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